How ‘Charles Seven’ divided UK truthers

As we hinted in yesterday’s post about Wendy John-Charles*, aka “Charles Seven”, the links in her story run deep within the UK conspiracy community. We mentioned yesterday that Charlotte Ward, aka “Jacqui Farmer”, who had lived at Belinda’s Highgate home for several months, expressed resentment toward Seven, on the grounds that Seven had “aggravated her solar plexus chakra” (aka given her a belly-ache)—though it does sound as though perhaps Charlotte merely resented Mummy Belinda [Perish the thought—Ed.] bestowing time and attention upon a fruitloop even wackier than herself.

First, we should point out Tony Farrell’s full report on Seven’s “case” (and by “case” we mean “load of old cobblers”), as unearthed yesterday by Arthur Pint, is well worth a browse.

Titled THE MONSTROUS STATE COVER UP OF MS SEVEN VERSUS GOSSAGE AND NINE OTHERS (because bold all-caps is so much more authoritative and convincing), it delves in painful detail into “utterly damning information exposing what must be one of the most monstrous cover ups in the history of the British Judicial system”. Farrell also refers to Seven, without a hint of irony, as a latter-day Rosa Parks.

While ferreting about for further information on the Google, we dug up another most interesting archived document, which reveals both the links and the giant gaping cracks in the hoaxer community which Seven seemed to leave in her wake.

In his support of Seven, Farrell, who is listed on the letterhead of the Association of McKenzie Friends as their “Intelligence Analyst”, teamed up with Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie against blogger Mark Windows, someone called “the Mad Scotsman”, and the writer of this blog post:

Myself, Mark Windows and Mad Scotsman of landofthefree were approached by Tony Farrell, who purports to be an ex police statistician and “Intelligence analyst”, to cover a story by a woman who alleges the 7/7 bombings were done to “shut her up”. The “reason” she alleged was that she had some scripts for TV show ideas stolen by lawyers.

The story was so ludicrous that we thought it was insane, or some kind of entrapment as this woman was making libellous allegations about lawyers, one of whom specialised in internet libel. The UK Column broadcast an interview with Farrell and this woman, who called herself “Charles Seven”.

The author of the post says he warned Gerrish that it would be foolhardy to run a piece which libelled a lawyer who specialised in libel law, but Gerrish not only ignored this sound advice, but told Farrell about the advice as well as the writer’s belief that Seven’s story was rubbish. Whoops.

As we had been specifically chosen to film this story and after hearing it had declined to get involved, Farrell, then Belinda McKenzie (who involved herself in The Hollie Greig case) and also the woman who invented the story turned against us and started libelling myself, Mark Windows and fellow researcher Mad Scotsman. This was done through Tony Farrell and his “Farrell Report” (which contained not one fact). There was also a broadcast on an internet radio show, although, no one believed the fake story after the broadcast.

In classic style, the authors’ rejection of Seven’s story led to their being reviled as shills or “agents” who were trying to keep a lid on the case. In other words, disagree with the Gerrish/Farrell/McKenzie cabal and suddenly you’re out of the club.

Belinda and Mark Windows

Predictably, Belinda seemed to develop an intense antipathy towards Mark Windows. When a member of their discussion group labelled Windows “racist” for failing to believe Seven’s malarky, Belinda responded with a vitriolic email in which she claimed that Windows had the “hots” for Seven:

MW is at best completely up his own arse, at worst a paid infiltrator, possibly a combination of both by now, but more than these, he’s clearly an agent of the inter-dimensional dark forces as are many comedians whose job on earth is to demolish anything we humans begin to take seriously, in this case the bare-faced criminality and corruption of those in high places (with which they get away, time after time because so far virtually no one is challenging them!).

Like all comedians many of whom are bi-polar (I know for a fact Mark has terrible ‘lows’) Mark operates at very high revs mentally and no doubt also physically. He requires the oxygen of continuous applause, he cannot tolerate criticism or being challenged. We also suspect he had the hots for Seven who is very beautiful but also very moral and would never dream of succumbing to the advances of such a low form of life, which he’s sharp enough to realise but nevertheless it still makes him all the more angry.

He’s a mind-control junkie, he wants to dominate the minds of the 9/11KT group and is achieving some success in that, q.e.d. I very much hope they’ll come out of it but no sign yet. …

Of course MW loathes Farrell who is brave enough to take on demons.

Phew! Next thing you know she’ll be calling him a shadow-person.

