Fresh Start Foundation reveals disturbing agenda

We’ve argued for some time that groups which claim to be “child abuse activists” but are actually conspiracy-obsessed SRA pushers (Knight Foundation, Association of McKenzie Friends, and Fresh Start Foundation, we’re looking at you) can have a very negative effect on child sexual abuse survivors who are looking for support.

This was brought home to us yesterday by a post on Cat Scot’s “Spidercatweb” blog.

It consisted of a speech by FSF director and UK Column contributor David Scott, titled “Scotland’s Secret Shame”, delivered at the Fresh Start Foundation Roadshow in Kirkaldy on 26 May.

Not surprisingly, the speech consisted mostly of conspiracy-friendly ideas such as

  • Children are used as currency amongst the rich and powerful;
  • Some people are ‘protected’ because of their role in procuring children for the aforementioned R&P;
  • Mental health services will betray survivors horribly;
  • Social services will steal survivors’ children;
  • The official child abuse inquiry is useless and should be ignored; and possibly most pernicious of all,
  • Child sexual abuse survivors should not report their cases to the police, but should come to the FSF instead.

To illustrate this last point, Scott talked about something he called “Scotland’s Shadow Police”:

So, how did we get there?

Now, we know from Jon Wedger’s talk at the Stirling roadshow that there are many policemen who will stand up and try to do the right thing, but even when you get good policemen on the case, it’s not working, because what happens — and this is another story from Izzy’s Promise — is this.

The policemen start taking information — and you’re talking about the most horrendous abuse; you’re talking about sexual abuse, torture, horrible things. So there’s a process first of the victim developing a rapport with the police officer doing the interview. It’s a personal relationship; you can’t just tell this to anybody. Who here would like to come up in front of the microphone and talk about their sex life, let alone the sort of things these girls and young men have had to endure? So there’s a process of developing confidence, trust.

What Izzy’s Promise found was that in one particular case, they got two officers from Tayside Police who were excellent. They were patient; they built that trust; the victim was speaking; they were getting a lot of good usable evidence; they were building a case. It was going great.

They got moved on. Some hectoring Sergeant came in and said to the victim, “Right, I’m not believing any of this! We’ll have to start again,” and conducted the interviews in a way that made it quite clear he didn’t believe a word she was saying.

So, what would the victim do in that case? What would anybody do? She had to pull out, because all it becomes is more abuse. It’s not a matter of courage, because you’ve had courage to tell the story in the first place. Eventually, it’s a matter of self-preservation, because you can’t keep torturing yourself through the system.

And people get the message. The message is: “You’ve got some information about some horrendous abuse that you’ve suffered. We don’t want to know. Keep it to yourself.”

That’s been the message.

Our message is, obviously, the complete reverse. We want to know. Come and talk to us!

This is masterful, really.

Scott is instilling fear in survivors—the fear of not being believed, the fear that they will have to expose their deeply personal and traumatic experiences, only to have some “hectoring Sergeant” throw it all back in their faces, re-victimising them and creating trauma upon existing trauma.

Izzy’s Promise

What Scott does not disclose in this speech is that one potential reason that the “hectoring Sergeant” failed to believe the complainant’s story is that she had been referred to the police by a charity called Izzy’s Promise, which is specifically devoted to “working to end ritual and organised abuse in the world”, as their blog states.

Scott doesn’t say so directly, but given the origin of the case, and the fact that Izzy’s Promise has claimed that “Satanic ritual abuse runs rife in Scotland”, and has been identified as an organisation which uses various dubious techniques to create “recovered memories” in its clients, there is more than a small likelihood that the person who complained to police was relating a tale of Satanic ritual abuse which the “hectoring Sergeant” was well aware could never be proved in court.

‘Come and talk to us!’

Scott ends this horror story with a welcoming “Come and talk to us!”—encouraging child sexual abuse victims to open up to a group of lay persons (with the exception of Janine Rennie, who operates Wellbeing Scotland), rather than taking their concerns to the police.

