Internet mourns as Angela Power-Disney withdraws from Hoaxtead

In the 36 hours since Angela Power-Disney dropped her bombshell announcement—that she is withdrawing from promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax—the internet has exploded with excitement. Troofers everywhere are begging her to return to the fray, supporters of the hoax are weeping into their beer, and thousands have flocked to her GoFundMe page to help the chain-smoking old fraud launch her latest late-life career change.

Haha, just kidding.

In fact, the sum total of reaction to Angela’s about-face has come from some obscure loony in Australia:

Angela Power-Disney 2018-04-04Whew! We don’t know how Angela could resist such a heartfelt plea.

Why’d she do it?

So what made Angela decide to pull up stakes and move on from the hoax which has been her bread and butter for the past three years?

Two words: “Sabine” and “prison”.

Here are some excerpts from her long, rambling, and self-justifying video:

I’m going to take a step back from the Hampstead case. It’s been three and a half years since the children were taken into care, and I have given it everything I had. …

Admitting defeat is too strong a word, although clearly, three and a half years later the children are still nowhere to be seen really, and in the custody of the state, with nothing more than rumours that they may be in custody of the father. …

We’ve probably made an impact, we probably made a difference, but they’re not free, and many of my fellow campaigners are not free either….

Sabine McNeill is apparently not doing great in prison at all, she’s been remanded in custody pending even a trial. Her trial is not even until November and it’s going to cost vast amounts of money at the expense of the British taxpayer, which is…it’s just a show trial, you know, and Rupert was in prison for almost five months, he was a foreign journalist coming to investigate, do a documentary on the Hampstead case, um, Jake was sectioned and is still subject to supervision….

I’m certainly not stepping back out of fear. I think I’ve pretty much demonstrated, fear is not my forte. And I ask myself that sometimes, like why is the trolling…why have I survived it? …

It’s time for a miracle, and I’m giving it back to God and just saying, ‘You know what, God, I’ve run out of ideas’. …

Without God, without a miracle, I’m not willing to be 74 and locked up like Sabine, in poor health and with a protest that couldn’t even draw the public out. …

So just to clarify: Angela is totally not afraid, not even a little bit. Fear is not in her vocabulary.

However, she has woken up, smelled the coffee, and realised that it smells just a bit too much like “you will spend your twilight years in prison if you keep this nonsense up, you silly old bint”.

And we’re fairly certain that not only would the screws turn down Angela’s inevitable demands for full-body massages, essential oils, and daily fresh flowers in her cell, but being in prison might even limit her cigarette consumption. Horrors!

We think MKD sums it up nicely in video form:

Oh, and no, we won’t be holding a retirement do for Angela. Sorry to disappoint. angela-power-disney-2016-10-20

79 thoughts on “Internet mourns as Angela Power-Disney withdraws from Hoaxtead

    • Just because she’s stopped now (allegedly and without prejudice) doesn’t eradicate her past actions. She could still be charged, and you’d get your wish.

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      • Indeed she has been an integral part in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, Unfortunately that is one the least used laws because it’s such a terribly difficult crime to prove as demonstrated in the case of the idiot Ben Whatever His Name is Today and the politician Ken Clarke but it did have the desired result (I should think after a stern lecture from his Counsel about sailing close to the wind) to shut the prat up from defaming more people.

        I reckon Power-Disney’s claim to be stepping back is more to do with donations drying up as this particular scam has run it’s course and the other nutters have moved onto their new heroine languishing in prison.

        As for Rupert Wilson Quaintance the “journalist” or Dummy Blogger as he is now known, how he must feel such a fool having been roped in by Angie whose involvement in everything she touches ends in tears for all. In that respect she is not unlike Sabine and Belinda McKenzie.

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  1. I can’t see her managing prison tobacco rations or long hours in Court buildings where it’s ‘No Smoking’. And to be honest it didn’t pay well did it. Be interesting to see where she pops up next.

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    • I wonder if puffin’ wheezin’ Angie ever takes that poor dog for a walk or (as she does in this video) just lets it run around the garden on its own. Or maybe the lazy hag just gets Josh to take it out for her.

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  2. She’s saying she’s got another interview with Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) coming up, so it’ll be hilarious watching her try to get through that without mentioning Hampstead.

