More threats from Rupert…yes, again.

Rupert Quaintance is back on the warpath. Again. In his latest, ahem, ‘radio broadcast’ he’s been blustering and bragging about what he’s planning to do when he finally arrives in London, which will be…er, any day now. Really. He’s not kidding this time. For reals.

It seems Rupert undertook to ‘educate’ himself about the issue of paedophilia in the UK via this video of the Australian 60 Minutes programme which ran last summer, to some very mixed reviews:

One of our intrepid team member gathered a few of his more, er, notable comments for us here:

It’s obviously upset him a lot and I feel some sympathy with him, in the same way I’d feel sympathy with a 15 year old who’s waking up to the problem of paedophilia. He’s reacting like a 15 year old…talking about violence and hitting/killing paedophiles. He doesn’t actually know what a paedophile is…because he hasn’t read anything real or done any real research beyond listening to Angie, reading alternative websites and watching documentaries. At one point he says: “If you’re too ugly to get laid, just fucking kill yourself.”

Erm…we’re not sure how to break this to Rupert, but being “too ugly to get laid” isn’t usually an element of paedophilia. Once again, he betrays his complete lack of understanding of a very important issue.

Here are some quotes from Rupert:

If you know some big bad-ass brawling mother-fuckers, put them in contact with me. Seriously folks, if you know people who wanna back us on this, if you know people who can finance more of this stuff and throw some money in the account so that we’re not…..look! We’re fighting paedophiles…okay? I don’t need to be broke completely while I’m doing it, right?

In other words, just because he claims to be out to save the world from paedophiles, there’s no reason he should deny himself a new pair of trainers on someone else’s dime.

We’re going to confront some people too. We’re taking names. We’re gonna start a culture here in Yurp and America of not forgetting these people’s names. Yeah, let them go and do their two years in prison. Let them come out for about three months and have someone pay attention to where they are and one day walk up to them in public and just slap the living crap out of them…you don’t need to stab them or shoot them…walk up and just smack em, punch ’em out right at the tip of their jaw….

So…he’s all for vigilantism, and assault is perfectly fine as long as you suspect the person you’re “punching right out” might be a paedophile. This kind of thing has happened before here, and it has not ended well.

This is war now. The Courts aren’t doing anything. Do you think you can just do this without….
We’re going to teach y’all the American way of doing stuff. You wanna get to the point where you do stuff that’s messed up that you’re hoping that the cops get to you before everybody else does. People need to shake it off. It’s probably written in your laws too that you’re allowed to use force to stop force.

Oh, thanks, Rupert. Yes, please do come here and teach us yore totally awesum and kewl American way of doing stuff.

Also, might not be a bad plan for Rupert to actually check out our laws before making idiotic assumptions. Oh, wait. That’s not his style, is it? How foolish of us.

You’re usually allowed to stop force with force, usually have to be in the act of it, but hey I say blur the lines a little bit. Who gives a shit. There’s plenty of ways to take care of people, take that however you want without having a whole bunch of blowback.

We’re fairly sure that “a whole bunch of blowback” is exactly what Rupert will get if he tries to “blur the lines” of the law. He won’t be getting it from the innocent Hampstead residents he’s planning to harass, though; he’ll be getting it from the plod…and chances are he’ll find himself being frogmarched to a nice cosy cell for a wee think.

My job is to be the loudmouth. What happens to you on the other end after these people find out your names and where you are, that’s your problem now. You can’t mess with me.

Mmm-hmm. Sure, Rupert. Whatever you say.

They already have your names folks, by the way. Shutting me up at this point isn’t gonna do you any good. All I am is the cameraman. Your names are out there people. We got people hunting down your IP addresses.

Who knows, there might be somebody watching you physically.

Well, good luck with that whole IP address thing. Here’s a clue: Sabine claims that this blog is run by RD (she’s wrong, but when has that ever stopped her?), and that she has received several harassing messages from an IP address that she’s cleverly traced to Wesley’s Café in Westminster. (Some day our tech person will explain why this is so hilarious. For now, take it from us: IP addresses can be slippery things.)

If you ain’t over here sticking fists in faces you need to stick money in coffers. You understand?

You British people are better than this. You brought us the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Honestly, this fellow has a mental age of 12. And in saying that, we could be insulting a great many 12-year-old children.

