Carvath stalks Hampstead dad and child

Noted “schoolgirl porn” video inspector and self-described “investigative journalist” Richard Carvath has just released a disturbing video, titled “Teacher in Hampstead”.

The video, which Carvath claims was filmed at Waterstone’s book shop in Hampstead, shows a blurry image from behind, of what looks like a man rocking his child in his arms, then tousling his or her hair. Carvath claims that this is the husband of a teacher from the school named by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in their attempt to promote the Hampstead SRA hoax.

What’s disturbing about the video is not the sight of the man and his child, but the fact that Carvath was in fact stalking them and filming them with a view to implying that the man was doing something untoward.

Back in November, Carvath tweeted a “Summary Statement” regarding the Hampstead hoax:

After careful investigation of the notorious Hampstead Case, my conclusion is that the key generic allegation at the heart of the case—that of SRA child abuse by a secret group of Hampstead-based Satanists—is TRUE.

In saying this, I do not assert that every last detail of the complainants’ factual assertions can be relied upon as perfectly correct.

However, I do assert that the complainants essentially told the truth, to the best of their ability, in the difficult circumstances in which the truth came to be revealed.

Some nice squirmage happening there: while he’s saying the children might have got some of the story wrong, he doesn’t specify which parts, but only that they “essentially told the truth”. So anybody who takes issue with any aspect of the allegations will be met with “well, maybe that part isn’t true, but the main part is”. Slippery, very slippery.

Therefore, I hold to be true the complainants’ factual assertions of (1) the existence of a secret group of Satanists in Hampstead, and (2) the practice of SRA (i.e. Satanist Ritual Abuse) on children by adult members of that Satanist group.

This is a conclusion I share with several British police detectives.

Such as Jon Wedger and Ray Savage, perhaps?

The so-called ‘retractions’ made in this case are ridiculous and only serve to underscore the honesty of the complainants in their original testimonies.

But didn’t he just say that the “complainants” got some (unspecified) things wrong? Make up your alleged mind, man. Which is it?

I assert that the police and ‘family court’, with mainstream media assistance, have knowingly and deliberately covered-up the very serious crimes alleged in this case.

Richard Carvath, British investigative journalist and private investigator 
22 November 2018

A few days after issuing this statement, Carvath released a five-second-long video taken outside Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead.

The video, titled “HampWatch: seeking the truth behind the Hampstead SRA child abuse cover up” in fact shows no signs whatsoever of “seeking the truth”. Rather, it shows the fence outside the school playground, and ends with a shot of Carvath’s own shoe. Children can be heard playing in the background.

Even so, it is disturbing to know that yet another obsessed fruitloop is lurking about Hampstead filming children and their parents, with a view to reigniting the Hampstead hoax.

We’ll be turning this material over to the Metropolitan Police.

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  1. Does he mean insert and not assert, looks like he`s inserted a load of fantasies of his own here, naughty little man, he loves a bit of titillation doesn`t he.

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  2. This is very serious. This man is dangerous. He can claim “lawfully obtained” and other such rubbish such as he’s an “investigative journalist” but this is clearly the beginning of a criminal harassment campaign. It needs to be nipped in the bud.
    And he comes across as bloody creepy if nor very disturbed.

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  3. Scary stuff, another creepy stalker around the school
    Has the school been notified about this creep so they can warn the parents?

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  4. Whilst watching a Flat Earth debunking You Tube video, I came across a new phrase (at least to me) that describes a good proportion of these grifters. It is Red Pill To Pay the Bills. As it was explained: “deceitful people making up a conspiracy… for the ad revenue and the donations.” A perfect description of most of these channels moivation.

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  5. Oh crumbs, what’s wrong with somebody ruffling maybe his own child’s hair. As the film seems to have been taken through a window I’m sure the curtain/blind would have been closed if something nefarious was occurring. Still these “investigative” journalists don’t exactly do logical, do they?

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  6. Carvath had said a while ago that he had footage of a child being `groomed` in Hampstead. Groomed schmoomed. We all know who the weirdo is and it`s the one skulking around schools with a camera.

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  7. Wow, another freak trying to be a ‘journalist’! Where the hell do they come from or decide to jump on something that has already seen people going to jail for their part in it. Good to know it will be seen by the Met. 👏

    Another day, another ban, poor Angie…….not!

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  8. Brilliant ! 🙂 Eat craw or ponder that you will fall into the pit of accusations, lies and abuse that you have caused and feel the burn, soon, I hope. To Angie, tho I know you won’t see it, but if you do try to twist this into me attacking you, by burn, I mean the burn of humiliation, shame and utter contempt that you will be held in for your won behaviour, at your own choice, with malice and complicit conspiring with many others.

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  9. Now this is a good piece of research!

    Who falls for fake news? The roles of bullshit receptivity, overclaiming, familiarity, and analytic thinking

    A highlight from the abstract:

    We find consistent evidence that the tendency to ascribe profundity to randomly generated sentences – pseudo-profound bullshit receptivity – correlates positively with perceptions of fake news accuracy, and negatively with the ability to differentiate between fake and real news (media truth discernment). Relatedly, individuals who overclaim regarding their level of knowledge (i.e. who produce bullshit) also perceive fake news as more accurate.

    And the TL;DR version:

    Our results suggest that belief in fake news has similar cognitive properties to other forms of bullshit receptivity

    Or. in simple terms, once you start believing fake bullshit you’re on a slippery slope to believing all fake bullshit!

