Investigating the ‘Original Dirty 30’

One of the more startling comments which Angela Power-Disney made last week to interviewer Jason Goodman of “Crowdsourcing the Truth” was her revelation that at the inception of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a group of about 30 people had been involved in promoting the Hampstead Research blog run by “Jacqui Farmer”.

During that interview, Angela said, “The details are so complex on this case that I worked as part of a team of about 30 people that were in it for the long haul”.

We probably should not have been surprised at this. It turns out that she has made several references, veiled and not so veiled, to this inner sanctum group in the past, and yesterday the YouTube channel “Take That as Gospel” began posting a fascinating series of videos which corroborate and elaborate on Angela’s claim.

Getting to know Belinda

In the first video, above, “Take That as Gospel” sets the scene, with an interview with Mel Ve in which Angela describes her early relationship with Belinda McKenzie:

…[A]s I keep harping back, one, I believe the children, and two, I stayed in Belinda’s home for five days.

I’m the kind of person that asks difficult questions, I asked difficult questions including going all the way back to Iran Aid, and the money and so on, and based on five days face to face, and interacting around Hampstead for a year and a half, I find the lady’s biggest crime was intermittent naïveté.

And as Mel said, it’s better to be naïve and sometimes get things wrong than it is to just protect your public profile and do nothing. I actually am full of admiration for the lady. You know, I am. I am.

And I published online my findings from asking the direct questions about Iran Aid, and Belinda was very forthright with me about inheriting four million and allocating a million to make her dream come true, or making a difference in the world, and then having been overextended in that, possibly through naïveté, and having been hammered. And as a victim myself of an online smear campaign, I can empathise.

I think what we need to remember in this business ongoingly, is that things are not always as they seem.

Indeed, in the Hampstead SRA hoax, things have almost never been what they seemed, so points to Angela for accuracy on that one.

Down to brass tacks

In the second video, again speaking to Mel Ve, Angela begins to spell out the workings of the “Dirty 30” more fully.

Starting at about 01:20, Angela says,

Just to say that a researcher that’s temporarily resting, because we all need to catch our breath on this, Charlotte Alton Ward, Jacqui Farmer, Jacob Farmer, she’s many personas, although she’s never too shy to say ‘this is who I am’, she’s done jail time for whistle-blowing and campaigning in the past. [1]

She left the UK in order to safely broadcast from Brazil [2], and you know Iceland [3], and she actually did go there. She was a huge part of this campaign.

She ran a blog called Hampstead Research, which is what the troll opposition mimicked with their Hoaxtead Research site, in which in my opinion they tried to mimic the Hollie Greig outcome, which was to put it to bed as a hoax.

But we actually did go there in terms of forensic analysis. We had professionals volunteering their time globally. I mean these were professional court experts, university professors, forensic analysts and so on. The amount of evidence that we accrued was phenomenal.

Now she managed to broadcast safely for a year, and then did get hacked [4]. She did get credible death threats. Her wonderful husband, you know, supports her and supports her, and then he freaks out and says look, your life’s on the line. And they withdraw for a while. I’m hoping she comes back into the fray.

And we do have 90% of the evidence, at least, downloaded, so even though your perspective, and CCN’s perspective is we don’t need details, we just want to know if the children are okay, the evidence does exist, which not only corroborates, it magnifies and multiplies the children’s disclosures.

In typical Angela fashion, this is a mixture of fact and fiction. Let’s take the inaccuracies one at a time:

[1] she’s never too shy to say ‘this is who I am’, she’s done jail time for whistle-blowing and campaigning in the past.

We beg to differ. Jacqui Farmer was extremely reticent to identify herself.

She went to the trouble of electronically distorting her voice on her various videos, which made them resemble particularly awful examples of Vogon poetry. One of this blog’s first major group projects was to identify Jacqui Farmer as Charlotte Alton Ward, which we managed to do within a couple of months.

To our knowledge, although Jacqui/Charlotte committed criminal harassment as the author of her blog, she had never been arrested or imprisoned.

[2] She left the UK to broadcast from Brazil.

Untrue. She lived with her husband, Jacco de Boer, near Paramaribo in Suriname. Granted, Suriname shares a border with Brazil, so we’ll grant Angela half-points for guessing the correct continent.

[3] …and Iceland.

Not even close.

Abe and Ella, not Charlotte, had two blogs which were hosted by Orange, an Iceland-based company, but they did not live in Iceland; they were then, as they are now, in Spain. They used the Icelandic host because we complained to Wix, their original blog host, who responded and removed the blogs. But it was nothing to do with Charlotte Ward.

[4] She managed to broadcast safely for a year, and then did get hacked.

