Tiny Magical Creatures rides again

Let’s go back in time. Waaaaaay back, to late 2015 when Abraham Christie and Ella Draper had two blogs, from whence they not only harassed their victims in Hampstead, but hawked t-shirts and coffee mugs featuring the faces of two children, with logos like “Free the Hampstead 2”.

They also offered “special services” such as lessons in raw vegan cookery (from Ella) and personalised lectures on the value of hemp as a health aid (from Abraham).

Aw, monarch butterflies! Were they trying to send a message?

All very tasteful, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Many felt that Abrella’s blog was one of the few places where they might be able to engage with the pair, and so the comments section of their blog turned into something of a battleground. Each night, scores of commenters would descend, hoping to press Abrella to tell the truth—even once, just a little bit—about their role in torturing two children to parrot their disgusting fantasies of a “death cult” in Hampstead.

At first, Abe struggled to censor the comments section, but eventually he gave it up in favour of a mass-deletion approach. Each morning, like a caretaker sweeping up after a party, Abe would remove all traces of the previous night’s revels, just in time for it to begin again.

Here are a couple of souvenirs, grabbed from one of Abrella’s blogs before they could be deleted:

Oh, and here’s another, this time from one of Abrella’s staunch supporters, a lady from London:

‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ jumped on board the Hoaxtead train in early November, posting harassing videos of innocent families, including photos and contact details. This caused the families immeasurable distress, making them fear yet again for their safety and that of their children.

At that time we had no idea as to her identity or whereabouts. All we knew was that she was a collector of “reborn” dolls, and that she had a habit of stirring up drama within the online community of dolly collectors.

Based on a hint from one of TMC’s YouTube loyalists, one of our readers noticed a video of somebody opening a parcel from TMC, and was able to see the return address on the package.

We immediately handed this information to the police, who paid TMC a visit and issued her a formal caution. She was not arrested or charged, but she was made aware that should she choose to continue her behaviour, she could be charged.

At that time, she penned an apology to those she’d hurt, and asked the police to relay it:

Yes, she wrote it on a condolence card, but whatever. It’s the thought that counts, right?

In a bizarre turn, Abraham Christie attempted to claim that not only was TMC an “enemy agent”, but that he had somehow had her YouTube channel taken down.

Only a month later, TMC demonstrated the depth of her sincerity by plastering a Facebook business page with false allegations that a Hampstead parent who had been associated with that business in the past was a Satanic paedophile and cannibal. We wrote about this at the time, but acceded to a request from somebody close to TMC who stated that she was mentally ill and would not be posting anything further about the Hampstead SRA hoax.

In April 2017, during the course of a fight with another doll collector, TMC went on a bit of a rant about this blog:

And last year, in another fight within the reborn doll community, we were cited once again.

We’re only rehashing this story now because once again TMC has been stirring the pot.

In the grand scheme of Hampstead hoaxers, TMC is very small potatoes indeed.

We don’t know who or what’s got up her nose this time, and frankly we don’t care. All we know is that whenever she goes to battle against her fellow doll collectors, we somehow get dragged into it.

If it’s all the same to everybody, we’d like that to stop.

33 thoughts on “Tiny Magical Creatures rides again

  1. Dawn’s an odd character. She loves conflict. All she’s done for the past five years or so (aside from the Hampstead stuff) has been to pick fights with others in the “unborn” community, then rant and rave when they retaliate. She seems to thrive on the drama and attention.

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    • The bots would have blocked it if the publishing company had made such an arrangement with YT, so they must be ok with the track being used. And even if they weren’t, a third party couldn’t report it for copyright.

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      • It is a shame that Youtube bots aren’t so quick to react to the children’s videos that we report as they are whenever there is copyright involved.


  2. Devine getting quizzed by the real Marc Armour, who can’t seem to persuade him that the Wanoa share ‘scheme’ is a scam:


    The fun starts at about 21 minutes, if you can bear the dreadful sound quality. Stick with it – after Marc’s gone, Deinve starts getting stroppy with his commenters (especially around the 39-minute mark).

    Then Marc comes back on and Devine loses it with him (and calls him an “evil idiot” and tells him to “apologise or piss off 😆). Shame about the poor sound.

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        • If there is anything that we’ve learned about these very stupid gullible hoaxers is that they’d fall for buying shares in a footbridge in Doncaster if you just add “Satan busting bridge over the Don” to the prospectus!

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          • It never ceases to amaze me what people will believe in. It is as if they lose all sense as soon as they connect to the internet.

