Hey Sarah: Harassment isn’t cool. Here’s why

Let’s have a little talk about harassment.

It seems that some of the Hoaxtead mobsters and their friends are a bit confused on the subject, and we think we’re in a good position to help them understand it a bit better.

Yesterday, Angela Power-Disney’s latest friend, Sarah Hemingway, posted a collection of screenshots from Hoaxtead Research, with this comment:

They don’t like it up em! If you’ve shared or written about satanic ritual abuse or written about Rxxxx ‘Demon’ Dxxxxxx and his abused children, the gang of trolls will be after you.

EL COYOTE and his gang. 

Been barred or hade your you tube (sic) channel taken down.  Here’s why

Angela Power-Disney and Wesley Hall. They certainly love you.

Sarah Hemingway harassment 2018-07-14.pngWhen we stopped laughing, we realised that this could be a “teachable moment“. Clearly Sarah has been reading this blog quite extensively of late, so Sarah, if you’re reading now, here are some things which you might not know about harassment.

1. It’s against the law

As several Hoaxtead mobsters have discovered to their sorrow—particularly Rupert Quaintance IV, who came to the UK at Angela’s urging—the law takes a very dim view of harassment, especially when it puts victims in fear for their lives or well-being.

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 defines the elements of harassment as:

The elements of the section 4 offence are:

  • a course of conduct;
  • which causes another to fear that violence will be used against him; and
  • which the defendant knows or ought to know will cause another to fear that violence will be used against him; and
  • the defendant ought to know that his course of conduct will cause another to fear that violence will be used against them if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think that the course of conduct would cause the other so to fear on that occasion.

During the Quaintance trial, the verdict of which was upheld on appeal, it was also established that causing people to fear for the safety and well-being of their children is included in the definition of harassment.

So…stalking people online and continually posting things like this minuscule selection of the death threats which have been aimed at RD and others…Angela death threat 2018-07-07 2Paterson death threat 1Paterson death threat 2017-11-30Banks-Ogilvy death threats 1Banks-Ogilvy death threats 2miss-behaving-death-threatJohn Paterson death threat 2017-11-11 3death-threat-1john-taylor-death-threatiowagirl-freedom-of-speech-death-threatdeath-threat-aaron-dover-video-1Aaron Dover-headmistress threat 2016-07-01Bronwyn death threats

…is reportable to police. Arrests have been made, people have been charged, and some have been convicted for this sort of behaviour.

2. Guess what’s not against the law?

Go on, just try and guess.

Give up? All right, we’ll tell you: what’s not against the law is working to stop people from harassing others.

And it’s not just us saying that. You can read it for yourself. There are three “statutory defences” which state that the defendant must show that

  • the course of conduct was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime;

  • the course of conduct was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment; or

  • pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable for the protection of him or herself or another or for the protection of her, his or another’s property.

Let’s make this very clear: when we find instances in which the innocent families, teachers, social workers, police, clergy, or workers in Hampstead are threatened in any way, that information goes straight to the police.

We routinely send screenshots, URLs, dates to the relevant authorities, and have been doing so for more than three years. We do this because we know that harassment is wrong. Full stop.

3. What else isn’t illegal?

Another thing that’s not illegal is publicly pointing out that certain people have made a full-time job of harassing those they believe are “baby-eating Satanists” in Hampstead. If we find shit online, we post it, names and all.

And we are not afraid to call out those who seem to think it’s all right to hurt people they don’t know and have never met, on the basis of a story which has long since been discredited. This behaviour damages real, live people—including children.

This blog draws attention to the very serious problem of harassment (see above). We want this blog to stand as a permanent record of the Hoaxtead witch hunt, including the names of those who picked up their pitchforks and torches and joined the screaming mob.

And it’s not illegal because material which is posted or shared on public social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. is by definition public.

4. Why we report posts to Facebook

…Or YouTube, or Twitter, or Vimeo, or GoFundMe, or…well, you get the idea.

