That time Belinda tried to arrest a judge

Last week we published a report by a Hoaxtead Research reader who attended Belinda McKenzie’s trial for contempt of court. It was this person’s observations about Belinda’s lawyer, Tom Davidson, and Belinda’s own statements, which set off our concerns about Belinda’s current employment—paid or otherwise—as Chambers Manager at a London law chambers.

This week, our Intrepid Reporter has come back with some additional observations, including some historical titbits which help place the current situation in context. Over to you, Intrepid Reporter!

In my last observations which EC published in respect of Belinda McKenzie’s trial, I highlighted the oddity of her defence counsel Tom Davidson’s statement that his client had carried out volunteer work for him.

It seems that someone picked up on this and made some investigations that revealed McKenzie is listed as his ”Chambers Manager”, and since EC published this information the reaction has been excellent. Even those who think she works for MI5 as an agent will have a field day with this one! 

I obviously had my doubts when Davidson made the statement, which is why I included it in my article. It was almost said as an aside by him, a throwaway comment which he didn’t want to highlight, and he said it very quietly. It was as if it had just popped into his head, and he just wanted the judge to hear it, but nobody else.

This was the same man who certainly could be very vocal when in the mood. For example, he was heard shouting down the phone at McKenzie the day she was too scared to attend court: ”You will not get nine years!” He bellowed so loudly it could be heard well beyond the confines of the office he was in. 

I also thought that despite the number of supporters McKenzie (and McNeill) have, not one of them came forward to act as a character witness. Was Davidson trying to bridge the gap, I wondered?

McKenzie claims 20 years or so of helping people, including many in Iran through her Iran Aid scam where she claimed she had to destroy documents and squirrel away millions of pounds to protect the identities of victims there. Surely some of those she helped there are safe now, and could speak out in support of her…if they exist, of course.

Where is the husband she claims to have? Closer to home, where are all those that she has helped in the UK? It seems that these so-called victims and supporters could not be bothered to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard for her. Some were in court, but were too idle to walk the 20 feet to the witness box and give testimony as to what a wonderful person they think she is? 

The answer is simple. Her CV* is bankrupt, empty, void. There is nothing in there, After 20 years or so of ‘work’ she has nothing to show for it, save for the lives she has damaged, and a few imbeciles who she needs to prop her up and massage her ego and bank balance.

Thanks to EC and readers of this blog, between us we will do the due diligence that barrister Tom Davidson failed to do.

So let’s rewind a little. While we may never know what makes McKenzie tick, we do know that she has no interest in saving vulnerable children.

We know she is an anti-Establishment campaigner, and I believe this is her true crusade, but she knows that it is difficult to make a dent in a powerful system that is centuries old. [She might know this because it’s the demographic into which she was born—Ed.]

However, she has worked out that she can elicit support by using children, claiming they have been systematically raped by those in power, and alleging that these very same people then collude to cover up their crimes and keep the non-elites in the dark. This is the blueprint plan she has followed for many years.

We now know that in England in particular, there have been many ‘grooming gangs’; media reports have highlighted how long they have been able to operate with seeming impunity. One would think this was right up McKenzie’s street—the megaphone would be out, the banners, the leaflets, and she would do as she did in Aberdeen, campaigning in the area where she claimed the abuse was happening.

Indeed, a gang operated in Oxford, a city she is familiar with, and some would say very much part of the establishment. But no, not on her radar. Why?

Could it be that these grooming gangs were the wrong colour? Given her target was the establishment, the (mostly) men who committed these crimes were either brown immigrants, or sons of immigrants from Pakistan.

These criminals were not part of the Establishment. McKenzie’s targets are white people in powerful jobs as her back catalogue of behaviour demonstrates.

For those who are unaware, Hampstead in London is an affluent area where many wealthy people live. McKenzie and her cohorts wrongly assumed that because the school named was in Hampstead, the parents of the children must be wealthy. This fitted in with the profile of the people she wanted to target.