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      • It seems to work like this:
        Gordon Bowden gives his savings to fraudsters operating through Finchley Road. OMG IT WAS THE FAULT OF SATANISTS AND THE CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT.
        Devine loses his savings to Gordon Bowden. OMG IT’S THE FAULT OF SATANISTS AND THE CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT.
        Various gullible plonkers give their money away to Devine and Wanoa. OMG IT’LL BE THE FAULT OF SATANISTS AND THE CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT,

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      • Oh quelle surprise – he blocked Sheva after just a handful of comments (then went off on one about Hampstead, spouting his usual bollocks). Cluck cluck

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        • And now he’s claiming that the ‘788-790 Finchley Road’ conspiracy started with Ella Draper 🙄

          Sorry, Gordon – I guess you’re persona non grata now 😆

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        • Did the ‘real’ Marc Armour say AD has form for fraud? Obviously if he hasn’t (AD) I don’t want him to be falsely accused. And I’m not against people being given a second chance, but if 29th March 2019 rolls round and the media announce that there is a new king at Buckingham Palace (or wherever) I for one will be VERY surprised.

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          • What is the betting that Andy Devine will come up with some excuse for not being able to be in London the day that Wanoa claims rulership over the country?

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        • Hmmm…
          after extensive journalist research (ie 10 seconds on google) I have found that
          1. TPTB are after world wide domination (ie Power!)
          2. Disney has been accused many times of satanic practices (it’s on the web so it must be true)
          3. Angela is the name of an author (hmmmm- looks suspiciously sideways at EC- ANOTHER author, suspicious…) that wrote a book ‘Black Magic for Dark Times: Spells of Revenge and Protection’ Author: Angela Kaelin
          4. The name Kaelin comes from Ireland… who else do we know that comes from there….


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          • (BTW I in no way am accusing Angela Kaelin of any involvement in this cesspool, her name was simply the first on the list when I googled Angela black magic LOL)

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  3. Playing nice with dollies isn’t enough is it! There has to be a drama! She’s actually quite a talented video maker. Shame she uses it like this.

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  4. Just watched a YT video made by (name redacted) outside No.10 on Devine Bar’s site where he tries to deliver some documents about Finchley F*cking Road. One of the police officers takes all his details which is hilarious as (name redacted) goes from verging aggression to rolling over like a puppy dog as he rambles on seemingly ignorant to the fact the very friendly copper tickling his tummy has obviously realised we have a Full Time Nutter here & he better gets details to put him on Nutter Watch.

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    • That makes me think of how [name redacted] is always threatening us with gangsters and how he plans to put us all into a woodchipper. Then he puts out a video where he asked for police protection as he is so scared that people from Hoaxtead Research are after him.


    • Yep, it is slightly off-topic and makes interesting points but it fails in the usual Guardianista way of not recognising the plank in their own eye! It’s not the fault of the author as I think her critique is fair. I’m a techie so I see the merit in the discussion and a warning of false narratives being allowed to take hold with a rampant unchecked AI. But to pitch it as a failing of the right, as it does, seems to absolve the left of culpability.

      This is not actually relevant other than as a baseline to my post but I’ve voted in 9 General Elections and 2 by-elections. I have never voted Conservative (should point out that I have many friends and family who do so this is not meant as a ‘Holier than Thou’ political point) yet for pointing out anti-semetic rhetoric (the same Rothschild/Zionist garbage you see from the Yaxley-Lennon crowd) I’ve been attacked as a Tory shill. This is no different to the morons who perceive anyone who doesn’t think their way on Hoaxtead accused of being a Satanic/MI6/Mossad stooge that we see quoted here on a daily basis. Whilst the Neelu faction clearly have lost their marbles, this seems to be a general human condition that centuries of “The Enlightenment” has failed to drive from the human psyche.

      I don’t know what the answer is other than for the maximum number of people to be rational and demand evidence and when there are extraordinary claims that extraordinary evidence is required!

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  5. A pretty disturbing report on how Facebook is moderated.
    And personally I’m not sure how it can really be done effectively or differently as it’s become such a behemoth (like most of the internet) yet, it is a huge mega-profit making enterprise in which the law is continually broken on a daily basis when you think of even just one matter like the Hampstead hoax.

    There are so many examples such as the continued illegal & cruel harassment of residents of a London suburb and threats from casual posters who happen to come across the hoax via new promoters such a self appointed US “talk radio hosts” (spurred on by Irish “investigative journalists) or Evangelical “preachers” using their hokey “freedom of speech” mantra.

    Or a deluded would-be King of England who flogs shares in a non-existent energy company on the claim he has billionaire investors about to sign major deals (and we laugh at a handful of those investors but laws about fraud are there to also protect the stupid from the crazy).

    Laws are broken every day on the internet but it’s the one place where a correction may, or may not correct the crime. “Moderating” is a bit like a Facebook contractor having the power to come along and tell a person who just threw a brick through a shop window they have done wrong. So many examples: if a publisher in Germany claimed the Holocaust was a hoax they would face jail time. If they do it on Facebook it may just get removed.
    And all the time $Billions of profit are being made.
    I could go and on …( editor: don’t).

    The Trauma Floor
    The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America
    By Casey Newton@CaseyNewton Feb 25, 2019, 8:00am EST
    Illustrations by Corey Brickley | Photography by Jessica Chou


    • A few mistakes..early in the morning here- can’t think straight- cat biting foot and wants breakfast.


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