‘Obsessive’ arsonist called school ‘playground for paedophiles’

The video, taken in darkness, is narrated by a lone middle-aged man, speaking in a quiet monotone. It’s ten past one in the morning, he tells us. He felt compelled to come and make a video outside this school “during the hours of darkness”.

“What’s gone on in this school in the last 12 years has been revealed to me in the past few days”, he says. The conduct of staff here has been “nothing short of evil”. Parents and children have come forward and given him information, which has been referred to the police.

“I will expose the evil within this school”, he says. “I will expose the people who facilitated this evil. I will expose the people who’ve ignored the children, who’ve covered up the most appalling abuses”. These people, he says, are working in the school, in the police, in safeguarding.

“I will see justice done for the children who’ve been hurt”, the man says. “I will make sure the truth is heard, because the truth will set us free”.

Anybody familiar with the Hampstead SRA hoax could be forgiven for assuming that this eerie two-minute video was filmed outside the school which was at the centre of the hoax, by one of those obsessed with the belief that it was a hub of child sexual abuse, baby sacrifice, and blood-drinking.

However, the school in this undated video is—was—located in Cheshire, not north London. It was the work of a man named Philip Day, who had become obsessed with the idea that students at the University of Chester Academy at Northwich (UCAN) were being sexually abused in what he called a “playground for paedophiles”.

When he first made the allegations in 2010, police investigated but found no evidence that Day’s claims were true.

According to the Liverpool Echo, which covered his six-week trial,

Day – described by the CPS as a ‘driven man’ who quoted the Bible and used God to justify his actions – even turned up at two open events at the school for prospective pupils and their parents.

On one occasion he was aggressive and caused fear and alarm to staff, parents and children, some of whom were as young as eight and nine.

Prior to this, he had been charged with making threats to kill a teacher, but he was acquitted in July 2017.

However, he was convicted of harassing another teacher that he claimed had been involved in the abuse of a pupil.

It was after his acquittal that his social media campaign against the teacher concerned, the school, the police and safeguarding began in earnest.

According to the Manchester Evening News,

Day – who claimed in court that God would justify his actions – insisted there had been a cover up. Police say he then launched a ‘personal crusade’ in a bid to achieve his own justice.

Over the following years Day stalked school staff, specifically the headteacher and a teacher he claimed had sexually abused a pupil at the school.

He posted messages and videos on social media naming the teacher and falsely claimed that children had been harmed at the academy.

In one post he claimed the school was a “playground for paedophiles” and named members of staff who he thought were involved.

Earlier this week, Day was found guilty of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered, arson, and two counts of stalking. He was acquitted of one count of burglary.

Day’s obsessiveness, his determination to unearth imagined paedophilia, his insistence that it was all part of a cover-up, even the seeming inability of police intervention to make an appreciable dent in his one-man war against a school…it’s all depressingly familiar.

However, Day’s campaign went a step further.

In February 2018, he stepped up his campaign. He was interviewed by police, but released. On 25 February, Day set 17 fires in different locations in the school, including the roof.

He was seen by people living nearby ‘calmly strolling around the school grounds’ carrying a jerry can as the roof was on fire.

The resulting blaze, which destroyed the school, required 50 firefighters to put it out, and resulted in £2.4 million in damage.

Quoting Paul Binyon of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Liverpool Echo said:

“Arson is a serious crime and the fire at the school in Northwich was significant and is one of the worst incidents I have ever had to deal with.

“When firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire had already taken hold and the building was heavily smoke logged, including an on-site flat where the caretaker had been sleeping, who suffered inhalation of smoke when discovering the fire.

In a curious twist, Day was found to have also torched a 700-year-old house in Essex just a couple of months earlier. Although he was married, he had begun a relationship with a woman who used online posts to accuse a man of having sexually abused her; Day had backed his new girlfriend up.

The police say that these accusations were unfounded, but Day believed the accused man was sleeping in the house he’d set ablaze.

So a man quoted the Bible to justify his all-out assault on a blameless school community, as well as on an individual falsely accused of sexual abuse. He claimed to be “exposing evil” and uncovering a conspiracy involving police, teachers, and the area’s safeguarding officer.

His actions caused not only millions of pounds’ worth of physical damage, but untold emotional pain to those whose lives he disrupted.

Only hours after setting the Essex house on fire, Day posted on social media that his New Year’s resolution was to “work for children”.

No, we don’t notice any parallels to Hampstead. Do you?

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  1. Some startling parallels there, EC 😮

    And worryingly, yes – I do see similarities with Hampstead, and there are unhinged hoaxer psychos from Seaford to Kincorth to Leighton Buzzard who I don’t think would think twice about burning down the Hampstead school at the centre of the false allegations (and probably a few innocent people’s homes along the way).