She was completely wrong. Christ Church Primary School is a state school, and many of the children had hard, ‘working class’ parents. Those with real wealth in the area send their children to private fee-paying schools, and this was not one of them.

But this was ignored. All McKenzie’s supporters could see was that some residents of Hampstead had more than they did. They wanted to punish them in one of the most severe and horrible ways imaginable.

Davidson’s place of work is a courtroom. As an officer of the court, how would he feel if his court were invaded by a feral mob who tried to arrest the judge?

This is what his Chambers Manager Belinda McKenzie did, though as usual, if there were a chance she might be arrested she would urge others to the front line. Like any good general, she stayed well to the rear.

In the clip below, you will see a brief glimpse of her at about 01:05. She is to the right of the screen. She is alongside her ‘Sabine’ of that period, the pathetic Robert Green. Like Sabine McNeill, he was another empty vessel who was so dim that for 19 years he was paying a mortgage on a building he didn’t even own.

He blamed the Establishment and everyone else for his stupidity. Again like Sabine, and as many will know, he too ended up in prison and was very fortunate that the sentencing guidelines were different from those faced by McNeill.

McNeill was just another of McKenzie’s protegées who receive a prison term. But let’s not forget that when she was on the run from the police and hid in Germany, McKenzie aided and abetted her by funding her. And let’s not also forget that she believed there was an Interpol arrest warrant of the more serious type of crime out for her, and yet McKenzie continued to fund her.

I say McKenzie funded her, but old habits die hard and she raided the coffers of her latest scam, The Knight Foundation (later the Knights and Angels Foundation), and redirected public donations meant to support abused children to her fugitive friend so she could evade justice. 

She also helped fund American thug Rupert Quaintance’s trip to Hampstead, where he said he was going to kick down doors and take blood from alleged ‘cult members’. He got nine months in Wandsworth Prison for his efforts, and rather than kick down doors, was kicked himself, out of the country, after completion of his sentence.

The clip below, filmed in March 2011, shows Roger Hayes claiming to lead a group of people, including Belinda, in an attempt to arrest a judge.

Hayes is/was chairman of The British Constitution Group whose offices are listed at the same address as the equally barmy Brian Gerrish’s UK Column. Gerrish was also listed as a director of the group. Hayes was jailed for non-payment of council tax, which he viewed as an illegal charge implemented by the Establishment. [Quel surprise!—Ed.]

This is but a tiny example of the company Mckenzie keeps. 

It seems, as has been pointed out by others, Mr Tom Davidson has invited a Trojan horse into his offices where McKenzie, given her title, must have access to extremely sensitive material involving children. 

I would think that to be given such a position, her ability on a computer must be far greater that she led Judge Cahill to believe when she pleaded with her to be lenient when passing sentence.

Davidson likely would have helped McKenzie compose her ”Letter of regret”, a title he gave it rather than her, I’m sure. So it does raise the question, did Davidson know that her computer skills were far greater than the court was told, and that she did indeed know how to delete a post, while claiming she didn’t?

More to follow…

*CV: For McKenzie’s followers only. A CV (curriculum vitae) is something you have when you’ve had a job. It is a record of one’s work history and accomplishments. Hope this helps.

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  1. Wow, that’s a very well written report from ‘Intrepid Reporter’. Kudos!

    One thing – I suspect that this may be a bit of an over-generalisation (but am willing to be corrected):

    “Those with real wealth in the area send their children to private fee-paying schools, and this was not one of them.”

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    • From what I have seen the school has children from a mix of backgrounds, I don’t think any of them are mega-wealthy.

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    • I believe the author based this comment on two factors, the first being they met some of the victims, and secondly, the prosecution counsel mentioned it during the trial, and it wasn’t challenged by the defence. So some supposition/generalisation certainly, but also based on some evidence.

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  2. By the way, that’s spot-on about how lucky Green was with his sentencing. And his luck has continued since, as he’s got away away with multiple breaches of his lifetime gagging order and has given public speeches in Aberdeen despite having been permanently banned from going there. I remain hopeful that his luck will run out eventually, though.

