We ask this purely as a polite question, of course. We are fair and open-minded here at HR and the following evidence that she may be a paedophile is based on her own criteria, which she has oft used to damn others. Naturally, we’d never be so mean as to accuse Miss Ward of paedophilia and we invite her to respond in order to clear her name:

  1. Exhibit A: she has an obsession with paedophilia.
  2. Exhibit B: she derives pleasure from frightening helpless children.
  3. Exhibit C: she has on three separate occasions shared child pornography on her blog.
  4. Exhibit D: she uses an alias, as do many on the internet, but in her case she fraudulently claims that it is her real name.
  5. Exhibit E: she moves from country to country to avoid capture (inspired by Gary Glitter, perhaps).
  6. Exhibit F: she has been banned from a number of online forums for sharing children’s private photos, personal information and contact details.
  7. Exhibit G: her own children were taken into care but she refuses to say why.
  8. Exhibit H: she has repeatedly refused to answer email messages politely inviting her to clear her name.
  9. Exhibit I: she is very careful to avoid photos of herself appearing online, a typical trait of those on the Sex Offenders’ Register.
  10. Exhibit J: she is wanted by the Police for a range of crimes, including child abuse.
  11. Exhibit K: she is a self-confessed drug addict and has admitted to having connections with drug-dealers in London.
  12. Exhibit L: she has vehemently defended known child abuser Abraham Christie, justified his child abuse and desperately tried to block a Police investigation into his alleged crimes.
  13. Exhibit M: she is campaigning tirelessly to have two abused children returned to their abuser.

So is Charlotte Ward a paedophile? You decide:



  1. It’s a yes from me! Charlotte, you’re going through to bootcamp.
    (Otherwise known as prison.)


  2. You’ve certainly raised some interesting questions! And when she’s caught and her computer seized, who would like to bet that she’ll claim she was collecting those child porn images for “research”?

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    • He wouldn’t be the first lying, chain-smoking, innumerate, illiterate, paranoid, child porn downloading thug to be voted in as PM. Actually, yes he would. Even by British standards, he’d be a stretch!


    • effin hell! And Danielle La Brainless can be Home Secretary. (oh sorry, she won’t have time because her house is being attacked by strange forces right now….see FB.)


  3. They certainly are interesting points…..and, if they were being asked by CHARLOTTE herself, she would expect answers…and because she might not receive any, presume GUILT.

    So yes…she could well be, we just don’t know…who would have thought many of the famous people were?

    IT is also claimed that paedophiles manage to insert themselves into places/organisation etc so as to disguise their desires, and to be able to slobber over kiddie porn.

    Well shall we see if she can prove she isn’t – if she does not reply then do we, like she would, assume GUILTY as CHARGED. ???!!

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    • “If they were being asked by CHARLOTTE herself, she would expect answers…and because she might not receive any, presume GUILT.”

      Exactly, Dofy. I knew you’d get it 🙂


    • As someone who used to live next door to Charlotte in Catford, can I just say that there were always some very strange goings-on in there. I used to count the buggies going into her flat and the parcels being delivered by DHL. It used to really creep me out.


  4. I want to see her prove she isn’t a paedophile. I want proof she isn’t, I want a CRB check visible ONLINE for all to see.

    So come on Charlotte put your money where your dirty little mind and mouth is PROVE IT!!!!

    Otherwise we will have to assume you are.

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  5. It is something I feel the family have been aware of for a while now, that is why they are so concerned with her behaviour and becoming involved in the last few years with cases such as this.

    We have to wonder why her own children were removed. It is not spoken about but assumed by the people that have known her.

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    • One of her alleged victims claims that Charlotte has a clit ring. So only a full-on hamburger shot will clear her name.

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  6. Can somebody explain to me what Matt Taylor, Danielle la Verité and Chris Spivey have to do with a post about Charlotte being a paedo? A lot of irrelevant mush going on around here.


  7. Charlotte is linking to Matt Taylor’s election campaign today. You rub my back, and I’ll rub yours.


  8. I think the biggest crime she’s committed is the book. Is there an offence called ‘Crimes Against Literature’? It’s probably why the police want to talk to her.


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  10. I think I’ll use a “law” of theirs to answer this, so she’s “Guilty” until proven “Innocent”…so I clicked “Yes” 🙂

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