Sarah seems to take exception to the idea that we frequently report posts which are either illegal or violate the terms of service of various social media platforms. Perhaps when Sarah was a little girl, her mummy and daddy failed to teach her that when people do bad things, there can be consequences.

So posting harassing messages, or encouraging violence, or illegally identifying children by name or using images such as those of RD’s children will all be reported.

Why? Because that shit is wrong, Sarah.

And please believe us when we say that for every post we’ve managed to have taken down, we’ve had about a dozen others ignored. This is because the social media networks often refuse to remove things which are illegal or immoral. They are much less interested in doing the right thing than in turning a profit, and so sometimes we have to ask several times before they pull their finger out.

By the way, while we’re on the topic of breaching Facebook’s terms of service, it’s immoral to pretend to be Jewish in order to spew anti-Semitic hatred.Sarah Hemingway anti-semitic 2018-07-14 1Sarah Hemingway anti-semitic 2018-07-14 2

We suspect that Sarah already knows that spreading such hatred is illegal, which is why she thinks it would be a good idea to hide behind a fake Jewish profile, but perhaps she’s really just unbelievably dim. We don’t know her other than via the posts we’ve seen recently, so it’s difficult to say.

However, we’re sad to say that “Sarah Shalomway” is probably not long for this world. No, that’s not a threat, just notification that we’ll be reporting Sarah’s latest “hilarious” name change to Facebook.

Because guess what? Facebook doesn’t like it when people use fake identities. In fact they can get downright stroppy about it.

5. Oh, and one last thing

Some Hoaxtead mobsters (Angela, we’re looking at you) have repeatedly tried to claim that this blog has uttered death threats towards her or others. Last we heard, she was claiming that she had a collection of 40 death threats from us.

We have lost track of the number of times we’ve asked her to produce evidence of this amazing collection, but for some reason she keeps forgetting to do so.

Here’s why we don’t believe Angela’s allegations: it’s because this blog has a very firm policy against uttering death threats.

Can you guess why, Sarah?

If you guessed “because it’s both wrong and illegal to do that”, you’re right! If you didn’t guess that, we’d suggest you go back to the beginning of this post and read it through again.


Harassment isn’t cool

77 thoughts on “Hey Sarah: Harassment isn’t cool. Here’s why

      • It is though helping people newly reading this blog to understand that the slurs made against us that comment here are untrue and energetically pushed, not least by those who make it their mission to create lots of sock accounts merely to push their chosen videos and blogs, tweets etc and to cast aspersions and doubts in peoples’ minds and try to put them off from reading the truth, here.

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    • Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, what made you step into Angela Disney’s world I wonder?

      Are you unhappy at home? – Leave!
      Are you bored? – Play Candy Crush! 😂
      Are you employed? – Work a bit harder!
      Are you unemployed? – There are plenty of courses out there to help you gain employment or retrain.

      Another piece of free advice for you & I will write it in Caps so that you will not miss it.




      With those words of wisdom imparted, I’m away to watch the World Cup, you know, real life. ⚽

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  1. For pity’s sake she lives in Hull! If she really wanted to save kids she’d be out there in the woods on Satanic holidays at midnight rescuing the poor little mites from where they’d been hung from trees. Safer on the internet though innit.

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    • Thankyou TOT. It has really helped to be able to show others the files so diligently collated.
      Malky attempted to say that Brian Gerrish had visited my home……lolololol……. obviously there is no evidence to back up that claim………. I told him that the guy would never get across my doorstep. Though I did babysit for a ‘mckenzie friend of John Hemmings;, while she met Brian Gerrish and accompanied him to the Scientology shindig, many years ago 🙂
      I told him a few truthes too, which he denied of course, and was able to shove some evidence under his nose, not a lot………. but of course, there is plenty more to use and educate those that maybe being drawn into their hoax more recently by LTVs vile attempt to still use the children for his disgusting agenda.

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  2. So sad to see all those death threats, many of them from people who disingenuously call themselves Christians. What do you think, Malcoim?

