60 Minutes of Shite?

This is the documentary that the Hoaxteaders have been banging on about for days. I’ve put a question mark in the post title, as I may be wrong. Perhaps this is a World-changing exposé of child abuse worthy of a Pulitzer, rather than a load of unsubstantiated sensationalist bollocks. I’d value your feedback:

I’m not denying the existence of paedophiles in high places but it’s amateur crap like this parading as serious journalism that actually risks deterring people from taking the issue seriously.

Let’s start with the questioning style:

“It still hurts, doesn’t it.”

“When you were 6, a family member took you to other paedophiles, didn’t they.”

…Sooo, no putting words into the mouths of the interviewees there, then!

Moreover, what evidence is actually presented in this documentary other than the ‘testimonies’ of these random ‘victims’? Not a single document or piece of video evidence, no witness testimonies, no police records, no data, no sources, no media clips or press articles, no consulting with experts…

And is there a reason we should take these so-called victims’ claims on face value and believe everything they say without question or robust analysis? I’m not necessarily saying they’re lying but when the makers of an award-winning news show on a mainstream TV channel swallow everything they say (at times manipulating them into saying what they want to hear), and regurgitate it all as categorical fact, for consumption by millions, then something has gone horribly wrong.

This is tabloid journalism of the shoddiest kind. It’s essentially an hour of idle gossip and tittle-tattle that would be more worthy of hysterical lying charlatans like Bill Baloney and Ben Fellows. Gullible paranoid loons like Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward and her creepy troll collective will inevitably swallow this crap wholesale – in fact, they’d already done so before it had even aired (!) – but intelligent, rational people should, I feel, approach this so-called documentary with extreme caution.

Or is it just me?


12 thoughts on “60 Minutes of Shite?

  1. Interesting shite. Tip of the iceberg. My guess is we will need to build more prisons 🙂


  2. The only person interviewed in this I could find any actual evidence for was Tom O’Carroll. As Charlatan has the link to his WordPress blog on her blog! Doesn’t look good, Paedophiles usually only link to each other on blogs. LOL!

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  3. On another blog, there was discussion about a rumor concerning a politician supposedly getting caught abusing the son of an aristocrat in their own home. This rumor has apparently been circulating in the UK since at least 1984-85, in one form or another.

    The specific version of this rumor being discussed, had been documented to be circulating for at least 15 years. Obviously, it includes no names although the identity of the alleged political boy rapist seems to have been understood by everyone who circulated it. However, despite being vague in the extreme, there were some obvious points from which verification or refutation could easily be acheived. These were:
    – the aristocrat lived in the politician’s constituency
    – the boy victim was 12 years old at the time
    – these events took place during the early years of the Thatcher era

    It would obviously be a relatively simple matter, to document what aristocrat families lived in this politician’s constituency and whether or not any of them had a boy aged 12 at that time. But, as far as I could tell, NO ONE had bothered to conduct this very basic verification investigation! Tens of thousands of people are documented to have been exposed to this rumor by a particular organization, yet NONE of them had ever tested its veracity with the simplest of research, apparently.

    Yes there is some kind of problem in UK society, relating to these issues, today.


    • That sounds so familiar, Justin. And so depressing. It’s like fact-finding and evidence gathering have gone out of fashion in favour of gut-feeling, speculation and supposition. But like you say, they’ll use whatever methods suit the result they want.


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