    Here are some familiar samples from your Hamphoaxer Trolls page:

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        • Thank you The Office Taper.

          It is very scary to think there are people with thoughts like that & the thought of them acting upon those posts, if they are aimed at anyone in particular is bloody horrifying. I hope they are kept under a watchful eye by the law.

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      • There are just so many people still around who would happily attend a lynching and even better, a burning at the stake of an alleged “witch”.
        I simply cannot understand how people would wish such horror & cruelty upon even their worst enemies.

        It’s claimed (no evidence) that even ISIL with their dreadful filmed executions actually give their victims huge amounts of tranquilizers which is why they seem to meekly go to their fate and appear to be so calm.

        Even in ancient days someone facing burning at the stake, if they had money, could purchase a small bag of gunpowder to be placed at their neck to dispatch them quickly.
        Our current lot of fanatics I’m pretty sure in another life would have happily sat at the base of the guillotine knitting a sweater for dear little Johnny as heads were lopped off.

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  2. That is frightening & depressingly familiar EC. I can’t see it changing the minds of those who are continously spreading a hoax, no matter which one, they will of course insist in their ‘something’ addled brains, cover up, cover up.

    What unhappy lives they must lead, looking for conspiracies every minute of the day.

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  3. Very well written, EC 🥇

    By the way, someone’s been saying that I’m you and I just wanted to check whether it’s true. (Just to complicate matters, the same person has also previously said that I’m Spiny Norman, so I’m really confused.)

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    • Mate, Hoaxtead-GCHQ is such a secretive organisation that you wouldn’t know if you were EC. I still haven’t worked out who I am – I think I might be Ghost of Sam’s chiropodist’s sister’s neighbour’s pet goldfish but I’m not sure.

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        • By the way Joyce lives on & off with her neighbour who turfs her out every now & then and she takes him a new goldfish as a peace offering so don’t think you can catch me out with that gaffe.

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  4. I suppose this man is unwell but other peoples’ safety has to be factored into the equation. What if children had been burnt in his attempts? Not that I would wish that on adults either but children don’t deserve this. As already observed by Tinribs innocent people could have suffered.

    When I was younger a person would at least have had to read one of Denis Wheatley’s creepy novels or something similar to develop an idea of “satanic” mumbo-jumbo – whether accurate or not. Now with the University of YouTube anyone can make any sort of outlandish accusation about anybody else.

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  5. “No, we don’t notice any parallels to Hampstead. Do you?”
    Another well known nutter that decided to act out his revenge fantasies was, of course, Edgar Welch, who was sentenced to 4 years for shooting up the comet Pizza restaurant, at the center of the Pizzagate hoax…
    What makes me wonder is how many more unstable individuals are out there, ready to act out on their fantasies??? How long before the authorities start to really come down on the hoaxers (they had a good start with Bellenda), but its obvious that they are going to have to do a lot more, a lot sooner- before someone dies…..
    This guy has not once but twice set fire to occupied buildings…..
    How long before Priya or someone like her decides to act out their sick fantasies????

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  6. Obsession: I’m currently reading a fascinating book : The Dark Charisma of Adolph Hitler which has got me thinking that many of these conspiracy merchants & fans with their extraordinary fixed ideas that cannot be shaken as in the Hampstead matter and their fixed beliefs are so similar to Adolf’s dedicated fans.

    I’m not saying they are Hitler fans (although ‘name redacted’ is most certainly) but it really seems this indefinable quality “charisma ” is in the eye of the beholder and The Mob share unshakable beliefs just as Hitler’s followers did.

    The book has numerous anecdotes from so many who met Hitler and the fall into 3 camps: a small hardcore of the upper classes and powerful who perceived they could use Hitler as a front man (of course they underestimated him).
    Hitler’s ideas were incredibly fixed and he brooked no dissent and hated ‘debate’ as debate offered alternative views which for him, were non-existent. He held them to the day he died and blamed the German people for the loss of the war.
    Aren’t The Mob very similar?.

    Another group- a considerable minority worshiped Hitler as the hero they had been waiting for and many who met him were overwhelmed with what they say was his incredible charisma, piercing eyes and so on. They were electrified by his speeches (while other said they would rather eat broken glass than listen to another of his incredibly long talks that lacked all substance except hate for many)

    And the third who were the majority who never favored Hitler- among them who met the man say how completely under-whelming he was, how very ordinary and couldn’t understand the other lot who treated Hitler as such an amazing persona.

    In 1999 I was in Sydney on 2000 Olympic Games matters and attended a function at the Opera House where many athletes were. There were two in their late 80s who had attended the 1936 Berlin Olympics and one who had won a Gold Medal for running and received it from Hitler.