So let’s see the numbers of people who are after you now. There’s group X and Y who won’t ever be named. We’ve got everybody in America who doesn’t like this stuff. We just have to get the word out to them. And most importantly we’ve got people who are just angry…er….who would be angry at anybody I said to be angry at.

Oh, right. We almost forgot about Rupert’s amazing power to control his audience, and make them “be angry at anyone [he] said to be angry at”. How foolish of us. We should concede defeat immediately, if not sooner.

Here’s Rupert talking about a British paedophile called Tom O’Carroll who features in the documentary linked above:

1:43 I seriously hope somebody busts a cap in this guy’s ass. It’s just because nobody knows who he is. You think there aren’t gangsters over there in London who wouldn’t be glad to put a few through this guy’s front window? You’re kidding me.

You know, we seem to recall that inciting others to violence is frowned upon by the law here as well. Just a thought.

I don’t want to come out swinging with anybody…let me just make that clear. If you wanna get mouthy with me in public that’s fine. Nothing’ll happen.
If you want to put your hands on me you’ll probably end up with a broken finger or worse.

Is it wrong that we laughed out loud at this one? Probably. “A broken finger…or worse.” Run away!!! Run away!!!

You mess with me, you’re going to have a whole platoon of militarily trained individuals just kinda looking for maybe for anybody, just to retaliate. That’s the funny thing about this, like with the way the world is right now what if I tip off World War 3. It’s like you’ll be watching a documentary in 2074. It’ll be my 96th birthday when it comes out. ‘After a man from America took a trip to England to investigate an outbreak of paedophilia tensions flared and the next thing England knew it found itself in enburrowed (?) in what eventually became World War 3.’ Wouldn’t that be some shit? Then I go down in the history books as the world’s biggest asshole.

Or the worlds biggest hero. Rip the band-aid off.

So which is it, then? A “whole platoon of militarily trained individuals”, or a broken finger? Lives could hang in the balance here, Rupert! We must know!

Actually, never mind.

Seems Rupert can’t open his mouth without a bunch of grandiose verbosity emerging from it, and frankly, we’d rather not encourage him.

On a more serious note, the police have already been informed that he plans to harass innocent people in Hampstead; and we’d like to reiterate for the umpteenth time our caution: if you see this little tosser doing anything illegal — or if he tries to approach you in a threatening way — please do not engage with him.

Call 999 in any emergency situation, and please, stay safe. Don’t let the wanker win.

POLICE Yobs 1  Northumbria Police new billboard posters

137 thoughts on “More threats from Rupert…yes, again.

    • Perhaps a resident will print up posters with Rupert Quaintance’s photo on them with links to his videos where he expresses a desire to rape a child and kick down doors in Hampstead and a recommendation that cops should be called if he is spotted and posts them around local schools.
      He has made these threats and it would be a public service and not illegal. Sort of thing the local newspaper picks up on.

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      • I don’t understand why Rupert wants to go around the local schools or what he hopes to achieve.

        Unless there’s play schemes going on over the summer holidays, there’s not going to be many people around, just a few people walking and driving along the road.

        So all I can think, is that Rupert is going to take a few photos and comment to himself on film, perhaps his grandmother, whoops, sorry ahem lady friend will be in tow.

        However, it might be a good idea to put up any posters in the tube station if possible, then Rupert can hopefully be stopped before he reaches the school in question.

        I also think the police at Westminster on 17th September should be notified of his violent intentions, as he’ll turn up there, if he gets through Immigration.

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        • Good points, though EC says Rupert’s likely to still be in London for at least the first 10 days of September, when the school will be open.

          As for play schemes, hopefully these will give Rupert the overgrown man-child something to keep himself occupied.

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      • Can I say that under no circumstances should you put up posters like that near a school. It could cause serious issues, particularly for children with anxiety issues. Make the school aware of Rupert, sure, but the poster thing (near the school) is a categorical no-no, in my opinion.

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  1. So he thinks people who don’t go to the trouble of hiding their IP have something to hide and he can beat them up, because, well, force? Hmm. He’s not a very nice man is he.

    He’s also a liar, or estranged from his family. His brother has children. They live near mummy I think, that mummy problem again. Not far from a trailer park. Thing is, I don’t wish any harm to them whatsoever. The only thing Rupert needs is to be taught is a lesson. He isn’t as clever as he thinks he is. I imagine he isn’t as hard as he thinks he is either. Although, if he comes near me it’ll be 999. He can find out how hard he is with the boys and gals in blue. They don’t have guns because they generally don’t need them. A bit more hands on here in some ways. They will not be impressed by a very part time martial arts practitioner with a gob. Police tend to take things quite literally, when it suits them.

