5 thoughts on “Hampstead Research enjoying exile…

  1. Yet again Scarlet has done a great job on ripping apart Charlottes post. Charlotte must hate being shown up by Scarlet who time and time again proves Charlotte isn’t as smart as she thinks she is.

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    • Thank you, kind Sir/Madam! I can confirm that it drives her nuts. This is another comment by her on the same page as the Iceland post:

      “I know the hatred and trolling is getting people down (which is what it is designed to do). So love, strength and support to all of you from HR.”



  2. This entire message from her is full of nonsense. Thank goodness we have this nicely edited version to read here. The Hoaxteaders should pop over and read this true version.
    Boo-hoo, somebody shouted at Belinda. Didn’t Code2222man shout abuse at some poor woman accusing her of “eating babies?” and Christine shout at others about “fkg babies?”

    Can you give me some info’ on the lady who shouted at Belinda, Scarlet? Was she indeed, someone who Belinda had dealt with?

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    • Code 2222 and Christine were indeed two of the three I was thinking of!

      The third was that pack that chased that innocent old lady down the street shouting abuse and at least one death threat. That was Neelu Berry, Mark Haining, Justyna Rzeska and Leigh Ravenscroft.


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