    I had to buttonhole him as he would be one of the few people alive who had met the dictator.
    His impressions were extraordinary and I’ve never forgotten his words: “an average height man wearing a ridiculous uniform. He had terrible pasty unhealthy looking skin, a damp handshake which was too affected in trying to seem firm and when he placed the medal around my neck I nearly fainted from the worst halitosis I had ever encountered”. ” I looked at those famous eyes but they were just no different from a million others with blue eyes and I couldn’t stop starring at that silly mustache as it seemed to have either flecks of dandruff in it or bits of food. He just seemed so bloody ordinary”.

    The point is that right until the very end his fanatical followers believed Hitler’s rubbish. Their beliefs were unshakable and the syndrome reminds me of Hoaxtead with many similarities. Many Germans thought Hitler was going to pull some miracle out of a hat right until he end as Germany collapsed around them and many Hoaxteaders seem to think the Hoax will be exposed at any moment now.
    Witness Eddie who as each hoaxer fronts the courts actually proclaims “we have them on the run”!
    (editor: sober tonight are we dear?)
    (GoS- yes)

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  7. Blah blah, yadda yadda, whatever, Tone. Now piss off back to your grubby little cave where you belong and take your seedy photos of Russian teenagers with you…

    The video in question (which I’d prefer not to link) is farcical. In it…

    – Angie attacks Steve Martin, churning up all the usual “Freemason” bollocks. Yawn

    Favourite quote: “Steve Martin, you’ve aged a lot.” Hmm, pot…kettle…black, Angie 🙄

    – She once again goes off on one about this blog being allowed to report on the Sabine trial while others weren’t, STILL completely oblivious to the fact that we didn’t breach the very simple reporting restrictions, whilst her mates did. Journalism degree, you say? Yeah, right.

    – She once again accuses Belinda of working for MI5 🤣

    – She states that there were reporting restrictions on Eddie’s trial and that we breached them. There weren’t. And we didn’t.

    – She also seems to think that Eddie and Belinda’s trials took place simultaneously – they were in fact several weeks apart!

    – “She also thinks that Eddieisok shared a cell with David Noakes. He didn’t. He met him briefly while they were being processed.”

    Thanks for that one, MKD

    – She says, with reference to the Sabine trial: “Hoaxtead Research continued to blog daily, and we have evidence of that”

    Oh bugger – she’s rumbled EC’s publicly viewable, widely publicised blog posts. Whatever can we do? 😮

    – She once again goes off on one about how the blog’s IP address proves we’re government run.

    Fun fact: the blog’s IP address is WordPress headquarters in Washington. We’ve told her that a zillion times 😆

    – She repeatedly names three protected witnesses (at least one of which she gets wrong).

    – She wrongly identifies and attacks a court attendee, whose “crime” was, er, being there.

    – She attacks two women and over the fact that their husbands committed suicide. A new low?

    – She also attacks Sparkle and Flo in the video description and attempts to give away their locations. I’m reliably informed that she’s not even close.

    – She bizarrely backs up some of her ludicrous claims with the following bizarre statement: “By two or three witnesses a thing is confirmed.”

    Really, Angela? How interesting. Now remind me – how many people say you’re a c*nt? 🤔

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    • If Belinda is working for MI5 then she needs to change her handler pretty damn quick! Don’t know about everyone else, but mine would get me off a simple contempt charge with just a wink at the judge. It is one of the non-contractual perks of the job. 😉

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      • My theory (and it is mine) is that Wanoa has become a useful purity test in Truther circles. Everyone knows that he’s a worthless sack of skin, a wannabee con-man who is thwarted in that ambition by his brain damage and garbage personality, but anyone who admits that fact has shown a lack of commitment to the Cause.
        Eventually they break ranks.

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  8. Lol@Angie, she is talking directly to the judge, does she really think the judge & government are watching for her videos……oh wait, she does!

    In other news, Devine wants his £20 grand back from Gorden Bowden. You really couldn’t make this up. 😂

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  9. #TereJoyce

    So much for “I’ve decided to leave the Hampstead case alone from now on” 🙄

    (Sorry, can’t link video, as it contains images of the children and the name of a protected witness)


    • “I guess I’m just one of those people who are just too radical for YouTube”

      Yeah, Tere – that must be it 🙄


    • “No one’s actually claiming to know who uploaded these videos to YouTube”

      Oh, for fuck’s sake. Great research, Tere 🙄

      i see she names a protected witness again, btw. Sigh


      • Hmmm- would APD like to disclose this ‘medical report’ because the one that’s publicly available says nothing of the sort…..

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      • Tere’s wavering but kinda playing both sides, tbh. She even more or less admits that at one point.


    • Christ, towards the end Tere says the children did an eBay commercial “recently” and that the the girl is 15! LOL


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  11. Seems Devine missed Chris P. Bacon’s comments exposing Iriving as the head of an international shirt-laundering and maple syrup-smuggling ring. Oh well, we tried.


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