Devine under siege: New texts reveal desperation

Was it really only a month ago that Paul Rodgers, aka Eddie Isok, aka Edgar John was gloating that he “had the devils on the run”? Just to clarify, by “devils” he meant us, and by “on the run” he meant…well, we’re not sure, exactly.

Whatever that was all about, he seems to have suddenly remembered he had something else to do elsewhere, because nobody has seen hide nor hair of him since…oh, wait, since we published a post about the threats he’d sent to one of his former colleagues, Jo-Anne Sollis.

Sollis, who is a director of Gordon Bowden’s Pandora’s Box Investigations, had published screenshots of her text conversations with Rodgers via a Facebook profile belonging to Rick Joshua B Col, a member of the White Pendragons.

In the ensuing chaos, Andy Devine, relentless Hampstead hoax pusher and flogger of the “King” John Wanoa pretend-tidal-energy scam, ran screaming to Bowden in an attempt to have him call off Sollis, who he feared would damage his reputation.

[We will pause here to let readers digest the concept of Devine’s reputation and how anything could possibly push it lower than it already is.]

Sollis was not to be silenced, however; and when Bowden publicly asked Devine to remove the “Google 788–790 Finchley Road” sign from the back of a Yellow Vest, Andy could take no more. And so we witnessed the tragic sight of Devine pulling down his shrine to Gordon Bowden during one of his live feeds.

Another text dump

Thursday saw another collection of Sollis’ texts published in three instalments on Rick Joshua’s page—only this time, the conversation in question was between Sollis and Devine.

If the Rodgers text dump was large, this one would have to be characterised as gargantuan, and the texts seem to have been posted out of chronological order, so it took a while before we could make sense of them.

Here’s a selection of highlights, which we have transcribed for greater clarity. Most of the conversation takes place over the weekend of 17–18 February, two or three days before we published the Eddie texts.

Friday, 16 February, 10:40 p.m.

After some initial wrangling about whether Sollis will call Devine, she posts the following:

Sollis: Sorry Andy, I’m so very hung over I’m not feeling the best but thought I’d say this. Would it be to do with a screenshot I received early yesterday morning?

Let me be clear here Andy. 

I’m a damned good researcher, know all about Moai Power House and others you’re connected to, and am more than happy to post the evidence, which again brings into question your motive or position actually, well for me it does, am certain you’re knowledgeable but think that you’re researching the wrong things and supporting something that isn’t actually a fact but something driven by your mate and pal Eddie, who again in my belief is not ok, ok.

Josh Bible or Den Tarragon as you say is on my friends list and yes, that’s right, I’ve been friends with Den for over a year! Who are you to question this, why should I be made to feel in the wrong for asking questions? I’d say quite a hypocrite, when you support Gordon but remain friends with Eddie, once again a man in the middle of every drama.

Not forgetting the fact that you supported the same man who threatened me and others, which I can prove and in your words when I told you, and forwarded you the screenshots, what was it you said, oh yes, that it was disgusting and I quote “ticks in boxes” but still you speak of transparency, so what is the truth Andy?

Furthermore you never gave me enough credit because when I met your friend I checked him out and I think what you will know is that I’m not the only person who knows because people get together at protests and they talk and it’s often surprising what comes up in conversation. Wales isn’t that big, you know.

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a person in my own right so please stop running to Gordon, it’s not an issue but what you must remember is that Gordon is not my keeper Andy, but a like-minded individual who enjoys research. I hope you understand my position.

Saturday, 17 February, 12:00 a.m.

Devine: I take it you’re not going to call me Jo, if this is you, then again how will I know if you’re not willing to call me?

In response, Sollis posts a screenshot from Devine to another party. It reads:

She should keep out of other people’s business and stop accusing people of being something they are not. She refused to listen to Gordon. I hope she behaves or she’ll expose herself.

Sollis elaborates:

I wish for no further dialogue, Andy. This is me, I’ll assure you. Perhaps we can do a live stream but I’m so hung over I’m in bed, so now is not an option and quite categorically I really am not interested. This is the screen shot. 

