The Samantha Baldwin case: Hoaxtead redux?

It’s hard to live in the UK and remain unaware of the case of Samantha Baldwin, the Nottingham mother who fled family court while the judge was reading his judgement, grabbed her two children, and went on the run from police for nearly two weeks.

The facts of the case are laid out in this unusual short public judgement, made on 10 April 2017 by HHJ Lea:

The strong presumption in favour of open justice which applies generally to Court proceedings does not apply to proceedings which are held in private and relate to children. The default position is one that by statute and rules prohibits the dissemination of any information relating to the proceedings unless the Court directs otherwise: (In Re W) (children)[2016] EWCA Civ 113. In this case I exercised my discretion to allow a controlled degree of publicity to assist the children to be found. That does not give the media a licence to report generally about this case.

There has been much ill-informed speculation in some sections of the media. I give this short judgement, as to the essential facts.

This began as a private family law case between a mother and a father. They had separated. They had been in dispute over the amount of time that their two boys should spend with the father.

In December 2014, the mother alleged that the father had sexually abused his sons. The father adamantly denied that he had done so. The police investigated. Given the seriousness of the allegations, all contact between the father and his sons stopped. There was a fact-finding hearing to decide whether the allegations were true before me in February 2017. I heard evidence over twelve days. I heard from the mother and the father who both had experienced senior Counsel to represent them and fourteen witnesses. I had regard to over two-thousand pages of documents. I heard oral submissions from the advocates on the evidence I had received. I made a prohibited steps order against the mother with her consent that she would remain living at her stated address with the boys.

I reserved judgement to Monday the 27th of March.

In the middle of delivering my judgement on that morning, the mother abruptly left court. It is now apparent that she picked up her sons from an unknown location and disappeared with them. This put her in breach of the Court order.

The police are investigating how she did this and I make no further comment save that it is my assessment that was plainly pre-planned and carefully executed.

The mother intended to prevent the court from taking decisions as to the arrangements that should be made for the boys in light of my findings.

I made a number of specific findings in my judgment.

At the beginning of that judgment, I set out the respective positions of the parents in these terms: “This is a calamitous case. The two boys that I am concerned with have either been grossly sexually abused by their father, members of the father’s family, and a number of his male friends. Or, in all probability, they now have a false belief that he, his family and friends have done so. On either basis the consequences for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of these boys may well be catastrophic.”

In my judgment I found that the father had not perpetrated sexual, physical or emotional abuse against the boys as alleged by the mother, or at all and that the allegations made by the mother were false.

I also found that the mother genuinely believed that he had done so, but that her belief was irrational and that the evidence of abuse was unreliable.

I also made a finding that in order to try to prove her case against the father the mother had caused the boys to ingest substances that would give rise to a positive testing for benzodiazepine products and zolpidem.

It is not uncommon in contested family proceedings, that one side, and occasionally both sides, are of the opinion that the judge’s decision was wrong. It is open to such a party to ask the judge himself or the Court of Appeal to give permission to appeal against the decision. What is not acceptable is for a party to attempt to obstruct the court’s decision by removing children, as I am satisfied that this mother did.

There was understandable concern given my findings as to what the mother might do. I made a recovery order empowering the police to find and keep safe the children. I authorised the release of the names of the mother and the boys to assist the police to find them. The mainstream press and media gave some very helpful coverage. As a result a tip-off from a member of the public enabled the police to find the boys. They are now in the interim care of the local authority. I now have to decide what care arrangements should be made in the best welfare interests of these boys. They could not immediately return to their father. I am very concerned as to the impact of continued press and media intrusion into their lives. They need to be protected from much of what has been inaccurately reported about their parents and about what has happened to them.

I deliver this judgment in open Court to summarise my principle findings.

Any reporting should be limited to the facts set out in this judgment.

Zolpidem (aka Ambien) is a fast-acting sedative used in the treatment of insomnia, while the benzodiazepine class of sedative drugs are used primarily in the treatment of anxiety. Neither drug is intended for use by children or teens.