Another group member, Nica, pointed out that if Windows were responding to Seven out of racism, it would seem odd for him to simultaneously be attracted to her, and this set Belinda off on another tirade, calling Nica’s argument “just so much malodorous hot air”.

Nica responded that she hadn’t accused Belinda of playing the race card:

It was in fact in a communication to yourself that Seven made her allegations of racism against Mark and Dony. I was posting, because having followed the Seven debacle on Land of the Free, i now see a communication where you accused Mark of turning against Seven because she rejected his advances. I don’t understand how you could go along with a man being slandered as a racist when you have accused that same man of having the hots for a black woman.

Interesting that the allegations of racism came from Seven herself. This seems to correspond with her allegations of racism toward the legal team of three of the respondents in her legal case, as we mentioned yesterday.

The blog’s authors seem less than impressed with Belinda’s behaviour overall:

Belinda McKenzie appears to do very little research on any of the causes she backs. This was apparent with the Hollie Greig case. It was also obvious when she backed the Charles Seven and Tony Farrell nonsense, which wasted the time of researchers and more than one group.

It appears that she runs away with a cause and will not let anything get in the way of her ego and status within that cause. She is at best a loose cannon and at worse has been damaging to groups and individuals who may have a more informed or contrary view to her own. She does display all the traits of a sociopath, however her lies have backfired on her and we have exposed some of this below. There are more e mails which we will post as the duplicitous nature and manipulation of this woman knows no bounds.

Gosh, don’t hold back—tell us how you really feel!

Will the real Belinda please stand up?

A pair of emails between Windows and Belinda reveal a side of Belinda we haven’t often seen:

Hi Belinda, 

This is in confidence. I tried to warn UK Column. This 7 thing is hugely dangerous for anyone who allies themselves with her libelous fantasies, especially when she rants on about 7 7 being done to shut her up. Implicating people like she does in mass murder is either insanity or pure entrapment.

Hope you can see through all this. Ive attached an email from Charlotte, I responded to this one, but not again. I dont have time for this kind of thing. It must be hard work for you at the moment.

All the best,


Belinda responded,

Sent: Wednesday, 6 February 2013, 16:19
Subject: RE: Windows here

You have done and are doing a truly terrible, horrible destructive thing, hopefully in ignorance and stupidity rather than malice or worse (Tony keeps saying you must be an agent and I keep saying no they wouldn’t have him)

“With friends like these…”

Very sad. This was such an opportunity and YOU have blown it.


The blog post goes on at some length, with various other parties being drawn into the conflagration (Charlotte Ward has a couple of cameos), but ultimately we are most interested in the alliances and divisions which formed, in part around Seven’s bizarre story and tactics, but also around the damaged credibility of both Farrell and Belinda McKenzie.

Certainly by the time the dust had settled, Belinda was desperately in need of a campaign which could restore her to her former role as a prime mover in the UK “truth” movement.

  • Wendy T. John-Charles was born in 1965 in Paddington. We believe this is the person who now calls herself “Charles Seven”.
war chess

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133 thoughts on “How ‘Charles Seven’ divided UK truthers

  1. I’ve been looking into seven. recently she’s been active on twitter trying to hashtag herself into every conspiracy going to get more exposure. she has a dead link to a non existant website on her twitter. born in 1965 ? wow. she’s unnaturally attractive for a 53 year old. the only secrets she should be exposing is how she looks so good on the outside when she’s such a vicious and morally bankrupt piece of shit on the inside.

    in summary.
    A bullshitting idiot who claims to have created several tv shows and was laughed out of court when she attempted to sue.
    Also attempts to promote her deluded ideas by hashtagging into any media story she can claiming if it contains a number seven (her childhood nickname as she is the 7th child) it’s all to do with her.
    has no respect for the victims of terror attacks and the people who died in grenfell. To her they’re just an opportunity to promote herself by allying herself with various conspiracy promoters / followers.

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    • From the LandoftheFree blogpost:
      “Charles Seven” appeared at the IPCC demonstration on Mayday 2012

      In the above video she is seen shouting through a megaphone “My name is Charles Seven”, and that she knew the “real story” behind the 7/7 bombings. She maintains that Jean Charles De Menezes was killed because he had a similar name, even though there is no legitimate proof she has Jean Charles in her name. She goes on to name lawyers who stole her ideas and states she won her court case, which was untrue.