When that was not actually what was said! But hey screenshots available if you do require because I am transparent.

Devine responds that a livestream will be fine.

17 February, 5:03 p.m.

Having presumably despaired of a livestream taking place, Devine responds with his own complaints:

Can you explain to me Jo please, why you have turned on me? also gone against what Gordon has asked you which was not to get involved with me and that was to stay away from what I’m doing.

Plus you have just said you have known Rick aka Den Tarragon aka Joshua Bible for over a year and you told me you didn’t know him when I asked.

You’re confused or not telling the truth, why are you talking to my enemy like he’s your friend when he’s saying such lies about me and Gordon (don’t you know he’s attacked Gordon too??) And you are still friends with him even though you know what he’s saying about me are lies, that’s if you are such a great researcher?

If you think John Wanoa is a con artist and fraud, make the claim on a video to him and for the world to see. I’m sure he’ll be happy to deal with your facts. I would like to see you try.

As for the things I seen you writing, I’ve heard your claim some are because you’ve been hacked by Jesus???? “WRONG” Make that claim on video if you’re so sure, I’m sure Nat would like to see you try????

And who is Zara? Zara Day? If yes, then that profile is also working with Rick-Den-Joshua, if not him as another fake profile. And as for friends that talk bad about me? That’s an oxymoron. There have been many that have been turned on me.

Funny how there’s no facts been presented except for those coming from a Satanic Run Group called Hoaxtead. Looking for clarity to stop and correct this confusion.

17 February, 6:31 p.m.

Sollis responds that she’s already made her position clear, and raises the issue of Devine’s allowing Rodgers to remain in their Skype group despite his abusive behaviour:

Why have I turned on you…turned on you, what a bizarre thing to say, lost interest more like…

Um, I think you will find that following all the Skype bullshit that was going on with the research and Pxxxxx allegedly trying to hang herself, and you banging on about transparency and knowing full well that your mate, remember threatened both me and the team, yet you still gave him airtime to bang away, this I know is fact as a friend was watching and heard it and let me know and also knew that I was at the time the one being referred to, and that’s fine Andy, that’s the point I lost all interest.

I also told you clearly again yesterday that I am not owned by Gordon and actually I am a woman in my own right and if I choose to speak out then that is what I will do. Incidentally this resulted because of your mate and a simple question that was asked…remember me questioning the binary that was being written by Jesus and the words “whinging ninny” came into play?

This is a reference to a number of files which were written in binary and posted on Bitchute, allegedly “exposing” EC. The term “whinging ninny” was used to describe her, and Sollis is hinting that the files were not, in fact, the result of some great hacking endeavour on the part of “Jesus”, but were rather dictated to order by Eddie.

Sollis continues:

Den Tarragon or Josh Bible or whatever he/she goes under got you triggered and has been on my friends list for a year. Don’t know him personally so no, I’m not confused and always tell the truth.

Thing is, Andy, same could be said for you and your “mate”, you know, the one whose messages I sent you across, think probably the last time we spoke on Skype before all info was deleted, incidentally not by me, and very similar occurrences as what was done to that other lady and you know who I refer to, one Christian name and three different surnames, who also runs a group…

Just because you got beef with somebody then don’t expect me to get involved, just like you didn’t okay, think that’s pot calling the kettle black there Andy, still supporting your brother are you, even when presented with the evidence of facts of screenshots…yes, I thought so.

Regarding Gordon, this is nothing to do with him whatsoever, but you seem to wish to involve him at every turn, read and understand that he is not my keeper, okay?

The thing is this, Andy. You have made claims to people that I’ve got other Facebook accounts? Now where would you get this kind of information from, hey, I wonder, the person you told is 100% honest and I trust them implicitly.

Zara, well I guess you’ve spoken to Nat and I guess you’ve heard Zara on a live so you would know the voice, wouldn’t you? Because I do, and actually the first time I heard it I wasn’t actually watching and didn’t know who it belonged to but knew that I’d heard that same voice and also where I was and who I was talking to, so no, Andy, you’re wrong in thinking it’s an account of a male, as a female is definitely the one speaking and now on more than one occasion.