Not quite. Charlotte published her blog on, and it was removed by WordPress for violating the law in June 2015. She set up an new blog on a private host, which ran for a few more months, and then on Hallowe’en 2015, she stopped publishing. She did leave the blog up as a “resource”.

When we checked a couple of months later, we discovered that the entire blog had disappeared without a trace, even in web archive. This led us to believe that it might have been hacked, but we have never had confirmation of that one way or another.

Who was involved in the original group?

In addition to the obvious early members—Belinda and Sabine; Abraham and Ella; Charlotte Ward and Jacco de Boer; Brian Gerrish; Wesley P.P. Hall; blogger Henry Curteis; and of course Angela herself—Angela drops some tantalising hints:

But we actually did go there in terms of forensic analysis. We had professionals volunteering their time globally. I mean these were professional court experts, university professors, forensic analysts and so on. The amount of evidence that we accrued was phenomenal.

We have a pretty good idea who the “forensic analyst” was: we identified forensic linguist Essien Popoola as a member of the inner circle some time ago. Mr Popoola was involved with a university, but we don’t know whether he was a lecturer.

Could the “court expert” have been ex-police sergeant Ray Savage? So far as we know, he’s the only person involved in promoting the hoax who had any sort of quasi-legal background or contacts. We do know that he claimed to have sat with Ella Draper for three hours and interviewed her; this was probably after the children had been taken from her care, in autumn/early winter 2014.

“Take That as Gospel” suggests that Mel Ve and Alfred Lambremont-Webre were also among the original Dirty 30, and this does seem to fit, as both were very early promoters of the hoax.

Why the Original Dirty 30 should be concerned

Two of Angela’s statements to Mel in this video ought to send a chill into anyone who was involved at that time. First, she says, “The amount of evidence that we accrued was phenomenal”; and later follows up with “And we do have 90% of the evidence, at least, downloaded”.

Currently, then, much of what was downloaded by the “group of experts” (aka the hoax promotion cartel) is likely to be found on one of the three computers currently in the possession of police—one belonging to a person we cannot currently discuss; another belonging to Wesley Hall; and the third belonging to Angela herself.

We only have space here to look into the first two of “Take That as Gospel’s” video collection on this topic, but we highly recommend that interested readers watch the entire series, which contains footage that is new to many of us.

This could be about to get very interesting indeed. collusion

99 thoughts on “Investigating the ‘Original Dirty 30’

  1. I would love to know what communications passed between Angela and Belinda, if records can be extracted either from a pc in Guardia hands or from a court warrant to either the broadband provider/ email host and whether the prosecution team are following that angle up.

    These people endlessly discuss conspiracies, but are quite possibly, innocent until proven guilty, involved in one themselves.

    Where does the data trail lead ? What does it establish ? Was someone calling the shots and coordinating things ? Was malicious gossip, worse that what we already know about (snuff videos nobody can produce that exist only in written form), passed around to incite mass harassment and targeting of a subject the police/social services/high court judge exonerated years ago in a fictitious murder/rape/cannibalism case ?

    This could be an iceberg, with 90 percent of it’s mass under water and unseen to anyone so far.

    This could be a much bigger case than simply the Hampstead affair, it could be the precident setting trial case for conspiracy to stalk, harass, defame and slander people online.

    It could be legal history in the making and a test case for lawyers and judges to study for years to come.

    All you guys n gals can be rightly proud of your 3 year plus involvement, tireless research and consistent work to catalogue so much of the material.

    The next 6 to 18 months could see the fruits of a long campaign ripen as justice looks set to be served.

    Nice one everybody.


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    • Indeed this was and is a vast conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. But that is always a very difficult accusation to prove as it must be shown that the participants actually knew that they were promoting a false or criminal narrative. There appear to be some known nutters involved in this matter but others appear to be far too intelligent to ignore one factor:
      That the British High Court has twice completely absolved a father of any crime in respect of the Hampstead case and concluded a conspiracy did take place to torture and force two children to parrot a series of falsehoods to target numerous innocent parents. (as opposed to say the H***y G***g matter which never got near a court (except to jail one participant in that hoax)

      I’m continually amazed that this mob and especially APD simply ignore that pertinent fact although I reckon it finally dawned upon Charlotte Ward and that is why she eventually got cold feet and abandoned her endeavor.

      Still, it’s very good of APD to be laying out a timeline and producing so much evidence, even if some is suspect, for any cop who may be investigating this matter.

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      • I think November will assure people of the illegality. Problem is these people are a bad combination of stupid and borderline mentally ill. They just treat legal action as a giant cover up that proves the hoax. It’s gone on too long and I’m glad the father has made a report and pressed charges. The Guardia aren’t taking it lightly and hopefully there’ll be a domino effect.