      She also hijacked the mike for a long time and took away the focus of what the demonstration was about. Whether you believe her or not this is classic infiltration. The delusional, psychotic and quite shizophrenic nature of the story make one wonder why anyone would promote it.

      That’s the Police Complaints Commission that was the target of the co-opted demo, not the Climate Change IPCC. The Youtuber mentioned there has succumbed to bitrot but this seems to be the same one:


      • Yeah. classic hijacker of anything to get attention. why she needs attention i don’t know, she’s seriously good looking and could have achieved much more than being a knobhead bollocks talker. i’m christening her ‘seven shades of bullshit’.


  2. How can she not divide people by charging round insisting that 7/7, charlie hebdo and grenfell are ALL ABOUT HER !!! ?
    who wouldn’t be put out by her attempts to hijack every tragic event covered by the conspiracy community as being neither terror attacks, failed fire safety standards or even, gulp, government sanctioned murders. no, they’re all events staged to protect tv executives from a person attempting to sue them over tv programme formats they stole from her, despite one of them having been made 15 years before she was born. never mind dividing the community she may unite it. united in condemning her bullshit and sick games. seriously, who wants to believe 7/7 was done for little miss seven shades of bullshit ?

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  3. There are plenty of reasons to ask Wendy to sit at the back of the bus and they have bugger-all to do with skin colour.

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  4. Under free loon of the land juristiction imaginary siblings are recognised and the evil childpornevictionfraudgovernment refusing to pay child allowance or provide school meals was challenged at court by miss seven with the judge describing it as ‘a well good case’

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  5. I could throttle the person who invented the megaphone, a favourite torture instrument of the Troofer Brigade as they assault the ears of ordinary citizens going about their business when one of This Mob decides to harangue the local council offices from the pavement.

    I note Nutbag Farrell’s YT videos are hosted by someone called “spacecowboy flat earth” which sort of sums it all up.

    If Ms. Seven is so bloody creative why doesn’t she just create some new TV shows?. The late Australian billionaire Reg Grundy who produced a mass of Aussie soap operas like ‘Neighbors’ & Cell Block H and bought the rights to US shows like Wheel of Fortune was said to be still receptive to any budding producer with a saleable format even in his 80s and retirement. And several did make the trek to his home on the Isle of Capri and were successful.

    The fact is that now entertainment is such a $multi-billion business there is a voracious appetite for content with not just Hollywood but on-line outfits like Netflix, cable TV and even just free to air TV networks around the world scrabbling to keep up with the public’s demand. Film producers are doing deals left right & centre with the Netflixs of the world where their production will eventually be screened after all other outlets and getting their budgets covered up front long before shooting begins.

    This Farrell bloke sounds like that “ex-cop whisleblower” Wedger also tries to give the impression he ran the police force & it couldn’t have survived without him (forget all the other officers who beaver away) is an idiot. Seven is a would-be plagiarist. Creative people in the entertainment business are the most treasured because they are few and far between. There is no need to steal content as successful shows are in such huge demand and the profits immense that a person who can create a new format is guaranteed to be treated with kid gloves.

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    • My great granddad horatio h b grobnob the seventh invented the megaphone and had the patent stolen from him. We fought for years and finally we were victorious in court with the judge saying ‘this was a well good trial and the verdict is properly ace’

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      • Yes, but look at all the murders and accidental on purpose deaths that ensued. Was the megaphone really worth it?

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      • I hate your Grandad ( I mean that in a caring and sharing way) for losing control of this wondrous instrument. It could have been a wonderful aid for honest coppers to shout at assembled Nutbags outside council chambers (think Tracey Morris here) ordering them to disperse.

        On the other hand, there could be a Netflix series with a star name in this dramatic turn of event (did your Grandad look like Benedict Cumberbatch? I can contact him via the local Darby & Joan Satanic Orgys R Us club- President: Mabel Fortescue-Wynston Age 89).

        Alternatively, I do know of a famous Creative Producer who has a great connection at the BBC. Can you add up the initials in your Granddad’s name to amount to SEVEN?. And I have a connection with a top legal eagle, one Edward Ellis. What could possibly go wrong?

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        • Great gramps grobnob was known as hb short for hornblower due to his party piece of Farting through a horn to amuse everyone. in older age colonia astma reduced the velocity of his gas and he developed an electrical farthorn to compensate. he allowed mariners to use it for ships in deep fog as the sound of a troll’s fart travels well over water and through thick salty fog. it was assumed it was a free to use device and took years for the estate to lay legal claim to the farthorn. if you’ve ever heard a troll fart you’ll know the story can only be true.