John, well here’s a man using two different names therefore suggesting he’s two different people…hmm.

John Kahaki Wanna and Hoani Wanoa at Companies House along with Matt Taylor or should that be Mathew Taylor? Yet more transparency I see….

Phoenix companies Andy, check those out and the natural person and also whilst you’re at it look at Mr [Lee] Cant and the 300 or more companies that he is attached to? Hmmmm, that’s an interesting one, oh look, correspondence address for Moai Power House is 7 Barclay House, isn’t that the same one?

Oh, who else is attached to that address…couldn’t make this up, Andy.
Looks like a smaller version of Finchley Road, wouldn’t you agree?
Also have a look at the Companies Act and legislation that goes with it as I suggested previously.

I’m sure you’ve already been advised by Gordon but again I’ll not drag him into this because I don’t go running to him, and for fear of being misunderstood here you have been asked not to tag people, would I be correct? Yep, I thought so.

I’d also like to know where Gordon has been mentioned in a negative way since he spoke to Den or Josh about the Finchley Road FRAUD, not satanic stuff, but the fraud that is currently being exposed, with hard paper facts unlike the case you and so many others are trying to expose when in fact a) are you a victim? b) what business is it of yours, when perhaps the people involved want to just get on with their lives, and nobody will ever know the truth, only those involved, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not in the least saying that satanic things do not occur, however your entangling this to Gordon, and that is not fair and not what he is about, as you very well know.

I think you may have been taken for a ride, as I also found a video of Mr Wanoa on YouTube of him suggesting that Gordon would be a sheriff, and this was going back to, oh, now let me think, some time in 2014 I think from memory, am sure Gordon didn’t even know John then or in fact yourself, so please spare me.

As for Jesus bless him…transparency once again Andy, oops no I think not, or he wouldn’t be using an account under that name Nattalie for whatever reason.

17 February, 7:22 p.m.

Devine accuses Sollis of failing to understand the impact of what she’s saying, says she’s disloyal, and repeats his challenge to bring out the facts and let someone else refute them (because he can’t):

Why bring Pxxxxx into this (even though you never gave her name when commenting on Rick’s live feed)? The way you said that was that what I was doing made her want to kill herself when that was because of the attack and coming from Nathan and Gary, and the reasons she left the Dragons, which was nothing to do with me.

You either are not realizing what effects or how what you’re saying affects me.

Keep me out of your fallout with Eddie. You stuck the pin in him saying he was FBI, going around us behind his back. You could have just apologized but you wouldn’t, so again if you have facts, bring them out on a live feed for Eddie to refute.

As for the names of John and Matt, not interested as to me no money was made or lost, so woopy doo, still the same people and as for them being lawful “WHAT LAW” it’s all corrupt.

Same goes with Lee Cant, he works very hard helping many people, if his 300 businesses when the facts come out he will have to answer for them which I’m sure he’ll be able to or get what he deserves if he’s conning anyone.

As for the comment to Dave (Jenkins), why would you call me a trouble causer? Remember I wasn’t talking about you until started and I was made to defend myself.

Woman scorned comes to mind, you gave me the doubt when you said in one breath you don’t know Den-Joshua, yet another you’ve known him over a year and have been talking with him.

Gordon has told me Den Tarragon has attacked him and we’ve all witnessed Nathan and they all say we should be talking about the City of London and dishing (ditching?) Finchley Road so you should know who Rick is. Look at who his son is, and what is on his profile. He is also full-on attacking me on YouTube and has said I quote: “He’s not MI5 or MI6, he’s much worse”, I’m confident with the evidence I’ve seen that he’s working with Hoaxtead, if not part of them.

Facts don’t lie as you know people do, I wouldn’t have invested money/time with Gordon if he didn’t have the facts and I’m the same with John Wanoa, you shouldn’t be trying to stop/hinder what we are trying to do as it helps everyone when we bring back King’s Bench.

