Angela implicates herself even deeper

We believe it was dear old Mark Twain who said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”. In a similar vein, we remember seeing a t-shirt which read, “When swimming in deep water, one should remember to keep one’s mouth shut”.

It’s wise counsel, especially for someone who has had their house raided and tech seized by police, followed by an interview under caution. However, as we know, Angela Power-Disney has never been one for following wise counsel.

That’s probably why, as soon as she’d been turned loose by the Kells Gardaí, she began churning out self-incriminating videos at an industrial rate: a brief one on Friday, just to reassure her followers that she was home; a much longer one on Monday, in which she repeated her harassment against RD multiple times (we lost count at eight); and then on Tuesday, still another one with the slack-jawed and terminally gullible Jason Goodman of “Crowdsourcing the Truth”.


Some of what Angela said during this video will no doubt be of great interest to the police who are currently investigating her case. Here are a few highlights.

Last one standing

At 4:05 Angela says,

Angela: On Friday I got raided by the police. There were four or five of them, with a warrant to confiscate my tech.

Jason: What was the basis on which they received that warrant? What had you done?

Angela: I’ve been investigating a Satanic ritual abuse allegation called the Hampstead case in London for just over three years. And the leader, the alleged leader of that cult has pressed harassment charges against almost all of the campaigners that work or worked on that case, and I was…the last campaigner that had not yet been arrested or sectioned or evicted or harassed. I mean, I have been harassed greatly online, but I was the last one to have this harassment thing rolled out on.

So basically, Angela is admitting here that she is very well aware that other people who have harassed the families, teachers, clergy, and businesses of Hampstead have been arrested. (We know that Jake’s sectioning and Neelu’s eviction had nothing to do with their involvement in promoting the hoax, but apparently Angela is contractually obligated to claim otherwise. Ho hum.)

Her knowledge that others had been arrested for doing what she claims to have done implies that she knew her activities were illegal, but that she chose to plough ahead anyway.

Our guess, based on her continual rants about the Irish Gardaí “caving” to someone from the UK, is that she believed her location outside the UK would protect her from arrest. As she would say, “Nice try, no cigar”.

Angela: And what happened is that a couple of months ago, [RD] and the children had been given fake identities and disappeared, and I resigned from the case about two months ago, saying look, I’ve given this three years of my life, it’s affected me hugely and my family, I’m stepping down.

And then about a week after I stepped down, I got intelligence of the children resurfacing, and it was at his own hand. He appeared in an eBay commercial video in America, with the children, full camera, lights, action, international eBay promotional video for entrepreneur of the year awards. He got a free holiday to America, and chose to go and appear. So I did a blog about it but I didn’t name…

Now, we’re certain that Angela doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body, but her constant harping on RD and the children having won a “free holiday to America” does sound just at teeny-tiny bit like sour grapes to us. Just saying.

Also, just think about what she’s saying here: she stepped away from the case, but as soon as she saw RD and his children again, seemingly happy and successful, she chose to go back on the attack. We’re sure the court will be very interested in hearing about this.

Broadening the field

Jason admits that he really has no clue about the specifics of the Hampstead hoax, and so Angela walks him through her own twisted version of events, starting at about 11:40:

Angela: As I say, none of the alleged crime sites were sealed, at that time the only person to have been interviewed amongst…I think there were 14, at least 14 abusers named, maybe much more, the only one that was spoken to was the father, by invitation without caution, about one incident.

Jason: What is an interview without caution?

Angela: He was just invited in for a chat. And he didn’t have his technology taken. Given the severity and the detail of the allegations, it warranted an absolutely high-level, incredibly thorough investigation.

The other thing that was glaring was the children, a bit like Fiona Barnett, but they were only eight and nine, they drew drawings of their abusers and very distinguishing marks. Birthmarks, body piercings, tattoos…it was absolutely there for the investigating, and it in my opinion was swiftly covered up. The mother and the boyfriend were in my opinion framed for being…for having coached the children.

Now there’s 34 videos of the children, I think 19 of them were there original disclosures, and if you could coach the children to the level of disclosure that they made which included not just being mass abused, but being given cocaine, given alcohol, given injections, witnessing Satanic rituals, witnessing murders, the detail was so intensive that it absolutely warranted crime scenes being sealed and all the alleged abusers having their tech taken and…

Jason: Questioned.

So far, we are only aware of one person having reported Angela to the Gardaí. However, in this segment she broadens the number of people she’s accusing.

