Charlotte, Belinda & Angela: The pagga continues

The lovely thing about the Hoaxtead mob is their utter inability to remain on good terms with one another. It’s not surprising, really, as many of them are either deeply unpleasant people to begin with, or addled by alcohol or drugs, or both.

What we don’t fully understand, though, is their seeming compulsion to share their internecine warfare with us. It’s true: we cannot count the number of times we’ve opened our email of a morning to discover yet another gleaming example of the hoaxers’ inability to play nicely with one another.

Our only real complaint about this is that sometimes they send us these things out of chronological order, so we’re left trying to work out who said what to whom, and when. That’s what happened yesterday.

Round One: The Tap Blog post

The slow-motion pagga has been going on for more than a year now, with the first shot fired across the bow via the Tap Blog in July 2017. We were a little slow on the uptake with this one, as it only came to our attention in late August 2017, but here are the highlights in review:

  • Alfred Lambremont-Webre demoted in Charlotte’s estimation from “absolutely gorgeous human being” to “disgusting gatekeeper”;
  • One hoaxer demoted from heroine to weeper of “crocodile tears”, much despised by Charlotte;
  • Allegation that she and unspecified others were arrested by police from Sunderland—concerning the Hollie Greig hoax, perhaps?

Round Two: November 2017

Things really started to heat up in November, though. In an email on 18 November to a mutual friend, Charlotte had sharp words for a number of her former colleagues:

  • “We had all been taken in once at Belinda’s; why should “they” not set something else up for others? Like Hampstead!”
  • Allegation that Rupert was made a patsy; why was he arrested, and not Belinda?
  • Allegation that Angela Power-Disney “lured” Rupert into the hoax;
  • Allegation that Belinda “did a deal” with DC Steve Martin, who is “asking her all about me”;
  • Allegation that Sabine and Kris Costa are in cahoots against Charlotte, and want to have her arrested;
  • Quoted Angela Power-Disney as saying: “We’ve never had anything like Hampstead Research before—it was so funny!” 

Belinda responded rather waspishly on 20 November, noting that “the PTB & Hoaxtead must be splitting their sides at how brilliantly the Truth, Justice & anti-CSA community is destroying itself from the inside!” Highlights included:

  • Allegation that Charlotte was angry at Kris Costa for calling her a Luciferian…”but what’s wrong with being a Luciferian!?” sez Belinda;
  • Regarding Rupert: Belinda was “dead against him coming over to UK and refused to offer him accommodation or put a penny into his fund to get him over here”, but “when his ordeal really began to kick in I took pity on him and have been looking after him solidly ever since”;
  • More on Rupert: He came over to UK because “HE AND HIS PARENTS WERE BEING HARASSED by those very unpleasant people in a certain area and he came to face them up” [Note: this is not what he said at his trial, where he claimed he was only after the “trolls” and had nothing against the people of Hampstead.];
  • Belinda claims she had nothing to do with the demonstrations at the church, was dead against them and begged Neelu to desist. She only attended two or three of them “to try to keep things civilised”.

Angela, whose name was cc’d on the email, just couldn’t keep out of the battle. In response to Charlotte’s allegation that she’d “lured” Rupert into the hoax, she said,

Your repeated assertion J(acqui) F(armer) aka C(harlotte) W(ard) that I LURED Rupert to London to make him a patsy caused me depression, sadness and anger yesterday but I resisted the knee-jerk reaction of lashing out either to punish you or clear my name at least for 24 hours. If you work on your logic, I would have a VERY GOOD CASE for saying YOU lured ME on to the front line of this case including having me drive 300 miles out of my way to interview the head of a satanic cult on your recommendation!! 

And Angela elaborated on her statement that she’d worked with 30+ people to promote the hoax in the beginning:

Neelu as far as I recall was the one who organised the weekly protest outside Hampstead Christchurch…. BM organised monthly networking and strategy meetings in the form of picnics on the nearby Heath…. I flew from Ireland and attended one of each and followed all online activity connected with these worthy protests too. I since discovered uncomfortable facts about many of the players involved including Detective R(ay) S(avage) and many on this thread.

Just out of interest, that email thread included (among others) Mary Rooney, John Banks, Maurice Kirk, Dafydd Morgan, Pamela Almaz, and Norman Scarth. Not all of these will have been members of the “Original Dirty 30”, but some no doubt were.

Round Three: May follies

Things seemed to quiet down until May 2018 (though we’re open to discovering that behind-the-scenes chat was going on in the interim). In late May we wrote about a series of emails we’d received at that time, but before we review those, we’d like to share those which were sent to us yesterday.