Then we will be able to hear and try a fact in a Common Law Court and Gordon can get these criminals/fraudsters brought to justice. We’re all fighting the same cause and this infighting has to stop. Truth will prevail, the full truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Divine Creator.

It’s clear that Devine is feeling very much under attack, and increasingly isolated.

17 February, 7:45 p.m.

Sollis challenges Devine’s claim that the Wanoa scam is squeaky clean, and makes it clear that she is planning to post her damaging information about Rodgers:

Well I was told something different about Pxxxx and actually I have lots of info about your mate Eddie, or Paul, or is it Edgar…ask Marion, she knows, incidentally she was at a protest in Cardiff a few weeks ago #fact, and Eddie’s name came up, also another #fact I wasn’t anywhere near the place but somebody I know was, and there’s little transparency there…once again #fact a panther is a communist! Let’s just beg to differ on lots of areas, and you go about your business and I’ll go about mine, you keep your friends and I’ll do what I wish as a person in my own right, okay, and all will be just fine.

Incidentally, you haven’t mentioned Zara. Is that because you’re already aware? Because I am 100% and time will tell as she wants to talk with me, which should be interesting to say the least.

I also think for reference you will find out that it was an explanation from Gordon that was required, was given, and accepted I believe. #fact

And how do you know categorically that no money was taken, because there’s money passing hands at present, now in fact somebody told me a few days about about a video regarding a PayPal account.

Also re common law court, I know nothing about it other than what I saw with my two eyes, what Jesus found, and as you are associated how do you expect him to even give you the time of day? Again pray do tell, I’m intrigued.

I wish you no harm, no loss or injury, but let’s agree to disagree here, shall we? I’ll post about Eddie later, only for transparency of course. Enjoy your evening.

And for the record, I wasn’t aware of where the issue started with the dragons, it was a live I missed sadly but what I do know is this: if you poke a stick in a wasp’s nest very often you get stung, would you not agree? 


17 February, 8:27 p.m.

At this point, Devine is beginning to panic. He’s worried that losing Sollis’ support could mean the end of his relationship with Bowden, which would spell the end of any authority he might claim to speak about the Finchley Road issue.

Poke a stick in a wasp’s nest? Nathan attacked me, not the other way around, and Rick has been his sidekick all along. As for Zara I haven’t a clue who it is, but for sure she is regurgitating Rick’s BS about me, I’ve already proved her wrong when she said I’ve never done a live feed with Gordon, and you know what my real name is so why didn’t you tell them instead of going along with them?

You are trusted more because of the Gordon connection, you cannot deny that, so you would stick up for him, why not me, as we are joined at the hip? I’m here to get Finchley Road brought to justice. If you doubt that, then say so so I know where we stand!!

Your beef with Eddie is your beef, you calling me out has done me much harm that I will have to defend unless you make it clear to people that you are not against me, like I’ve been made to feel by what I’ve seen you post!!

Here’s Nathan’s first comment to me, this is what he calls being respectful?? I suggest you go look at my page…”you and your scammer mates will be in prison soon. I am showing the evidence I have to the police. This is not the way you get our country back. You have conspired to commit fraud and murder, that’s a long time in prison my friend” … then he sent me a GIF, soap on a rope, laughing at me? Very respectful ay, why do you think he won’t come on a live feed with me?

The only money given to John Wanoa wasn’t for shares, it was donated to him and John said after he would turn them into shares, which wasn’t asked for or needed to be given. Anyone saying anything different are lying. The money sent to my PayPal was given to John and those people that have given that money will be given the shares when it’s all set up properly!!

Sollis, however, isn’t having any:

Look, like I’ve said Andy, I missed the live feed when you were apparently asked about Pesco again, I wasn’t watching and quite frankly I’m past it, that’s not even my issue, and actually let’s get facts right once and for all shall we?

