The stoopidest troofer: Tere Joyce on Hampstead

It’s been a busy week, so it took our transcription team a while to get round to giving American alleged stand-up comedian Tere Joyce’s take on the Hampstead SRA hoax a listen. (They are currently lying down in a dark room with cold compresses against their temples, but recovering well, thanks.)

We learned of Tere’s video on Friday, the day she attempted to spring to her friend Angela Power-Disney’s defence.

We’ll let you judge how well that worked.


It all started innocuously, if predictably, enough:

Am I wasting my time talking about the people that are in the hive mind? Well…maybe not. And the reason why I don’t think it’s a waste of time is because….people are getting under attack.

People are getting targeted. People are having, I dunno, policemen show up at their house, and confinscate [yes, that’s what she said] their computers, and their cellphone, and they’re saying you need to come down and make a statement because we’re trying to figure out if we can have a lawsuit against you.

What you’re putting out on social media, what you’re saying on shows like this right now, This woman has been on our show, my show, right here on American Freedom Radio, she’s getting her computer confinscated, she’s getting her cellphone taken away from her to be investigated if there’s something there, so they can get a lawsuit on her for slander.

And do you want to know, do you wanna know who it is? And also what it’s about? Oh, I’ll tell you who it is. It’s Angela Power-Disney.

Um…we got stuck back at “we’re trying to figure out if we can have a lawsuit against you”. For “slander”.

Now there are some rumours that she was arrested, and I shared that with a few people mostly privately, I didn’t make any announcement online or any of that because I did want to find to whether it’s true or not and she was not arrested.

Wow, how very responsible of Tere! Sadly, though, it goes downhill from here.

There was this other [bp?] that came out, let me read that to you, just so you know, because see again, our media, or social media, or people connected to it…it’s like a rumour. It isn’t that she had her stuff confinscated blah blah blah, now she’s been arrested, which she never was. She’s not been arrested. But…here’s what did come out. This is from Rev Dr Anthony G Pike, and this was to the Hampstead Group.

And it says,

‘Extraordinary men international, St Anthony battling atheists, anarchists, democrats, capitalists and psychos. Some urgent news just in is that our X-Girl, Angela Disney, 61, has been arrested by four IRA knee-capping thugs who nicked her cellphone and computer on the 17th of August at her home in Oldcastle, “C-O Meath”.

‘So finally, the Hoaxtead devil-worshipping baby eaters have been able to arrest their quarry, after she outed one of their top leaders by giving his real name, who then began baying for her blood with ominous death threats. IRA thugs also burnt to the ground our GG-grandads’s stately home in “C-O Cork” in 1921, and are now known as the police, aka Gard, and also of course the military in the Irish version of MI5 and MI6. So folks, looks like Angie’s heading the way of [redacted] and others who’ve blown the whistle on the whole Hampstead SRCA coverup, i.e. to jail. Yours in the battle for planet earth, Dr Anthony G Pike’.

Back to you, Tere:

Well you know what, Doctor Reverend, you were inaccurate, all right, I don’t know why you did this, I don’t know why you painted it this way, and because you painted what you just said this way, you’re kind of discrediting…I mean, how am I supposed to believe everything else that you put here in print? Okay?

Pro tip for Tere: you’re not supposed to believe everything that jackass puts in print. You’re not supposed to believe anything he puts in print. So far, his track record for accuracy is in the negative digits. (That’s “below zero” to you.)

See, this kind of stuff lacks integrity as far as I’m concerned.


Oh. She’s serious. All right, carry on…

And it really is something that needs to be stopped, and we need and that’s why I’m saying it, because you’re spreading things that aren’t there, and you gotta question yourself, why are you saying that? Like why aren’t you working within the facts?

