Link between school arsonist and Hampstead hoax

Yesterday we wrote about Philip Day, who was found guilty this week of having pursued a campaign of harassment against teachers in a Cheshire school, which culminated in his setting fire to the school.

One of the charges of which Day was found guilty related to his having also burned down a 700-year old house in Essex, where he believed that his girlfriend’s ex-partner was sleeping at the time.

The girlfriend, news outlets reported, was a woman named Samantha Baldwin. Two years ago, Baldwin dominated the news for a time when she disappeared, along with her two children.

According to the Northwich Guardian,

Ms Baldwin had accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing their children, an allegation that was found to be untrue by a family court judge before she abducted the children and hid for a week in Nottingham.

We reported on Baldwin’s case at the time, and cited HHJ Jeremy Lea’s April 2017 judgment:

In December 2014, the mother alleged that the father had sexually abused his sons. The father adamantly denied that he had done so. The police investigated. Given the seriousness of the allegations, all contact between the father and his sons stopped. There was a fact-finding hearing to decide whether the allegations were true before me in February 2017. I heard evidence over twelve days. I heard from the mother and the father who both had experienced senior Counsel to represent them and fourteen witnesses. I had regard to over two-thousand pages of documents. I heard oral submissions from the advocates on the evidence I had received. I made a prohibited steps order against the mother with her consent that she would remain living at her stated address with the boys.

I reserved judgment to Monday the 27th of March.

In the middle of delivering my judgment on that morning, the mother abruptly left court. It is now apparent that she picked up her sons from an unknown location and disappeared with them. This put her in breach of the Court order.

The police are investigating how she did this and I make no further comment save that it is my assessment that was plainly pre-planned and carefully executed.

The mother intended to prevent the court from taking decisions as to the arrangements that should be made for the boys in light of my findings.

I made a number of specific findings in my judgment.

At the beginning of that judgment, I set out the respective positions of the parents in these terms: “This is a calamitous case. The two boys that I am concerned with have either been grossly sexually abused by their father, members of the father’s family, and a number of his male friends. Or, in all probability, they now have a false belief that he, his family and friends have done so. On either basis the consequences for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of these boys may well be catastrophic.”

In my judgment I found that the father had not perpetrated sexual, physical or emotional abuse against the boys as alleged by the mother, or at all and that the allegations made by the mother were false.

I also found that the mother genuinely believed that he had done so, but that her belief was irrational and that the evidence of abuse was unreliable.

I also made a finding that in order to try to prove her case against the father the mother had caused the boys to ingest substances that would give rise to a positive testing for benzodiazepine products and zolpidem.

It is not uncommon in contested family proceedings, that one side, and occasionally both sides, are of the opinion that the judge’s decision was wrong. It is open to such a party to ask the judge himself or the Court of Appeal to give permission to appeal against the decision. What is not acceptable is for a party to attempt to obstruct the court’s decision by removing children, as I am satisfied that this mother did.

Both the Day case, which involved stalking and arson of innocent people at a school, and the Baldwin case, in which an innocent father was targeted with false allegations by a mother determined to keep her children from him, resonate strongly with different aspects of the Hampstead situation.

One common factor leaps out at us, though: Richard Carvath.

The Carvath connection

We noted last month that Carvath had recently filmed himself lurking outside the Hampstead school at the centre of the hoax. We noted at the time that while this is not illegal, it seemed an odd thing to do. Certainly, it was a marker of his interest in the Hampstead hoax.

On 19 November 2018, he tweeted:

Richard has obtained new information re the Hampstead case. (Chapman Pincher would approve.) RC’s team will not be passing any of this material to the Met. Enquiries are ongoing. RC may say more on his return. (obo)

(Carvath routinely refers to himself in the third person in tweets and on his blog. According to “obo”, his alleged amanuensis, Carvath is almost always away on unspecified business, which we are sure is very, very important and ultra-confidential. Top secret, we dare say.)

And on 22 November Carvath tweeted a “summary statement from Richard” concerning his views on Hampstead:

In 2017, we noted that Carvath, who bills himself as “investigative journalist”, had taken it upon himself to support Baldwin. At the time, he alleged on Twitter that Baldwin’s case involved Satanic ritual abuse. In a now-deleted tweet dated 11 April 2017, Carvath wrote, “He is an SRA child abuser – one of a network of SRA child abusers”.

Interestingly, 10 days earlier he tweeted that he had received a court order which, he implied, barred him from discussing Baldwin’s case:

He seems to have got round this inconvenient order by first claiming not to have received it, and then tweeting comments in which he named no names—but his meaning was quite clear:

More recently, according to his blog, Carvath has become a person of interest to Nottinghamshire Police once more.