I called Eddie out for what I saw as a diversion, he was telling Jesus what to write in a binary. I’ve got the screenshots I took if needed.
Eddie was telling Jesus to write about a “whinging ninny” which was something supposedly said in Southwark Court in December when the case was being heard, how would your mate know that? And why is he asking you to call this crap out when he can’t even use his real name, which again according to Marion his ex-girlfriend is Edgar and apparently very violent man…

Not only that I wasn’t actually the one who found the Facebook profile that said FBI, that was again also Pxxxx.

What I found was a video that apparently was from 2010 and Ed was there along with Sheva Burton and Brian Gerrish and again when Jesus asked Eddie or so it was suggested he had the response was it was to do with bitcoin, now let me enlighten you further, during one afternoon whilst helping connect company dots Angie was in the Skype and she mentioned two solicitors from Ireland: Joseph McGee from memory, and would you believe he was linked in to the national association of bitcoin? Now once again there’s a thing, hey?

I personally don’t think it will ever be set up properly when there’s skulduggery around who’s in the directors’ seats by way of Phoenix companies, this is just my opinion but I’m being honest, and if you have sunk any money into it you’re best off cutting your ties, getting back what you can, and getting on with your life.
All the best,

The texts continue in a similar vein, but we’ll leave it there for today.

It’s clear that by this point, Devine was feeling attacked on all sides: his Skype group had disbanded, with all the data deleted; the Pendragons had him in their sights and were working hard to discredit him; he was being accused of being a catalyst for a woman’s having threatened to kill herself; his deputy, Rodgers, was about to be exposed; the Wanoa scam was being seriously questioned; and worst of all, his relationship with Gordon Bowden was in jeopardy.

Since this conversation took place, we’ve seen Devine cleave even more tightly to the Wanoa scam—hardly surprising, when it’s all he’s got left.

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  1. “We will pause here to let readers digest the concept of Devine’s reputation and how anything could possibly push it lower than it already is.”


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  2. Devine is most upset about a post of his being taken down. After all, all it said was that Sheva is a “tranny”, EC is a “purple-headed dyke”, wished for Karen to die of cancer, named a protected witness and threatened to have him murdered. How fucking unreasonable of Facebook to have that taken down eh, Andy.

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  3. “Andy could take no more. And so we witnessed the tragic sight of Devine pulling down his shrine to Gordon Bowden during one of his live feeds.”

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  4. “As for the things I seen you writing, I’ve heard your claim some are because you’ve been hacked by Jesus????”

    Not something I thought I would ever read.

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    • Hard to imagine ‘let Jesus conduct a buffer-overflow backdoor attack on your kernel” will ever take the place of “let Jesus into your heart”.

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      • Hat? I’m used to your cat stealing your vodka, mate, but it seems the little bugger’s nicked your ‘t’ as well.

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        • She is a cat in a hat. Mine. And she does steal my Vodka which may be a good thing as after 2 VATs my dyslexia seems to come on quite strongly.
          Do you always go around mocking the afflicted?
          Ha- see what I did there?

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  5. I wonder if Jo-Anne’s hangover was connected with trying to get through one of Andy’s live streams the night before.

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      • If you haven’t heard it already, check out this recent bizarre conversation between Cant and Devine (courtesy of MKD):

        And speaking of bizarre, if you get the chance to listen to Neelu’s latest show with Sean Maguire, the stuff about the 9-foot crocodile people who live in secret underground bases is a hoot:

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        • In his shape-shifted form, Gardner was like a whitish-grey colour and had a very pointed back of his head. His eyes were kind of elongated, but not so reptilian, it was almost like they were a cross between human and reptilian. But dark, like a dark, golden brown. And he was not very tall, he was only about six-foot when he shifted.
          Gardner would come in with a lot of pomp and ceremony. He would wear a kind of purple-violet robe and was naked underneath it. And then soon as he would shape-shift, the robe would come off and they placed a gold crown on his head. And the crown had what looked like an amber and a ruby, alternate stones all the way around.


      • I see that Lee Cant is trying his best to pull off the Trump hairstyle, very fetching.