As family barrister Lucy Reed points out in her post on The Transparency Project blog, it is now clearer why

the sudden disappearance of the mother on the day judgment was delivered left the judge very worried. The mother had a history, he had found, of drugging her children in order to “prove” abuse that she could not otherwise substantiate. What else might she do? The mother’s own irrational belief had potentially left the children wrongly believing their own father had abused them. So, on the facts as found, the children were at clear risk of emotional and physical harm.

‘Justice for Samantha Baldwin’

During the time when Ms Baldwin was on the run from police, her supporters started a Facebook page titled “Justice for Samantha Baldwin”, in which the beginnings of a witch-hunt against the children’s father, his family, and friends has already begun to take shape.

Despite a 12-day-long hearing which exonerated the father from any wrong-doing, her allegations against him have been repeated and expanded upon by members of the Facebook group, and in particular by a person named Richard Carvath, who describes himself as an “investigative journalist”—though on his blog he states that he “supplies accredited research and intelligence to others (thus tending not to write finished articles for general publication under his own name)”.

On his Twitter stream, which appears to be co-written by himself and someone with the initials “OB” or “OBO”, Mr Carvath has claimed that the father in the Samantha Baldwin case is in fact (guess what?) a member of a network of “Satanic ritual child abusers”.

Mr Carvath released the following video yesterday, 13 April 2017:

At the beginning of the video he states that he’s received two court orders via email, but that his email is somehow broken…so he has not received them. He does seem to be aware that he was due to appear in court on Monday last, but claims that the court must “surely have known that there was no way I would have been able to attend on that date”. He does not explain how, if he had no access to email, he somehow “was aware” that he was wanted in court; nor does he state why it would have been impossible for him to attend.

At 1:11, Mr Carvath states,

“I absolutely back the innocent family who are the victims in all of this. The truth is very much on their side. I believe that the judge in this case ought to have recused himself a long time ago….I think it’s important to make the point that what we’re dealing with here is a serious and organised crime network. We’re talking about Satanists, we’re talking about paedophiles, we’re talking about people who are both of those. All of these people, in policing terms, warrant a classification as serious and organised criminals”.

Mr Carvath’s statements put us in mind of videos and blog posts we began watching and reading two years ago—we think it would be not unfair to liken Mr Carvath’s efforts to those of Sabine McNeill.

Where will this case go now?

Mr Carvath and those who follow the “Justice for Samantha Baldwin” Facebook group appear determined to turn this case into the next Hampstead SRA hoax: in fact, Mr Carvath has made the direct comparison himself.

To be sure, we’ve noted similarities ourselves, albeit on a smaller scale than Hoaxtead:

  • Escalating allegations of sexual abuse made by the mother in the context of a family court case
  • False allegations of SRA made by the mother and her supporters against the father’s friends and family
  • Children at least temporarily convinced by the mother that they were, in fact, victims of sexual abuse
  • Trial of the innocent father by social media
  • A campaign led by a social media campaigner who for whatever reason has decided to push the SRA narrative, despite there being no evidence to support this

Unlike Hoaxtead, no evidence has turned up to suggest that the entire thing was planned from beginning to end; rather, it would appear that the mother genuinely believed that her children had been sexually abused, and that only she could protect them. And of course, unlike Ella and Abe, the mother in this case was apprehended by police and taken into custody—had that happened in the Hoaxtead case, things might have turned out quite differently.

We do note that the dreaded “mainstream media” has undergone a significant shift in tone since HHJ Lea’s statement earlier this week: headlines like “Samantha Baldwin ‘gave her children drugs and made false abuse claim against dad‘” have replaced earlier ones like Sue Reid’s screeching “A secret court prevents us knowing the truth about the missing mother who has been arrested after running off with her two boys – but her loved ones say she is a great mum as they reveal they were thrown in cells and had their homes raided“. [Who writes the Daily Mail’s heads, and could they please stop? —Ed.]

That said, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this case.

And we sincerely hope that the police and courts have learned their lesson from Hoaxtead, and will take firm, timely steps to squelch further harassment of the father and his children by well-meaning—and not so well-meaning—individuals.

141 thoughts on “The Samantha Baldwin case: Hoaxtead redux?