Oddly, they came as an appendage to one of John “The Schnozz” Paterson’s regular incomprehensible threats. We assume that this was not intentional on his part!

Charlotte started off with a rather unhinged-sounding blast:

Subject: Please ask your masters to call the Hampstead psy op dogs off

Dear Belinda

I hope you are well – I wish you well.

Please do not reply to this email – this will be my last one to you. Thanks again for all your help: I view you as a victim member of the shadow government.

I am not at all mentally ill, although I am a little eccentric. And as everyone knows, I do drink alcohol and use rso [Rick Simpson Oil, made from cannabis] for medical purposes (it cured my gallstones). I no longer make it, by the way, so a bust would find nothing. And as I send this email, I have no intention to cause you distress (and I have never intended that).

A couple of months ago, Angela told me that you had decided I should be “returned home” – something like that. As if you only had to say the word and it would be arranged for my dispatch home to Blighty (blight being the operative word for the dump the UK has become thanks to the shadow government and its secret societies).

Interesting that (if Charlotte is telling the truth here) Angela would be presuming to speak for Belinda—with whom she no longer converses, and who she has called out for “Masonic connections”.

We do not consent to this. We are whistle blower asylum seekers and ANY attempt to interfere illegally in our happiness or drag us back to Europe’s prisons screaming will, we and others will ensure, cause an international incident.

Did you want me home because, after the Emergence of Conspirituality, which introduced the global awakening to the academic mainstream and warned the dark forces that they were doomed (and is coming true!), I tried to help Nigel Cooper? Then messed up the Hampstead Psy Op?

After that, I found and published evidence in the public domain connecting the British Royal Family with Pizzagate. And then there was the “film star” Jewish Kabbalah link I found and that massive – new – rabbit hole. I also identified one of the members of Hoaxtead Research who trolls illegally for the Hampstead cult. I also (as did Rusty) reminded people that you are sitting on information that the previous Liberal Party Premier was a Satanist/Luciferian who abused his adopted child. I also outed Mossad operations on Steemit and have found much more – read on. 

Yes, I expect you and your masters would like me home and safe being tortured in Holloway, which is where a few of the people who came to you for help have ended up. 

You entrapped me into making the EddytheCat YT channel in the first place. It didn’t turn out very well because I’m crap at these things but I would never have thought to make a YT channel without you asking me to. Tony Farrell is a witness (another Priory Gardens psy op victim). You also involved me in the Family Protection field, an area I’d never previously known existed.

Then I was entrapped into the Nigel Cooper case by Maggie Tuttle (who the other week sent me an email entitled DEATH, which I now take to be a warning or a threat). Nigel and his handler turned up at Jacco’s flat in Holland to make sure that we were well hooked in to that one. 

Next, I was entrapped into leaking the Hampstead names and addresses by X (whom I’m not naming here for her protection). I would never have thought to do that unless she had not sent them to me, Skyped me to suggest that and further encouraged me. 

Charlotte seems to feel “entrapped” all round: she claims that Belinda pushed her into making her YouTube channel, becoming involved in the Nigel Cooper case, and then “entrapped” into releasing the Hampstead names and addresses.

To be sure, the first we heard of Charlotte was in a video shared by X, the person she claims “entrapped” her, but short of holding a gun to her head and ordering her to obey, we really don’t think that “entrapment” is the correct word here. Someone suggested that Charlotte publish those names, run that blog, and invade the lives of innocent folk in Hampstead…and she chose to do so.

By the way, in the process of researching this, I have discovered that Elana Freeland, friend of X, is also a bad guy: she appears to be running an anonymous YouTube channel informing Christian Zionists that the end of the world is nigh: v=HXMGWV0BgJU

With Hampstead Research, the reason I changed my name to Jacqui Farmer is that leaking the names of Satanic cult members is a dangerous thing to do. Next, I published Illuminati Party, the crappiest book in the world, to flag up to anyone good on the inside (some hope) who might have been investigating the Hampstead case a) who I was if they needed to investigate and b) that there was nothing for the good guys to worry about – I was a nobody, just a common good guy who was not malicious and not going to try to build a following or anything. The fact that the criminal pedo protectors at Hoaxtead found out my real name and honked it and malicious defamation about me, my friends, family and ex lover, a distinguished academic who was likely gutted to be in the public eye like that is down to Hoaxtead Research. THEY are the guilty party. Their existence proves that there is a cult. Why is DC Martin not arresting them and questioning the other cult members?