  6. Oh well done for putting it all in the correct order, especially with you not being very well EC! I was reading it all yesterday, amazed & shocked at Devine trying to control Jo-Ann Sollis, who incidentally stood up for herself very well indeed.

    Re his post about getting cancer re yourself, he is a disgusting rag of a human being! Well done Divine Intervention on getting it taken down.

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    • Thanks, Lucca, though to be fair I only got the re-share taken down. I’m not sure who got the first one removed – I thought it might have been your good self, tbh. Or Sheva? Meh – who cares? Teamwork, innit. Group high five 😀

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      • Didn’t realise mine had gone through too, yay.

        Darn, can’t upload due to low memory. I seriously need to drastically do a clean up & get rid of useless apps lol. Team effort is great, well done Sheva too & everyone. Is he so stupid that he can’t see what he is posting is getting him bans because of the horrid content he shares or states himself.

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  7. EC, I’m sorry to hear about this. I guess the Finchley Road dream is over…

    By the way, if you need a good lawyer, I hear Edward Ellis is available.

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  8. Any news on what’s gonna happen to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland when Wanoa takes over as “Surrogate King of England”? 🤔

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  9. There’s a saying about a wise general knowing when to retreat but Mr D seems to be determined to brazen it out. Why doesn’t Mr D just take a rest from social media – of course I’m not privy to what goes on inside his mind but I would have thought the penny would have dropped by now that John W’s integrity is at least questionable. I wonder if any irate victims (or relations of victims) will travel over to Greece when they realise they have been duped.

    I mentioned once that I had been duped some years ago. Not with an investment scheme but someone told me a sob story and I lent them more than I could really afford and never got it back. Lesson learned hopefully. Of course because it was informal there was no paper trail and it was a civil tort so it would probably have cost more to instigate court proceedings (and difficult to find evidence). I mean I could have proved I took XXX amount of money out of the bank but not that I’d “lent” as I thought it to this “friend”. (False friend as it turned out). Still I survived – and that’s rather off-topic, though maybe I can see the tell-tale signs of a “grifter” more clearly now.

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  10. Not really to do with Mr D directly, but regarding the allegation that babies were delivered to the church via DHL for nefarious purposes, surely DHL would have had records? No records of multiple packages to the church would mean no deliveries of babies for nefarious purposes? I’m sure that’s been thought of before but I decided just to mention it while it was in my mind.

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    • That was funny actually, to think people believed that. I must ask one of the drivers next time they deliver something, on 2nd thoughts, maybe not or I could be in a padded cell within the day. 😂

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  11. So we have someone called Jesus, another called Bible and then there is Devine. If this is the second coming someone better call God because it has gone wrong, very wrong.

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  12. This must be a bit of a dilemma for Andy, Cat and all the other fruitloops who hate both gays and Muslims. Which side to take, eh? 🤔🤭😆

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    • WTF? When did “LED streetlights” join the conspiracist Scary List of reasons to buy electrosmog protection?

      Send your answers onna postcard to Mr Justin Tramwicket, The Lighthouse, Nuneaton. He doesn’t get much mail and I’m sure he’d appreciate it.


    • She’s amended it now and posted a link to Thomas Dunce’s latest pile of shite:

      (I still don’t get what ABC refers to, though – “Angie’s Been Charged”? Or is that just wishful thinking?)

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  13. Devine’s swallowed Matt Tayor’s fake story and just announced EC’s “arrest” on video 😆😂🤣

    Sorry, I can’t link it as he names a protected witness during the ‘general whingefest’ bit of the video, and possibly issues another death threat to him (“Don’t worry, Angie my darling, **** *******’s on his way out”).

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    • LOL Yes, I’ve definitely been arrested. Writing this from my cell, in fact. It’s so nice of the guards to deliver fresh coffee and a laptop on demand, and say what you will, but the wifi here is excellent. They are telling me I’m being charged with “annoying Taylor and Devine”, which I find strangely satisfying.