      • I’m sorry but these women and some times men, who have there kids taken from them, always blame everyone but them selves, twist he truth and can’t take any responsibility for their own actions, a large number of these women from Nottingham. If only people knew the truth about these women, it really does boil my piss.

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      • Frighteningly similar to Hoaxtead right down to the Facebook groups supporting the mother and no doubt adding extra parts to the story to make it more juicy for the conspirasheep to lap up.

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        • Yes, the Facebook group was grim reading. So many people are willing to accept what they’re told at face value, and immediately want to grab their pitchforks and torches.


  1. Another tragedy, no doubt to be followed by webcam-licking farce and exploitation by the greedy and corrupt. So sad.

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    • Yes, it looks as though it’s headed down that road. Seems Mr Carvath is a fan of Robert Green, incidentally. His blog is very enlightening.


        • Oh dear! I’m just off the phone from speaking to an actual Journalist who follows this type of story. “Tricky Dicky” was further described as “a homophobic Bigot whose character peaks at that point then descends vertically into the bits of Hell”. I am further advised that he spends far too much time and money in a Truro sex shop then complains about his purchases on the internet -which has an interesting effect on his search results. “Yet another clown deflecting from his own perverted ways by projecting them onto others”. -It was also suggested that his training as a “Journalist” was probably received at the same school as Robert Green.

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          • To be honest I had a chuckle at the “investigative journalist who has never published anything” bit. I know from experience that one doesn’t achieve the title “investigative journalist” until one has reached the pinnacle of a reporting career. That would involve having been published or broadcast somewhere…and yet I could find no bylines for Mr Carvath.

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          • It turns out EC that he is a cleaner. Maybe he once cleaned a newspaper office? But my source, who is fairly reliable, tells me that no kind of background in journalism or media of any kind can be attributed to Carvath.

            Note that he writes;

            “Col. Richard Carvath, 40, has been involved in investigative print journalism since the 1990s.”

            Colonel? Really? I cannot imagine a commissioned officer of 40 having left the services yet, nor that in their early 20s they wouldn’t already have been in the services. Yet, by his own admission, at that age, Richard Carvath was a lavvy cleaner in one of Manchester’s sleazier gay bars. Isn’t it odd how these “types” so often feign a military background? It’s a pity this new claim of his is at odds with what he once told an actual Journalist back in 2010, and what people actually know of him. Additionally, not being a writer myself I’d have thought someone making the claims he does in the manner he makes then would describe themself as Richard Carvath British Journalist, not “British journalist”?

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  2. Pleased to see the truth of this out at last! I wonder if the people who donated their money to her fundraising page thinking they were giving it to an innocent, vulnerable mother will get it back?

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  3. Another lesson to make sure you don’t get involved and have children with a crazy. Not always or obvious but be damn sure you have been together long enough first. Seems like a common thing to happen when relationships turn sour and custody battles become no holds barred slander-fests.
    Any allegation of child abuse has to be investigated and even if the person is 100% innocent, that kind of thing will hang over them forever, and meanwhile there is an ever hungry pack of internet crackheads willing to believe every single accusation. Those throwing around any claim that feeds their child abuse fixation should look in the mirror and maybe could do with a few accusations aimed at them for why they are behaving that way. It just a game and youtube views, fame and some money for them.

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    • Yes, that’s really the underlying issue, isn’t it? People whose relationships dissolve can be unbelievably angry and bitter towards one another, but the hope is always that they will not use their children as weapons. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and false allegations of sexual abuse have become the “nuclear option” against an ex-partner one has come to hate.

      There’s much more to be said about exactly why people become so vindictive in that situation, but I think a good place to start is “wounded ego”.

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    • If only it was so simple to choose a sane & stable partner. Welcome to the gory world of Narcissistic / Sociopathic personalities. The Jekyll & Hyde syndrome and you generally find out when its too late.
      The thing which is really gory, when you are faced with such adversity, unless you have a pot of cash to assist with achieving the truth, you are doomed. How many of these parents actually achieve their goal in removing you completely ? far too many.

      It’s obscene that any parent should have to fight such abuse and pay for such within a family court setting. Why can we not have a system that assists with identifying such personalities and actually helps ?