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  2. APD would play Russian Roulette with a round in every chamber. She doesn’t realise she is not giving herself any chance at all. Not even got a lawyer yet! Seeing both her and Neelu in deep shit is a joy to behold. If only Rubbergums Tracey Morris was in the same Cesspool my life would be complete.

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  3. I get quite annoyed with This Mob and their “experts”, most who are complete phonies with a dodgy past which is often very hard to pin down. It’s personal of course, recalling my relatives that were ripped off for some savings by the Olympic Games fake shares gang of which the odious Chris Fay was a member of. They are simple people and you can always say ” a fool and his money…” but even fools need protecting from these frauds who cause so much damage and distress.

    And Mr. Popoola is one. I have utter disdain for people like him who attempt to coast in on dodgy qualifications when others must grind away for decades studying their chosen path at legitimate universities etc.
    His paper has now disappeared. I wonder if Hoaxstead had something to do with that?. But even is as dodgy as they come. Started as a reasonable idea it became a place for every ratbag under the sun (they have over 65 million “research papers” now published) to put up “research” with no critical, peer or expert analysis. And they get away with it because the domain “” was registered years before “edu” was attached to legitimate websites publishing peer related research. They’re one of the few non-accredited ones (US laws strictly apply) that coasted in before the law was established so any fraud can post their rubbish and claim it is on a prestige “edu” website.

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  4. Really, Matt? Or do they just object to you using your own children in your last two hate videos, you sick bastard?

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  5. Another nice bit of self-incrimination:

    Quite a random one, this. She’s suddenly appeared on this thread from 4 days ago, where I’d been replying to Mary McDermott and there’s nothing about acclimatising to prison on there. I had made a joke on a completely different thread (on a different video, I think) about how Angie should watch some ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’ videos to get some tips, though.

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    • I now think Ange is like someone I once knew who was a supporter of the losing side in a court case. This often happens with people who have little reality of how the law works (Angie?).
      This person really thought they can contact the judge and explain that the decision was wrong and the other party had lied etc.

      They had no concept that the only way a court decision could be reversed was by appealing and even then you have to have pretty good reasons in most matters quite apart from the funds and a solicitor that will only take it on if there is a possibility of winning.
      This person genuinely believed there was perhaps an office somewhere you just went to and said: “I’d like this court matter reversed thank you”..a bit like returning goods to a shop for a refund.

      I think APD thinks that if she is charged with harassment that she can possibly get up and say she is innocent and then lay out all her “evidence” as she calls it, & that RD and all the Hampstead residents are guilty. I think she believes she can re-run the Hampstead matter that’s already been decided ( twice) in the UK courts.

      But the reality is- even if the father or anyone else had been convicted of some crime (they haven’t and won’t be in this matter) they are still entitled to privacy and to be free from harassment. Even Jack the Ripper.

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  6. Another homophobic dot-joining extravaganza from Cat Splat. Seriously, check this one out – it’s a hoot!

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  7. OK, yesterday I reported three comments on Facebook – one threatening to burn down Neelu’s old house, one threatening to break in and one threatening to beat up the builder with a baseball bat. All three came back as not breaching Facebook’s community standards and have been allowed to stay up.

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    • They haven’t even bothered replying to my report of Tracey’s video, in which she made a number of threats of extreme violence. It’s been 4 days now. Hey ho

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    • Of course not, the media has moved on about online bullying, and so for farcebook its back to business as usual, now that the public gaze isnt on them (until the next teen suicide- then they will trot out the same tired old excuses about more moderation, better reporting etc- just like they did the last couple of times….)

      They wont do a damned thing until they are FORCED to by legislation and the threat of major fines/blocking

      They aren’t lying about these posts not breaching their’community standards’- they are merely telling the truth…. their standards really are that low and they have no intention of raising them either

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      • @Steved.

        Would agree. It’s time to regulate. And criminal sanctions for the top executives.


  8. Can you smell the desperation?

    That’s a re-post of a highly vitriolic video in which she attacks Steve Keys, Kilrush and others.

    She’s also re-posted another one, a really nasty one that was made by Hope Girl back in March, and she seems blissfully unaware that it’s blocked in the UK for defamation 😂

    And she still seems to think going after us will somehow help with her case. She hasn’t yet grasped that we’re not the ones prosecuting her, so it’s completely pointless.

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    • Here’s what I’m thinking about APD’s situation. As the Gardaí continue their investigations a lot of things will become clear to them about her alleged advocacy for survivors of CSA….I believe they will see her for the fake she is.

      I’m not sure what you’ve read or heard about the pope’s visit to Ireland…in parts it was a joyous event, but bittersweet. The national conversation during the whole weekend was all about the survivors and LGBT community….there was sorrow, there was anger and every Irish person in the land, including policemen and policewomen, listened and empathised, felt the surivor’s pain.