Given that during his August 2017 trial, Rupert Quaintance testified that Angela had sent him at least one Excel spreadsheet containing the names, addresses, and personal details of the parents, teachers, social workers, and police officers, we expect that specialists in the Cyber-Crime division who are currently examining her computers will discover that RD was not her only target.

Using a public forum to make false allegations against these additional people, in addition to the allegations she’s already made against RD since Friday, would seem to be just one more misstep in Angela’s ongoing campaign to incriminate herself before she’s even charged.

The money shot

We’ve saved the best for last, though.

You know how we’ve been bleating on for…well, years now, that this hoax was a well-planned operation involving multiple players? We can thank Angela for confirming this yet again:

Angela: The details are so complex on this case, and I worked as part of a team of about 30 people that were in it for the long haul, and set up a blog called Hampstead Research. And professionals all over the world, semi-professionals, all pooled their knowledge for nothing, so there was extensive…and I can get this to you, I can get the files of evidence to you, the evidence was mountainous, but the only thing that happened since…now, the judge that shut the case down after 12 days and said, “Anybody that would think such a thing was just evil and perverse” or something like that, because it had gone viral worldwide

Jason: Where can we see that Hampstead Research blog?

Angela: Well it got sabotaged, but..well, I’d have to send this to you by email, because I’ve got a big dossier, I’ve got a bundle of the evidence. And if you research as well, I don’t want you to do this at the moment, because as you know, I’ve been raided now finally, I don’t want you to look up the videos, but the videos are still online of the children’s original 19 disclosures, and I challenge people to judge for themselves.

No beating about the bush here: she just comes right out and admits that she was involved in a 30+-person conspiracy to promote the hoax via Charlotte Ward’s vile Hampstead Research blog. She claims that these people were “professionals, semi-professionals” who “all pooled their knowledge for nothing”. Fascinating.

And it seems that the Gardaí might wish to make a return trip to Angela’s house ASAP, to pick up the “mountainous” piles of evidence which Angela claims to have in a [we assume] paper dossier, documenting that conspiracy.

Because that’s what it is, when two or more people get together to harass an entire community: it’s a conspiracy. And believe it or not, the law frowns upon conspiracies to commit crimes even more sternly than upon the plain old crimes themselves.

So, Angie, is there anything else you’d like to tell us? We’re all ears.

Shh 1 Liz Welsh

Shh 1 by Liz Welsh, Flickr

133 thoughts on “Angela implicates herself even deeper

  1. You have exceptional sleuthing skills EC. A great post. 👏

    I’m sure the Gardaí will be interested in the names of the 30ish people who were in that group & will be in contact with their overseas counterparts.

    She just can’t seem to help herself! Does she think that the more she continues to spread this it will exonerate her in some way! Perhaps she thinks alt-media is going to be picked up by National newspapers or CNN, hmm – or Fox!

    Angela: “Well it got sabotaged, but..well, I’d have to send this to you by email, because I’ve got a big dossier, I’ve got a bundle of the evidence. And if you research as well, I don’t want you to do this at the moment, because as you know, I’ve been raided now finally, I don’t want you to look up the videos, but the videos are still online of the children’s original 19 disclosures, and I challenge people to judge for themselves.”

    So don’t look but do look in other words!

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        I was seriously creasing up laughing listening to Angie whining about your power last night, unexpectedly, lying in my bed. Superb entertainment. That clip HAS to go into Angie’s ‘best bits’.

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  2. She’s living in cloud cuckoo land the demented bint. She’s in hole she’s dug herself with a noose round her neck and water filling the hole around her. Still she keeps digging.

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  3. I havn’t ever found anything to either respect or redeem Angela, from the first time, we commented back and forth in The Hampstead Group, 3 years ago……….. but her continued stupidity and gloating is still somehow shocking ! Never known anyone like this, in my life !

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    • We can only assume that if a detective sergeant is involved already then the sharpest technical and legal minds are also on the job. It’s being taken seriously by everyone except the idiots it will ultimately address in court. Innocent until proven guilty, allegedly.

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  4. Bloody hell, this just keeps getting better and better. Please APD, keep on with digging this hole deeper and deeper. I am honestly seriously thinking of flying from the other side of the world to attend the inevitable trial. It will be epic.

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  5. There are so many aspects that Ange hasn’t considered. And that includes the fact she has asked for and received money for her “research”. Has she declared it?.
    I now think she is so deluded by her hatred she really doesn’t have a clue about the storm heading her way. And still hasn’t seen a lawyer?

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        • I thought it was some reference to the massive storm heading Angie’s way! LOL

          Either that or you were suggesting that she should quickly leave the country by yacht and never return.