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    • What is the point of the courts issuing gagging orders etc if they don’t haul people back into court for breaking them?

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        • If Neelu had timed it right then she could have got herself banged up in prison just after she had been evicted.
          Problem solved.

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  3. “Like any good General, she stayed well to the rear.

    That reminded me of the video of Sabine being arrested in the court building while Belinda stood sheepishly to the side. No attempt to try and stand up for her best friend Sabine.

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    • Hm, the video where Richard Cheeseley stood there with his zombie stare, ready to grap S. to take her down into the dungeons of the High Court, also called “Tipstaff Quarters”, located in the basement of the High Court on The Strand, London.
      B. moved sort of backwards from one side to the other in anticipation of something bad to happen any second, ready to bolt…..

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  4. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when one of these freaks tries to arrest a judge. I’m thinking the reading of the rights may need to be amended, from “You have the right to remain silent” to “You have the right to roll your eyes, shake your head and lose the will to live”.

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      • Wow, fantastic stats there. The numbers speak for themselves, it shows just how many people are in interested in what this fine blog has to say.
        Stick that in your pipe and smoke it EddieIsOk.

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    • I get the same views per day as Eddie does and he has 10 x the subs I also have the same influence rating as him on Youtube without trying to jump onto every movement going and push myself into everyone’s faces so wrong again.Quality over quantity.

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      • What! So much for Facebook supposedly trying to get their act together. Bloody useless they are.
        Good try though TOT it’s just a shame that Facebook’s standards aren’t the same as most people’s are.

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        • As we used to say, they like to talk the talk, but not walk the walk
          Whenever the public’s attention is focused on them, it’s all ‘ oh yes we are implementing new standards and procedures, yet as soon as whatever that brought them into the public view goes off the media cycle, it back to business as usual…
          Look at the number of times things like a teen suicide caused by facebook bullying, they literally trot out the same old media statements, then as soon as the public focus goes elsewhere, bingo, back to their usual low ‘standards’

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        • Facebook:
          Tell them that someone is naming a protected witness, or making death threats: nothing.
          Tell them there is an exposed nipple or a willy in a photo and it’s down instantly.

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  5. I’m pretty sure that bloke leading the charge was also selling fake nobility titles at one stage. So much for being anti-establishment.

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      • You have to admire the chutzpah of a bloke who gives lectures about the evil of “created” money and then asks for numerous donations in said currency.
        I’m still recommending him though for consideration of the yearly Gooses We Have Encountered Awards for losing his job as a copper for trying arrest a judge.
        I see he gives lectures on every known conspiracy (except perhaps Satanic Baby Eating) and I’m fascinated that he recommends Bollinger for cancer !. Can’t argue with that.

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  6. I can’t even remember what post this was and she’s already on a suspension from that account anyway. Still a nice start to the day, though:

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  7. Re: Belinda McKenzie
    I have said it before, and I will say it again: Belinda McKenzie is an asset of MI5. The purpose of MI5 is to keep threats against the British State in check, and everything she has done is to keep identified threats focussed on activities that don’t threaten the authentic vulnerable areas of the British state. If fanatics are chasing space aliens, 9-11, SRA hoaxes, all their energy, money, and time is being wasted on false trails assisted by MI5 agents such as Belinda McKenzie. I can see the pattern. Also, it is beyond reason that Belinda McKenzie could have escaped no action over her Iran charity, and also now gets a position with a London law chamber without an intervention of a higher power.


      • If she is I reckon matters like Hampstead and her McKenzie Friends disasters are extra curricular activities and of no interest to any security service despite dills like APD trying to weave it all into a Russian Mafia Kiddie Porn Drug enterprise. Any Russian gangster worth their salt would have buried Abe in the Moroccan desert by now just for being a prize prat.