This is actually an interesting explanation of that ghastly “Illuminati Party” book: it was sent up as a signal to those familiar with Charlotte, as a kind of identifier within the conspiracy community. She’s right, though: it was the crappiest book in the world.

And here she comes within a hair’s breadth of identifying the ex-lover she was so desperate to protect. Does this person, a “distinguished academic”, fill the bill of one of the Original Dirty 30, as mentioned yesterday?

There are supposed to be other children in Hampstead, being abused and hating every moment! Why are you and he not getting Sabine out on the basis of Hoaxtead’s witness intimidation, malicious communications, hate crime and perversion of the course of justice? Your omissions speak VOLUMES about the Hampstead psy op.

Then, the other month, I was entrapped into making a video about Hoaxtead by Angie Power Disney (fortunately, I found genuine info identifying one of them….I wasn’t meant to find that).

Another fascinating detail: we’d speculated about who might have made that video, which is now banned in the UK.

In the process of making it, the FB algorithms offered me even more evidence, including that Jake Clarke is setting up nasty Satanic Facebook pages. I do not know whether “Charlotte Webb” is meant to be me (if she is, then this is a death threat) but Jake Clarke, the man/boy who entrapped Xxxxxx into risking her 20K bail money, made it. Why is “love and light” Jake Clarke, who has been sectioned, being allowed near Xxxxxx and being encouraged by Angie Power Disney, to set up fake Facebook pages like this? charlotte.webb.104418

(Jake Clarke sounds like a fake name to me, anyway – a “feed good” name.)

On Jake, did Xxxxxx lose her bail money? What about all the people who helped her? Do they lose out now? I know she’s got a PhD or two – so why did she, at the age of 74, on a cold day, with no money and a bad leg, decide to go handing out leaflets about the Hampstead case? On camera? Risking twenty grand of other people’s money? That’s not very “software genius”, is it? And Jake is supposed to be her best friend…

The case is just so obviously a psy op. 

Cult copper DC Martin (your friend) ruthlessly and negligently let down those children and did not interview any of those cult members or ask to see the priest’s allegedly pierced back – yet has spent four years trying to extract revenge and get me behind bars! In the process of this expensive farce, we’ve had to watch Rupert, Jake, Deborah, Wesley and others throw themselves desperately and farcically under the bus…’s becoming a coach park! Is this funded by the UK or by the cult?!

Neither, we expect. It’s the result of the fact that those who became involved in promoting this hoax tend to disobey the law, and wind up facing the consequences of that.

The current situation here is that my computers are still being illegally spied on via the internet of things. I have proof of this. The other week, they deleted a bunch of evidence I had so I now have even more proof of this illegal theft. I also have copies of everything they deleted. Lodged in multiple locations, including with a notaris.

This is important. Because we are into crypto currency. We believe that crypto is going to be used to enslave humanity but a) not yet and b) we have no choice but to use it. Hampstead and the illegal surveillance and harassment of this whistle blower on the mobile networks by UK and US shadow government operatives could be a massive scandal within the crypto currency communities. I won’t make it one…….but it could be, for obvious reasons connected with passwords, 5G etc. If anything happens to us, our computers (they’ve wrecked two via the Discord server – thanks Kris) or our crypto, there will be noise. Adoption curves could change…..

As you know, I believe that some of this illegal surveillance is being carried out by Kris Costa, who entrapped me onto Facebook, which is where they run their psy ops. It was Kris and Maria McMahon (sorry, folks – she was one) who started me off. I had never used Facebook prior to that but now I can see all the trolls (including Deb Mahmoudieh) lining up on the Free Sabine page. Kris also pursues me with fake troll accounts across crypto sites e.g. and tried to hunt me down on Pizzagate – on reddit – with Sonya Van Gelder. So tell me, why would a woman, who claims to be a victim of SRA…persecute online someone like me? Even if I am not very good at it and she might hate me, I’m on the GOOD SIDE. Geddit?

Belinda, you, I request, are going to get all those dogs called off and inform your masters this:

I am not doing conspiracy theory any more. I have done my bit. I was in it early enough to see the global awakening kick off. But I’m now so sick of the lies and disinformation (Miles Johnston, Simon Parkes, Alfred Webre and so many others – don’t start me off) that I’m dropping the whole thing. I’m handing over to the next generation, having done my bit.

Your masters are not stupid. They know that I am not malicious. They know that I will walk away. And they know that freedom is encoded deep within my astrology. They also know that one of their Steemit Mossad spies fed back to us that we were boring to survey – because we are not corrupt. They can’t find anything on us because we love each other and our animals and are deeply good and simple people right to the bottom of our underwear drawers and empty crypto wallets.