In what deranged universe is this a good idea? These people are not only completely untrained, but they harbour ignorant, dangerous, and delusional beliefs about child sexual abuse. The thought of sending a CSA survivor to the likes of Catriona Selvester or David Scott is chilling, to say the least.

And what will FSF do with the information they’ve wrung out of any CSA survivors unfortunate or desperate enough to accept their invitation? Do they have protocols in place to protect people’s confidentiality? Will they be able to assist anyone in coming to terms with their abuse? Will they be able to help bring abusers to justice?

Will they fuck.

No, they plan to bypass any known standards of mental health care, and veer around the legal system which could, you know, actually arrest people and bring them to court. Instead, Scott says, they will be setting up “Common Law grand juries” to try these cases. And we all know what that means:

More freeman on the land woo

Rather than bothering with cumbersome things like laws and evidence and such, Scott says that the ultimate goal of the FSF is to hold “Common Law grand juries” which will dispense “justice” in their own special way:

If we have evidence against people, we’ll go to a grand jury, and we’ll say to the grand jury, “Here’s the evidence.” The people accused will be invited along, and at this point, it will be entirely confidential. And if the grand jury decides there’s a case to answer and to indict, we’ll report that. We will not be saying anything in public about any individuals until it has been lawfully established that there is an issue, because that’s how the law should work. It’s meant to be driven by a jury of our peers.

Because, you see, the legal system is all part of the grand cover-up. Uh-huh. Of course it is.

Our position, then, was: We’ve looked at this — the Law Society, the Crown Office, the lawyers themselves, the courts, the police, the councils, Social Services, and everything else that the councils are doing, including education and housing — and all of this factors in to the abuse and the trouble that comes people’s way.

The view that we have taken is that going back to that system and saying, “Well, would you please admit how much wrong you’ve done, and not do it again? Please?” is not credible.

So, we’ve decided that what we’ll go back to is, “No, the following people are now indicted. This is how the system works, and it will stop. And if it doesn’t stop, the list of indictments is going to grow. You’re caught.” 

That’s what we say to the system.

That’s why we’re different.

So basically, the Fresh Start Foundation is trying to terrify CSA survivors into coming to them rather than to the police, so that they can listen to their stories, decide who is guilty, and run what amount to vigilante trials outside the justice system.

Scott doesn’t specify what the punishment will be for those found guilty.

We shudder to think.

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150 thoughts on “Fresh Start Foundation reveals disturbing agenda

  1. Her blog is the worst looking thing I’ve seen in a while. How can she claim to be an expert ? Every thing she does is cack handed and childish, the woman’s backward.

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      • Due to the browser I use, and not showing my location I fell straight into Kane’s facebook page today, Sickening stuff. Just been reading your bit on Kane saying it was blocked in the UK.
        Seriously deranged idiot at work there.
        I say work in a loose sense

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        • He is…special, that’s for sure. He stated at the outset that his goal was to become the world’s most famous journalist for breaking this amazing story about the baby-eaters, etc. Doesn’t seem to have worked out all that well for him.

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        • In my mind, Kane, Weaselly and Ogilfail blur into the same ominous online entity – pesky pests. Kane stands out a little because he has an fb page displaying his photography where the majority of his images are of various fauna having a private moment coupling with their other half – to me that’s a really odd sort of interest he openly harbors.

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          • I’ve accidentally told Brian Harvey from East 17 that I’d help him get a blue plaque to commemorate running himself over with his own car. Only I get into situations like that.


      • Her lay out and the colour scheme is awful. The woman has no taste or sense of proportion, she just visually shouts the simplest things possible.
        One day schools will put more emphasis on graphics and layout to combat e-literacy and digital communication, it’ll be too late for the likes of Cat though.
        Do the knobheads come in here ?
        Reading what we say about their miserable little blogs and infantile videos ?
        I hope so. Cat’s just a simple minded peasant with no wits about her, a crass bully who’d quiver like a jelly if she met me and pulled her bullshit, only to get a real world response. Most bullies are the biggest cowards and that feckless **** is one of the most pathetic out there.