So I said it, even I said it, there’s a group on Facebook that’s private, you know, it’s a private chat, on IM Message [You mean ‘Facebook Messenger’?], that I am involved in, that people know Angela, and they are kind of in the loop of super soldiers and things like this, and I shared this in the group, I said Angela was arrested, and now, when I text Angela, I get the information that that’s not accurate, she was not arrested, okay, but what did happen, and I’m sure it’s okay if I read you her words, she said,

“No, I was just put under caution for volunteering a statement. File going to be sent to director of Public Prosecutions to see if it should go to trial. They wanted to see my evidence and sources, they didn’t arrest me or gag me, so that has got to be a good sign. I have a statement with no attorney, I’m taking a big risk by the two cops seem to believe me. So the cops were laughing as they dropped me home, assuring me that I had not been arrested”.

So she went in and she made a cautionary voluntary statement.

Anybody out there familiar with the law? Anybody know what a “cautionary voluntary statement” is? No? Good, at least we’re not alone.

And so that’s what she did. She was never arrested, the cops were laughing when they dropped her off, they, I guess maybe they’re not even seeing this as seriously, but here’s what happened: RD, RD, who is the father of the two children who were on camera, saying what they said and that’s how Hampstead happened, he is the one who actually had this done to Angela. So he’s gone after her, for slander, on the Hampstead case.

No. Not slander. Harassment.

Okay. Now. [long pause]

There happens to be a group called Hoaxtead, which is a group of activists or advocates that go after people who are accusing Hampstead of Satanic ritual abuse.

Okay, I’m just telling you just so you know, if you’re new to this topic, this is why I’m giving you the background in a remedial form just to like educate, because [inaud] people listen to my show and they will not know the background to the extent that there is [inaud] out in many different alt media circles, as well as a little bit of the mainstream, but any of the mainstream journalists that decided to broach this topic have been, they were kicked off their shows, they were fired, and had their social media accounts taken down.

Beg pardon? When exactly did this happen? And to whom?

For example Ben Swann, who has now started his own media via the internet and who as a solution to what the mainstream media is doing about information and real journalism.

To our knowledge, Ben Swann the former CBS evening news anchor in Atlanta, GA, was sacked because he had attempted to revive a “controversial” (aka bull-goose loony) news segment without the station’s knowledge. For real journalists, this is actually considered a bit of a no-no. Okay, a lot of a no-no.

And no, Swann never reported on Hampstead. He did talk a lot about Pizzagate as if it were a real thing, but not Hampstead. Maybe he never had time to get to it, who knows?

But do go on.

So RD, just so you know, was the father of these two children, and if you go to YouTube, just type in Hampstead, and you will see these two children talking about Satanic ritual abuse, abuse by basically the entire town. [Wrong]

From daycare centres [Wrong] other neighbourhood families [Wrong] the police, you know, everybody seems to be in on it in this one particular location as abusing and performing Satanic ritual abuse on children, including child sacrifice, baby sacrifice, drinking of blood, and all these kinds of conversations and dialogue came out of a couple of little kids.

And then there were people that went after, pursued what was going on, and those people have really…I have seen people, the people who talk about Hampstead, have had the most extreme backlash than any other group that has talked about child paedophilia association to the elite or to anybody in general, okay?

Now, RD is an actor, if you google his name, you will see him, there’s pictures of him with the Hollywood sign, he’s done a movie, I think he did a movie called “The Bullet”, um, I think its kind of silly you know because there’s a picture of him holding a bullet between his fingers looking all serious and I dunno, it just seems kind of hokey to me, but that’s me, all right, wouldn’t be a movie that I’d…I wouldn’t be watching that on Netflix, of course I’m a chick, so…maybe it’s because I’m a girl, I’m just not into bullets.

Why are we talking about bullets? Does she actually know what the Hampstead SRA hoax was about? What time is it? Can we go home yet?