Convey direct to them, please, that all we want is a quiet life in the beautiful country we’ve chosen. We love it here. We want to be able to survive on our crypto. If we can make any extra (probably not) we will share it with the poor people. We don’t cause any trouble here on social media – we respect this country (unlike the war-mongering UK and Holland). We are asking them to leave us alone. Because there would be lots of people in this country very happy to read that the slave masters have been outed for their involvement in snuff…..if they don’t already know. Which they probably don’t. (But they could have….)

Your masters also know that thanks to the Facebook algorithms, I was shown a massive psy op that the shadow government was setting up, a psy op to do with CERN. That had to close down when I discovered it.

I have screen shots and records of all of this. There was a famous artist, a pop industry mind control victim and a Facebook video of him participating in group sex with men dressed as police officers (who may have been real ones). And a whole lot more. I sent a report to Elana Freeland before I realised she was not what she seems but no one has seen any of the screen shots – and I have all of them.

So if your masters do not call those dogs off, all of this, along with my informed analysis will be released into the public domain. Which now includes blockchains.

Along with that, I will also release a 4-page document detailing all the reasons Hampstead is a psy op, including extra info I have received.

And it will be honked here there and everywhere.


By multiple parties.

As they know, I also have evidence of two other, less obvious, psy ops that are being set up. I can’t be bothered to record them but I have a few screen shots (referring to the “goys”) and if I am forced to, I will release them (They are able to do this “thanks” to Cambridge Analytica. Mark Zuckerberg is a criminal.)

Everybody – get off Facebook! But do not get into the blockchain unless you have to……..throw away your phones and get into the garden with your children and pets.


And if anyone would like to tip me some crypto to thank me for my work exposing the NWO, I would prefer BCH but here’s my BTC address: [redacted]

Phew. She has been ranting on about Hoaxtead being a “psy op” for some time, but in this one she really seems to have taken a deep dive down the rabbit hole.

Belinda waited a day to respond:

Dear Jacqui/Charlotte

No you’re not mad – yet! – indeed you raise one or two important issues but an email like this feels rather like being fired at by an intercontinental ballistic missile, its destructive force is absolute and there is no defence!!

Which does not mean I agree with your accusations but clearly you are resentful of what has happened in your life and have chosen to blame me, as others have also done; by now I’m very used to being made the scapegoat for things that go wrong (or were not right in the first place…). To ‘McKenzie Friends’ and ‘McKenzie Angels’, etc. I cheerfully now append the label ‘McKenzie Scapegoats’ for Sabine’s and my activity, such as that still is at this point in time, she’s behind bars as you know…

I tried to answer this yesterday when it first arrived but as often happens something else major distracted me but I really don’t have enough time to deal with it so I’m parking it on the same shelf as previous emails from you also from Yolande in 2016 & 17 which were likewise packed too full of unproven or even evidenced negative accusations, hence it was likewise impossible to respond to them. Now, that very clever lady (like you! too many brain-cells!!) HAS been in and out of mental hospital over the years so it is a fine line and please be careful. But for sure you’re very safe where you are.

A propos, the only point I will address though, is this question of whether or not you should be returned to the UK and you imply that I via my ‘secret masters’ am somehow in control of that issue?! I’ve no idea what rubbish along those lines Angie has relayed to you, purported to come from me – I’ve searched my emails but correspondence from/with Angie dried up as of August 2016 when after making a video together outside Holborn Police station while Sabine was being held inside it, I then learned from Rupert that it was she who had incited him to come to UK, even though in July I’d told her that on no account should he come over and no, I would NOT have him to stay if he did. Has that somehow been translated into my being ‘in control’ of the situation at some shadowy higher level?! But it was just plain common sense – if Rupert were to come here and do any of what I gathered he was thinking to do he WOULD be arrested, as night follows day! As you know, I was dead against the original demos outside the church – provoking the population of the area in question was never my chosen way forward for dealing with the situation and everything that has happened since has happened because certain parties took intemperate unilateral action without thinking things through properly. So we’ve now lost that case & battle effectively. Hence apart from pastoral care of ‘the wounded’ which I’m still involved in there’s nothing else to be done, on that front anyway.

As you know APD is herself a victim/survivor of childhood abuse at the hands of members of her military family. I’m sure she’s fundamentally a good person but perhaps this horrible early experience has affected her judgement.

Anyway there it is – on no account come back YET in my opinion, purely for your own safety and NO, I am not working for M15 or M16, sigh! But if you want to blame me for everything and it makes you feel better by all means join the club, I can take it.