    Oh, ok

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  3. I think this was directed to me at one stage but then I realised, several people have received the same.
    Earth to Angela Power-Disney & Sarah Hemingway: if you receive threats of any kind report them to police and keep the evidence. No?. Thought not.
    Patterson seems quite deranged. He keeps telling the people he threatens to contact a certain policeman he seems to know. I can’t image that copper is actually a pal but rather one of the ones who is unfortunate to have had to arrest him a few times.
    Mind you he hasn’t mention “Gorden Bowden & Finchley Road” for a while or even “Field Marshall McConnel”. Still working on that big expose I guess.

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      • “Seaford, two words to sum up the town.. SH*T HOLE”.
        I’m rather fond of those seaside towns but unfortunately time has passed them by and they have become vicitms of “austerity” with mass unemployment and the fact it’s just as cheap to holiday in Spain or Turkey etc. Maybe they will be revived after Brexit ?( stop laughing).

        I’m sure “Sir” John Patterson lowers the tone of the place.

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    • Actually he’s been completely silent for nigh on a month now, leading me to wonder whether he’s been banged up again, though that’s probably just wishful thinking.

      Meanwhile, his official mouthpiece Desperate Devine continues to bang the ‘Gordon Bowden Finchley Road yadda yadda’ drum on his behalf, mostly in the form of harassing BBC receptionists over the phone (and frequently addressing the female ones as ‘Darling’):


      Devine may also be the key to Praterson’s silence. Because he gets so many Facebook bans, Praterson tends to post his Bowden/Finchley Road/All Jews are evil crap via Devine’s Facebook page these days. Trouble is, Devine has also been on a ban since 27th June. (Incidentally, that’s also why the Rev Pike missives have dried up too, as I usually get those from Devine’s page.)

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      • Poor “Sir John” has a scar on his ample nose after that “council worker” bopped him on the nose outside the court and stole his sunglasses. I’d love to know the story behind that. It’s a wonder he hasn’t blamed Hoaxtead which indicates he may have known his attacker.
        Meanwhile he thinks Serco killed Dr Kelly. GCHQ farming out their hits?. That’s privitisation for you.

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        • I watched the videos he made at the time and have a theory: I think it was a staged event, with John as the crisis actor.
          The reasons for my theory:
          1. The ‘council worker looked familiar, I was sure I had seen that guy lurking at events that Belinda & co held.
          2. John revealled on one of his videos that he had visited 3 police stations and none could find, said council worker.
          3. Sky News were there filming, I can’t remember what, but John would’ve known about that case being held and he tried to gain their attention.
          4. Listening to his video on the way to and during his visit to the police station, ‘maida vale’ I think, where he fawned all over the police woman was creepy and he displayed on his canal walk video such a smugness, he really seemed to think it was all a massive coup.
          5. His previous exploits, for example at the BBC, when he pretended afterwards to have been integral to a demo, that was nothing to do with his boiler room rubbish.
          6. It was after me writing something like this, that he began obsessively spamming my YouTube account with vile threats including the one above and promising me visits from SAS.
          I can try and put together the links, if they still exist, but that was just what I made of his silly little escapade and the fuss he made over a minor incident, given his own behaviour and the behaviour that he sanctions.

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          • The whole thing was a false flag psy op designed to push the fist control agenda and give Theresa May an excuse to invade Seaford. We’re through the looking glass, people >:D

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        • We’re all trash-talking throat-ripping hard men when we’re at the keyboard, but it’s different IRL when the nose-bopping and sunglasses-stealing starts.

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  4. Breaking news from the world of comedy: (unintentionally) hilarious double act Joyce & Kaoutal have announced the date and time of their upcoming comedy show:


    • “I Am The KING Of HEART’s & I’ve Finally Arrived!!! I solemnly promise that It is I who will bring peace, joy & pleasurable abundance to planet Earth. It is I who holds the key to justice, fairness & freedom”

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    • “I could never have been in this position if it wasn’t for the faith ANGELA POWER-DISNEY had in Me to have the courage to give Me a microphone.”