But, so, RD is the father [Yes, so you’ve said], actually, our television networks have interviewed RD in defence of him, as a victim, against these Satanic child abuse allegations [Wrong][Unless by “our” she means “UK television networks”][Possible but not likely]

And yet, I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like, not one of the people who seemed to interview him, if I can remember right, and I should probably go back and watch them, I would think that one journalist would say, “Well if those are your children, why were they saying those things, and why  were you allowing somebody to actually film your kids saying those and be on the internet in the first place? But where were you when your kids were being interviewed, and do you have anything to say about what they said, like why were they saying that?”

We can think of one really important reason why a journalist would not ask that. Can you guess, Tere?

It’s because it would demonstrate conclusively that they had never done even the slightest research into the case, and that they had no fucking clue what they were talking about. We don’t know if you are aware of this, but real journalists are meant to actually know a little bit about what they’re reporting on. Go look it up. It really is a thing.

I mean, why would a six-year-old go into a great amount, I mean the little boy looked like he was about six or five or something like that, or maybe even younger, I mean the girl…they looked,…I mean the girl and the boy were two years apart and they barely looked any older than six or seven years old, even the little girl, so they were little kids!

Does Tere actually know when the events she’s talking about were meant to have happened?

And those children are describing things like human genitalia, female genitalia, male genitalia, talking about tattoos, the things they did, what they did, and their father was there….

Now we never hear from the mother, the mother’s never come forward, they talk about the mother, they talk about how the mother isn’t involved in the occult like they are, and yet we don’t hear anything.

Uh, but the media is so willing to defend somebody like this, I mean, does anybody else see a pattern here? I mean, I don’t see the mainstream media going “Wow, is this guy really a paedophile?”

Wow, based on the astounding evidence Tere’s given us so far, we have no idea why this hasn’t already happened. (Tere: the foregoing is called “sarcasm”. Apparently you’re a little unclear on that topic, so we suggest you just skip past it.)

And what is this about the Satanic ritual abuse, because I know that it sounds like it’s an outlandish topic for people to talk about like as if, it’s so horrific that you can’t imagine, you can’t imagine somebody doing something like that, it just seems insane. Right? Like what do you mean, cannibalism? That’s just ridiculous, I mean, for a really long time, I thought of people who were Satanists as, “Oh, they’re just being silly, there is no Satan. Oh, take your devil horns off, and take your frigging robe off, you look ridiculous. am I supposed to take you seriously?”

Even Col Michael Aquino with his eyebrows, you know, on Oprah, I’m like come on, really? Why is he in the military? What’s wrong with these people? That was my initial reaction to it when it first…when anything Satanic even came up, I was just like “really, okay, whatever”. … Whatever… [long pause with slurping sounds] I don’t know why I’ve ben thirsty the last few days when I’ve been doing a show. … Maybe because it’s the hot weather (sigh)…

So this guy, now, the kids are grown up more, and they did an eBay commercial. I don’t know if he works for eBay, whatever, he’s older, he’s gained a little more weight, and he has his kids, who now look like they are adolescent or pre-pubescent,  or maybe they are adolescent now, they’re teenagers, are now on the commercial with him, and everything’s all hunky dorey. Like, what was that all about? How come nobody answers, why did we even go through this?

Let’s discuss basic arithmetic for a moment.

Tere says that the children in the original videos were six years old, max. Now she says they are adolescents…so, 13 years old, give or take. And yet the original videos were made in 2014. This means that somehow, in the space of four years, the children became seven years older. Perhaps she thinks we age more quickly here? Perhaps she really is as brainless as she sounds? The mind boggles.

Okay, lets’ say this isn’t true. let’s say this isn’t true, let’s say none of it’s true. Then why were your kids saying it? and why didn’t the media pick you up and make an example out of it? and why is Angela Power-Disney getting her stuff confinscated, and looked through and now she has to make a statement and you want to sue her, if it’s not true?


Now, here’s another thing that we need to consider in this dialogue. Because it’s really important, I think it’s really important to peel the onion and look at this from every single angle. Don’t just go oh it is what is it what is happening, what’s not happening. Right?

We swear to God that is an accurate transcription. We don’t know what it means, but it’s accurate.