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  6. So are the “agents of the inter-dimensional dark forces” the same as the “shadow people” or are they two different entities? A bit of clarification please, Belinda

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    • I always thought Bellend came across as completely humorless (as do so many troofers which is odd seeing so many people laugh at them) and now I’m convinced:
      ” he’s clearly an agent of the inter-dimensional dark forces as are many comedians whose job on earth is to demolish anything we humans begin to take seriously,”. Not a fan of Ricky Gervais then.

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  7. I’m kinda confused. Have I got this right? Mark Windows turned against Seven, Seven turned against Mark and Belinda turned against both?

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        • Hi Mark—the comment you’re responding to here is part of a longer pun contest that’s become something of a tradition in our comments section. It wasn’t aimed at you personally, I’m pretty certain.


          • Much appreciated and glad you saved this article. It was a bit late when I doscovered it and I didnt see all the link.s Great puns, I have only just got round to seing the thread. Ironically we had a similiar pun thread on Tony and Seven which went to over 160 so this is very concise,

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    • I think it was:
      1. Seven and Farrell tried to get Windows to make a video about her;
      2. Windows realised her story was rubbish and libellous and tried to warn Gerrish not to take it on;
      3. Gerrish did it anyway, and told Farrell and Seven that Windows had tried to scupper the show on grounds that a) it was rubbish and b) it was libellous;
      4. Belinda sided with Farrell, Gerrish, and Seven, and attacked Windows;
      5. Windows got the KFM on board (or they already were, I’m not sure) and they all slated Belinda and Farrell;
      6. Charlotte’s solar plexus chakra was aggravated;
      7. Belinda completely lost her shit and revealed herself as a nasty old bat.

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      • Thanks, EC. I think it was Belinda vociferously defending Seven whilst simultaneously referring to her story as “ludicrous, insane and libellous” and accusing her of possible entrapment that threw me.


        • Belinda’s like malcolm mclaren in picking up on a trend and sending people out no matter what trouble they get in while she wallows in the havock.


      • Thats pretty accurate except that many people were onto Fishtastic Farrell including KFM people before this got so comedically out of hand. Thanks for resurrecting this as the whole thing exposes the absurd nature of those who do not research anything and end up making fools of themselves and much worse. Afer 15 years of Seven and the intervention of Richard Hanna we can all sue Seven for libel and get to keep the royalties for Strictly Come Dancing.


    • Yeah. belinda tried to install windows, but it all crashed and she couldn’t get it to work properly. that woman just isn’t tech savvy.

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  8. I have been entertaining myself with “the Official SevenGate website”:

    Please take your leisure learning about SevenGate, watching our videos and reading our articles, leaving your comments on the blog below, sharing SevenGate with a friend or network, supporting SevenGate by purchasing and wearing SevenGate clothing, perhaps even donating to SevenGate or attending a SevenGate “Art is Freedom” event.
    Most of it is copypasted from the website of a credulous Australian blogger, because Intellectual Property.

    So as well as sending donations, you can support Ms Seven by buying her licensed brand of clothes, or by attending Artists & Musicians for Sevengate events (yet to be announced). I incline more to the “unabashed grifter” interpretation than the “hopelessly deluded” one.

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    • I went to one of those ‘Art is Freedom” events and this happened. I believe the lyrics are by Charles Seven.

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  9. Is mark windows racist ? i’ve done some research and he does appear to be associated with the UPVC. an all white organisation. Then again he could have been framed.

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    • He mixes with all the smartest people:
      Robert Chewter: Nutcase Central
      Andrea Davidson: Career Criminal, Convicted Forger & Fugitive from Justice
      Anna Brees: 5 Minutes in a BBC Studio & now thinks she may be Laura Kuenssberg

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      • He’s also infatuated with psycho stalker Cat Scot, convicted criminal Robert Green, self-confessed child rapist David Shurter and “alleged” charity scammer Belinda McKenzie. Nuff said?

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  10. Unaccustomed as I am to heads or tails, I am unable to make heads or tails of this Butlincat post:

    Most of it is Patrick-Cullinane-related antisemitic sewer-of-consciousness ranting, but near the bottom, there is an out-of-context email from Ms Seven to “Freedom Talk Radio”, replying to a query from the latter about Hoaxsted, and trying to convert Mr or Ms Freedom-Talk to the SevenGate cause as one of equal importance.