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    • “I’ve been so cruel & intimidating towards Angela at times I’m ashamed of the Man that I am because of it. However, this has to be done because she continues to keeps on denying who I truely Am.”

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      Great decision to release this guy from the mental health unit. He’s clearly made a full recovery.

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      • I’m more than happy to be “locked” in whatever digs HM or the Rothschilds reside in. Buck House definitely (not so much Windsor Castle) but especially the Rothschild Estate on Corfu (any old room will do- will do gardening and the washing-up in lieu of rent & board).


      • He was supposed to have people monitoring his facebook etc for a while- either that time has expired, or they are falling down on the job, yes clearly time well spent at the mental ward….

        He does seem to be deteriorating almost day to day doesn’t he…

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          • Or the terrorism people. The similarities with the lindt cafe guy ( he wont be given the dignity of having his name mentioned by me) are too close for my liking.

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  5. You said:

    “Let’s make this very clear: when we find instances in which the innocent families, teachers, social workers, police, clergy, or workers in Hampstead are threatened in any way, that information goes straight to the police” – well, HOORAY for that 🙂

    “We routinely send screenshots, URLs, dates to the relevant authorities, and have been doing so for more than three years. We do this because we know that harassment is wrong. Full stop” – and HOORAY for this too 🙂

    Admirable, commendable actions, taken by genuinely heroic persons…in my opinion.

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    • “I’ve put Angela under the pump”. Finally someone turns the tables. It’s when Angie put Rupert under the pump that his life descended into chaos and he ended up in the clink. Who could ever forget that post-pump snap of him in his knickers in Angie’s living room?

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    • If I ran around paranoid about MI5 and GCHQ operatives trying to undermine one’s campaigns, I’d be very suspicious of both Arthur and the Rev. Pike. If you didn’t know they were serious, a casual observer would conclude that they were deliberate self-parody to damage the “truth”.

      Arthur’s latest missive is in the style of The Collected Bulletins Of President Idi Amin “as taken down verbatim in the pages of Punch each week” by Alan Coren:

      “Dat de whole trouble wid democracy: you go roun’ callin’ people your brudders an’ sisters, out o’ de goodness o’ de heart, you tell ’em everyone created equal, an’ pretty soon they gittin’ to thinkin’ they as good as de nex’ man.”

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      • If you went round saying you was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at you, they’d put you away.


    • “But as I watch the Jews who still do not recognise Jesus telling themselves they are the chosen race and superior to the rest of humanity, I think it would be just God’s sense of humour and Divine Justice to have them step aside at the gateway to Heaven for the wild Arabs who KNOW JESUS to enter in first”

      There’s just no end to her bigotry, is there?

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    • Kundalini awakening???

      The only time I have heard that word was in Mad Max- he was the one that wanted his hand back in Mad Max 1 LOL

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  6. More Slimegate loonery…



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  7. Neelu’s taken to writing transcripts for her videos now. Her last one was 47 minutes long and she’s transcribed the whole thing! Is that normal?

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  8. I believe in free speech but that doesn’t mean I have the right to name and shame innocent people or tell lies about them. To do so is both immoral and illegal.

    I don’t care if Hampstead is discussed of itself – people have a right to talk about what happened there. They don’t have a right to ruin innocent people’s lives though.

    Sarah needs to get to grips with the fact that she is now on the police radar and if she continues to persecute people she will likely be prosecuted and there’s every possibility she’ll end up in prison. That’s a fact. She’d do well to look at the case of Rupert Quaintance who ignored all advice on this blog and instead listened to Angie. (Funny how Angie never gets her collar felt isn’t it.)

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    • The energy generator is finished? Great, she can sell power now; she never needs to bludge another cent from her audience.


    • “OMG… OMG… Where’s my .33”

      That would probably be nowhere as there’s no such caliber. .303? Yes… 30-06? Yes… .33? No.


      I always enjoy reading internet threats to ‘blat’ somebody with a ‘gat’ when they clearly come from somebody who’s never handled a gun and wouldn’t know which end you held and which end went “BANG!!”


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