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        • And as for her hobby of finding junk in the gutter and putting it on key rings to sell ? What a load of crap. She’s got a lot in common with the Morocco based slug and her crappy goods and scamblogging

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          • I mean being stood in front of someone is different to typing crap. She’s a nothing who acts all tough but would amount to shit

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    • I doubt they could gather 10 together, let alone 10000, but the comments about gathering in camps together armed shows a worrying mentality, luckily it isn’t likely in the UK, but in the USA, police have been shot at (and I think some killed if I remember correctly) by these ‘common law’ clowns

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        • They call them lots of things. I think Prepper is the current term. End of the world loonies who think they’ll run to the hills and live like Rambo


          • Not really preppers, they tend to actually do stuff even if it is a bit wacko, these are a subculture more commonly called ‘freemen on the land’ (FOTL or footies) or sovereign citizens (sovcits)

            There are various different subcultures out there, preppers tend to be proactive than sovcits and as a rule tend not to stand out, they rarely make waves legally speaking and their viewpoint is aimed more at collecting enough stuff to survive ‘the end of the world’ of whatever particular blend of ending they believe is coming (economic/ religious/ war/ disease/ zombie/ whatever) and rarely come before the justice system except for minor things like unapproved structures (bunkers) and occasionally weapons stashes but tend to keep out of sight as much as is possible

            Sovcits/FOTL is a distinct and decidedly different strain of nuttyness, they tend to make a lot of waves legally, and believe that most modern laws and society rules basically don’t apply to them because ‘reasons’. Commonly they will ignore any modern laws and rely on things like UTC/Magna Carter and the early Blacks Law dictionary, twisting any snippets they want into their narrative. Often describe modern justice system as Admiralty Courts or Marine courts,obsessed with things like fringes on flags meaning its under Marine jurisdiction and unlike preppers, tend to end up facing the courts because of their beliefs that modern ‘statutes’ aren’t really laws, so things like needing a drivers license to drive (or travel as they commonly call it) and registration on their car isn’t needed (hence their frequent appearances in court lol) and ability to talk themselves into jail because they will refuse to identify themselves in a legal sense.

            Another FOTL identifier is identifying themselves as so and so of the family nutcase rather than so and so nutcase (John of the Family Smith) and they have oh so many rules about the disassociation of their ‘real flesh and blood person’ against their ‘corporate fiction’, names with all capitals against capitals on the first letter only,colours of ink, ‘wet signatures’, seals (oh they love their seals) of wax and the list goes on…

            As have I, sorry…

            (it is a strange, but often amusing world they live in, and has provided me and many others quite a few laughs along the way, until they start to overstep the lines too much, then they can cause issues for themselves and others)

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        • They tend to call themselves that, but they obviously aren’t real militias. Neelu is probably the most famous of the ‘common law’ people regularly appearing in this blog, a few others also have distinct flavours of common lawery about them too, but the group I mentioned above did as the ITNJ did and set up their own ‘common law court’ but took it a step further (or about twenty steps further lol) and went one step too far, believing their ‘common law court’ verdicts actually meant something and they acted upon them, interfering in the real justice system

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  2. What actual qualifications (experiential and education wise) does that David Scott possess in order for him to confidently peddle such outrageous bull?

    I like how you refer to the UK Column newsroom as cosplay….Brian Gerrish is in dire need of a tailor – he literally looks like a little kid wearing his da’s shirt and tie, those shirt sleeves are swimming on him and it almost looks as if his arms are deformed. But yeah, I watched that David Scott do his Northern Exposure bit on their pretend news thingy. He’s terribly dull….it seemed like he’d just woken up from a nap and was finding it a struggle to string two words together ….whatever he was saying was very inane anyway.

    This latest news of their schemes and future plans is just dreadful.

    They should all be charged with the illegal organisation of a terrorist group hellbent on emotional terrorism.

    I’d like to tell them all to go and fvck themselves!

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    • I think he’s some sort of builder who fixes ramshackle old bridges. Seems he owns/runs a design company, can’t be website design tough, as all his websites are tatty looking things. He lists his pet dogs as security operatives on the website. Bit of a knobhead that one.