    From: Seven Gate []
    Sent: 14 February 2015 04:54
    To: Freedom Talk Radio Setv
    Subject: Re: HAMSTED ALLEDGED CHILD SEX ABUSE CASE I Am writing to invite you to comment on this story of the children in the utube video. I am a radio broadcaster who wants a balanced and fair opinion from both sides of this argument i don’t want to get threatened

    Thank you for your email, I have not personally watched that video yet, but have had quite a few people alert me about it who also would be great for your show.. […]

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    • Thanks for sharing A Berry British Coup

      Whenever I have researched any of the nasty cults the hoaxers are involved with I get similar results.

      In this instance a brief google indicates that the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui who invented “Pranic Healing” apparently also, in 2005, offered an “Arhatic Sexual Alchemy Course”

      I have to say that this looks depressingly familiar to me and appears to be yet another tentacle of the foul beast which which I am so familiar.

      tics (apart from the obvious fake tantra elements) include

      Psychic Self Defense
      Spiritual Essence of Man
      Spiritual Corporate Management
      Facial Rejuvenation through Pranic Therapy

      this page is so full of tics and indicators I could use it in a training programme

      same is true of this page

      Nasty, scamming, criminal cult.

      Unsurprisingly this business is operating internationally*/%22Master%20Choa%20Kok%20Sui%22

      One aspect of the scammers’ MO is to establish online meditation communities in order to harvest data. Once people are part of communities they encourage members to install apps on their phone and computers. Most people are so enthusiastic to use apps that they do not realise that they can compromise their privacy and even personal safety by installing them on their phone or computer. I am especially concerned about young females and vulnerable adults who can leave themselves open to horrific abuses via involvement with such groups.

      Here is an example from the Mexican tentacle of the Russian sect / OC network Ashram Shambala. The video shows 2 female recruiters playing the roles of teacher and student. The teacher is showing the student how to bellydance but the student is wilful and impatient so they argue. The student then joins in with other students in a collective meditation, then she feels calm and loving towards her teacher and complies with her wishes. This particular cult trains women to be “goddesses” (gold-diggers, seductresses, honey-traps, courtesans) but most of the women end up working in the sex industry, enslaved and trapped.

      Another, older video here shows the same student being taught “how to be a woman” (actually how to be a gold-digging sex worker) at a “School of Goddesses” by another teacher, Franciska, whom observant readers will recognise from earlier cult videos I posted on the page about Ella’s cultic links.

      In fact the narrative in the video is similar to that shown in older Russian videos, young women wearing masculine, shabby clothes being taught how to dress like a “goddess” (a sex worker) by wise, enlightened teachers.

      I feel sorry for Neelu. Yes she is an unpleasant person who has caused misery to many with her slander and false allegations against innocent people. She is also an asset used by criminals. Anyone who is concerned about the abuse of children and vulnerable people needs to be educate themselves about how these criminals operate. Of course these networks are very serious, dangerous criminals. They really do traffic women, sexually abuse children, defraud the elderly and terminally ill, they are disgusting.

      Do the Hampstead hoaxers try their best to educate people about real child abusing cults? They bleat and protest all day long about shills and secret service agents and black ops and yet they are involved in the very thing they claim to be protesting against. They make me sick with their cowardice and hypocrisy.

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  11. I’m using a stripped down non smart phone with no ability to post links to this forum. can somebody please go to my twitter and get the ‘seven arrested and questioned’ police interview video i shared and post it here ?

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  12. Let me get this straight.

    In order to shut this woman up the powers-that-be murder her friends and relatives and orchestrate major acts of terrorism. They do all that rather than just dealing with her individually.

    Troofers run to support and assist her, knowing that she claims to be the creator of some of the crappiest TV in years – the kind that puts people to sleep and turns them into sheeple?

    Am I on the right track?

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    • Yes. anything that affects someone called charles or has the number 7 is done to stop her attempting to claim intellectual property rights on any tv show that features dancing, diet advice or makeovers to reduce aging. just look at poor kevin spacey who appeared in the film se7en and how he was framed. Charles/charlie sheen injected with hiv. craig charles off red dwarf has probably had shit too. open your eyes sheeple. everything bad is due to a moron getting her shitty attempt to defraud tv producers laughed out of court, er i mean a brilliant creator who was mercilously ripped off for the creation of come dancing even though she only created it 53 years after it first aired. err. . . . she doesn’t make much sense actually.