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      • I can`t see Belinda being Mi5 my self, that`s just a label troofers use about people they just don`t get. just like the D Notice rubbish and the paedophile protectors. Belinda is a typical bus pusher, she encourages people to risk everything, then stands back and lights the blue touch paper, as has been seen several times. she wouldn`t allow her self to be put all over youtube making a complete twat of her self. may be she was once a member of MFI because none of her cases fit together. too many people know she`s a scammer, that prays on the unfortunate. The anti child abuse rout she uses, is a very emotive subject, even other scammers are suspicious of her now. there have been people working under cover though, like the Police officer who infiltrated some protesters and even married some of them, and had children with them, and disappeared. But Belinda, no she wouldn`t know where to start.

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        • Agreed, FG. The ‘Belinda is MI5’ thing is in my view a baseless conspiracy theory put about initially by Guidance 2222 and more recently picked up by the likes of Eddieisacock and Waynetta McSlob (who’s also convinced that Andrew Marr works for MI5 and Maggs Shaw O’Neill works for GCHQ, lol). Can’t see it myself.

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        • McKenzie could well have been a member of MFI,,, the quality of her work not quite up to the wonky units standard,,, but definitely on a par with having a few screws missing 😉


    • Without a doubt anyone who has been raising money for Iran must have come to the attention of the security services for good reason and they would be remiss if they didn’t investigate her. Belleder is also from the “establishment” class and the fact she had ex-MI5 agents living under her roof is just too co-incidental.
      ## Many think McKenzie must have made a fortune with her Iran Aid but I reckon she would only kept a tiny percentage. They aren’t people to be messed with whatever side of the fight they are on. Not sure if anyone knew the well known manager of a nightclub in Kensington called El Sombrero who crossed the Iranians in the early 1980s and died when a firebomb was lobbed through his window.

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    • “Re: Belinda McKenzie
      I have said it before, and I will say it again: Belinda McKenzie is an asset of MI5.”

      Ah bless.

      Yes, it’s so obvious now I come to think of it. Because MI5 really do want to spread rumours that the UK parliament is actually a cover for a massive paedophile, satanic cult, the Queen eats babies and that our war heroes are really paedophiles.

      MI5 also want to stop British parents from having their children vaccinated and thus spread disease through our communities, to promote quackery and to recruit an army of vulnerable, mentally ill people to cause chaos and misery by accusing war heroes, MPs and anyone they don’t like of historic child sexual abuse, arresting judges and undermine democracy generally.

      Obviously Belinda and Sabine have been empowered by MI5 to do this by associating themselves with FoTL cranks who undermine democracy and British law and via allying herself with controversial figures who support Putin and Assad.

      It’s all so clear to me now

      I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one James 🙂

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      • I find James’ suggestion that McKenzie is a present asset of MI5, which you mocked, too specific. I don’t find the thought that she might have started out as somebody’s shill completely implausible though. The hoax something of a COINTELPRO feel to it. It discredits those taken in by it.


      • The connection of Belinda McKenzie with MI5 is my personal opinion.

        I know that many would like to think our Establishment is above board and not given to shady goings on, but that would be a naive position to take. What the Establishment is doing does not bother me, and I won’t be losing sleep over it. As a Satanist it is our attitude to question everything and take nothing for granted. Conspiracies do go on, and it is the focus of MI5/MI6 to make sure that the UK “values,” whatever those are, remain intact from any threat, external or internal. There is a lot of bad stuff going on, for instance Universal Credit or how our foreign aid is used in rather suspect ways. Our ties to Saudi Arabia, which nobody questions.

        We have armies of rabid fanatics such as Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry and Angela Power Disney, who once they get their teeth into something will pursue it relentlessly regardless of what is thrown at them. What happens if any one of these freaks go for something that was important to the Establishment that it did not wish to be known, and went at this in a relentless fashion, then it might be that others more important might pick up on this and start pursuing, which might cause problems for the State. It is a sensible strategy to employ someone like Belinda McKenzie, who is really part of the Establishment, with the remit to encourage all those fanatics to focus their energies on false flag situations so that they can be discredited in the eyes of the public and media; those like Neelu Berry can be managed, and used to distract everyone from the real issues such as Saudi Arabia, and thus no harm is done to the status quo.