    And on a serious note, I can look after myself if he comes calling, which he won’t I imagine. But if he does, it’ll be 999 straight away, and beyond that whatever circumstances dictate is lawful, reasonable and proportionate. No one threatens my family. People have a right to defend themselves. Stupid idiot’s given me enough justification to practically punch him on sight if he makes any sort of unpleasant approach to me.

    Hate aggressive little fuckers like him.

    He’ll have to find me first though.

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    • Tracey, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to take you on. I think Rupert needs to stop mouthing off and have a long think about what he’s really doing. He’s not acting on the side of the angels, no matter what Angie has told him.


      • Well, I am sure you wouldn’t, and if you ever did, that would be foolish on many levels.

        He’s acting like a cocky idiot whose linked in profile’s career high should actually read reservations assistant in a down market motel, and who couldn’t face telling the truth.

        I’ve met nastier shits than him, had to deal with them professionally where I can’t back out and leave it to someone else, think murderers and rapists and habitual violent abusers of women and children. Really violent men, deeply unpleasant men, with a streak of paranoia and delusional thinking that makes them incredibly unpredictable because they can go from zero to kill mode over a hello. I wouldn’t be doing things like that if I couldn’t handle myself, or if I hadn’t had some training.

        Not scared personally, it’s more my family. People like him don’t think about the impact of their actions or how others might interpret their behaviour. Imagine a child seeing their mummy beaten up in an unprovoked attack. That is what he is suggesting, beating up mummies and daddies of young children. That is what these people who Abraham dragged into his fucked up world are, law abiding parents. The police found not a SINGLE one of them with a prior criminal history of concern, or with relevant intelligence of concern, unlike Abraham. The other children have actually been seen too. They are not victims of a baby killing cult. Ella didn’t ‘rescue’ her other child, and she had the opportunity FFS. The reason, because it’s a pile of shit, and what the gruesome twosome put those children through is evil.

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        • Yes–I wish the Hoaxtead mob would pause for half a minute to consider this. They’re attacking innocent parents of children who’ve been interviewed by police and said very clearly that nothing happened. No sex, no babies, no tattoos…it was all invented by two sick people.


  2. Christ that must be some powerful waccy baccy Rupert is smoking.

    Love how he contradicts himself about the courts not doing anything and then calls on vigilantes to harass people when they come out of jail where they..errr..were sent by a court.

    Harassing peeps is just as illegal in the USA as it is in the UK. I’d say by now Rupert Quainance, the guy who said he wanted to rape a child “to see what it is like” – should by now be on an FBI watch list.

    ## Putting on my Freud hat ( Sigmund not Clement) I think Quaintance has made a very important Freudian Slip here. Child abuse involves all manner of abuse from sexual (around 17% of all cases and in over 90% of that 17%, by a family member) to mental, deprivation and physical abuse ( Angela Power-Disney wielding a great lump of wood).

    Quaintance has expressed a very specific thing he would like to do to a child. Nearly all Pedophiles have specific preferences in their particular style of abuse. Normal people don’t talk like that. They have an image of a pedophile that conjures up all sorts of imagined or real types of abuse. I think that Quaintance has given a clue to the darker recesses of his mind. And his phony macho talk re-enforces this. He closely resembles a repressed homosexual ‘gay basher’ and he has taken to pedophile talk like a duck to water.

    But perhaps APD and The Mob are having influence as it appears Freemason numbers are plunging.
    “Older freemasons told to smile and stop criticising in bid to attract millennials”

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  3. The thing is, Rupert can say it’s a joke, but it isn’t funny when he’s flown across the Atlantic to confront someone, which seems to be his plan. That’s when it isn’t a joke, that would be frightening, and people have a right not to treat it as a joke. Call 999 and shout for help.

    He could see himself in trouble with the law or even hurt himself.

    All chasing that drug addled loser Abraham’s fantasies.

    They need to remember what’s happened. Ella has three children. The eldest has never supported them. The other children have been seen, and they are unsurprisingly fine, and there are no other witnesses who have come forward whatsoever. That’s because the little girl’s bruised face tells it like it is. The horrible shit Abraham beat those kids till they did what he wanted.