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          • Lol. Nah, I’m a boat fan and had read Clare Francis’ account of this race, come wind of weather, and gave it a looksie..

            On the topic of yachtsmen I hope that useless imbecile chief constable Mikey veale gets ruined for his ineptitude and corruption desecrating the memory of ted heath. Really, requesting witnesses come forward for a man who’s over ten years in the grave. May as well put up a sign. Loonies wanted, £25,000 each tax free.

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  6. Nicely reported, EC.

    That was quite possibly one of the most sycophantic interviews I’ve ever seen and Goodman’s incompetence was almost too painful to bear. Barring a few slightly awkward questions about her GoFundMe page, he just swallowed everything Angela said without question. Isn’t a good interviewer supposed to probe and challenge, especially on such sensitive issues as the ones Angela raises, and especially as she’s making such serious allegations against so many people? Did he vet her prior to interview? Did he ask around? Did he even run a bloody Google search? It’s not hard to find out what this woman’s about. As Angie herself would say, where was the due diligence?

    By the way, did you notice how many times Angela dodged the question about whether she lives in Ireland (at 24:32 and 26:30)? Anyone know what that was about?

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    • Goodman @ 6:06 – “I’m a little bit behind on this. I’m just as you’re speaking Googling the Hampstead case.”

      OK, I take it all back – Angie’s not the worse journalist in the World after all.

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  7. Another thing that I’ve been wondering – what happened to this first interview, to which both Angie and Goodman have both referred? It doesn’t appear to be up on Goodman’s channel.

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  8. For anyone who missed it at the tail end of the last post, Angie’s made an appearance in the comments on that video:

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      • It was her daughter’s father not her ex-husband, that’s not very clear from that that video though.

        Anyway, if a child tells you they have been abused in any way, you take action immediately, not 3 feckin’ years down the line leaving a child in the exact same situation!

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        • Yes, absolutely right. We’ve been trying to tell her that since September 2016, when she first made the bizarre allegations about Ella. She named the person who gave her the “intel” (because no one ever just shares information with Angela, it’s always “intel”), and identified them in one of her videos, but still didn’t see fit to report them to the police. Cannot for the life of me think why.


        • A mother not believing a child telling that they have been abused is one of the most damaging experiences a child can have. The ultimate betrayal.
          BTW Wasn’t Angie married to a paedophile in America? I seem to remember her telling a story about a green card and being a waitress in relation to that one. Memory is very hazy.


  9. Nice work, folks 😜

    That’s three just in the last 24 hours, btw. We’ve had several more taken down over the months 😉

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  10. Several people from this blog have, rather magnanimously, given an excellent piece of advice to Angela this week: get yourself a good lawyer! From the fact that she’s continuing to incriminate herself with gay abandon, I think it’s safe to assume that that hasn’t happened. If it had, I’m pretty sure the first thing said lawyer would have advised would have been for her to stop posting crap about RD and the parents online.

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  11. Liza. Not me, I don’t want her to get a lawyer. I want to see her continue to squirt WD 40 on the trapdoor hinges. It helps to make the outcome much smoother.

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    • She;s chosen this path and route to her own downfall. Her choices. The quicker she is dealt with the better. But the leads she is giving to the cops……………… I hope will lead to the bigger, international links with these obvious paedo sympathisers, protectors, enablers and also partakers. Remember there have been alerts made to IWF etc…………. and their wheels turn slowly too, with so much work on their hands, but pizzagate, I do believe caused an awful lot of people to trigger things to be given attention.

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  12. When Angela Power Disney sails out and sinks, why do it in a coracle when she can go down waving and sounding her fog horn on the Titanic. Bon voyage. Jelly babies anyone?

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  13. Great digging and analysis EC!

    Angie was in touch with Abe and Ella before falling out with Ella and accusing her of appearing in a film of a minor being sexually abused yes?

    It would be great to know for once and for all whether Angie has actually seen such material or not. Now that the Gardaí have got her tech they will be able to find out. Either way it does not look good for Angie. Either she has seen evidence of a child being abused and not reported it to the police or she has made up a false allegation of CSA.

    Having read up on the drug trafficking routes between Spain and Morocco I suspect that the Gardaí might be extremely interested in a whole lot of material of Angela’s tech.

    Abe may not be a “drug lord” but his activities in Spain and Morocco and the photos of Abe and Ella prancing around in a cannabis field are likely to be very interesting to the Gardaí. One wonders just how Abe and Ella have been supporting themselves on no money while holed up in Spain?