      Yes, courts are slowly awaking to Parental Alienation but after many court orders are made, why should continued breaches be allowed ?

      The absolute fact is, depending upon the degree of personality dysfunction, they are a law to themselves.

      Why should the other parent endeavour to piece together all the fragments ? As for the untold damage inflicted towards the child?

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  4. There is a rally at Parliament Square planned for Saturday 22nd April 10 am – 2 pm, will be interesting to see if it happens and if it does who exactly turns up.

    Will Angela try and catch the boat?

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  5. Seems “journalist” Richard Carvarth is an active supporter of the ‘evangelist Christian’ Patrick Sookhdeo who has been arrested twice for sexual assault, convicted once and is now facing an historic sexual assault charge. Figures.

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    • Those obsessed with sexual abuse of adults or children always show themselves for what they really are. No mystery why so many of them seem to have connections to rape accusations and child abuse.

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    • Well…based on this statement by a daft twat: “…it is important to note that we are not talking here, about what you might call ordinary child abuse…”,
      perhaps Carvarth perceives Sookhdeo’s convictions to involve mere ORDINARY sexual assault. You know – the humdrum, happens everyday, of no real importance so let’s just forget about it, ORDINARY type of sexual assault.

      Apparently, it is important to differentiate between ORDINARY sexual violence and VERY IMPORTANT sexual violence – according to Carvarth.
      This is a very old canard, and has been a primary obsession of SRA-MC victim claimant-advocates for 30 years. There are ‘ordinary’ child abuse victims-survivors, and then there are VI child abuse victims-survivors. There are ordinary victims of sexual violence, and then there are SUPERIOR victims of sexual violence. Ordinary victims of sexual violence would experience ‘ordinary’ rape, ‘ordinary’ molestation, ‘ordinary’ battery in the course of a rape, ‘ordinary’ live streaming of their abuse & suffering over the internet, etc.
      Whereas VI-SUPERIOR victims of sexual violence would allegedly suffer the incomparably more horrific supposed RITUAL ABUSE – perhaps involving rape by OMG people wearing robes, holding candles and chanting Hail Satan, or molestation by OMG pedophile care-givers with 666 tattooed on their willies, or being battered by OMG organized criminal gangs professing allegiance to some God/dess of Death.
      What a dipstick.

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    • News reaches me that this “Journalist” is in fact a self-employed office cleaner. No wonder he has such a obsession with scrubbers!

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      • Oh, this just gets better and better;

        “Is it true that you were once a toilet cleaner in the gay village?

        RC: “Yes – but I must clarify the detail of that. It was in 1997, part time for 2 months. I was registered with an employment agency – Adecco Alfred Marks on Deansgate – and they offered me Friday and Saturday nights cleaning the bogs at a bar/restaurant called Mash ‘n’ Air which was off Canal Street on the fringe of the so-called gay village. I needed the money so I took the gig. I had to do the men’s and the women’s. It wasn’t really a gay haunt, it was mainly a trendy straight place, a pick-up joint, a few expensive escort girls, y’know the kind of thing.”’

        I phoned up a Mancunian friend the who is out, proud, very loud and as camp as Christmas. I asked him if that place was particularly ‘Gay’… “Very much so!” Came the chortling reply! “He must have been the only straight in the village!”

        Reading that interview, I think I get a good sense of where his homophobia is rooted.

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          • I’m now reliably informed that “Col. Richard Carvath” is what military types call a “Walt”. Apparently if you are commissioned to any rank in the services it’s reported in something called “The Gazette”. Carvath is not mentioned and therefore did not serve.

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        • “I phoned up a Mancunian friend the who is out, proud, very loud and as camp as Christmas. I asked him if that place was particularly ‘Gay’… “Very much so!” Came the chortling reply! “He must have been the only straight in the village!””
          Kind of like being Matt Lucas in the mirror world then


          • “Kind of like being Matt Lucas in the mirror world then”

            Well almost, I think it’s quite possible Mr Carvath is rather frightened of the man in the mirror.


          • “Well almost, I think it’s quite possible Mr Carvath is rather frightened of the man in the mirror.”