      Can you imagine how the investigation team, raw from the weekend must be feeling discovering what a fucking shithead APD truly is…..I think they’ll be justifiably angry with her.

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      • The big thing that all the troofers and hoaxers have all honed in on re. the Pope’s visit has been the apparently sharp decline in the numbers of people lining the streets to welcome him and they’ve been posting then-and-now comparison pics to illustrate this. How accurate/misleading the pics are, though, I wouldn’t like to say.

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        • @ Liza, it’s been said the aerial views of the Dublin streets were misleading, that in fact there were many people lining the streets – I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

          As for the pope’s mass in the Phoenix Park…there was room for 500,000 but only an estimated 150,000 showed up.

          There were free tickets available for the mass….a social media campaign was run prior to the visit encouraging people to claim the free tickets but to not attend, which obviously hundreds of thousands did…which is kind of amazing.

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    • Oh dear, she really thinks she’s exempt from legal consequences because she has misinterpreted what a copper said to her.
      And what’s more- it seems she has taken that as the green light to continue a vicious campaign of harassment against the complainant.

      I very much doubt that anyone connected to Hoaxtead would send death threats to anyone.
      Mind you- I can’t really trust my cat Whiskers who is actually my registered “carer”, receives a government pension for that and just spends the lot on booze (cheap Vodka) and basically acts as though I’m HER carer. She does hit the keyboard late at night sending fake profiles to PlentyOfFish. God only knows what she’s on about at times.

      Anyone who has sent death threats to APD needs the to have their collar felt. There is, of course, a little matter of proving it.

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      • Yes, I agree. If anyone has actually sent death threats, threats of bodily harm, or anything resembling that to any of the Hampstead hoaxers, I hope they are found and reported to police.

        That said, I also agree that Angela would be very wise to find herself a decent solicitor, close her computer, and find something else with which to occupy her time while she awaits the DPP’s decision re charges.

        Will she do this? I strongly doubt it. No attention to be gleaned that way.

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      • I think anyone here that sent a death threat would be outed quite quickly, however I can safely say I have never seen a single one here, (except quotations of death threats FROM apd and her ilk- which are sadly far too common….)

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        • What is she complaining about? She should think about how much she is now saving on the council tax, electricity and water bills that she is no longer responsible for. It could have been an even bigger saving on her household expenses but she abdicated responsibility for the mortgage ages ago.

          I need to check that company website. That’s more than I’m being paid an hour. If the toilet is free, as she claims, I quite fancy the idea of someone paying me to sit outside the Equity Law HQ for sh!ts and giggles.


  9. Peadar Tobain, is a Sinn Féin TD for West Meath, most recently making headlines as being on the wrong side of the Repeal the eighth amendment referendum in the south, SF are known as a party of member discipline but he rebelled and campaigned against abortion reform making a series of fairly right wing Catholic speeches about denying women choice, for info Ireland voted overwhelmingly to repeal the eighth and allow access to safe and legal abortion. He’s basically a right wing pro lifer, I’ve no idea why APD has included him in that list, I do recall when TM and the other lady were making pests of themselves outside Alder Hay during the Alfie Evans situation they kept calling on the pro lifers to join in, is there some link to the hoaxers and the anti choice movement? I’m amazed that people who say they’re campaigning for victims of sex abuse also appear to believe those victims if made pregnant via rape should be forced to give birth against their will.

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    • Pro-lifers are very rigid about their particular stance which as you point out smacks of hypocrisy. I’ve always thought of those sorts of holy rollers as the type who simply like to feel superior to others because they follow the word of God so closely….it’s that exact blinkered attitude which did a good job of oppressing Irish people for so long.

      The connection between pro-lifers and hoaxers? Kindred spirits.

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  10. Peadar Tóibín wouldn’t touch her with a bargepole, she has tried to involve him before in her allegations but he ignored her as has her repeated attempts to involve Emily Napper.

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  11. Oh dear Angie’s latest video on YT is something to behold.
    I can’t actually follow most of it as the weaving & dot joining got a bit beyond me but there was mention of Anagrams about someone who allegedly posts on here.
    So I ran “Angela Power-Disney” through an anagram generator and Lo & Behold I think I got a spooky portent of the future:
    Angela Power Disney = Son Already Weeping.

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    • Where are you seeing that, Sam? I’m not seeing any new videos on either of her channels or her Facebook page.


  12. Apparently FSF director Catriona Selvester is planning to assassinate the Queen with bow and arrow. Mad bint

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  13. LOL, Andy Devine’s just announced he’s doing a live feed with John Praterson at 8 o’clock tonight. Should be a hoot.


    • Gordon Bowden, blah blah blah, BBC, blah blah, blah.. it’ll probably be more of a borefest than a hoot. LOL!


  14. Malcolm the Christian (and practising witch) celebrating a man being beaten to death:


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