With love to you & VM, as always

B xxx   

Interesting that Belinda claims her tiff wth Angela started around the issue of Rupert’s visit, and not Angela’s bizarre allegations about Ella making and selling child sexual abuse videos with her own son. Clearly, Belinda expected to be obeyed, and was willing to ex-communicate anybody who went against her orders.

Round 3 continues

We’ve already discussed the emails which followed this exchange, but are including them here for completeness. In late May, Charlotte sent the following to Brian Gerrish:


Last week, I requested loudly that Belinda call off the Hampstead psy op attack dogs. I stated that I would walk away from everything to do with “conspiracy theory” if our harassment stopped. I requested we were left alone: we are asylum seekers from the UK government, having been framed by your cronies as patsies for the Hampstead psy op (as soon as we realised what was happening, we applied here for asylum – fortunately I had the UK Certificate of Good Behaviour used for my visa). I stressed that if the dogs were called off, I would not take any action, including on social media in this country – which I never have and would not do unless absolutely necessary.

But I could do. The video of Ronald Bernard’s testimony is going round quite nicely on Facebook (not from me, thanks to one of the President’s media consultants).

Angie Power Disney communicated to me on Facebook that in order to receive the reply to my request, I needed to watch the UKC Friday broadcast. I took David Scott’s cursory mention of the Hampstead trolling to be a sign that the dogs were going to be called off – and, indeed they were. For a few days.

So of course, I walked away from involvement in conspiracy theory. In general, I try to do what I say I am going to do.

But I am not being allowed to walk away. Am I being further provoked/entrapped?

As I write, there are spies in my computer again. They are now in it every day and all night, changing shift around 5pm (so they are in our time zone, possibly in the US Embassy, Paramaribo) and interfering with my attempts to type. This is particularly aggravating while I am playing the Hi Lo game on the Bitcoin faucet.

I might expect a little, minor, surveillance for a short period of time to ensure that I have indeed walked away but what I am experiencing is downright ILLEGAL harassment.

Thank you, Brian, for getting back in touch with your masters and arranging for these particular dogs to be called off. As you all work in compartments, it might help you/them to know that I suspect they arrived courtesy of Illuminati double agent Elana Freeland, who (I can prove) ordered a Montreal mind control victim to be punished when I forwarded her his testimony (all of which I have copied safely for release if necessary). I have contacted the mind control victim in person to apologise for having caused any torture inadvertently and explained that I found his work thanks to the Facebook algorithms – I’d sent it to Elana because I believed she was a good guy and that she would act in his best interest e.g. contact the Montreal /Toronto police on Facebook (a most lively page). But she did not.

Anyway – that’s it. Please get your masters to call those dogs off pronto. Or else…..

As we are not being allowed to walk away free, having done nothing illegal (except possibly under the marijuana laws in this country – although a Senior Civil Servant here was quite happy to use our oil, having been referred by a doctor), Jacqui Farmer and Video Man are planning what will be an extremely interesting video to be distributed on multiple platforms with Dutch subtitles about their experience of having been set up as patsies ref Nigel Cooper and the Hampstead psy op. We will be aiming it, also, at members of the Hampstead community who may have suffered any distress as a result of Charlotte having been entrapped into leaking the names by a friend of Elana Freeland. We may also thank Hoaxtead for the excellent detective work they have done in helping to expose this nest of vipers. It will also note that two of the women who entrapped us were at the time McKenzie Friends i.e. lay legal reps and we may also ask to interview TI Yolande because her story is intruiging (sic).

The video will not mention Sabine, other than to state that a) she is under reporting restrictions so we don’t wish to cause her any trouble and b) express our serious concern that she may also be a victim: was she also “patsied”?!!! If so, then we will be screaming loud on social media to secure Sabine’s release from prison – she has supporters on steemit.

We believe that I was targeted initially because of my research article The Emergence of Conspirituality, which introduced the global awakening to the academic mainstream and warned the dark forces that they were going to be transcended. That article itself is evidence that I am not malicious. And that crappy book (which I wrote to flag up who I was to any good guys out there and indicate that I was harmless) is all about handling the dark forces in a non-malicious way.

So again, as you know well, I am not malicious. I am not blackmailing you. I am simply laying out the consequences of these dogs not being called off. They/you are not allowing us to walk away free. And safe. To live on our crypto.