So a lot of people, let’s say Sarah Ruth Ashcroft, one of the things that she says is, “Well if Tom Hanks isn’t guilty then why hasn’t he sued me yet?” Isaac Kappy will say the same thing, that’s their excuse of them being guilty. “Well they’re not suing me so they must be guilty”. They would be guilty if I was lying because they don’t want to go to trial because they might be found guilty, that;’s why they don’t want to act like it’s happening.

That’s been a biiiiiiiig excuse, coming from Isaac Kappy and Sarah Ruth Ashcroft, who also work underneath the QAnon banner. Like I said, I sympathize with anyone who’s making allegations of paedophilia. And they’re very very brave to come out. But there’s a lot of brave people who show their face. And they do interviews. Even when they lie, they show their face and they do interviews.

And until Sarah Ruth Ashcroft can actually come on camera and make a public testimony I don’t think that she’s always going to not lack total credibility.

Is this some kind of test? “I don’t think that she’s always going to not lack total credibility”. What does that mean? Why are we doing this? May we stop now?

And the fact that she’s using a QAnon hashtag and again, I’m not saying that Q doesn’t exist, or that it’s all a psy op, or whatever, that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. But the fact that other people do, and the opposition does, means that not showing your face and using a QAnon hashtag automatically discredits you for any mainstream credibility.

Oh my God. She said something which made a small yet discernible amount of sense. “People who work under the QAnon banner lack mainstream credibility”. This, folks, is an actual true statement, from the mouth of Tere Joyce, who so far as we are able to tell, is not well-acquainted with such things.

We’re going to spare you the part where she asks whether Hampstead is in England, or the other bit where she calls Angela Power-Disney “Angela Lansbury”. Or all the other bits which made us grit our teeth, roll our eyes, and pray for death.

But in all seriousness, if this is the current state of “alt journalism”, we fear for the future of humanity. Over and out.2000px-Stupidity_is_contagious.svg

136 thoughts on “The stoopidest troofer: Tere Joyce on Hampstead

    • On another note, what happened to Angela’s car ? She’s previously blogged that she needed funds to get it on the road. Another blog she discusses getting a lift to hospital.

      Can we have a post dedicated to wild speculation on why she mentions two cars being taken then shuts up (a rarity) about the topic completely.
      I would hazard a guess it was either untaxed, uninsured, a rusty eyesore or all three at once.

      Oh the poor impoverished aristocrat (unchecked but she sports a Diana style ring and rode horses as a girl) reduced to having her grotty rustbucket towed off to be crushed.


      Mind you if she was to buy 12 months mot, insurance and road tax this minute, she probably wouldn’t need it, know what I mean.

      Haw haw haw

      The poor princess 👸 will either have to ebeg taxi fare or take the bus.

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      • Yes, that’s an interesting point about the car(s). I still don’t understand why they were seized, nor why Angela isn’t complaining about their loss.

        As for her alleged links to royalty, and her claims to being “distressed gentry” or whatever, doesn’t every second person in Ireland ride horses? Re the ring, I laughed the first time I saw it, and it hasn’t lost its charm.

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        • Trebor Bassett (advertising) Jelly Babies, only the best and original of Jelly Babies count. Fake unoriginal copies of Trebor Bassett (more advertising) Jelly Babies are no good if you want to be authentic and original, nobody wants to be a fake like Becki Percy. Iceland (even more advertising) is where I get my jelly babies from, and my oh my the fun just keeps rolling in with Angela Power Disney, and she is making me fat on jelly babies.

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          • Hmmmmmm Bertie Bassett. I’m big on jelly babies and liquorice allsorts.

            How’s becki percey doing ? She still think Donnie trump’s gonna save her ? Sooner she’s home the better, so she can quit her nonsense grifting, ebegging and crappy candle business and get stacking the shelves in Tesco’s.