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      • Glad to hear they’re treating you well, EC. Though I must admit I don’t like the look of your cellmate 😮

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  14. Public safety alert: be on the lookout for two dangerous criminals who’ve just been let out on parole from Facebook Scrubs…

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  15. I’m doing a live tonight I do believe he was being set up my calendar I find out I hate John so all sorted with the that the account after his bank has been all sorted out with them for Monday on Monday another post about Katie being arrested. I’ll find out from that when I get back to have a chance like so if that is back in the room are so fingers crossed if that’s the case like Arlo is used so I use all publicity all publicity is bad publicity good publicity all publicity is good publicity because I guess you talked about people that have been saying bad things they’re gonna come to realise that you know everything’s really cute everything it’s really cold so is your me lot of fun shame because of said a lot of bad things about what we’re doing what why I am who I am they said just for those people that have fur or cold and not some said bad things about me remember it’s all I ever wanted to do was to people to understand so you know when you realise it was all these attacks that have been coming on me.

    Who on exposing been up in exposing the Satanic ritual abuse from the H——- case for long time no remind I had all my profile and everything taken off me so those people that have come to know me in the year in the recent year my profiles from before I lost all my profile was just like John Patterson’s lost all is Tommy Robinson’s lost all his I was taken off Facebook before because I the Burton-on-Trent MP because of his connection to wear 7887 90 Fincher Road so coming down right now with what job and Solace is doing right now and she said put all my comments on there she all these people ultimately I’ve always stated it and I will I’ll still stated because I know who I am and I know what my volition is and I know what my intentions are and I always only bring forth the facts remember I don’t trust people you can’t trust anybody the facts don’t lie people lie when the facts all get revealed you didn’t know who it was that was actually telling the truth let them know things about myself about John Pattinson about about Matt Taylor that have ever come forth because they will never come forth to refute anything that we’ve been saying all they can do is come with it to a disk read it and trying to disrupt the whole situation because remember that John I keep saying on the game of chess yeah the one piece on a chessboard you can’t take yeah is the King John when I remember is a surrogate King is speaking for the King the king the kings coming through now Johns never said he was the king.

    He is speaking for the king is just bringing forth the facts the Paramount Chiefs which were equal to the King’s they handed in down the documents and at hose documents still haven’t been refuted so come 28th of March you know I’m hoping now are we going to get some now to become aware remember as always stated you know why would anyone want a Nokia why would anyone want to call what’s happening here you know you’re doing this for a reason is it because you’ve been fooled this is a people with a lot of money yeah got a lot to lose when it all comes the rich people get reverted this one’s all comes down to the poor people remember it’s the Mickey how is Jesus said anamika the people that won’t stand up they don’t have to be rich but not talking about rich as in money they’re rich as in being good people wealthy is nothing to do with its tough money you can sing one of your horsespoint is that money is the control and look how many people are being controlled by it and there are there could manipulate in people’s Minds because this is what the whole thing is all my manipulation and when they group together because they do the bad people stick together or we need is the good people start sticking together and Stevie Stevie Stevie dog dogs whatever she goes and I Stevie Stevie attacked me when Gordon Bowden put his post on my post strange yet to be found out why I did that don’t know why all I know is I gave my all to Gordon and he’s not stood by me when I was over to England and seen the facts from the self what about 787 9 to be sorry for a long long time so I went down there to find out all that you know.

    Gordon said to me words out of his own mouth we’re now joined at the hip buy terminology are many people out there that if you are joined at the hip that means my pain is your pain and I also means my enemies your enemy got a person is working in the monks your missed that is attacking me that means they’re attacking you too so not too sure to look for me and all I’ve ever done was give Pandora’s Box team because I understood what 78879 Finchley Road is and I still do understand what 797 97 8 8 7 90 Finchley Road is because that the goodness what that will do by exposing that the people that will remove because those people are stopping everybody getting Justice as I told there Tracy Blackwell when I explained it to Tracy you know I explain it to everybody here there wasn’t getting any justice because Ithat’s one part of the glue that bonds these bad people together is the f****** fact that these scum of raping everyone of us with the money wise number one number two there is another is a paedophilic site of this which is that satanic side of things because these are sick people we’ve got a lot of sick people in this world and they can all be exposed to all the people out there yeah all the people out there they got their own individual cake cases yeah because this but those people that want to speak up on the 28th of March you can speak what you need to get out there because we hold record on the land become is there maritime northern taking over this world were taking it out of their ships back onto the land but we’re people of the land and that flag yeah that’s the secret that’s the secret has been kept away from his allit’s been held by a third party by the Rothschilds Queen because the Rothschilds what they did to check into the royal family and create this look like this different line yeah.