I have forwarded this email unoffically to [redacted], and unofficially fao [redacted]- because I am a great admirer of her approach to truth and social media, believe that she has a fine sense of humour – and that she may also be representing members of the Hampstead community, who might also find this situation interesting. As you know, I consider carefully the recipients of my emails. So I have also forwarded it to Dr Richard Hoskins whom, I was disgusted and appalled to see, was BRUTALLY targetted on social media by your henchpersons David and Cat Scott. These people call themselves Christians! They are liars: the way they jeered loudly online at Dr Hoskins about his choice of gender was, frankly, pure harassment. SHAME ON THEM. (Richard, I thought you might like to read this email – best wishes.)

Thank you, Brian. I have told Belinda that I am not going to email her again so if necessary I’d be grateful if you could do that for me…..because I do try to do what I say I am going to do.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone of the Tamworth Two…..


Charlotte Ward aka Jacqui Farmer

Erm…oink, indeed.

So much interesting detail in all of this: while we don’t know what induced Charlotte to finally deduce that the Hampstead SRA hoax was a “psy op” rather than a plan out-and-out series of lies and deceptions, it seems that she has her finger on the metaphorical trigger and is prepared to pull it if her computer troubles don’t stop.

Three months have passed since the last update on this. We look forward to the next instalment. Charlotte Ward x3

118 thoughts on “Charlotte, Belinda & Angela: The pagga continues

  1. Sweet Jesus.
    I am bamboozled and gobsmacked after reading all that! (and it’s nothing to do with the 2 double measures of Vodka missing from my bottle last night which I know my so-called carer kitty has again purrloined and then maliciously placed the empty glass on my bedside table. Is she part of a Mossad plot to send me mad?).

    This mob hasn’t just gone that Rabbit Hole- they invented the damn thing. Putting on my shrink’s hat It’s a bizarre mixture of superiority/inferior complexes, confabulation combined with an arrogance and, oh so many more words from the psychiatric textbooks.
    But it’s all just gleaned from the internet, isn’t it?. All their alleged research is simply surfing the net and dot-joining. It would be harmless if it didn’t come down to falsely accusing a bunch of innocent residents of a London suburb of hideous crimes.

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    • I’ll raise your bamboozled and gobsmacked with a flummoxed and flabberghasted!

      Those people!!

      These facebook algorithms your woman uses for intelligence mining…is it 2 + 2 = 5?

      What on earth is wrong them….they are so totally crazy.

      Does anybody remember a sixties sci-fi series on TV where a ball constantly chased a man around?

      It was called “The Prisoner” and starred Patrick McGoohan….reading this post immediately reminded me of it.

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  2. The video of Ronald Bernard’s testimony
    The topic of “Ronald Bernard” – Dutch conman and Neo-Nazi garbage person – has come up before. His big following amongst the credulous numpties is explained by his scam of claiming to be an ex-insider, while signalling his belief in all their favourite conspiracies.

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  3. As I write, there are spies in my computer again. They are now in it every day and all night, changing shift around 5pm (so they are in our time zone, possibly in the US Embassy, Paramaribo) and interfering with my attempts to type. This is particularly aggravating while I am playing the Hi Lo game on the Bitcoin faucet.

    Sounds like too much DMT to me.

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  4. So Charlotte is also a promoter of the mysterious “Ronald Bernard” (such a phony-sounding name). Mr. Bernard sort of sums up the madness and speed at which a new participant can enter the “truther” conspiracy trade (it IS a business) and sweep the combined nutcase brigade like a wildfire.
    But always one must ask: cui bono?.
    I reckon “Bernard” is just a straight out grifter who has crafted a meme that he knows will appeal to the audience. The obvious clue is his “people’s bank” in which he asking for large “deposits”.
    I reckon he will end up in a court charged with fraud but not before a lot of people lose their savings.
    I came across this months ago. I can’t guarantee it’s genuine but it raises the obvious questions about Bernard such as his inability- as a “former Dutch banker working with the elite”, to provide a single piece of evidence he’s even had a real job anywhere.
    Charlotte mentions “cryptocurrency”. Right up “Ronald Bernard’s” alley.
    “I just quit working for dutch whistleblower Ronald Bernard – here’s why”

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  5. Great write-up, EC.

    I’ve had a read of the full version of the May emails and all I can say is 😵.

    I must admit I was agog at the shameless revisionism by Belinda! She was against Rupert coming over? She was against the church protests? Hmm. Didn’t she contribute to Rupert’s air fare? And unless my eyes deceived me, wan’t she at the bloody church protests?! I think you made the point before that her rather feeble and unconvincing excuse was that she was there to keep order. As I recall, though, while she was there she made some really inflammatory comments about blood on the church floor and fewer buggies coming out than going in (echoing Neelu), yadda yadda etc etc. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. Just like with the Hollie Greig hoax, she went out of the way to stir up the shit then ran and hid (and lied through her arse) when it exploded and hit the fan. I think this is a point that both Sheva and Maggs have made before.