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    • Plus it would be interesting to know why, if Angie had evidence of child sexual abuse by Ella as she claimed, she didn’t report it to the police.

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    • She didn’t say she’d seen the video. She’d been told about it by one of her friends. She still should have reported that to the police. She didn’t. Why not? I can only think because it was a load of cobblers.

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      • Thanks for the clarification. If she was told about it by a friend then there still may be a record of it via email, text, etc.

        I suspect that most of what Angela says is a load of old cobblers.

        On this issue, it may be true, it may be false. Probably false but I would be extremely interested to know more about this allegation and how it arose.

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        • The full, frank and quite fantastical account of Angela’s source for the alleged abuse involving Ella is given here ‘’. A very appropriate heading, it must be said.

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  14. I’m sure it’s been pointed out before but I’ll just repeat it anyway, victims or complainants of abuse have anonymity for life, that’s the same in UK and Southern Ireland, children whether witnesses, complainants or even accused are not allowed to be named under any circumstances, anyone under the age of 18 is entitled to anonymity, you can find several European rulings on this very subject. Whether the accusations were a hoax or not those children have been part of family court proceedings. There has been one person already charged for naming the complainant in the recent Belfast rugby rape trial online, that was a not guilty verdict but still the complainant is entitled to lifelong anonymity. Family courts are closed to protect the anonymity and privacy of children involved, this leads to allegations of closed courts but there is no way of managing an open family court system without putting vulnerable women and children at risk of being named in the press or social media. So all that said, regardless of whether gardai can prove harassment this woman in breaching those children’s privacy, their right to a private life under European law and she’s in contempt of court. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t say their names, it’s jigsaw identification by posting links to videos etc. The GFA makes it possible to prosecute crimes on both sides of the border, if the father reported contempt in NI the PSNI could ask for gardai cooperation, issue a European arrest warrant and have her extradited for what is a very serious charge – I’m shocked this has been allowed to go on for so long. Harassment will carry a suspended sentence for a first offence, contempt of family court proceedings by identifying minors would carry a custodial sentence without question.

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    • It appears @drifloud has missed the principle of giving anonymity to children of abuse. He has been posting the medical reports multiple times of the RD kids on his Twitter account. He gave me the perfect case study to have social media companies regulated, as I have been able to make a powerful case for regulation to my MP thanks to @drifloud. Also, the directors in Twitter have had e-mails from me asking they do something about him.

      I have just realised the RD kids are aged 12 and 13. They are now going to see all the stuff the Satan Hunters have been posting on the internet. All their friends sadly will be able to come across the content as well.

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      • It’s not only that they will see the stuff SV, will they have to move every time new classmates and friends etc…see their history and background? Their father too might have to move if the nutters on the net find out his location. What a dreadful ongoing nightmare they have to live.

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      • I’m very glad to hear you did that, SV. If you would like to share what you said to your MP and Twitter, I’m sure others would be pleased to join you in fighting for the privacy rights of these kids.

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        • Sent to my MP

          I refer to a Twitter account known as @drifloud which has since 2015 been
          conducting an abusive, harrassing and intensive campaign against dozens of innocent UK citizens including children. Of particular concern are two
          young children whose personal names, faces, dates of birth, images and
          other personal information is constantly being posted. The father of the
          two children also has his personal details posted by @drifloud making
          false allegations against him of rape and murder of children.

          For many years I and others have been making referrals to Twitter against
          @drifloud reporting him for multiple violations, with myself making dozens
          of referrals over the last year, using their reporting system. In around
          2016 @drifloud was suspended but then restored with limits on his account
          such as his inability to follow others on Twitter. Since then @drifloud
          is posting content in violation of most of the terms and conditions of
          Twitter, and despite many complaints to Twitter, most referrals they do
          not acknowledge, he remains active and posting.

          The name of the individual who runs @drifloud is known, he is based
          outside of UK, and he is a principle supporter of a global campaign of
          harrassment against named individuals, including the father Ricky Dearman
          and his two children. The @drifloud account is amongst those who call for
          the murder of the father and the abduction of his children to return them
          to their abusive mother.

          Since 2014 I have been involved with others fighting a global campaign of
          harrassment against named individuals who are the innocent parties of
          false allegations that they are a part of a cult killing, raping and
          eating children in the schools of Hampstead London. The fiction is an
          invention of a mother Ella Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie who
          were involved in a bitter custody dispute over two children against their
          father Ricky Dearman, to which they allege is the leader of the cult.
          Ella Draper and Abraham Christie are wanted by the police in relation to
          neglect, torture and various abuses in relation to the children, who they
          tortured, drugged and coached into making video-taped allegations against
          their father, friends, teachers, coaches, priest, businesses and schools
          in the Hampstead area. Draper and Christie are believed to be fugitives
          in Spain.