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    • I can’t see how Rupert can ever say his intentions are a joke if he is going to use that as a defence for any criminal acts he intends to do.

      It’s not like he’s just stumbled on something and then acted on impulse.

      What he intends to do is premeditated.

      Why these awful older women don’t talk some sense in to him is beyond me.

      Would Belinda like any of her 3 sons to carry on like this?

      Err no!

      Would Angela like either of her 2 sons to behave as Rupert is?

      I should hope not.

      They are obviously getting some kind of kicks out of this.

      Rupert will have travelled many thousands of miles to get to England.

      If thought crime is a crime, then he’s guilty.

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      • I am beginning to think Angela has some very unpleasant sadistic tendencies. She enjoys humiliating other people and getting them into trouble. She puts private conversations onto YouTube when her friends are about to go to court, or grieving for a pet. Maybe she wants Rupert in prison so she can have him captive?

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        • Agreed, Angela’s obviously getting some kind of kick or a high out of encouraging these behaviours in these young men, Rupert and Jake.

          She’s taking the p… good and proper out of Steffi, stole Christine Hart’s broadcast, dumped on Max Spiers, shat on Miles Johnston and as you say Fairly Sane, tried to get Sabine sent down.

          Angela has dissed all of her children.

          She’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

          Anyone that gets near to Angela has some spell cast on them from her evilness.

          And this woman calls herself a Christian?

          No way…

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  4. The phrase ‘all mouth and no trousers’ was invented for Rupert.
    He reminds me of a rather nice G.I. who said he was going to win the war for me. He got demobbed early due to flat feet.

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    • Funny how Rupert keeps saying he has all these people to back him up and who he can call upon if needed and yet none of these supposed hard men are willing to donate any cash to him

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  5. “IP addresses can be slippery things.”

    Yep – and many of us have “dynamic” IP addresses which change every time we log on, hehe.

    Not that that’s an excuse for their hilarity of their efforts to track me down. So far, they’ve stated categorically that I live in Skipton, Hampstead, Westminster, Birmingham, Medway, Cardiff and Glasgow! 😀

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    • I don’t give a flying f… if Rupert or his ilk know where I live.

      I’ll give them a clue though, I don’t live in Hampstead and I’m not RD.

      They are such Moron’s as if RD would spend all day on the internet making up bogus accounts, now they might, but not any rational person.

      Tbf I’m not sure what I would be thinking if that mob had threatened me and gave out my address though.

      I would hope that the Police or some kind of Authority would do something about any threats or any implied threats.

      The Police only seem to do something after the event, when the damage has been done.

      They don’t seem to prevent crime, but hey maybe some crime is stopped, who knows.

      Rupert is not going to hit anyone who he thinks may do something back to him.

      However, the likes of Jason Streatham are a different matter.

      At the very least Rupert needs to be questioned about his wishing to sexually assault children and kick down people’s front doors.

      As he’s not a UK or European citizen, he needs to be on the first plane out of the UK if he is given admittance.

      You’re a waste of space Rupert.

      What does your Pop think of your immature behaviour?

      Not sure if that’s the correct expression for Dad in the USA.

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  6. EC’s quotes must all come from the second half of the broadcast, after Rupert’s GILF had gone home, so none of these were included in my video, as I’d wrongly presumed the lanky prick had shut up about Hampstead after his handler had left. So I’m having a listen now, with a view to putting together a no frills ‘Rupert’s Threats’ compilation. I’ve just heard him say that there are people who should be “taken out of circulation permanently” and that “they’re demons and they need to be eliminated”.

    At the moment, though, I’m at the part where he’s screaming at people for spending their money on make-up instead of him and describing his listeners as “stupid”. How to make friends and influence people, eh, Roops!

    He’s also admitted that he’s taken down several of his videos so that the authorities can’t use them as grounds to stop him entering the UK. He seems oblivious to the fact that we have them all on file and have already forwarded them to the police. D’oh!

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  7. Ruperts full of shit, hes giving away the plot like a crappy bond villain so he gets deported, either that or hes got some “fuckin muscle” in the form of neelu and sabine lol

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  8. Prevention is better than cure. Make noise to the legal authorities to keep Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV out of UK. If Quaintance is stopped at the border, problem resolved. If Quaintance comes to the UK, then valuable police resources are going to be lost sorting out the mess that Quaintance will cause.

