Another Hoaxteader death threat reported

…er, as requested


Epic keyboard warrior skills there from Steve in Sunderland XD

But lest we forget two things that the Hoaxtead fruitcakes have yelled ad infinitum:

  1. They don’t do death threats. We’re the ones threatening them, right? Funny, as not one screenshot or link to this effect has ever been produced!
  2. “If they attack you, you must be doing something right.” So by the Hoaxteaders’ own “logic”, well done team –  and well done, Ricky – you must be doing a lot right

Click to here view our abuse, slander and death threat collection:



18 thoughts on “Another Hoaxteader death threat reported

  1. I’ve met Steven Sawyer in real life, at a protest. I confronted him over similar threats he’d made to me online and he fucking shat himself! It was hilarious to watch. The fat fuck would have run away if he’d been about 7 stone lighter XD

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  2. I briefly dated Steve Sawyer. Between you and me, he couldn’t get it up and this made him feel really humiliated. I heard from another woman who went out with him that this wasn’t unusual for Steve. This may explain his general anger issues. He’s clearly sexually frustrated and he feels inadequate. Poor sod.


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