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      • Building bridges sounds like a worthy occupation. I haven’t looked into him but having watched him ‘do the news’ his whole demeanour filled me with dread….the sort of dread you feel when you know you’re about to experience the awful oppressive atmosphere of being in the presence of a bore.

        He reminds me of the cartoon dog Droopy.

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    • They are pretty close to a local terrorist group. These people think anyone working in a local authority is fair game and can be defamed, ridiculed, insulted and falsely accused.
      Although not the ones who organise getting their social security payments to them of course or arrange to have their social housing repaired or doctors and nurses who look after them when are sick. Until they are no longer needed- then they are part of the Rothschild Soros Freemason Conspiracy and should all be “arrested”.
      #I think Princess Neelu is getting worse (they don’t get better of not treated) and her paranoia is really spinning out of control with her latest long screed about patrolling coppers in unmarked cars (although perhaps her street is on regular patrols after neighbour’s complaints).
      Among the list of loons encouraging and agreeing with her : APD !.

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  4. One of the great disappointments for me was the betrayal of the current UK government not to pursue Leveson 2 which is the basis of my criticism of politicians.

    Brian Leveson proposed a Libel Tribunal that could be accessed by the ordinary citizen. Libel is one area of the law where only the rich can seek justice and it’s an abomination.
    Plaintiffs could seek justice against the malicious sods who get away with their dangerous fabrications on the strength of knowing a defendant can rarely pursue then via the courts and even if they did, they could never get back their legal costs (usually far greater than any damages paid).

    A successful libel claim could also be then used to force Facebook, Youtube, Google etc to take down offending material. It’s working in Australia in ordinary libel cases although Google are vile the way they attempt to prevent even lawful orders being imposed. That may change as there is pressure to force them into becoming law abiding corporations.

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      • In the beginning I’m sure but as time went on perhaps people would take greater care and perhaps YT, FB etc would become more proactive in removing proved libels.
        Leveson’s proposal wasn’t aimed to impose greater penalties but rather reduce costs for publishers but also allow ordinary citizens to seek redress without the exorbitant costs.
        I could image any number of Hampstead citizens accessing such a tribunal against hoax promoters like McKenzie & O’Neill which wouldn’t put any of the parties at risk of losing their homes due to cost, rather have legal relief.

        The tabloid media’s campaign against Leveson 2 was a disgrace and full of blatant lies and the claim it would lead to policitican’s somehow controlling publishers was a fabrication. The fact Britain’s media got away with such outrageous lies shows their uncontrolled power.
        Leveson 2 had no proposals whatsoever in controlling the media rather examining in greater depth the perversion & bribing of public employees by the media with recommendations how this could be stopped.
        The Biggest Lie by politicians who act like hand maidens to the media barons was that they themselves would have to vote on any news laws connected to publishing as Leveson couldn’t impose anything on them.
        So it’s doubtful they will ever act to bring social media into check.

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        • Aha! Thanks, both.

          I must admit I still can’t find that bit in the transcript, though.


          • “Children are used as currency amongst the rich and powerful”;
            “Some people are ‘protected’ because of their role in procuring children for the aforementioned R&P


          • Thanks, EC, though I think we may be talking at cross purposes. I can see it in your post but not in the transcript. I thought they were quotations from the transcript but I may have misunderstood. Sorry for not being clear.


            • Oh, I see what you mean. I think the issue is with the speech marks—they don’t denote direct quotes from Scott’s speech, but are meant to express parts of the conspiranoid ideology. They’re confusing though, so I’ll take them out. 🙂

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  5. This is probably a stupid question but do Scott, Janine, Cat Splat and the FSF’s proposals relate solely to adult abuse survivors or are they – God forbid – proposing to also allow abused children to turn to them too? If that ever happens, we need to let the police know immediately.

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    • I believe they’re aiming specifically at adults, but you’re right that if children were to become involved it would quickly become a criminal matter in addition to a moral one.

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  6. Poor old Roopy’s feeling picked on. Awww
    (The Hampstead parents he made death threats to felt picked on too but let’s not dwell on the past, eh.)


    • “You people take things intentionally out of context so you can justify being cruel.”

      Says the bloke who believed Angela wholesale when she told him she’d found pools of blood on the church floor.