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  9. I forgot.

    It’s MONDAY.

    Only just under 11 hours to go until Angela’s Cash show.

    I’ll probably forget though, zzz.

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    • Oh yes another opportunity to watch CCN`s “Wannabe celebrity Big Granny”. The ground breaking reality TV show where an aging, chain smoking,benefit cheating, neurotic, delusionalist isolated from the real world talks complete and utter bollox for an hour in the misguided belief that anyone really gives a flying fuck.
      Cant wait.

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  10. I am flying out to Rio today to support the GB athletics team, I hope when I come back in a few weeks that Quaintance has been barred from UK, plus a few more Satan Hunters have been arrested.

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    • I can well imagine by the time you return to these ancient Isles Rupert may well have shattered the world record for long distance shitting in the back of a police van.
      Hope springs eternal.

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          • Thank you, Your Witchiness. And I can’t argue with you – that one above ended up taking 6 hours! I basically stayed up all night. Not out of obsession or anything but because I genuinely thought it would be a quick knock-up that would take 40-50 minutes. But it was a lot more layered on compliated than I expected in the end 😀

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        • Having dabbled with gathering material and editing videos I understand what it can be like.Whilst setting out with a storyboard idea projects can tend to have there own life .When reviewing some things just dont quite work,other times an unintended “delicious mistake” arises which can deflect into hitherto unforeseen pathways.
          It is very easy for an estimated few hours to expand into a nights work and difficult leaving the kitchen before meal complete.

          The creativity and humour of the video fellows is superb and essential in the task of holding a mirror to the scumbags and their unconscionable abuse of vulnerable people.

          Keep burning that midnight oil 🙂

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      • Some of the guys were saying it would be nice to borrow a Met van for some driver training around the mountain roads in Scotland. – Be a shame if no-one thought to check the cage was empty.

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  11. Just thinking – Rupert shoots himself in the foot at the start of the broadcast by saying “I guess I’m temporarily not a comedian”, meaning he can no longer use the lame excuse that he’s only joking when he issues his death threats.

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  12. The really great news for Rupert is that when things go tits up fellow hoaxers will be able to call on the services of a legal mind who has experience in representing terrorists and in shooting the self in the foot.

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  13. Fuck me, Rupert really – and I mean REALLY – loses it in this broadcast. This dude is seriously mentally ill and a danger to the community.Drug addiction and poor upbringing are lethal combination, it seems.

    I must admit, though, that I did chuckle at him comparing himself to Mike Tyson after having ranted for two hours about rape. I’d explain the irony of that to him but I’m sure he’d be too dumb to get it.

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      • Seeing as Rupert and Mike Tyson have completely different builds, “I don’t think so Rupie”.

        Rupert’s obviously frightened that people are going to approach him and he’s trying to make sure they don’t.

        I don’t think that anyone is likely to approach Rupert in a violent way, as he’s the only one showing any signs of violent behaviour.

        For crying out loud Angela, reign your toy-boy in for his own sake woman.

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  14. A Quick message for Rupert; I know damned-well you’re reading this. It comes not just from me, but is a composite of thoughts and inputs from a group of people that includes ACTUAL JOURNALISTS, Police Officers, legal experts, and medics.

    Members of this group have had a hand in putting REAL child abusers behind REAL bars. – This isn’t a game….

    Most importantly, this isn’t a means of conning people into donating money; and you are flatly accused on being a cheap con-man. Pay your own bills you dirty bludger!

    The fact is that the two ‘Hampstead Kids’ were BEATEN by a convicted pervert into repeating baseless fantasies that came from his own dirty mind. Evidence? – The little girl’s face was bruised, the little boy was injured, both kids were shifty and nervous; anxious to provide a ‘good performance’. Anyone who understands even the basics of body language, and is making an HONEST and OBJECTIVE assessment of the videos can see that.

    The main thing those videos are evidence of is that Abraham Christie and Ella Draper are child abusers.

    The cold hard fact is that the story they repeated was the warped fantasy of a pervert. And there is a strong possibility that the videos themselves were made as a form of ‘non breaching pornography’ for the paedophile market. – It’s known that textual pornography is created for this purpose, having actual children repeating such filth is simply ‘Jackanory for nonces’. And it’s not the first time we’ve seen a child abuser try the mobile phone trick.