    I see there’s also confirmation in there from Charlotte that she and Jacco lived in Holland for a while.

    By the way, any ideas who ‘X’ might be who persuaded Charlotte to leak the names and addresses?

    PS: I think I may have mentioned this before but I don’t think the woman in the middle pic above is the same as the two flanking Charlottes (if you’ll pardon the expression).

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    • I don’t know either but he also posted this earlier:

      That’s the whole post, btw. No title, no text. It’s probably some veiled death threat, knowing him. Or seeing as he’s a practising witch, maybe it’s a curse? He has been getting quite cozy with Angela lately, who we know to be into casting curses, so maybe it’s her influence.

      By the way, note the RD wallpaper now adorning his “blog”. Crush confirmed 🙂

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      • Veiled threat maybe…my view is he is admitting he’s an oxygen thief….after all, how else could you describe a brain-dead moron of his calibre?


        • Maybe it’s a subliminal advert for his upcoming gig at the O2. 4 hours of poetry recital culminating in a double goat sacrifice. Tickets are going like hotcakes!

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      • I think he doth protest too much, you’re right! He’s in the closet, so in luuuuv with ricky, can’t stop ogling him….As for kermit, very creepy. Perhaps Trogilvy is asking to be the next one on the list for the cops?


    • Yeah, here’s an idea you stupid bint, ditch Ted and the Prat, pay the bank what you owe plus whatever expenses they will now hit you with and you MAY get it back. Otherwise, get this…IT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE ANYMORE. You will get some dosh back from your remaining equity in the value ( not the ownership ) when it is sold but that’s it you silly mare.

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      • Any equity (not the type Ellis bangs on about) is rapidly disappearing with the 24/7 guard and dog having to be paid (YES Neelu- YOU are paying for him to keep you out- ironic huh?), she might still do a full Crawford and walk away with zip out of it….

        Stupid is as stupid does, and these footls are a whole lot of stupid…

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  6. They’re not intellectuals, they’re emotional reacters. Coupled with poor education, bitterness, low achievements and almost non existent social skills they sit alone at their keyboards att empting to assert themselves. They’ll fly of the hand at anyone and spew their bitter self loathing as a projection onto others. The reason they seek out Sra cases is so they can bully and abuse people as paedophile hunters, giving themselves respectability. The reason they don’t question the cases is because they don’t care, they just want a cause they can follow to belittle the real truth seekers as they cut a swathe through anyone who crosses them.

    And as for their funding attempts ? They’re just pan handling bums and scammers, another reason they frequently fall out. Their in competition, All vying to be top dog. Top bitch would be more fitting a position.

    Wankers one and all.

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    • Coupled with poor education, bitterness, low achievements and almost non existent social skills they sit alone at their keyboards att empting to assert themselves.

      Umm, is this a bad thing? Asking for a friend.

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      • I see it as a symptom of under & unemployment.
        Don’t get me wrong. I’m a great supporter of Social Security and the Welfare State and the one reason I love Oz is it’s basically a country where you are cared for from cradle to grave and the UK used to be more like this until recent governments began chipping away at the edges.

        The internet has had the most amazing benefits to mankind but there is a downside with millions of people at a loose end with time on their hands and as all our old Grannies used to say: mischief, idle hands, The Devil etc. (so appropriate with This Mob).

        The one thing nearly all governments are ignoring is that inevitably there will be more and more people who do not work with time and their hands but little to occupy their waking hours. Not sure of the cure (endless fun parks? In Australia, of course, there are more physical pursuits to be had because of the good weather so the crazies- like Fiona Barnett don’t quite get the traction they do in colder climates) but which government is actually tackling this enormous task?.
        More and more we are seeing innocent people who are becoming real victims to the Town Gossip except now a scurrilous and damaging rumor can sweep the world (@pizzagate, Hampstead etc).

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  7. ♫ It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight… ♪

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  8. I think Angela has a rival for the ‘Cognitive Distortions of the Year Award’ doesn’t she.

    When are the saner of the crew going to realise they’re surrounded by people with mental health issues and/or who’s minds have been addled by drugs/alcohol?

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  9. It sounds like everyone is backing off now. You ‘lured’ me. You ‘made me do it’. ‘You are a bad boy/girl’.
    There’s not a lot of taking responsibility for their own actions is there.

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  10. ‘With Hampstead Research, the reason I changed my name to Jacqui Farmer is that leaking the names of Satanic cult members is a dangerous thing to do.’