          The mother, boyfriend and her supporters released medical reports, police
          interview videos and their own personal videos of the children making
          their allegations onto the internet, resulting in an intense harrassing
          global campaign against innocent people by hundreds of self-styled
          vigilantes. One vigilante Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was paid to come to
          the UK to look for the children and investigate named individuals, who was
          then arrested, jailed and deported back to the USA. Others such as Jake
          Clarke have been sectioned; Angela Power Disney (Ireland) recently raided;
          Sabine McNeill remanded pending trial in November 2018, and multiple
          others arrested. The amount of police and legal costs and resources
          expended in this matter has been huge.

          Ricky Dearman and his children recently won an award by E-bay for their
          business, which resulted in publicity and a new spike in the harrassement
          and abuse towards them by the vigilantes.

          Social media companies have been slow, unwilling or unable to deal with
          the multiple instances of harrassment and abuse by vigilantes against
          innocent people in the Hampstead case. Twitter in my opinion and
          experience is the worst of the social media companies in handling
          referrals to them for violations of their service with regards to
          Hampstead case.

          The situation with the @drifloud account on Twitter is a good example of
          the inability or unwillingness of social media companies such as Twitter
          to deal with illegal, harrassing, abusive and hateful content on their
          platforms. I invite you to take a look at the @drifloud account, and to
          see for yourself the inadequacy of the Twitter moderation system by you
          reporting some of their posts.

          I ask if you could please do anything in your power to have the @drifloud
          account permanently suspended so that it no longer is able to harm
          innocent people in the UK. In addition, I ask if you would please support
          and encourage your Government to bring about the regulation of social
          media companies so that they are forced to remove content rapidly when it
          is brought to their attention, that they are taxed to pay for such a
          regulatory body in the UK.

          I attach screen shots of some of the worst posts recently made by the
          @drifloud account, including posting of personal information and medical
          reports of abused children who had to undergo two intimate medical
          examinations in relation to the false allegations invented by the mother
          and her boyfriend, which the children later recanted. The posts are
          abusive in nature, contains personal information of UK children, and
          denies children who are victims of alleged sex crimes anonymity. These
          type of posts I have reported to Twitter, but they do nothing.

          Yours sincerely.

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    • The Belfast rape trial was in Northern Ireland, but the law as regards alleged victims/survivors having anonymity for life (unless they voluntarily chose to waive it) is similar in the ROI.

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    • Just to be clear, the stink is only “like” a decaying corpse – I don’t think Neelu is admitting to having a corpse in her freezer, but I equally can not prove that she hasn’t got one in there. Anyway, if anyone wants to effectively squat in a house that smells like death for a very high rent the prices are all there folks.

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    • I don’t think Neelu has quite grasped the fact that it isn’t her home any more. The reason the man and the van are still there is to stop her breaking in and squatting.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Glad i caught this one before Neelu blocks Martin and announces that he’s “an organised criminal working for the baby traffickers”:

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    • I knew it-she’s a frigging potential slum landlord. In fact, I am positive she has other properties and that will come out at some stage.
      I actually managed to find a photo of that £650 room (she neglected to say a week, not a month) as it was recently occupied by one Edward Ellis (Equity Lawyer) and shared by 99 other people who says lived there (they slept in shifts).

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    • I don’t know but in the comment below it sounds like she’s planning to assassinate the Pope. Come on, everyone needs a hobby.

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      • I would have to interpret Tracey’s comment as implying something like that – either that or she has been defecating in the bushes. It is a very stupid remark to make, not the sort of thing I would expect anyone from the North of Ireland to do without realising that the consequences for even joking about such a thing can be very serious.

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        • “It is a very stupid remark to make, not the sort of thing I would expect anyone from the North of Ireland to do without realising that the consequences for even joking about such a thing can be very serious.”

          Hmmm. Wouldn’t really agree with that tbh. Joking about ‘the Troubles’ is what got a lot of people through it.


    • He is the Irish Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, and currently an independent, having lost the Fine Gael whip due to voting against them on an issue that was important to him. He is a scientist by background. Irish politics is unfortunately littered with gombeens and greasy opportunists. By the looks of things he isn’t one of them, is one of the smarter ones and is in politics for the right reasons.

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