    One of the key things about the videos is that the allegations are completely unfeasible. Not only are there physical impossibilities relating to the locations, places and people simply do not exist. The ‘baby skin shoes’ allegation (for instance) is just childishly silly.

    Much else is known about these allegations. None of which is up for discussion via the internet. But is generally known within the LEGITIMATE press, police and social care community that the police went more than the extra mile on this one trying to find any grain of truth… The ONLY evidence of child abuse found is against Draper and Christie.

    Next, we turn to yourself Mr Quaintance. Factually you have stated your intention to breach the peace, which is a criminal offence. You have stated that your will damage property, desecrate places of worship, place the wellbeing of children at risk by attacking schools etc. In short, you plan an attack on innocent people of this country. – Not acceptable; and you’re a fool if you think you can get away with this.

    The view is also taken that your primary purpose here is to holiday at other people’s expense; you are sir a simple scrounger. We note that, factually, you ARE a drug addict. – Frankly, we don’t what sub-human scum like you around here; go back to your trash-culture in Retardsville Little-America… The land of the bland and home of the deranged can keep its low-life scum!

    But there is the more sinister and frankly obvious risk that you yourself are a child abuser. Your creepy ‘Peter Pan’ act has been noted from your own videos. And our researches in your background indicate that you are a very strange character. – One of life’s great failures I should say!

    Your threats, rhetoric and claims with respect to offers of physical violence are a concern. Mainly because an obviously physically-poor specimen like yourself should not be getting into fights. Waltzing into what is effectively a small town and denouncing half the population will get you into serious trouble. And we can assure you that is unlikely to take the form of a ‘fist fight’ or ‘kung fu’. – Your rhetoric really is VERY childish and indicates you may have learning difficulties and/or mental health problems. It also indicates you do not understand the level or nature of violence your own actions may provoke.

    Frankly, you should hope the local police get to you first! But we won’t be putting Officers at risk to ‘save you.

    All in all Rupert the best advice is go home you sad, strange, dishonest and frankly rather silly little man…..

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      • Well, he made sure he has no friends in law enforcement that’s for sure. No friends on the streets – nobody other than his fellow clostet-paedos believes for a moment he was joking when he said he’d like to fuck a little kid up the ass…. It’s not a joke now; never was, not of any kind….

        He can talk all he likes, fact is he’s a skinny little runt and the sort of violence he’s put himself in dancer of doesn’t include ‘fist fights’…… The way he’s going he’ll wind up with no kneecaps and – as he’s a kiddy-fucking-cunt – no testicles. And guess what? Police response times aren’t all they’re cracked up to be for his kind!

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  15. Though not directly related in case, however very interesting on several sides.

    1, what can happen to innocent people like in this case

    2, how is it that Australia seem to be way in front when prosecuting idiots alike

    ……..take a read

    Aussie motel owner receives $114k in damages after FB post links him to pedophiles

    An Australian man has to pay some $114,000 in damages to a 74-year-old motel owner whom he accused of hosting pedophiles. The businessman’s life fell apart following the allegations, which led to him being attacked by locals.
    The livelihood of former deputy principal Kenneth Rothe, who ran two seaside motels in New South Wales, Australia, took a turn for the worse after local electrician David Scott wrote an offensive post on Facebook.

    “Pedophile warning: – Nambucca has been used as a relocation for these monsters – blue dolphin –nirvana hotel and above the Indian restaurant!…Bus stops are right out front of these hotels for our children?” Scott wrote in 2014, referring to the names of Rothe’s two motels.

    The motel owner’s life became a nightmare following the post. He was bombarded with calls from people asking for sex, while others lashed out at him. One man approached him in the street and asked: “Are you the Blue Dolphin pedophile?”

    Rothe was beaten so severely that he had to spend six months in hospital. His family was so terrified by the attack that they moved to another state.

    A New South Wales District Court judge has now ruled that Scott must pay AU$150,000 (US$114,000) in damages to the slandered motel owner.

    “This Facebook attack was made on him out of the blue, with no prior inquiry of any kind by any person,” Judge Judith Gibson said, as cited by Australian media. “It has had a devastating effect on him.”

    “It would be fair to say that the publication of the matter complained of has destroyed the plaintiff’s wellbeing as well as his peace of mind,” she added.

    Gibson concluded that there wasn’t any factual basis behind the accusation, and considered Scott to be an “unimpressive witness.” Scott only said that he was a father who worried about the safety of his children, and accused the local police of being inactive.