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            • Becky Percy is feeling depressed because her candles not making enough income to pay the bills. She however had a nice holiday in San Diego and is back refreshed for more false allegation making. Trump is not being very interested in Percy, must be because she is an illegal immigrant.

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          • Becki is an absolute idiot. It’s lucky none of the victims of her lies has been attacked because of her ridiculous assertions that everyone she dislikes is a paedophile. She looks like one of Vic Reeves’ drawings with her eyes too far apart. McCain? I think I heard an interview of him while prisoner of the Vietnamese on a documentary. Didn’t Trump, who dodged the draft and would be too weak for the physical rigours of basic, call him a coward and unpatriotic for being a pow ? I don’t like Trump.

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  1. Is there a special sub-class of stupidity that we can place Tere & her wigs in?. I mean any real radio journalist (oi you in the back row..control your laughter, I won’t warn you again!) would be circumspect in broadcasting claims made by a person who is under investigation that basically proves that what they are accused of is true ie: an illegal campaign of harassment that could destroy a victim’s life.

    Do they have Legal Aid in Ireland?. I really think for Ange’s sake I should send my legal pal Seamus O’Holligan from the prestige law firm Dumas & McPhail to offer her some friendly advice.

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    • You’ve reminded me of that old joke about the two Irish gay men – Patrick Fitzgerald & Gerald Fitzpatrick.

      That was a real treat to read EC, I laughed all the way through.

      I think they call people like Tere ditzy although her vagueness and general air-headedness could be the result of something else…not necessarily a bang on her head.

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      • A bong in her lungs maybe ? She’s dumb as hell and does zero research, knows nothing to begin with and just reads out the latest crap she got alerts for. It’s sloppy, unprofessional and utterly lacking in charisma.

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    • Legal aid ? I should hope so. In angelas case it doesn’t matter. If she had johnny rumpole of the bailey Cochrane on the job he’d tell her to plead guilty and get a bargain, but the idiot will refuse and take the maximum. A million quid on lawyers couldn’t save her. The daft bint spoke to three hours with no lawyer and the digits evidence they’re working through is as string as it gets, not that they need much with her face and voice in video after video making her slanderous (allegedly) claims. The case would look pretty watertight just from identifying two kids protected by court anonymity, that she called for hackers to attack the family business is clearly harassment. That a ds and a sergeant attended shows they’re serious. I can only assume that her emails and messages link her to other hoaxers and the exchanges may amount to further charges, co defendants. It’s all fun and games till pc plod knocks on you door.

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  2. ” the other bit where she calls Angela Power-Disney “Angela Lansbury”

    A Tip for the Troofer Community & Freedom Radio Broadcaster Extraordinaire Tere Joyce. True fact: The recently sacked mega-millionaire Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is the nephew of British actress Angela Lansbury.
    Please alert QAnon and toss this fact into the mix. With 7 Degrees of Separation, you can easily weave this into a vast Pedo Conspiracy with Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Aquino (plus I know for a fact that in Mr. Turnbull’s ritzy harbourside home suburb there are NO PIZZA RESTAURANTS !. Why?)

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    • Has Tere Joyce inadvertently or by design introduced a new element to the vast worldwide conspiracy run by the long-lost Rothschild family member Sir Edward Heath who faked his own death and who now lives in Bohemian Grove with Elvis Presley (Remember: Elvis is reputed to have died from eating too many Comet Ping Pong Pizzas!)
      Is Angela Power-Disney, in fact, an invented character played by the actress Angela Lansbury? Has anyone ever seen them together in the same room?. Is EC too hasty in attempting to pour scorn on Freedom Radio warrior Tere Joyce’s ramblings?. Look at the similarities between the two Angelas: both are glamourpusses!. Am I sane?

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    • Turnbull ? Well we know a bull has horns, like the devil. So if this shapeshifting demonic space lizard turns into a bull it’s obviously because he’s a servant of satan. Case closed. Burn him at the stake.