            (Matt Lucas, or more commonly known as Daffyd “The Only Gay in the Village”)


      • Evidence of what exactly Equal Rights 4 Dads?

        Carvath entitles himself “Col.” on his own blog – implying that he holds commissioned rank in the Army, but the Gazette search proves he doesn’t – so he’s a liar on that score. The interview appears to be genuine, although his answers can be corroborated as being misleading. In one of his election blurbs he lays claim to a background in industrial cleaning. The only Directorship he ever held was at a company called “Roperats Ltd” which, as far as can be established was supposed to provide “adventure training” for youngsters, it never took off. He is not associated with any company, so if he has a business background at all it must be as a self-employed person. It’s easily cross-checked fact that he was obsessed with a Taunton sex shop, and that he seems to have obtained a DVD from there, the sound track of which he in part posted on Youtube. If there is something I’ve missed I will happily go back to the source.

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  6. “if you snoop around long enough, your bound to Find it”.
    Probably one of the best alternative hip hop songs ever made in lyrical terms, in my opinon.

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      • Excuse me Sir, but the case of a woman named Holly stealing a steak bake from Greggs the the largest bakery chain in the United Kingdom, has not been debunked yet. Someone somewhere has to know the real answer, I hear a sausage roll and two, not one, but two Vanilla slices were unaccountable for that very same day. Sound like a cereal offender to me.

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          • lol. I have missed your wit and updates on these deranged lunatics.
            The world has gon Barking Mad, every idiot is out there believing everything the see on youtube. If I made a video tomorrow saying some children have gone missing in the local area and my creepy neighbour has just concreted his back patio area, set up a patron account they would probably send money and praise me for being a whistleblower or amazing pedohunter. Just splice some shitty footage together and add some sound effects and they would lap it up. chuffin creeps.


          • Actually, this one may be completely cracked now. I have just found the link between Holly, the secret Stakebake stealer of Stanstead, Greggs, and PIE! There is a very dodgy looking video on there entitled “Grill a Pirateer” -Obviously all about cannibalism though I don’t really know cos I never really watched it or read anything properly or at all really, but it all fits I tell you! It all fits!

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        • Barchon, you’re using food codewords in my handbook.
          I know what a ‘sausage roll’ is and you want TWO ‘Vanilla Slices’? You’re insatiable. 🙂

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          • I am sorry JB, I did not consult the handbook before making those comments. In future I will refrain from making such slanderous comments.
            Last time I went to the local take-away with my conspiratard friend, I asked for a 12″ four cheese pizza, well, he literally blew a gasket, grabbed me by the arm and told me I was referring to a Haitian special with extra cheese and code for 1 Asian, 1 Eastern European, 1 African and 1 Middle Eastern child.
            Good job he was there to correct me, as I’m not Angelina Jolie and don’t have the spare room to adopt 4 children from across the globe.
            Crafty sods these Pizza buggers.


        • Alfred I think you may be onto something big here and it’s not just pasties!
          I found this documentation in oral form from 1993 about a cereal killer in our midst.
          I fear it maybe to late in the day to stop him or her but worth putting out there. As long as they leave my Lucky Charms out of it I will let this case slide, but I am partial to oddly coloured shapes in my morning breakfast and fear the worse if this maniac is not apprehended swiftly. It appears to be linked way back to the Deep South of America, Houston, Texas in particular. No doubt.


          • Ooops I haven’t listened to that song in years never realised Scarface was a homophobe, sign of that era I guess, sorry guys.


          • That’s the thing about homophobes, if they were actually straight as they’re so very desperate to convince the world they are, gay people wouldn’t bother them in the slightest. But as Quentin Crisp remarked, “some toughs are really queer, and some queers are really tough” what they’re frightened of is themselves. All the “attitude” is about their own insecurity and self-loathing. Back in the real world people are just people.

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    • The post in question is from 18th November 2015. I wonder why the sudden re-interest. I’ve heard that Tiny Magical Creatures (aka Dawn Moses) is back on the scene, though, and has been harassing associates of this blog.


      • Has she now? Miss Tiny Magical Creatures should tread very carefully if she recalls what happened last time she got involved.