    Leaking the names of innocent people is dangerous too. It can piss people off to the point where they make police complaints and want you arrested. Which is why you’re stuck out in the sticks and can’t come home. Drop the BS about Satanists and start taking some responsibility for what you did which was, basically, harassing innocent people.

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        • Another refrain of my teenage years was “pass the dutchie to the right-hand side”, there were others…my eldest sister used to yell “Bugger off you buggers” to us youngsters so we devised a song and dance routine around her verbose horrificness and her muted fingers up intimidation which involved her being dreadfully rude via sign language….our maters and paters were highly amused when we put on our regular Sunday Show mimicking her disgraceful behaviour..

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    • She is apparently using wordpress’s security certificate, unaware that it doesn’t match her blogs name so comes up invalid

      “ uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,
      Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN”
      Wonder if WordPress know about this???
      Be terrible should someone drop them an email…

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    • Someone ‘lent’ her an old pc and she is promptly putting all the same stuff that had her original pc seized by the police on it…..

      Hope the owner has no need of it in a hurry, as its likely to join the other one in police custody lol

      (I like the spin she tries to put on it in the last post- ‘oh I am leaving with them for evidence’)


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    • So she’s saying she has all the stuff that’s on the confiscated computer backed up and has uploaded it to her borrowed computer? I’m wondering whether that one should be confiscated too. And shouldn’t she have declared any external storage devices when they raided her?

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    • Angie, you remind me of all those old movies, where the witch goes cackling, spinning downwards, to her doom. I don’t like all that propoganda against witches………….. although your double act with Heather Brown, aka Prudence Halliwell, the most un charmed or charming kind of bwitch…………… your glee at her revolting lies, hypocrisy and attempts to pour contempt on people has only achieved the reverse…………… Thanks for helping people find this blog and all of the very respectable people who comment and aid investigation and research.
      When’s your next invitation to be mocked, disbelieved and ridiculded…….deservedly ?
      Not even the dimmest, stoopidest follower of the vile satanic hoaxers, can fail to see through your ill thought through, dramas and obvious giveaways…………… Each time, you utter another troofers name, their demise and fate is sealed…… have an uncanny knack for the kiss of death. Only because they have all proven to be scum do I find it hilarious to watch. 🙂

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      • Well, I was in mourning for the man I thought EC was…I thought he was terrific, so in touch with his feminine side and just lovely and sweet natured. But you know what, I’m also thrilled to know EC is a weapon of a woman…that’s a massive bonus and I’m feeling inspired, motivated and lots more sure of myself in my womanhood.


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  11. Turns out I was right about the ‘practising witch’ thing being a sore point with Malcolm and something he doesn’t like to shout about. He’s posted a few of our comments today (like he does) and has edited out all references to him being a witch. I must remember to mention it more often 🙂

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    • I noticed that The Crying Scotsman said

      “Turns out I was right about the ‘practising witch’ thing being a sore point with Malcolm and something he doesn’t like to shout about. He’s posted a few of our comments today (like he does) and has edited out all references to him being a witch. I must remember to mention it more often 🙂”

      Doesnt he like people saying things like “Turns out I was right about the ‘practising witch’ thing being a sore point with Malcolm and something he doesn’t like to shout about. He’s posted a few of our comments today (like he does) and has edited out all references to him being a witch. I must remember to mention it more often 🙂”

      Be terrible if someone posted something like that up
      like what????

      “Turns out I was right about the ‘practising witch’ thing being a sore point with Malcolm and something he doesn’t like to shout about. He’s posted a few of our comments today (like he does) and has edited out all references to him being a witch. I must remember to mention it more often 🙂”

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    • Malcolm is a practicing witch and an astrologer too but he doesn’t like it mentioning?
      Malcolm, Uranus will soon be in retrograde!

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    • Oh dear, we appear to have touched a nerve. it’s prompted another one of his hissy fits and another desperate death threat 😂

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  12. Has anyone noticed arfwits been very quiet???
    Not a peep on any of his accounts for several days…

    Wonder if he’s been nicked again, or spending some time in the place with the loverly wraparound coats???

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      • Good to see our MI6 Ireland station has managed to source a “random” 🤭 someone to “set up” APD. I can confirm from my monitor that she’s now fully operational on PRISM which will make the Garda’s job of tracking and recording her new posts that much easier,

        To be honest I didn’t think she’d fall for the “donated’ PC trick, but we can all guess who’s going to win the GCHQ employee of the Month for August for their entry in the canteen suggestion box.

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