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      • Not according to Article 245 of the Dutch Criminal Code it isn’t:
        “Hij die met iemand, die de leeftijd van twaalf jaren maar nog niet die van zestien jaren heeft bereikt, buiten echt, ontuchtige handelingen pleegt die bestaan uit of mede bestaan uit het seksueel binnendringen van het lichaam, wordt gestraft met gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste acht jaren of geldboete van de vijfde categorie.”
        He who, with someone who has reached the age of twelve, but not yet that of sixteen years, commits outside of real, lewd acts that consist of or partly consist of the sexual penetration of the body, is punished with imprisonment of up to eight years or fine of the fifth category.

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      • Oddly enough paedophilia isn’t technically illegal anywhere, nor are psychopathy, Sadism or being Bat S*** Crazy (Mamhoudism). It’s the act, physical material related to it (simply put – porn) and the proven intent to commit the act/conspire to assist others etc that are illegal not the mental inclination. Paedophilia itself is impossible to prove by itself, but tell that to the witch-burning yokels who set upon a Paediatrician because they couldn’t read properly.

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  8. David Scott can be seen at the very beginning of this video but Malcolm is more interested in harassing innocent women than listening to what David has to say.

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    • Nice find, Jake.

      I take it David Scott didn’t object to Ogilvy’s disgraceful behaviour towards these three vulnerable women? Nuff said.

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      • He doesn’t appear to, thankfully he doesn’t join in with the hounding of the women but maybe that was because he was annoyed Malcolm cut his interview short!

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        • I’m thinking it’s a safe assumption, going by what we know about David Scott. If he has ever pulled up one single FSF associate on their vile antics, then I’m a one-legged Peruvian dwarf and Robert Green’s a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

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  9. Competent, articulate, level-headed and balanced as always. Journalism at its finest. No, not you, EC – this genius:

    Sorry, EC – you’re not even in this guy’s league. Have you ever thought of paying him for lessons?

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  10. “Shall the human female be made obsolete?”

    No, Debs. But if we could find a robot to replace you, humanity could benefit greatly.

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  11. Just a few thoughts on Izzy’s Promise, a highly disreputable, crackpot excuse for a charity that really should get closed down as of yesterday. The Charity Commission definitely need to look into this one ASAP.

    Izzy’s Promise recommended books page includes a recommended link to something called the Hypnotherapy Directory, the link is here

    This appears to be, unsurprisingly, a rather dubious organisation

    It posits an uncritical perspective on past life regression therapy

    another article claims that
    “Hypnotherapy: it is a wonderful tool for trauma work and allows the processing of memories to be done in a safe and effective way.”

    At the bottom of the home page a number of training events and workshops are promoted, including:

    “Emotional cord cutting & new relationships
    Date & Time: 17th June 2018, 2pm – 5.30pm
    Cost: £25.00
    Location: Cockpit Theatre
    NW8 8EH
    Find an event in your area
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    Cords are etheric attachments to your aura that bind you or connect you with a person, object or situation. They create a sense of stress and strain in your being. They may also create obsession and obligation. If you are feeling drained or obligated in a certain situation or relationship, you probably have cords attached to your aura. Emotional cords can be caused by divorces, separated couples, unable to recover from your break up. Cords always have negative emotions such as ego, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, anger.

    During this the first half of the class you’ll be guided on an inner journey to uncover and remove these etheric attachments from your aura, to allow space for a new relationship to blossom and grow. We’ll be looking into lessons which can be learnt from past mistakes.

    During the second part of the class, you’ll be defining what you really want from a relationship and opening up energetically to receiving this. We’ll be using simple yet powerful exercises, incorporating life coaching, NLP, guided meditation, and self development techniques, to generate confidence, self love and other resources you may need. Exercises will involve working in pairs and working as a group

    You will learn…

    What patterns you are repeating.
    What LOVE really is.
    The most common myths regarding LOVE.
    What you really want from a relationship.
    How to become a vibrational match to your ideal partner/soul mate.
    Insight and tips for success.
    This workshop is for…

    Men and women who are single.
    Those who want to enhance their existing relationship.
    You just can’t get over an ex of someone from your past.
    You’re seeking more LOVE and fulfilment.
    There will be a 20 minute break.