    “The anonymity, instaneousness and wide ranging reach of the internet and social media make it a dangerous tool in the hands of persons who see themselves as caped crusaders or whistleblowers, or alternatively want to humiliate or “troll” other members of the community for the purpose of gratifying their own wishes or fears of for the purpose of gaining attention,” Gibson stated.

    Rothe, who has denied ever giving accommodation to pedophiles, has asked Scott for an apology but has not received one thus far.

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  16. Roop: “I seriously hope somebody busts a cap in Tom O’Carroll’s ass. It’s just because nobody knows who he is. You think there aren’t gangsters over there in London who wouldn’t be glad to put a few through this guy’s front window? You’re kidding me.”

    Tom O’Carroll is very well known for what he is and has been for a very long time.
    If Roop did ANY research at all, he would know that.

    No, his research stretches to one YT video of an Australian TV show.
    Rupert really is a pathetic money-begging loser.

    I’m torn between watching his video or watching Angela’s live show when I get home from work tonight, I really should get a life, eh?

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  17. A veritable smorgasbord of death threats as Rupert the druggy psycho sucks on his bong and calls for a fatwa against a whole host of random (and mostly innocent) people.

    This mentally unhinged man-child must not be permitted to enter the UK.

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  18. Just the loudmouth and camera man. That sums up Rupert perfectly. He reminds me of the little twat found in all towns and cities that goes out causing trouble, then runs behind his bigger friends for protection. It is also the Belinda trick of inciting others to get themselves in trouble while she sneaks off into the background. Cowardice!

    Anyone dumb enough to act as Rupert’s bitch deserves whatever police or public reaction they get. Rupert will record it, providing the police with the perfect evidence to convict them in court.

    If Rupert is really intent on door stepping child abusers then maybe he should start with the two that are on the run, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper.

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  19. Has the FBI been informed that Rupert has effectively committed attempted murder by calling for people to be killed? We’ve talked a lot about the UK authorities picking him up here but is there anything we can do about the fact that he’s a US citizen committing extremely serious federal offences online?

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    • The last two minutes of the above video seem remarkably familiar 😀

      Not complaining, by the way. I’m honoured!


      • Not that one is needed because of the wealth of other evidence against Christie and Draper but that clip stands out as the nail in the coffin, the smoking gun,the incontrovertible incriminating evidence that exposes and damns 2 sick criminal abusers for what they are.

        Any jury would unanimously return a guity verdict with little need for deliberation yet in the light of the bleeding obvious some stubbornly persist with their pathetic charade.

        Games up,done and dusted,hook line and sinker but still a few diehards driven by personal gain persist in stirring the pot provoking the feeble of mind to do their darstardly bidding.

        Johnny come lately and clown prince Rupert appears to be the last desperate throw of the dice in this tragi comedy.His outsized foolish pride is leading to one mighty fall and the very best he can hope is that the injuns will cut him off at the pass and send him back home to suckle on his mummy breast.

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  20. What a mug Quaintance is.

    He’s posted on his Facebook page a claim the NFL in the US is banning the National Anthem from being played at the Superbowl from 2017.

    Quite apart from the fact the National Anthem sung by a celebrity has been a brilliant NFL publicity coup for years, Rupert The Dickhead hasn’t even bothered to do even the slightest investigation.

    What a fuckwit, he’ll probably get on a train to Hoxtom instead of Hampstead.

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  21. What?You mean she missed out the bit about the Vatican being run by rainbow lizards from planet x?
    Maybe she is starting to get things in perspective.Sily cow.

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    • Nice work Gabriella, i hope they take notice of it. They simply cannot have people issuing death threats especially as he insists he has the backing of the station which could get them into trouble also.

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    • Is that an actual station or yet another of those daft garden shed/mum’s spare room things? Can’t be much of a radio station to have that dickhead on.

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  22. No i’m not Michael but i’ve just checked and my questions have been deleted and i wasn’t rude or impolite

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    • So who did you post as? I’ve only seen my Darius questions and Michael Garland’s.

      And there was a brilliant comment by Jyn Jyn Ely that got deleted (“OK, I’ve given it half an hour but this is shit”).

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      • As Lizzy, just after they deleted Jyn Jyn comment i asked why were they deleting questions and that question has also disappeared now.