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  3. I will wager my left gonad that someone has had a quiet word in her “shell like “and told her that she likely to be giving up smoking very soon if she continues! Rubbergums will pounce on this like a seagull on a chip. I can hear it now, “I am the only one who’s not afraid “.
    Angie has a face like a dropped pie.

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  4. She realises she can’t compete with Sabine, because it’s not all about ANGIE any more, and she’s run out of lies.

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    • Oh, I’m sure she will. We’re likely to be treated to her moaning about how she felt “forced out” of the campaign by “satanic trolls” or some such, and how “it wasn’t because she was afraid”.

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    • Well yes, Sabine is getting all the attention at the moment, though sadly she’s not in a place where she can fully appreciate it.


    • FACTS:
      The Restraining Order isn’t void.
      The clouds over your house don’t hide spaceships.
      Putting crystals round the courts doesn’t make a difference.
      You can’t dowse to find out who’s guilty.
      Roger the eight foot butterfly doesn’t exist, even though a Judge mentioned him in Court.
      If you don’t get some real legal advice you’re going to be homeless soon.

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  5. She knows she faces criminal liability. Ruppie Dropped a Dime on All of them to go home earlier than Deserved?…Fall Out of the Hoaxer! BlabberGob and friend are next!

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  6. Angela, darling. Did you think 3+ years of malicious campaigning against two innocent children, their father and community has no consequence? My poor deluded woman. There is no opt out my dear. People remember. Justice must be served. One day you must pay Nemesis what is due to him.

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  7. Off topic, well, kinda. I was looking into Mark William Thomas today as i see him doing his thing on “This morning” I’m not a fan to be honest. I see he has a program on tonight looking into unsolved murders. I felt for the father and sister of the murder victim he has investigated in his current program. To me i feel it gives them false hope and only bring attention to himself and well, money, whilst bringing false hope to those who desperately seek closure. Doing so i started looking into his research into Jimmy Saville which lead me to Erica Gregory. I find the two have a lot in common in the same respect to researching crimes. Erica obviously writes, where as Mark does his tv or the occasional newspaper article.

    Erica’s theories about the Moor’s murders are tasteless and offensive. Keiths brother Alan found her to be distasteful to say the least.

    I wouldn’t entertain her book personally. She had a few newspaper articles claiming Savile knew both Myra and Ian. Now, she has theories about Kevin Bennett which are deeply offensive. Anyway, i found this artifice about her and it struck a chord with the witch hunter general’s and Quacks i’ve often read about on this blog. Its worth reading the comment section underneath also.

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  8. Good grief, does she believe her own bollocks?

    I’m not surprised she has run out of ideas, she isn’t exactly blessed in that dept anyway.

    What ideas has she had?

    She thinks she has made a difference, to what?

    Take a step back?

    She either believes there is a bunch of baby munching satanists running amuck in Hampstead or she doesn’t.

    Apart from taking advantage of the vulnerable and molesting a random American’s arse, it’s difficult to see what she thinks she has achieved.

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  9. Lately, whilst Angie back pedals & portrays still though, the image that the hoax is real…… rather than doing the right thing, finallhy, she is not interviewing with say, Hope Girl.
    As the connections between some of the troofers become clearer, there is a shift going on, where some are fading others are coming forward, moreso…….but eg: even in her farewell interview Angie mentioned Sacha Stone….who QEG Hope Moore aka Naima Dawn Feagin appeared with at his UK ITJN conference 2014 before moving into Ray Savages home…….
    Angie interviewed too with Ben Emlyn Jones who happened to include free energy bullshit in his recent talk at a conference UK about UFOs.
    As we know Sacha was planning to try and keep the hoax afloat, I moot that previously they really thought it was going to be their flagship image to portray themselves as heroes to bring in their marks.
    Looking at him Sacha Stone is just a variant version cross breed of David Icke and Kevin Annett, who has been aided by the likes of all the channels and platforms that promoted both the Hollie and Hampstead hoaxes and supported other liars across the world, which the Fresh Start Foundation are attempting to pollintate in Scotland and Angie with her give me a car and I’ll network in Ireland probs wants to try and copy there.
    They are intent on sucking up peoples genuine need to try and help prevent child abuse or bring about other changes to improve our environment, simultaneously, sabotaging genuine attempts to do so.