On 21 January, Carvath wrote:

On Saturday I received a formal written communication from a Sergeant Timothy Cuthbert of Nottinghamshire Police.

(By the way, the Notts police force is actively engaged in protecting several suspected paedophiles I’ve investigated; though many individual police officers are doubtless unaware that, sometimes, their day-to-day duties actually serve the purpose of this unofficial paedophile protection agenda.)

This sergeant does not know me and has never communicated with me before.

The sergeant opened with “Richard …”.

Then, without stating [any details of] his business, he requested that I telephone him.

Moreover, this occurred in the context that the sergeant knew that I would know, on reading his communication, that he had already contacted female persons known to me without having any valid good reason for doing so.

On the same day, he announced his intention to resume involvement in the Baldwin case:

All interested parties are hereby notified that today I have issued instructions to seek to intervene in, or to have re-examined, the case of S******* B****** (2017, Nottingham).

I proceed on the basis that it is my assertion that the Greater Manchester Police force and the Nottinghamshire Police force are both compromised in regard of this case.  Furthermore, I assert that the judge in this case was/is compromised.  It is therefore my position that I refuse to submit [potential] new evidence to any of these parties or to cooperate with these parties.

It is my assertion that at the heart of the S******* B****** case there is a criminal conspiracy to cover up a paedophile ring.

This ring comprises child abusers who abuse from the primary motive of paedophilia, together with others, being Satanists, who abuse children from the primary motive of the fulfilment of their religious beliefs (SRA).

We suspect that this will not have gone down well with Notts police, particularly in view of any court order which he might have received regarding the case.

Nor, we suspect, will they be amused at his decision to make allegations of child sexual abuse against HHJ Lea, the judge involved in Baldwin’s case.

Following receipt of his gagging order in 2017, Carvath referred to HHJ Lea as “bent as a banana”, but judges are generally used to such abuse. However, they might not view allegations of child sexual abuse with such equanimity.

To be fair, we do not have any evidence that Carvath’s libelling of HHJ Lea is at the root of the Notts police’s concern.

However, it does appear that Carvath, like Day, is continuing to fight Baldwin’s case for her. It is not clear, in Carvath’s case, whether this behaviour is sanctioned by Baldwin.

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    • Amusing interview with the homophobic Phony Colonel whereby he denies that he worked in a gay bar and says it was” a pick-up joint, a few expensive escort girls, y’know the kind of thing.” One reader responded “no, don’t what that sort of joint is”.
      Apparently members of Manchester’s gay community were a bit miffed the silly man denigrated their favourite gay bar.

      Seems he got booted from the Conservative Party for his nasty words about their local gay MP and he’s banned for life from attending Salford Magistrates’ Court. A very strange man.

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  1. In the ‘potential arsonist’ stakes, two hoaxer fruitcakes in particular spring to mind, both of whom can’t be named, so I’ve transmitted the names to you telepathically. Hope they reached you ok and didn’t get lost in Seaford or Kincorth.

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  2. In other news, despite still sharing the children’s videos, saying their names and naming a protected witness, it seems Tere Joyce is having some major wobbles over the Hampstead case. And predictably, Angie is NOT happy 😂

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    • Hmmm- would APD like to disclose this ‘medical report’ because the one that’s publicly available says nothing of the sort…..

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      • Angie has never been one to let evidence or facts guide her in her thinking. If she wants something to be true then she just tells everyone that what she says is a proven fact


      • “You are what you say”

        Is that just a garbled way of saying “I know you are but what am I?” and/or “It takes one to know one”? Remind me – how old is Andy? Sigh

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        • By the way, those comments were from before she suddenly remembered that he’d groped her and that she’d found him “disgusting”. It all came flooding back to her after people started asking her about the above comments.

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          • I guess she must have suppressed the thoughts of Savile groping her until she thought that there may be an easy payout for her from such a claim.


    • Disgusting, diabolical lies, I hope Tere has read the actual medical report, which is on this blog under the evidence tab, not Angies doctored version, tho she will of course invert that and say that the real report has been doctored, by of course, who else but ‘satanists’…….. If angie has had contact with abused children, then that alone should warrant investigation. Survivors around the world hate her evil twisting of this narrative, her treatment of people and blatent attempts to make money off the backs of suffering.

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      • Is the medical report on here? I couldn’t find it. I’m sort of glad though. While it’s useful to have the facts to hand I’m beginning to think it’s time for such personal information about the children to disappear, basically because they’re getting older and will no doubt be using the internet.
        I’m open to being called out as wrong on this – just concerns me.