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    • That’s been appearing for a while. That and the Wesley Hall one. We’ve all been wondering over the past few days why certain posts are appearing there at this time.

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  7. Carvarth is an Evangelical ‘Christian’ (apostrophes as I don’t think this mob have the slightest understanding of Christian beliefs) who is homophobic.
    Seems to me many have replaced their gay hate with a belief in SRA but all their claims & beliefs seem so similar to the plots of Hollywood movies from the last 50 years.

    It reminds me of the tale told to me by my Sydney pal of a demented ‘Christian’ MP who got up in Parliament and raved on about a secret pedophile ring operating that involved Senators, private schools and so on but she was actually describing the plot of an 1988 Aussie film called The Everlasting Secret Family told to her by a convicted pedophile who wanted to cause havoc.

    Ironically the author of the film had a brother who was a judge and this MP cruelly decided to expose him in Parliament for an alleged incident with a youth at a train station some decades before which had been used by corrupt police to blackmail him. He committed suicide the day after being named in Parliament.

    Even worse the MPs twin sons who are both openly gay had posters pinned up around town by vigilantes saying they were guilty of indulging in illicit sex. They both fled the country and never returned.
    The victims of these fanatics can be unexpected and numerous.

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  8. It’s getting to the point where I can barely bring myself to read the hoaxers’ comments on YouTube. Seriously, where do they get these fucking weirdos from?

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    • Check out the comments from ‘Susan Long’ on this thread: /watch?v=lJmhYMn4tyk&lc=z13kgt1ogmm1wrjvi230djrztmmqi1fpj04

      “Jennifer MESSENGER 2 .0 hang in there jen these peoplebr soulist”

      “hang on jen il call my fbi bro to help they need to b exposed these barassictuc mother fuckers I guess there mom rapes them and they like attn anyone harrassing these investigators same to u ur loosing ground yr scared soon yr miney willbstop lol then nex jail”

      “Lol theres a bible for that read it sometimes pedo”

      “Whos in bed with yr kuds tonite”

      “Jennifer MESSENGER 2 .0 keep up the good work u have them scared lol”

      “Not reading ur book soros has yr check troll jus to tell u have meet a true bitch half white indian and black so bring it on I will keep supporting jen from the comments u have made u must b the bys driver so why dont u dive in a lake pedo pizzagate baby killer”

      “What the fuck is a spiny and franciso sounds likebtwobfaggetsblil I guessbu two r in bed together get a fycking life leave me alone”

      “U guys I c jus getting out if bed together lol u must have got ur ass whipped tonite I can c why u dont have dates but rest asure I have ur names look for all ur names as trolls on every pizzagate chanel oh I almost forgot voodoo donuts also personally from here on out u guys will get popular raping kids sickos”

      “Love it jen we will start a list if these trolls post them on every pizza chanel they jus pissed off a mother il show them”

      “Im sure they both got there ass wiped tonite by a little kud lmao”

      “To late look up all pizzagate chanels u both been had”

      “Cant deal with u right now posting ur names on all pizzagate chanels and voi doo donuts”

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  9. What really pissed me off about the Baldwin case is nobody is going to be held legally responsible.

    There’s the emotional and physical abuse of the children, the costs of 12 day hearing and the subsequent search. Not too mention the hell the father has been put through.

    It’s really depressing.

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  10. Richard Carvath has uploaded adult porn audio with misleading text saying it’s a schoolgirl from Truro. The man is one sick puppy.

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    • The guy in the video when he says “Say it, I wanna hear it, say it again” reminds me of when Abe said much the same thing to the children in the “Kill kill, kill” video.

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      • Good spot JB. Have you seen how they are linking it to a 2012 video from Comet because the Purple lighting looks similar to an ol gig that happened there?
        Talk about chuffin nonce-sense.


      • Yep. There are tons of videos on youtube about ARG’s and videos. Some suggest there from the deep web, which is nonsense. Most of these clips last around 30 seconds at max. Night mind does some good videos on the topic of ARG’s.

        Some ARG’s get out of hand, such as “The Wyoming project” in which many of those who were responsible for this, are continually threatening each other.

