Hoaxteaders “don’t do death threats”

Oh yeah? We would agree with that statement (by Hoaxtead has-been Charlotte Ward) , but the trouble is we get several of these every week:


“Whats the matter witches – things getting too hot…not tired of lying…we are going to drag you lying dogs and whore child rapists and murderers into the streets and burn you filth…even if escape you will burn in hell forever and ever…with no end ever in sight…wonder what you will be blogging from there scarlet you dirty stinking harlot…’Aaaaahhhhaaa I’m burning soooomeeonnneee heeleep meee!”


Folks, such desperation, anger and panicking, as the Hoaxteaders themselves have frequently stated, means that we are winning and that the fruitcakes are running scared. Good work, everyone 🙂

To the police officers whom we know regularly read this blog to gain information, please note that the person posting these blatant death threats is posting from Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire.

And here are some more examples of death threats, abuse, slander, psychotic outbursts and religious hypocrisy from this mentally unhinged coward, complete with his IP addresses:





More on ‘Truth’:







11 thoughts on “Hoaxteaders “don’t do death threats”

  1. oh witchly slut whose only got a few years of life left compared to the eternity burning in hell that is awaiting you for you sick sins of child rape and murder you peodo pig – are you upset because what is done to you vile whores in countries like Jamaica, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and other places.

    TELL ME DOG – how can someone death threat a lying filthy witch hiding behind a computer posing as an Avatar called Scarlet the harlot – your warped brain has twisted your perverted minds fantasy into reality…the guilt of satanic ritual child rape and murder is biting your conscious and burning the false veil of deception you have managed to convince your SODOMITE mind to accept when in fact you conscious knows it be a lie and tick-tock time is running out as are your lies.


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    • Dear Mr de la Zouch:

      Have you ever heard the term “QED”? It stands for the Latin words quod erat demonstrandum, or “thus it is proven”.

      I’d like you to re-read this post, re-read your comment, and ponder this for as long as your pea brain will permit. Let’s see how good you are at “joining the dots”.

      You’re welcome.

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  3. Hoaxteaders don’t do death threats? Surely you jest. It’s about ALL they do. Death threats and whining about trolls. Thank goodness for our perps list – at least the cops know them on sight. 🙂

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    • They do death threats in one breath and whine about trolls in the next…and they don’t even get the irony of that! Self-awareness isn’t a Hoaxteader’s strongest suit 🙂


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