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  23. Be Careful please, I will give you one example.
    you may follow for months a person whose name appears as Tom Smith. So thousands of on line followers they can be sure his name is Tom Smith. having not seeing his passport or any evidence to provve his is Indeed Tom Smith.

    So you report to the police Tom Smith and Bryan Jones enters Uk (the same guy who was appearing as Tom Smith).
    Sorry if I cant expand further.


  24. My questions did appear in the chatbox as both i and my flatmate saw them but they seem to instantly get deleted

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    • Sounds like you’ve been blocked. They’re not even showing as deleted from my end. When you’re blocked by a channel on YouTube, you become invisible on that channel except to yourself.

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  25. Please click the the link below and report All the videos, and on line comments such as threats, gun possession threats, and threats that “Rupert” (not sure if this is his name) has made, Mention also Angela Power Disney and all her sidekicks that type threatening messages or appear in her video.
    They will be arrested under the new strict law in regards of suspicious threats of terrorism. Please do it even if you dont know their real names. The police and EUROPOL will trace them by photos and video appearance. Help to prevent terrorist acts by the drug addict Rupert and His side kick child beader Angela disney

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    • Do not forget to send to the police the evidence such as video links and screen capture of their threatening comments.

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      • Thankyou crazy that is very useful.Fully concur those tasked with dealing with these matters need all the data they can get to best determine appropriate response.

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  26. Please report Rupert via the Government site:

    Its not just for terrorism it also includes incitement to acts of violence.

    From the website:

    “You can report material such as:

    articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence”


  27. Ive just seen ruperts threat video, you people in hampstead need a way to protect yourselves if he comes to your door, he has made threats of violence including murder to you, in the past defenders of a city would use boiling oil and crossbows on their attackers, I know you dont like to use violence and try to keep within the law but you need to protect yourselves and your families, its time the police took this serious, they are an organised terrorist threat and should be treated as such

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  28. This Rupert person thinks that no-one knows who Tom O’Carroll is??

    In fact, Tom O’Carroll has been interviewed on several occasions in the MSM, has written books and has his own blog. He has also served prison time, and was recently convicted for an offence for which he received a suspended sentence.

    I strongly disagree with O’Carroll’s views on issues such as the age of consent. I condemn his offending behaviour. He is on the sex offenders’ list and as such I think he is required to keep police informed of his address, and in my view, rightly so. I believe that even as a relatively elderly person, he presents a potential threat to kids based on his own convictions.

    However, also, vigilante threats of the type that this Rupert person seems to be making cannot be accepted, unless we have given up on living in a civilised society.

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    • He is clueless, vigilantism makes children less safe. The Quakers have the right idea. It’d be a service too far for most, but it works, befriending and supporting a sex-offender who has been released from prison.

      Vigilantism and ostracising people completely from law abiding people and society can drive people underground, away from work, social support that keeps them from reoffending, affects self esteem which could be a trigger for reoffending, stops people seeing their probation officer, makes them skip their registration of their address on the sex-offenders register.

      And vigilantes go to prison.

      It is just a stupid idea, counterproductive. If someone has been punished, they’ve had what punishment society thinks is appropriate. There are elections and lobbying methods to sort that out. The way to increase punishment is through changing the law or improving investigations and prosecutions.

      But, in case it needs saying again, the ones Abraham dragged into this are not sex offenders anyway. Not even close. The only way that compass needle points it the position marked Abraham Christie.

      It has also probably not even crossed his mind that because most abusers are not strangers, they can even be very close family members, attacking a sex offender could be messing things up for a victim. He’s probably never even imagined the victim with conflicted feelings, who could be pulled to a hospital bed or to provide care due to whatever loyalty or love they have left for their abuser, perhaps providing care however distasteful relieves the burden on other family members who are blameless and completely loved.

      Moron. He hasn’t a scooby about people’s lives, It is isn’t a Holywood Wild West matinee where the good guy wins with his gun.

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      • As far as the Quakers: imagine that, Christian people acting out Christian values! People like Angie and Sabine might wish to take note.


        • And doing it when it is a difficult, perhaps even socially unacceptable thing to do.

          Luckily there are decent people in the world.

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        • I’ve known people who have organised beatings down a back alley for their abuser. It may have made them feel a bit better, for a bit, but not totally, and not for long.

          I have also known people who have their abusers still in their family circle to some extent and have had difficult times deciding what to do when sickness, family events, all the rest, arises.

          He is an idiot.

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