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    • Earth to Assasins: if you want to shut up the true creator of Strictly Come Dancing (because you know, this show is so bloody important in world events) may I suggest you actually take out that person rather than 100s of other unfortunates who just happen to be out on a day or month with the number 7 in it?.
      # I mean that in a Caring & Sharing way and would prefer it if Ms. Seven was just sent on a government paid holiday (ie: sectioned).

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  13. What the actual fuck?


    In which a mad American repeatedly fires an automatic weapon through his window and names several people he’s planning to shoot (including an alleged paedophile’s mother).

    Supported, of course, by Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy (via his own mother’s Facebook account)


    • Reported to the FBI:

      Hi. I’m extremely concerned about this video that’s currently on Facebook: /johnandersonfansrock/videos/259997364751463

      In it an extremely angry man in a SWOT uniform appears to repeatedly fire an automatic weapon out of the window whilst naming a number of people he’s planning to shoot, including an alleged paedophile’s mother. He later claims that the gun is a prop. I’m unsure whether that is the case but either way, he spends the first third of the video calling for people to join him in his shooting spree. I’m worried that there are people out there who might very well respond by taking up arms.

      The man’s name is John Anderson and at one point he mentions that he’s been reported to the FBI before.

      Thank you

      PS: I’ve had to input a false zip code below as it doesn’t accept UK postcodes but won’t allow me to proceed unless I input something.

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    • Scary- at 57.51, he urges people to abduct ‘suspected pedo’s’, lock them up in a cage in their basement and torture them- this is one sick puppy


  14. Anyone on twitter follow the #sevengate hash tag. she’s trying to engage shurter and maggie oliver. also i use it to take the proverbial. it won’t take much to flood the #sevengate tag with , i dunno, pictures of gates that have a number 7 on them or somesuch crap.

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    • Polanski actually stole the concept of “9th Gate” from Wendy but he disguised it by adding 2 more gates. Not many people know that.


      • And by making it 4 years before the idiotic bint started her media ‘career’. the nine gates of the kingdom of hell relate to the 9 circles of algieri’s inferno.


  15. This has been the best thread of my hoaxtead following career. thanks mostly to the windows gags and the whackadoodlest walter mitty of the bunch.

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  16. Haven’t posted much recently, just gently lurking… but today I just wanted to say thanks everyone for the lulz, particularly the windows one.

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  17. In 2013, aged 48, she claims 30 years of working in media as a concept designer. so in 2003 when she presented her ‘pants’ ideas that robert hannah dismissed she had 20 years experience in the tv/media industry. ok ? why isn’t there a single credit for her ? why did she even go to the event when she had worked in tv since the age of 18 ? definate walter mitty. My Bullshit detector is in overdrive.

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  18. Neelu now claiming her house is worth over £700K which is ridiculous of course as you can easily see what similar properties sell for in the same area..around £440K on average. Her house sold for below the average price but I wouldn’t be surprised that buyers were put off by her shenanigans. Afterall there is nothing special about the house so I reckon an investor bought it and will sit out her visits while renovating. Other potential buyers know they can pick and choose in the area.

    She clearly has serious mental health issues and is on a downward spiral and it’s rather sad watching it. I blame her so-called pals – yes you Andy Devine and Lee Cant (perhaps not so much as he obviously has issues as well). Utter creeps who have encouraged this poor woman in her ludicrous pursuit of “remedy” as she heads towards life as a bag lady.

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    • I will still maintain that she is no more mentally ill than a flat earther, a young earth creationist or a Catholic (like me!)
      Compartmentalising her like that absolves her from the basic fact that she is a shit human being!


    • It`ll be fine to be sure it will.Shamus at Caffreys`down in the square said we can use theirs for free.


  19. Seven is all over twitter saying the billions she’s had stolen from her is being used to fund trafficking and terror.

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  20. She’s not on the dole then? Well she can’t be, can she, she’s obviously not available for work!

    Perhaps those of us who have worked all our lives are in the wrong eh, we could have been scamming people all these years with go fund me scams, a megaphone and/or z you tube channel, etc…….🚧👷.


  21. I’ve found a full law report with transcript of the Charlie 7 case (on its way)

    The final hearing arose as she’d failed to comply with procedural requirements in her action against 7 defendants (people and companies), and the defendants applied for the case to be struck out – for her to successfully oppose that, the court had to be satisfied that her case had a real prospect of success.