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    • Sacha Stone has been around for quite a while and has been noted on Quatloos for quite a while
      That thread is from 2014, and you may notice many familiar names and themes, hopegirl is mentioned, along with anyone how has seen neelus posts, the UCC OPPT trust makes an appearance as well. Its amazing how incestuous this circle of grifters and con artists really is, they all know each other and support each other and have done for a long time….

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      • Maybe HopeGirl was going to enlighten us about where Abe and Ella were planning to take the children back to, had their original plan succeeded and they had been able to whisk them back to Morocco before the police stepped in and started their INQUIRY, did you see that word Angie ? INQUIRY ………. That you still pretend there wasn’t one is nauseating.


  10. Another of Angies mates is still actively harrassing people with his garbage, which Belinda McKenzie also has promoted:and who has obsessively sent malicious communications to people exposing him or the hampstead hoax. JP BigSnoz

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    • Ah, I see the gnats are still straining at camels and the dogs are still vomiting blah blah yadda yadda. But this is the first time I’ve heard a Christian refer to the Crucifixion as a “false rumour”! LOL

      As for the desperate back-tracking on Angie’s disgusting, illegal ‘Slanderfest’ videos that Hopeless Girl made for her, all I can say is the ladies doth protest too much.

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      • Nice how you cut my comment short… Why don’t you post the whole thing? I mean it.. If you want me to write you a letter or something I will. I have nothing at all to do with Hampstead never did and never will.
        It would be a great idea for you to do one of those “this is a no shurter oops I mean No Angela and Naima zone offending comments will be deleted”… Here is the original comments for those who read the misquoted one.

        Naima Dawn Feagin Yup, took them a whole hour to post it, which was my intention. Usually it takes them 30 minutes.. must be slacking. I wonder if perhaps they could just leave me alone? I have nothing at all to do with Hampstead, never did and never will. What if I wrote them a letter? Huh EC? Would you like me to do that to get you to stop stalking me? I’ll do it if you just leave me alone. But if you want to keep sneaking in on my conversations about Jesus with Angela I guess that’s ok. You want to hear about Jesus? I’ll tell you about him.


        • “Nice how you cut my comment short… Why don’t you post the whole thing?”

          I categorically did not cut your comment short, you lying mare. As you well know, you later edited it and added your defamatory comment about El Coyote stalking you.

          Seriously, can you not go more than 10 seconds without lying, you nasty little scammer?

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        • Wait – Dawn says she’s watching us and timing how long it takes us to mention her comments that she’s constantly posting about us – and she’s complaining when we don’t mention them straight away…But WE’RE stalking HER? How does that work? LOL

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        • Hope Girl, you have to be kidding ? !!!……. There is a whole file on you (see below) and plenty who watched your bitchfests with Mel Ve on CNN and who know about your QEG scam.
          You were with Ray Savage at the time of the preceeding planning of how to launch this hoax and make it even bigger and more lucrative for the vile scammers claiming to be superior via their religion or their fix the world cures or whatever other scams who are willing to so despicably use children or peoples’ wish for a better world to just scam them………… What was it about that old woman you took for £100, 000 ?
          A true christian would not be so supportive of liars such as Angela Power Disney let alone try and sell your stupid QEG machine to poor people in the pyramid selling kind of way you display.
          No matter how many people with umpteen sock accounts you get clicking to push up your sites……….everything and anything you do, only proves moreso, the connections between so many scamming saboteurs of real progress and stalkers or real victims and aids investigators who wise to your spinning for sales.

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      • Ah, But Naima Dawn Feagin, you did attend Sacha Stones’ conference and were soon living at Ray Savages’ home in Sussex, so given his close early involvement and alleged 3hr interview with Ella ? helped set off the hoax with Belinda McKenie, etc eh ? see my above comment.
        Then there is that quickly removed ExpectUs YouTube and Blog …… and more recently Hoaxtead Exposed plus your evidenced crowing over copyright striking and your collusion with Mel Ve on CNN to get the Mighty MKDs taken down and anyone exposing your scamming hide, like Doazic condemned and attacked by including him on your pathetic list which has only helped to show anyone really interested in safe guarding children to stay the hell away from you hypoctical, lying manipulators.
        Inverting truth is exactly what you are perfectly showcasing.