        One older case was the “I feel fantastic” video in which a robotic mannequin sings that line over and over. Many people suggested the guy was a serial killer and many phoned and bothered the guy responsible for the video. It was just a project he was working on. Just goes to show how crazy these people are.


  11. One would think Legislators would have addressed the problem and created a “anti-hoaxer unit” with PSA’s, ect. The Podesta thing is Complete Tripe and I see A. Jones and his ilk being held accountable for more than just that one. The leading “Sandy Hoaxers” still need prosecution. As to Baldwin. These types of vindictive custody cases gain steam because the False CSA Accusers are Rarely if ever held to account by Courts for Perjury, False Police Reports, ect. One could have a “genuinely” held “False belief” like the Baldwin court found but it was Clearly irrational and punitive. The Mother in that case should have Sectioned/Baker Acted in the Best Interest of the kids immediately as it was certainly foreseeable that she would/probably Flee with the Children when she saw the the Court was not leaning her Demented way. These SRA trolls, ect. don’t seem to understand that One may not just do anything One likes on-line. Many have been sued and jailed. A very easy case to prove with screenshots, ect. Since it’s the WWW Federal nexus and Internatl. law come into play..TRO’s are very easy to obtain even across State lines. Local Child Advocates are fairly co-operative regarding filing and service of process as they despise these Scum also and want to clean up their own States. Thanks for the Updates and Links! Onward and Upward!

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    • I agree.
      I think one problem is that judges & magistrates operate in a vacuum and most likely never get to see how these fanatics all link up in order to create havoc.
      It’s time The Met had a specialized force in criminal on-line harassment and the public should not have to continually pursue these monsters as it becomes very debilitating especially when family or friends are involved.
      Even worse real campaigners are forced to police the net themselves like in this blog to counteract the falsehoods.


    • He’s losing it, he knows he’s lost the game.. his comments these days (not that they were any good in previous years) are plain ridiculous.

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    • Does Abe know the UK doesn’t have a death sentence? also everything he says is utter bollocks, damn does it make me mad. Abe’s obsessed with sodomy and child abuse, lock the pervy tommy two Hat up before he gets his scheming grubby little pedo mitts on more children.
      Abe is definately an ex pimp, probably running a den of iniquity in Spain or Morrocco as we speak.
      Creepy Nonce.

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    • Again he’s on about imaginary money he perceives children are paid and seems furious he isn’t in on the action.

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      • That reminds me of researching into what pedophiles think about pizzgate, they all seem pissed off that so called elites can get away with it while they get busted by the FBI.
        Abe is exactly that, a child predator, no if’s, but’s, or maybe’s. Anyone who introduces sexual themes to children and gets excited about it when they chant back his fantasies is a Nonce.

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          • Should have never been allowed to leave the country, but I am not legal savvy so more than ignorant about laws I never needed to know about. In fact I have never needed to know about any laws in particular because I am not a criminal or scamming tommy two hat.
            What do people think about this site? I was looking for my sisters abuser on there last night and couldn’t find the pedo twat. I was only 12 at the time so cannot remember much but the case did go to court along with other girls involved, my sister was 14 and the youngest so she had a tour of the court but then because the older girls came forward she didn’t have to attend.

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            • It looks to me as if it’s been compiled by people who’ve been sexually abused, which is perhaps a positive thing; that that would also make it open to abuse, I think. People could put up names maliciously, unless there’s some sort of cross-checking or control in place. I’d suggest using it with caution.

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          • Yeah, just checking it out now. I’d approach it with caution, as it appears to be implying that it’s some kind of official government register when it isn’t and it uses some pretty subjective, informal, inflammatory wording too.

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          • Yeah I have seen a few similar sites and they do seem very amteur in the wording, maybe lynch mob types, far right sort of thing. If I really need to know the guys name I will ask my dad, although I really don’t want to bring it up. I know the surname.
            I don’t really have anything left to lose in my life, so I will find him.


  12. Another classic climactic rant from Slurpy that starts building up from 50:03. It’s worth sticking with if only to hear her angrily insist that she’s personally met the Light Being…


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