        It emerges in 2014 a custody dispute with two idiots making up SRA fictions against the community of Hampstead. This SRA fiction has nothing to do with MI5, but the remit of Belinda McKenzie is open-ended, to leverage anything that might focus the attention of the fanatics away from what is important and onto false flag situations. Belinda, the bumbling misfit of a woman, but all perhaps an act, carrying out her remit and helping blow Hampstead up by manipulating all the fanatics on yet another false flag operation.

        It is my opinion that Belinda McKenzie is not all she seems, and she does have backing from those in the Establishment. The fact that McKenzie against all reason finds herself in a Law Chambers is just the latest weird situation that can only be explained by reason of her being an MI5 asset who is being moved into positions where she is still useful to her handlers.

        People can agree to disagree with me on this, but thats how I see it with Belinda McKenzie.


        • “I know that many would like to think our Establishment is above board and not given to shady goings on”

          I think you know full well that nobody’s suggesting that, James 😡

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        • “I know that many would like to think our Establishment is above board and not given to shady goings-on, but that would be a naive position to take. … ”

          So far, so good.

          “As a Satanist …”

          So, far from being the most culpable source of the problem, you believe that Satan offers the solution?


          • As a Satanist I am proud of my religion, and proud that I can stand apart from the herd and voice an independent-minded opinion, even if that is not liked or shared by the many.


    • Applying reason …

      I’d have said it was impossible to ascertain with certainty, absent a determination of the Investigative Powers Tribunal, whether this or that person was or had been a shill and, if so, for whom. Whoever’s asset if anybody’s Belinda might once have been, not particularly likely to be MI5 according to my best guess, she was burnt long ago, but refuses to retire, making her more of a liability than an asset nowadays to whoever she might once have worked with.

      If the Hampstead Hoax was a black op, the beneficiary is anybody who benefits from the promotion of scepticism of conspiracy theories of that genre in general, because they are complicit in real conspiracies like that, for example, the alleged BBC conspiracy to keep accusations against Sir Jimmy Saville out of the limelight.

      We know that fomenting hoaxes like Hampstead isn’t part of MI5’s official remit, as published.

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    • Shakespeare’s Falstaff was not only witty but the cause of wit in other men. It appears Mrs McKenzie is not only a conspiraloon, but a cause of conspiralunacy in others. It’s dismaying to see conspiracy theories being spun on this site (rather than being dissected). A couple of days ago she was suspected of being involved with a sex offender simply because they lived in the same London Borough. Now she’s implausibly a member of MI5 for reasons that make absolutely no sense – I seem to have heard that somewhere else …
      To believe that her object is to distract people dangerous to the British state, we have to believe that without her, Neelu Berry, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Paul Rogers, John Paterson, Jon Wedger etc etc would have the capability to bring down the establishment. And, slightly less absurd, as it could be true, even though it isn’t, we’d have to believe that barristers’ chambers are run by the government, not the independent advocates in them. And that MI5 run the police and the Charities Commission.

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      • We know what we know about what Belinda McKenzie has done. We might be able to find out even more about what she has done, if we care enough.

        We know that she has served badly what might loosely be described as the community of “conspiracy theorists” (thus described factually rather than intending either insult or praise). (We also know that many of these “conspiracy theorists” turn out to be stark staring bonkers, but that nevertheless, paradoxically, history is littered with real conspiracies!)

        We also know what MI5’s official remit is, and that little or none of what we know McKenzie has actually done maps neatly onto that. But we also know, from history, that services with remits like MI5’s get up to all sorts of mischief that is questionably ultra vires, some of it like McKenzie’s antics.

        In the light of all that, I find your comment over-optimistically naive.

