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By now we may have to accept that we have ‘lost’ the Hampstead case and the opportunity it could have provided to strip the covers off the darkest form of child sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse or SRA.

In a few days’ time the two beautiful children whose faces flashed momentarily across millions of screens this year will be gone forever too. Unless there is a miracle, as of 11th August they will be put on a plane to a certain area of California, the ‘occult capital of the US’, as it has been dubbed, where Dearman and co. will be waiting for them. They will be separated from each other and most likely they will be sacrificed at the Feast of Hecate, 31st August. Does that date ring any bells??

As said, the satanists came dangerously close this year to having their cover blown. They cannot now risk that these clever children whose minds may have already been ‘tainted’, to their way of thinking, being as much their loving mother’s offspring as their satanist father’s, will grow up and start telling the world all over again what went on during their childhood, who were involved and what was done to them and other children. They are a ticking time-bomb for the cult. They have to go.

Unless there is a miracle, as I said. This miracle has to occur simultaneously inside the minds of three judges, Lord Justice Munby, President of the Family Division, Lord Justice Elias and Mrs Justice Pauffley. All three know full-well what will happen to those children if they hand them over to their father. Will there be a sudden stirring of long-suppressed conscience and humanity in the minds of these three senior judges? Will they pay any heed whatsoever to us begging them on the street outside, please save these children from a fate far worse than ordinary death, please keep them here in long-term foster-care in UK rather than send them to California, please, anywhere but California! Of course what we really want is for those children to go back to their mother and grandparents but as I told her back in March, this would require Ella to return to Russia, at least in the short-term which she shows no sign at the moment of doing. She now has two men whispering in her ear and fogging her mind and there seems to be no getting through to her; she just continues to spit out venom at me for as she sees it sabotaging her case and her chances of being reunited with her children. Her latest email to me contained 3 words only “lie, spy, deny”.

Of course like the angry Hampstead people Ella needs a scapegoat, someone to hate and to blame for everything that has gone wrong, so she herself doesn’t look bad; I don’t hold it against her.

Ella has done nothing wrong; she did what any parent would do in the situation and reported her children’s abuser father to the police with the witness evidence provided by his children already conveniently captured on a series of videos. But NB I repeat what I have in earlier posts Ella herself did not put those videos up on line, nor the offending list of names nor any materials relating to the case whatsoever, therefore the Penal Notice imposed on her by Mrs Justice Pauffley on 10th February was wrong and the subsequent attempt to arrest her on 12th likewise wrong.

In going to the police in the first place, what this mother couldn’t foresee, and I hope this will be a very strong warning to all parents from now on, was the degree to which the police are themselves involved in these satanic cults! It was a similar situation to that of Hollie Greig when she reported her abuser father and brother up in Aberdeen in 2000. A member of that ring was a senior forensics officer with Grampian Police, for which reason Hollie’s allegations were not investigated, despite medical forensic proof having been obtained of the abuse. When Hollie and her mother went back to the police a few months later and reported several more members of the ring including the forensics officer and a local sheriff, this time her mother was sectioned to the local mental hospital!

The raiding party which arrived on Ella’s doorstep on the afternoon of 12th February would in all likelihood have included a couple of psychiatric social workers for the purpose of sectioning her. This is why she cannot now come back to the UK as the police will simply repeat the operation.

The fact is, as my important contact of this week confirmed, this case was doomed to failure from the start. Having consulted several ‘top people’ including in the highest echelons of the police he has concluded that no way were/are these powerful people in Hampstead and L.B.’s Barnet and Camden, helped also by Haringey and Harrow going to give this mother back her children, at least not at this point in time. If they are not sent to California to be killed and remain in the UK there is still a chance that down the line, as things start to turn around on this planet and many, many more people become involved in the fight against satanism and the cults this mother and these children will one day be reunited; I very much hope, pray for and look forward to that joyful final outcome.