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        • OK so let this be known this was the first and only time I ever commented on this blog. In a simple effort to try to just make you stop stalking me for no reason. But instead I got nothing but nonsense. You can make up whatever story about me you want I guess. I was only trying to open a dialogue, but I guess this proves that you are reprobate. Oh well, I’m sorry I really tried to do something to just see if you have anything civilized about you at all but I guess you don’t. Assuming that not all of these profile is the same person, perhaps I should wait for EC to comment? Seriously I just want to be removed from your sphere. Again I have nothing to do with your case AT ALL. Who knows perhaps I could have shed some light on some things, but your too busy spitting vemon to hear anything.


          • Hey Dawn, have you got any more of those unlimited energy machines? You know, the ones that need plugging into the mains (ROFL!).

            I’ll take a dozen magic crystals while I’m at it, please – the ones that banish chemtrails from the sky and make carrots grow bigger 😂

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          • Nothing to do with the Hamsptead case? So was it a different Hope girl who made all those nasty videos for Angela, set up the extremely slanderous ‘Hoaxtead Exposed’ blog and made several defamatory accompanying videos?

            And was it your body double who did all those nasty interviews with Mel ‘Racist Tax-Dodger’ Ve attacking RD and others?

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          • No. It’s your SECOND post today. Is Abrella’s Smoke clouding your memory? “Ray Savage”? Bwahaha! Bad Romance, eh?

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          • Hope Girl,

            “Seriously I just want to be removed from your sphere”

            Yes and innocent people YOU harassed wanted to be removed from YOUR sphere, but you were too busy abusing the children by continuing to push utter nonsense about them. You had no interest in “trying to open a dialogue” then, you mental.

            I am glad you are feeling a tiny fraction of what you put innocent people, including children, through.

            Now p*ss off I give zero f*cks about you.


      • That is a weatlth of evidence, thankyou for collating it. Hopeless Girl or more like HOAXGirl is such a slick slippery salesy type…… she should just sell real products honestly with rather than being so greedy and lazy to try and turn cheap bucks off vulnerable people.
        Given that she lives in Morocco, she must be able to identify where Abe Christie dug the hole and threatened to bury the children alive if they didn’t do as he said. I wonder if her ex friends that were in Morocco also, were wised to it befoerehand ?

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    • It’s also worth pointing out that Dawn’s tantrums have not been brought on by anyone here stalking her. In fact, we almost never mention her and I don’t think anyone’s even checked her FB page for some time. She is blatantly deflecting here, firstly from the fact that her bosom buddy Angela is shitting herself over getting arrested for her illegal activity and she doesn’t want to go down with her (eww, what an image); and secondly from the fact that she has been caught out as the, ahem, “anonymous” creator of Angela’s vile, illegal, defamatory videos that have all been blocked in the UK for slander.

      To put this scammer’s behaviour into context, lest we forget that the reason she is in Morocco is because she’s an alleged con artist who would probably be arrested for her “alleged” scams if she ever went back to the USA.

      Oh and the screenshots of her comments that have been posted here are from Angela’s page, not hers. In fact, it’s the same page where she is currently attempting to prove that she’s not a stalker by posting screenshots of this very thread.

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      • Deborah Mahmoudieh – the darling of the fukushima frauds like Thomas Ackerman these days, with the revolving links back to Kevin Annett and other SRA hoaxers, even though she was cautioned not to. So are scammers paying out commission for clicks ???? to get people to promote their scams ?


    • She’s either realised that she canna do ought, or gaining commission for selling pressure cookers, or according to Urban dictionary is what it says on the tin ………lol
      ‘Someone who is unskilled in anything they do’.
      It is also another way to smoke cannabis, apparantly ……….. hmmm
      Ray Savage is involved in a new pyramid scheme cannaway too, promoting hemp products and with quotes including some of Abe’s original hemp promoting cures and last time I looked, still had Hope Girls ads in his photos, so who knows…… these scammers signal each other in various subtle ways, that are picked up by some who ain’t so dumb as they wish.

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