        I have concluded, towards the end of a long life, that the powers that be “run” far more than I’d have guessed when I was young that they could more-or-less micromanage as I now suspect they can. They probably don’t routinely “run” chambers out of which barristers operate, I dare say. But when push came to shove, MI5 agents anecdotally visited a Fathers For Justice-type dad whom I interviewed and believed, in his prison cell, busted as he was for camping on the roof of the home of a judge who’d stitched him up. The MI5 guys were suing for peace. If they sprung him from jail and then fixed his next family court hearing, would he back off? This dad’s testimony (to me, on the phone) is that MI5 fixed it for him to become main carer of his children after all. I don’t see how that operation squares with the official account of what MI5’s remit is, any more than regarding MI5 ever regarding Belinda McKenzie as an asset would. But who knows?


        • John, please tell me what harm to the nation might the people who followed Mrs McKenzie have wrought, had she not distracted them. Or to put it another way, in what version of reality are Neelu Berry, Andy Devine,or Sabine McNeill a threat to the powers that be? This is a conspiracy theory which puts pizzagate in the shade, Neelu Robespierre Berry, Sabine Jefferson McNeill, and Deborah Ryoma Mahmoudieh, revolutionaries extraordinaire, held back only by secret agent McKenzie from bringing down the state. Let’s get a grip.

          I am approaching the end of a long life in the criminal and family law and frankly this tale of the F4J story is farcical. I can quite believe someone given to threatening judges might burnish their reputation with such a story, particularly to a credulous listener, but that really isn’t the way the courts work.

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          • @naqsej

            If you think I have said that the people you mentioned posed a risk to national security, which MI5 averted using Belinda McKenzie, you have misunderstood what I actually did say. I have indicated clearly that I don’t believe the speculation that MI5 once ran McKenzie.

            As regards the F4J-type’s anecdote, I am only telling here what this stranger told me, in 2015 if I remember correctly, on the only occasion on which I ever met him. I don’t know whether his story is true. I do not know, though, that your long legal career in crime and family would necessarily make you aware that such a story couldn’t possibly be true and therefore must be made-up, as you seem to be claiming.

            I know of another anecdote of MI5 visiting somebody in jail in order to offer a deal of some kind openly. Like you, I cannot imagine how a service like that sometimes fixes court outcomes, if it ever does.


          • As well as a section of Priory Gardens being missing on Streetview, there is a fuzzed-out area in the front gardens of one of the houses along that stretch. The Streetview footage is dated May 2012. Ingrams was arrested at home on 22nd May 2012 by two plain-clothes officers, who “swooped as he prepared to leave” for a meeting with a minor. It looks possible that the Google car was in the right place at the right time to capture the arrest or an early stage of the police operation, and the police have asked for the alterations to Streetview. Interesting.


      • @ nansen
        “A couple of days ago she was suspected of being involved with a sex offender simply because they lived in the same London Borough. ”

        Completely untrue. I think you may have not read the material I linked to properly.

        I stated in my post that I had no reason to claim Belinda was associated with the sex offender.

        They have both lived in the same street, Priory Gardens, for many years. Unless there are 2 Priory Gardens in Highgate, which i doubt.

        Ingram was jailed very recently and appears to be a recalcitrant sex offender with multiple convictions. According to multiple MSM news reports the neighbours in Priory Gardens are divided on Ingram with some of the longer established residents claiming that he is “harmless” and that the younger, new to the area neighbours with children are overreacting.

        Given that Belinda lives on a street with an ongoing drama relating to a child abuser neighbour it is I believe interesting that we have never heard a peep out of her about Ingram.

        On the subject of the Priory Gardens neighbours, The UK Database (a website about which I have many reservations) reports that, in relation to an earlier conviction and subsequent release from jail:

        “But Mr Ingram came home on Friday after serving half his sentence and neighbours are furious that police did not tell them he was about to be released.

        Mum-of-one Carrie Kirkpatrick, who has lived in Priory Gardens for 11 years, said: “We were supposed to be warned. We have been going on about this but we have never once had a meeting. I can’t even fathom the ramifications.

        “They can’t let him come back here. We will never be able to let our children out on the street ever again. Who’s going to protect them? I’m absolutely speechless.”

        Anti-child abuse campaigner said that anybody with concerns should contact her and she can put them in touch with MPs and councillors.