For the moment we remain in the vale of darkness, with only the tiniest sparks and shafts of light piercing the gloom at this stage. As said, I am praying for a miracle, that some such spark will penetrate James Munby’s, Patrick Elias’ and Anna Pauffley’s minds this coming week, at least in the form of basic common sense – yes common sense will do nicely for the moment, it doesn’t have to be conscience as such. The three of you must all know by now that we know what you are up to and whom you serve and that that the blood of those children will be on your hands too, if you give them to their father. I’ve been informed that I am in danger of my life at this stage but YOU are the ones really in danger, horrible spiritual danger but you can still save yourselves! This is your chance to quit the cult, rejoin the human race and do the most sensible thing in this particular situation. Do it now, do it together, stand your ground and we will support you, I will see to that (provided I’m still alive).

We the people are rapidly coming to the end of being able to tolerate this evil, the kind of evil that refers to an innocent, loving mother who has done no wrong, indeed a very great deal of right in the world as ‘evil’, that rips her children from her and hands them to a child-sacrificial cult to be brutally murdered in some ghastly ritual. The kind of evil that blames the mother’s partner who helped the children tell their horrible story as having been their prime abuser and which still threatens to seek him out where ever he is and arrest him. The kind of evil that has penalised a high-minded, elderly lady who saw it as her duty as a human being and as a citizen, indeed her obligation under an EU legal directive to report crime to the public in the context of police or official inaction. The kind of evil that has demolished the reputation and credibility of a leading paediatrician and expert on child sexual abuse for identifying the signs of long-term anal abuse perpetrated against two young children, then assembled a panel of other ‘experts’ to permanently erase RAD as an indicator of such kind of abuse from medical orthodoxy. And the kind of evil that labels us, the public “evil and foolish” and as harbouring ourselves paedophile proclivities if we continue to manifest concern about this case.

As yet there may still be little outward evidence, but since this story broke in February a quiet revolution has been set in train: We The People, the ‘evil and foolish’ of this world according to Anna Pauffley are now massing and on the move against you the terrorisers and murderers of children and all or any who support you. Outwardly as said there may be as yet little sign this happening; folks are still picnicking in the parks, playing cricket or tennis or lolling on beaches as usual for the time of year, while the people who will be outside your courts this coming week with our home-made banners and flags are still a somewhat motley little bunch who at any time can be swatted away like so many flies if we get rowdy.

Don’t be deceived! A giant beast is stirring from its slumbers and opening its eyes; it is called HUMANITY and it is a magnificent beast, enormously powerful at the same time wonderfully gentle and kind to all creatures especially its own young. It is also very, very clever and has the ability to see deep into inhuman minds and read what is going on there. You who have foregone your humanity and embraced evil will not for much longer be able to hide away in your secret covens, clubs and cults; we will hunt you down, we will inscribe all your names in an enormous Compendium of Evil already being compiled, to be published before long but NB, that will NOT contain the names of the 70+ angry people in Hampstead because we still presume you innocent in the absence of proof. But it will certainly contain the names of all implicated in covering up this watershed case and your role in that, you know who you are and we do too.

At the end of this month’s special blog I have said more or less everything I meant to say about the Hampstead case apart from tying up a few loose ends and filling in one or two gaps here and there. In the next few days I will continue to report any last-ditch developments in the case as well as the outcome of the Appeal on Tuesday 4th August and the Final Hearing on Tuesday 11th August.

Then I may take a little break, as suggested.




Incidentally, one thing those commenters haven’t picked up on is that once again, Belinda has accused us of making death threats to her. We have repeatedly asked her for evidence of this but none has been forthcoming. She is, as usual, lying. Meanwhile, the death threats from her team continue to flood in to us.



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  1. It is ABOUT TIME BELINDA’S KIDS HAD HER SECTIONED. If my parent, OR CHILD, was continually accusing people of disgusting crimes I would have them bloody sectioned.




  2. Sometimes Belinda mentions Satanic abuse in this case and then at other times she tries to play down the Satanic claims, which is it Belinda?


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