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  3. just type in Hampstead, and you will see these two children talking about Satanic ritual abuse, abuse by basically the entire town.

    Ah. Hampstead is a town. All these years I thought it was a suburb of London. That’s why we need this better-informed American perspective.

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    • London is a city. But the city of London isn’t actually a city, or London. Same for the city of Westminster. It’d confuse the hell out of folks who number their streets how the geography of London works. Its got cities within it, boroughs, towns, hamlets, villages, all sorts.

      There’s no excuse these days with google earth so easy to access.

      Shall we also explain that you brush your hampsteads and put on a dicky dirt and Peckham Rye? This teres a right Hampton and needs a kick up the Aristotle.

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  4. The general philosophy of this human dumpster fire seems to be
    (1) If you defame some random stranger on the Interrubes, and they don’t sue you, that is an admission that you are right.
    (2) If you defame some random stranger on the Interrubes, and they do sue you, that is also an admission that you are right.

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  5. Looks like Irish law is a little tougher than the English.

    Haw Haw Haw

    12 months for minor harassment and up to seven years for a serious case

    Seven years, that has a nice poetic ring about it. I once broke a mirror, seven years bad luck. Thankfully my lawyer reduced it to three and a half on appeal.

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    • @Grobnob

      First of all, that’s a bill, so not law.

      I have grave concerns about the bill as proposed. For example, there is a great danger that powerful public figures would abuse the regulations to bully citizens who ask legitimate questions, or raise legitimate concerns.

      There are enormous, egregious, significant and well-documented problems with corruption in Ireland. (This blog has previously, for example, written about the case of Garda whistleblower Sgt McCabe the tip of a rather filthy iceberg). I would, frankly, question the need for such legislation – there is already anti-harassment legislation in Ireland, including in relation to internet harassment.

      The fact that the bill was proposed by the current Irish Labour party leader, unfortunately, heightens my concerns, as elements in that party have previously attempted to introduce very severe restrictions on freedom of speech in Ireland (and bear in mind Ireland already has tough defamation laws).

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        • Leaving aside the ‘mobsters’, I’d like to hear your own views.

          Advocating a crack down on freedom of speech under the guise of ‘anti-harassment’ is an extremely dangerous course of action and needs to be thought through. It could be used against this blog, for example.

          I find this an extremely troubling proposition:

          “2. Harassment
          The offence of harassment is currently found in the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act 1997. The new version provides that a person who, intentionally or recklessly and without lawful authority or reasonable excuse –
          persistently follows, watches, pesters or besets another person, or
          persistently communicates with another person, or
          persistently communicates with a third person about another person, is guilty of harassment if those acts seriously interfere with the peace and privacy of the victim or cause alarm, distress or harm to the victim.”

          It is not difficult, for example, to see such proposed legislation used to bully and interfere with the rights of citizen who raises concerns with a politician.

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          • Yes, I think this is a really good point. I did notice that during Rupert Quaintance’s trial last year, the court spent a great deal of time determining the definition of “harassment” as it stands under the 1997 Freedom from Harassment Act. It does tend to be a somewhat mutable concept, and at that time the settled-upon working definition was that a “reasonable person” who “knew or ought to have known” that their actions would cause fear and distress, could be held culpable.

            Interestingly, at that time there was some discussion of this blog, which Rupert stated was run by RD. It was determined that some of the comments on other social media platforms which might have come from regular readers here were rude but not harassment per se.

            The famous example was a comment from one “Roger Flutterby” who referred to Rupert as a “knuckle-dragging twat”. The judge’s comment on this was that if Rupert was unable to take the heat online, he ought to stay out of the kitchen.

            Another interesting point is that while Rupert claimed to have received multiple threats, including death threats, from this blog and commenters here, when the judge asked him to produce same, he was unable to do so.

            I realise that the Irish definition of harassment is differently worded, and to my (non-legal) eye it seems a bit less mushy and ill-defined than the UK one. And I do take your point that a law like this could be used to crack down on legitimate dissent, or criticism of another’s behaviour.