    Set up and whether we whether the king in his two Customs V comes back and sit on that throne or not in makes no difference because at the end of the day we’re all King we need to take back or powell we are the power louisa people are the power and knowledge is the power and that knowledge is not been kept away from the zola remember and i will talking about free mason and he’s giving is it is exposed all those tickets for everyone to understand and to discern for yourself as if you can discern it may you know how to free yourself and don’t have the truth knowing only knowing the the truth sort out there that is not free and people because i don’t know if the truth i haven’t done the rain due diligence haven’t gone to work on sat down work start by those people that turned in the dead do the dew diligence united 1 was that an hour back to the roots poor signal very poor signal .

    They see what I’m getting at here is we need to start standing together because Stand Together J just like these evil bastards in this world of that mobile got this one shorty I’ll wait till I get back home and I’ll do a proper one on the basically but having to where they are doing what they are doing and then manipulated people’s Minds with the lies and they’re telling you know and if such a lot of people in remember I’m not I’m not here I’m not here to say then and I told you you should listen to me it’s not theI know they’re very convincing they’re very convincing mate and if you wasn’t so strong I didn’t know the facts and I would have been made out myself as well like but don’t worry about it don’t worry about it welcome back anybody who comes back I’m not interested in the call me I know I was bitten twice the end of the day I know you by your deeds and those people they do come back and they do want to come out and do something good I eat by disrupting and by taking down YouTube videos of these vile critters that going out spreading these lies .

    That’s what we need to do I need reporting in a taken down cos I caused a lot of damage the arm they’re causing is because I want it now I’ve offered in and I’ll catch the later God bless don’t ever give him Angela I see you still there mate (protected witness)on way out my darling so yeah that the amount of stuff has not coming out about these site at this satanic cults does the shame of The Hundred monkeys come in the shame of the people that aren’t getting up dancing mate yeah and then we dance we’re gonna be on stop Apple people are rising look at he PPP is out there showing it now they’re all out there doing it’s tea like and although all of you all about their god bless you all we will have them and god bless John Patterson who is doing as well man cos he’s cracking the mwhip as well mate and they’ve given to God bless weekend.

    All set for the Monday let’s get it going are hearing out there let’s have this is this is international yeah this isn’t just about England it’s about England get it all set up for England but this is about the whole world this is about all the united tribes all the people from all the countries and what colour race or Creed you are it’s all about bringing back a common sense common law it can protect us all and protect our children and stop this evil corporation get rid of this evil and bring back this make this world a beautiful place again so god bless you all.

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    • Oh Lucca, I fear I’ll have to go and sit on the naughty step. I thought initially you were commenting as Lucca!!! (Don’t jump on me from a great height figuratively speaking, please, I’m really, really sorry and I’ll try not to do it again).

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      • That was my fault so please don’t say sorry to me. I’ll hand you the sorry back because I didn’t make it clear above it what it was. Sincere apologies for the misunderstanding, now, let’s dance! 💃💃😁


  16. Woops my explanatory introduction seems to have gone awol. My own fault though not WP’s. I started then realised there was the name of a protected witness in it, deleted it until I fixed it, then forgot to explain it.

    It’s a transcript by a speech to text app. That’s exactly as it came out, but you know, that’s what Devine sounds like all the time, pure bs so I thought I would go ahead & post it.

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    • There seem to be multiple maggots squirming around through his brain, jostling for the chance to push a few words out his face-hole.

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