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        • P16 of PDF Official Reports Top of the list of links. I hope there will come a time, when it can all disappear, but until Angela Power Disney & others are stopped from spreading their vile lies, I think it needs to remain…… Unfortunately. I will just add that even recently people have said that through reading the documents here, they have realised the truth and stopped sharing videos or believing the false claims.

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    • Sorry ‘itsmemitzi’ but if you want true equality between men and women then you can’t pick and choose which bits you want to be seen as equal in. Perhaps Rupert should buy himself a #MeToo t-shirt


  3. Seems Devine missed Chris P. Bacon’s comments exposing Iriving as the head of an international shirt-laundering and maple syrup-smuggling ring. Oh well, we tried.

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    • Good to see him spelling ‘He’ with a capital ‘H’ in this one, mind. He must see said protected witness as some kind of deity 😀

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    • Perhaps Devine is being clever here.
      The Maple Syrup Cartel make the Mexican Drug Lords look like a kindergarten even though they have done plenty of business with the notorious El Chapo.
      Have you ever read anything about this?. Ever seen a report from the FBI?. No.
      And there is the proof. A cover-up.

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    • I’m sure King Wanoa’s former English Master at Gordonstoun would be ashamed of his student’s shocking mangled grammar and repeated crimes against Full Stops.
      (He did got there didn’t he? All the Royals do.)

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  4. This phony Colonel is free and easy with libels. I know the police at times can get it all wrong but I don’t see why they or judges should be continually defamed without recourse just because they go about their business.
    He needs to be hauled through the courts in a defamation case with the government financing it.
    Even if he is not financially worth pursuing.

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  5. Dick also posted some tweets that implied he was stalking the judge- to gather evidence, I suppose- and made some statements that could be considered low level doxxing (describing his car, and commenting on his security arrangements, I think). I imagine this may be why Notts Police are interested in him.

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    • I stand corrected – he’s actually a bit miffed about it. Who’d have thunk it? 🤭


        • There’s more than one person called Karen Irving, what a shocker.

          These Finchley Road people have problems. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of what Gordon Bowden is saying is the problem. It is difficult because of all the anti-Semitism and general conspiracism.

          My basic understanding is, Gordon Bowden was a victim of a scam. He was a victim in South Africa. The scammers used a Ltd company. There are other scammers who may use fronts like registered limited companies. Some scammers buy off the shelf companies. One of the most prolific company formation agents operates out of Finchley Road. Some politicians and various rich people also have limited companies. These politicians might use a company formation agent. They might even have used one of the most prolific, based on Finchley Road. There is little government oversight of limited companies. I suppose it might be possible to create a sutiable surveillance state apparatus that interferes in all transactions and business decisions, surprisingly politicians have’t been keen on Gordon Bowden’s suggestions for an intrusive authoritarian state apparatus.

          I haven’t been able to detect a conspiracy except the scammers and one in Gordon Bowden’s head. The laws may be lax in the U.K. but that isn’t a conspiracy.

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          • Some politicians and various rich people also have limited companies. These politicians might use a company formation agent. They might even have used one of the most prolific, based on Finchley Road.

            And some of the companies spawned through the Finchley Road address might even coopt the names of politicians and rich people as directors, because there is no ID-confirmation of company-registration forms to stop them.

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          • “All these companies set up for dishonest purposes, and the entire UK establishment is part of it – because fraudsters and conmen always tell the truth when they list Mickey Mouse and the Bishop of Bath and Wells as their company directors.”

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    • I think APD long ago reached a level of vindictiveness and idiocy beyond those that you would attribute to the most egregious pantomime villain. It is rather tragic; the only living woman who commands less respect from me is Rose West.

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  6. YAY ! Don’t ask me what it was, I reported so many, lol. I have learned that it really is worth reporting fake news….there are posts galore on Andy & all connected pals….. 🙂 Cred is earned with Facebook and other platforms, just like in any other walk of life.

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      • Wow, well done Devine’s Intervention & Sheva! I think maybe I got mixed up with Devine & Wanoa, the last report that I can find on Devine is 17th so not sure now if I did get another one. I had one for Wanoa saying the photo I had reported had already been removed. Sorry about that, I was going away for the weekend & packing at the same time as checking FB, as you do! 😉.

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  7. I remember this chap, he was the source of the Truro, Cornwall is the centre of the satanic universe because it had an adult shop story. Didn’t Cat whatsherface go with it too?

    I must have walked past it a thousand times without even noticing.

    Best not mention the naked drummer statue on Lemon Quay scandal.

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