        But other residents urged calm. a teacher who has lived in Priory Gardens for 25 years, said: “He is totally harmless. It’s just the new people with young families who are jumping on the bandwagon. I think you will find that most people who have been here for quite a number of years feel the same way.””

        I think that, under the circumstances it is quite reasonable to be curious about Belinda’s opinion of her neighbour Mr Ingram.

        If she is one of the neighbours expressing concern about Ingram’s home (when he is not in jail) being amongst many young families with children then she has expressed her concerns very quietly compared to her screeching about non-existent satanic paedophile cults.

        Could Belinda more likely be one of the longer established residents who believe that Ingram is “harmless”? This would certainly resonate with her support for various other convicted paedophiles.

        Or could it be that the person informing the neighbours that she is an “anti-child abuse activist” and asking them to contact her so that she can “put them in touch with MPs and councillors.” is in fact Belinda?

        I cannot claim to know the answer but I believe it is appropriate to wonder about such things given Belinda’s track record.


  8. Juriosity site lists a T—— D——– as working for a differently named Chambers (I didn’t sign up for free to see the full profile). That could be a different T—— D——– of course.
    The old saying about fire – it being “a good servant but a bad master” applies to the internet I think. Some of my friends/acquaintances find the internet useful for keeping in touch with their grown-up children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren as they become more widely distributed and go on gap years etc.

    I wouldn’t condemn someone simply for being born into a wealthy family.

    Perhaps TD was duped by BM. This whole debacle shows how important background checks are though when giving someone a job. (I’m not saying that someone who has made a mistake should never be given a second chance or maybe even a third one).

    P.S. I used to read Eddie’s name as “Eddie Sock” – I thought it was quite funny because of – you know – sock puppet, but I was misreading all along.

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    • I did a quick look around the other day when the newness of the website was raised, and 160 Fleet Street Chambers is legit with both partners having previous legal experience. It is indeed a quite new startup,which is why it’s website is new. is “coming soon”- or maybe not….

      Tom and Abu both seem quite experienced- Tom in particular has been practicing nearly as long as I have been alive, was a Crown Prosecutor apparently at one stage, as well as dealing with immigration judgements, which is why it is so surprising that they wouldn’t have checked Belinda’s credentials before hiring her…
      (google image search reveals a lot, including the original of Abu’s sepia toned photo at his previous workplace, still in colour at that point)

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      • Oh so either it’s a different TD, or his old Chambers haven’t updated their website for a long time.


        • I’d say that an out of date listing, they both started in 73 and have the same name, so likely the same person, and I am assuming that his data would be correct on the new website

          (I suspect that Tom is probably the figurehead to give standing (no disrespect intended in any way) and its Abu doing most of the work, as it seems to specialise in fields that Abu did at his previous firm, and Tom would have to be in his late 60’s at least, this is purely speculative however)


    • The issue here is not that people shouldn’t be given a second chance (I’m a fully paid up rehabilitation rather than punishment liberal), and I suspect a DBS check would have thrown up nothing.

      It’s more that this chambers is knowingly employing a person with a criminal record for contempt of the legal process. They know it because they defended her in court!

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  9. This wasn’t in England (and maybe it was reported on here before I commented on the site) but an example of the danger of the internet spreading false rumours.…/india-whatsapp-lynchings-child-kidnappers-fake-news/


  10. There seems to be something about the site above that only links to its home page. If anyone is interested they can put terms such as “whatsapp” “fake news” “child kidnappers” “India” – the events are from about July 2018.


  11. I haven’t got much time for research today (too many innocent members of the public to harass 🙂 ) …
    – so has anyone got the time to investigate whether there is a direct link between 160FleetStreetChambers and
    – or has 160FleetStreet simply copied most of their content and images?


    • One of the people from 160FleetStreet previously worked at Strandchambers hence the similarities in types of legal work done, apart from that there are little similarities except they both use a pretty stock site template


      • Strand chambers is a much more established set. They’re doing the same sort of work and may have borrowed the look of the website, either directly of through intermediate stages.
        Barristers’ chambers are technically just a bunch of independent tradesmen sharing a building and office facilities. They don’t require as much regulation as solicitors’ firms which handle people’s money.