    (Apologies to the more sensitive readers for using the word “bullshit”, but it appears that it is the proper academic terminology! 🤣)

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  10. The CPS definition of “Stalking”:

    Definition of stalking
    Stalking is not legally defined but section 2A (3) of the PHA 1997 lists a number of examples of behaviours associated with stalking. The list is not an exhaustive one but gives an indication of the types of behaviour that may be displayed in a stalking offence. The listed behaviours are:

    (a) following a person,
    (b) contacting, or attempting to contact, a person by any means,
    (c) publishing any statement or other material relating or purporting to relate to a person, or purporting to originate from a person,
    (d) monitoring the use by a person of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication,
    (e) loitering in any place (whether public or private),
    (f) interfering with any property in the possession of a person,
    (g) watching or spying on a person.

    Harassment that includes one or more of the above features is not automatically stalking. The course of conduct, assessed in the round, must fit the generally received interpretation of the word ‘stalking’.

    Prosecutors should note that the list in s.2A(3) is not exhaustive and it will be open to courts to consider other acts by a defendant and conclude that those acts constitute stalking even if they are not on the s.2A(3) list. It is likely that the defence may argue particular acts “associated with stalking” should not be classed as stalking but harassment and that their client is guilty of harassment, not stalking. Where such an argument is raised, prosecutors should state that this should be a decision of fact for the magistrates to decide on. It is therefore imperative that the correct charge is laid from the outset. Section 2A is a summary offence and a person guilty of the offence of stalking is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine.

    As a summary only offence, the section 2A offence requires an information or complaint to be laid within 6 months from the time when the offence was committed, or the matter of complaint arose. The 6 months’ limitation should run from the last date of the course of conduct alleged.

    Prosecutors should note that an integral part of the stalking offence is establishing that harassment has taken place. In determining whether the defendant ought to know that the course of conduct amounts to harassment, the question to be considered is whether a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment of the other.

    I am generally against the restriction of the freedom to film in public places, but Mr Carvath is deliberately targeting and focusing on individuals in ways that leave him open to prosecution.

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  11. Thanks for the clarification of “feel the burn”. I had a terrible image of Angie in a Pineapple leotard and leggings performing a Jane Fonda workout on the local football pitch. 😱

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  12. Creepy beyond words. To me this is just another sick man projecting his sick fantasies onto another. We all know what goes on in this man’s head, REALLY. We have seen it so many times already, people pretending to be campaigners…when they are in fact abusers.

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  13. apart from the creepy shot of the man being affectionate to his daughter, why is the journo guy allowed to do this and get away with it\/

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  14. Should be a lot more of it (thinking here of a certain female home-owner in Ireland), Also that £20,000 sounds like damages. Could easily escalate to twice that much.
    # This is why a certain lady named Belinda skillfully avoids making outright defamatory claims- just lets others do it.

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  15. “It’s time for all groups to rise up in strength and put an end to this now”.
    You tell em love and get them all to boycott Facebook!. Oh err…
    Any way get that Tommy Robinson to organise a national arena somewhere (Nuremberg is free at the moment).
    Oh that’s right, he’s banned from Facebook. Maybe get carrier pigeons to spread the message,

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  16. Thank you Blunderful. I see Eddie is back too. It seems as if he had ‘trouble with his network’. His last post was 20th Feb. He ought to let Carvath know that he has already been down the path that he is treading & where it led Rupert, Sabine, himself & Belinda, but no he won’t, he will keep pushing & pushing until he does end up in prison for longer than 1 night! Babs, I know you read the blog still, if he is really your bloke, (I have my doubts), give him a kick where the sun don’t shine & yourself too, not literally!

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  17. I think that it is important that both the school and the police are aware of this man. He obviously isn’t satisfied just sitting at home and posting his thoughts about Hampstead online. For him to actually leave his home with the sole purpose to try and find some evidence of a non-existent cult shows he could be more dangerous than a lot of the other hoax believers, in my opinion.

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  18. I totally agree with you MT. We have indeed seen abusers posing as campaigners already and Carvath isn’t content enough to stay at home but is actively seeking out people named in this case. His actions would naturally place the families previously named in this hoax back onto full alert. Nobody wishes to hear that parents are having to sleep on the floor in their children’s bedrooms again or rehearsing quick escape routes from their homes again.

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  19. What Devine had to say about Doctors and chemotherapy was both disgraceful and ridiculous. Does he really believe that he knows better than people who have studied for years to gain the medical knowledge needed before being able to help patients?

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  20. “We only know about [X] and its true meaning because John Wanoa tells us. All praise John Wanoa and his godlike wisdom!”
    That should be a clue right there. In his own way, Devine is giving the suckers plenty of warnings that the whole farrago is unlinked from reality, for entertainment purposes only. It’s not really his fault if they remain determined to be scammed.

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  21. I have been groomed by a wild parrot. He flew over and perched on my hat with the initial plan of stealing my sunglasses, but he then got distracted by the disarrayed state of my plumage and started combing it with his beak.

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  22. She might not appreciate this, but those who get her 30-day bans are actually helping her by keeping her online nastiness at least somewhat in check. Clearly she cannot do it herself, so our commenters take it upon themselves to assist.

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  23. I’m convinced all those UFOs people see are Alien visitors on sight-seeing tours who are instructed “Tourists Are Forbidden to Step Outside the Alien Mother Ship Due to The Fact the Local Inhabitants are Extremely Dangerous and Many are Deranged”.

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  24. It is helping her, a more intelligent grifter, would use it as the perfect excuse to sidle back into the shadows like Belinda manages to pull off. Angie tho is addicted to whatever it is she gets from doing what she does. Belinda has unseen support available via her circle that she is closer with. Angie doesn’t seem to be able to maintain one, all she has are the likes of eddie and the others pushing their own image and agenda, needing to gain a bigger presence, too, so tho they mutually promote/support there is no real loyalty amongst them, as we keep seeing by how quickly they turn and shun, smear each other, ostracising a now percieved enemy who could reveal some truthes about them, like a cult does.


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