    As a summary, the judge began, as High Court judges do, by complimenting her on what could be complimented, viz “. She was always courteous and her submissions were clear and well-expressed. Her papers, given their bulk, were logically organised.”

    It goes downhill from there, with her contentions being evalulated in some of the strongest terms I’ve seen from a High Court judge, such as “absurd” “bizarre”, “ridiculous”, “There is nothing in this material that suggests to me anything more than a chain of unreasonable inferences and ill-found suspicions, and no objective support for an allegation for a breach of confidence or infringement of copyright”, “This serious allegation is without foundation”, “There is no evidence to that effect”, “it is not possible, I am afraid, to take this complaint seriously.”, “manifest nonsense ” “What really concerns me about this case is the seriousness of the allegations made against the individual defendants, allegations which are, in my view, obviously groundless”.

    He also obliquely refers to the possibility of mental illness: “I do not speculate as to their [sc. the allegations’] origin: but they are completely devoid of any sort of coherence, substance or probability”

    He concludes: “For the reasons which I have endeavoured to outline above, and which are based entirely upon the material advanced by Ms Seven alone, the action is hopeless.”

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      • Sorry, I missed a couple; it was actually nine. The judge seems to have struggled with the who’s who, and so did I; not surprising in the circumstances:

        “The First Defendant (“Mr Gossage”) is now a partner in the Second Defendant, a firm of solicitors. The Eighth Defendant is a solicitor and the firm who employed her at the material time. The Ninth Defendant is again a solicitor and the firm of which he is a partner. The Tenth Defendant, Mr Christopher Vaughan, is a producer of films and appears to have played no active part in these proceedings at all. The Third Defendant, an individual concerned generally in the production of television programmes [I think this is Mr Hannah], and the Fourth Defendant, an entity which is not entirely straightforward to identify [Clarion TV], have equally played little part in the proceedings thus far. Finally, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Defendants are, respectively, the Head of Factual Programmes at SMG Television Productions Limited, a production consultant and executive producer em-ployed by the same company, and the company itself, which is a producer of television programmes.”

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        • Do you think she was too stupid to understand ? or just a lying toerag who covered it up and kept her scam alive ? or a buggerbrained mentalist ? there’s something wrong with ms jean-charles


          • I’ve mused on this in relation to others, Neelu Berry, and Elizabeth Watson for example. They appear to have querulant paranoia (as it used to be called), try to engage in get-rich-quick schemes, but often get scammed or cheated themselves. They tend to be quite credulous, and I think it derives from, for whatever reason, an inability to judge others’ reaction, so they believe people who tell them they will get rich with SwissIndos, or if they hand over all their money to invest, and it’s a part of that that they believe that others including banks and High Court Judges (in 7’s case) will believe their stories.
            The judge, who was no sort of a fool, seems to have thought there was something wrong with her, but it wasn’t part of his mission to probe what, simply to decide whether she had a case, and clearly she didn’t.

            It’s not surprising that 7 puts everything that happens, either to her, or in the world as a whole, into her story, as that’s a feature of querulants. It is more grandiose than usual – Maurice Kellett had a heart attack and believed the freemasons had caused it, but even he didn’t believe that they’d demolished the Twin Towers as a warning to him. It does seem very extreme in her case.

            As ever, I’m not surprised that people with mental illnesses do odd things; what’s odd is the number of people who believe it, or reinvent it as a story they can believe in. For example when one of the US birther cases was thrown out with excoriating contempt by the judge, this was reported by birther websites as a spectacular success, Obama’s days numbered etc.

            However I know SHE knows (or knew once) she lost, as prior to the judgement being handed down (but after she received a copy) she asked the judge to change his mind, and when he refused, applied to appeal, and clearly she wouldn’t have done that if she’d thought it had all been a conspicuous success.

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        • It evidently became Received Wisdom within the loonisphere that not only did Ms Seven win the move-to-dismiss hearing, with Judge Pumfrey ruling in her favour, he also imposed massive fines on the defendants AND sentenced them to lengthy prison stays (as is so often the case in a procedural hearing of a civil-law case). But then Pumfrey died was assassinated so the fines and prison sentence lapsed, because in the British legal system, all verdicts require the presiding judge to enforce them in person.

          It isn’t clear whether Ms Seven invented this whole entertaining fiction on her own. I am quite happy to believe that it was collectively composed on her behalf by the various griefers and fucknozzles who comprise her fanclub / support network

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