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        • To me it looks like the younger partner at Fleet worked for experience with Strand first, and has now (recently) started out on his own, basically with the older gentleman who has a lot of experience but is probably looking at settling down (he would be getting close to 70) maybe providing the ‘esteem’ value
          That’s what it looks like to me and nothing wrong with that, many people would like the ability to set themselves up independantly
          It’s just a shame that Belinda managed to get herself involved, it may draw the wrong kind of attention to their firm, despite the old saying, not all advertising is good advertising…
          If anything they are almost certainly another group deceived by her, she has a kind of a reverse Midas Touch- everything she touches turns to…..

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  12. A side of Belinda that is often forgotten is that she believes in demons,also thinks her daughter is possessed… she is the one having secret rooms, rituals, I believe, see Jaqui Farmers book Illuminati Party. JF wrote that thinking she or her landlady, Belinda, would never be identified…

    Belinda’s ‘husband’ lives in Paris, or did, an Iranian poet, for those who don’t know.

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    • “Tell Wavy to whine his neck in”

      Another one for the Fruitcake Quotes, I reckon.

      Other recent additions include:

      “Never go to Scotland, including Nottingham”
      “Now is the time to strike the iron while it’s hot”
      “I’ve been waiting with debated breath”
      “Your crimes have been undercovered”
      “That’s called slander or misogyny”
      “There are other people linked to her, possibly family members”
      “I’ve noticed them trying to get onto Tracey, slowly trying to work their way in”
      “I can prove up the kazoo”

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    • Sandy Hook hasn’t been scrubbed at all, I just went and googled it (About 61,200,000 results (0.63 seconds))….
      I did notice that on the first page, there isn’t one hoaxer result!, and indeed the only results showing up mentioning the ‘hoax’ garbage, were that the detestable Alex Jones has been slammed for his part in a big way for promoting the hoaxers (YAY!!!!)

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  13. Has anybody ever seen this letter to Hon. Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, dated June 9, 2013? It was written by Bellender’s husband’s ex-wife.

    In the letter, Mrs Akram Habibkhani writes:

    “In 1997, my son Amir Yaghmaei, at his own insistence and written suggestion of his father, came to Ashraf camp where I was living. Neither I nor the PMOI organization wanted him to come to Iraq, however because of his insistence and that of his father, we accepted.

    A few years later, Amir gave up the idea of living in Iraq and went to U.S. forces and was moved to a camp called TIF and was subsequently transferred to Sweden.
    Now, twenty years after our absolute divorce, Esmaeil Yaghmaei has attempted to publish false reports about me saying that I have either “committed suicide or died under suspicious circumstances” or that I am having problems with the PMOI, but the PMOI organization is preventing dissemination of the news. These lies are broadly published in MOIS affiliated websites.

    In order to justify his claim about the possibility of my suicide, he has pointed to the suicide of my older sister and is depicting it as a new incident caused by my situation and the pressures on me and the fact that she was away from me. This is while the suicide of my sister happened 10 years ago and she was one of the victims of the misogynic regime ruling Iran.

    A few days after publishing my pictures and the dubious news of my death, Esmaeil Yaghmaei published an article titled “Message to Ms. Akram Habib Khani” and while greatly insulting me in this article wrote: “I put this hypothesis in front of myself that you too have distanced yourself from PMOI positions after so many years or in other words you are giving up the struggle”. He despicably goes on to announce his readiness to “save” me!

    On the pretext of this fallacious news, Esmaeil Yaghmaei has published personal pictures of me and disseminated much lies and insults against the PMOI organization. Articles by Mr. Yaghmaei are both a psychological torture for me as well as a tarnish of my image. His false allegations are also criminal and legally prosecutable. “


    • Wasn’t there something else in Esmaeil Yaghmaei’s past, not coming to the rescue of his son when he was in danger?


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