            It’s a difficult conundrum, as what’s sauce for the goose must also be sauce for the gander, but at the same time, how are we to protect innocent victims of harassment campaigns without some such statute in place? I suppose the answer lies in balance, proportionality, and use of the defence that harassment is not a criminal offence when it is used in an attempt to prevent a crime.

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          • the defence that harassment is not a criminal offence when it is used in an attempt to prevent a crime.
            Shirley APD et al. could then use the defense that they genuinely believe that a crime is on-going, to justify their campaigns of harassment.

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            • Not really, since the persons she has targeted have all been cleared of any wrongdoing by the High Court in a judgment rendered on 19 March 2015.

              In both cases which have reached the Crown Court, the admissions (a series of facts which both prosecutor and defence agree are accurate) read into the record were that in 2014 two children made false allegations of SRA against various people including their father, their teachers, children and parents in their school, social workers, and police officers. Both sides agreed to the facts of the police investigation, the children being taken into protective custody, and the fact-finding hearing which led to the 19 March 2015 judgment by Mrs Justice Pauffley. It was agreed that a massive amount of information was released onto the internet, in contravention of a court order intended to protect the children in the case.

              It would be nearly impossible, short of a successful Supreme Court challenge, for any court to determine otherwise.

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          • The “persistently communicates with a third person about another person” clause is particularly troubling.

            Are they trying to outlaw gossip?

            What if I persistently communicate concerns about the people who spread the Hoaxstead libels with this blog? What if I persistently communicate reports of criminality or unethical behaviour by a public figure to another public figure, or to a journalist?

            One can think of all kinds of communications which would fall foul of this bill.

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            • Yes, I think that does sound pretty dodgy. I’m not as familiar with the process in Ireland, but I assume they fine-tune these things before they go to final approval? (Or am I being unduly optimistic?)

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          • No, I think you’re right, there will be finetuning. Even in the report Grobnob put up, it states that the current Minister for Justice agrees with the need for updating of the legislation on internet harassment but states there will be changes to the proposed bill.

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            • I do think it’s important to get this one right (or as right as possible) across all jurisdictions. Before the Quaintance trial I wasn’t really aware of the amount of interpretive leeway there is in the 1997 Freedom from Harassment Act. I think that as a society we need to consider very carefully what we can and cannot tolerate now that the internet has become our primary mode of communication.

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          • Agreed. If we don’t get it right the next generation could turn against the internet & go ‘back to basics’. Actually, you know, conversing with and meeting people. Mightn’t be a bad thing!

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    • It won’t. They’re all too stupid to understand how stupid they are. Think of it as intellectual blindness, they just see blurry shapes, no details.

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  6. Seems Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) is having a rough weekend 😀

    Thanks to Special Agent J for drawing my attention to these

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  7. More self-incrimination and headless chickenry…

    NB it was Ella who was made to attend anger management classes at Tavistock, not RD. And JournoAngie knows this.

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    • Not the Anton laVey deathbed lie again. Some idiot called Patricia claimed a ‘high up Satanist’ freaked out on his deathbed saying there’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong . . . LaVey was sick, doped up to his eyeballs and slipped away quietly. I think it was Patricia King or something. No one has a shred of evidence for it, yet all the mugs insist it happened.

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      • Trash lady doesn’t even know the right spelling for “Aleister Crowley”, let alone the details of his philosophy & death.


        • Crowley just got old n tired and ended his days burnt out. He was a solid mountaineer, half decent poet and general rogue. That he isn’t credited for bringing a lot of eastern philosophy to the west is a shame. I wouldn’t lend him money though.

          Overall a great eccentric, cultured and educated.

          Overrated for what he wasn’t and barely recognised for what he was.

          He should have written more fiction and poetry and laid off the skag.


  8. Ogilvy ‘logic’ – apparently not having any videos on your channel makes you a paedophile now. Go figure

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