    Please bring a pen, note pad, and a bottle of water.

    We’ll meet downstairs in the theater lobby at 14.00hs and I’ll bring you up to the room.


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    Tickets must be purchased via Eventbrite below:


    “An excellent session. I learned a lot about myself and it surprised me some of the things that surfaced. I will definitely be attending more sessions with Andrew.” Antoinette

    “I had several personal one to one sessions with Andrew to resolve the inner blocks I had to marriage. That was last year around October. It definitely set me on a path in which my subconscious led me down the relevant path to my goal. I carried on Andrew’s work by way of my own meditations and in February this year I met the man who was to become my husband… within a month we were married in a religious ceremony and legally in June! I feel incredibly blessed and am very happy. I am very grateful to Andrew and his work which assisted me in tapping into my subconscious.” Rebecca

    “Since I attended your workshop, I have been stopped by a gentleman on the street because he thought I was stunning and wanted to know more about me. I have for the first time told my ex that I finished my journey with him. It was nice being on the giving end. He started initiating contact a day after the workshop. On Thursday I had a date with a young man who previously I would have thought is out of my league.”

    About the host
    The Facilitator:

    Andrew Okaro is an Intuitive Soul Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist DCH and Energy Healer, he is passionate and dedicated to helping others uncover their life purpose and achieve their true potential. His website is

    You can contact me on 07946444755

    Andrew Okaro
    Andrew Okaro DCH
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    I have to admit that I harbour prejudices against this kind of therapy – that is to say therapy that claims to allow people to “cut chords” or sever “etheric attachments” connecting them to toxic relationships (very often to their friends and families) as they are extremely commonly used by cults and predatory therapists that seek to isolate vulnerable people from their friends and families and exploit them, either financially or in some other way.

    These “chords” and “etheric attachments” are not physical things, they are imaginary things that are usually found in narratives relating to “awakening”, auras, reiki, past lives, energy healing and a variety of new age beliefs.

    I do not know Andrew Okaro personally and had not encountered him prior to checking out the Hypnotherapy Directory website, however I am not reassured by his claims to be a “soul coach” and an energy healer.

    More research needed I think

    also this event concerns me

    “Rainbow bridge to health and harmony
    Date & Time: 9th June 2018, 10am – 6pm
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    Winniefred T Carneiro
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    more energy therapy combined with hypnotherapy, I mean what could go wrong?

    It is unsurprising to me that a dubious charity such as Izzy’s Promise would recommend an *interesting* website on hypnotherapy to survivors.

    Possibly the very first thing that any genuine survivor should be warned about is to stay as far away as possible from therapists practicing hypnotherapy. Time and time again hypnotherapy has been demonstrated to produce false memories, in fact Elizabeth Loftus demonstrated that simple suggestion, without any trance state or deep relaxation can produce vivid false memories. If one was to create a list of therapies that people who suffered child sexual abuse should avoid then hypnotherapy would be right at the top, and yet Izzy’s Promise directly recommends survivors to a hypnotherapy website.

    Not only that but if you search their website for “reiki” you can see that they promote loads of “qualified” hypnotherapists who claim to be skilled in reiki.

    Of possibly more serious concern is on their “about us” page they state that

    “In 2005 we created our first website, Counselling Directory. This site is dedicated to promoting the benefits of talk therapy and connecting people with professional counsellors and psychotherapists. Our formula of providing information about mental health and in-depth counsellor profiles proved successful, giving our visitors the tools they need to find the right support for them.”

    the Counselling Directory website is here

    The above site will be very familiar to anyone with even a limited experience of researching counsellors and psychotherapists. It is extremely concerning that an apparently legitimate counselling directory was established by a bunch of new age hypnotherapist energy healers.

    If you search the counselling directory website for Dissociative Identity Disorder you will find several articles, none of which are sceptical, rationalist or critical in perspective. Big surprise there huh?

    The referral of vulnerable CSA survivors to various dubious and quack organisations really needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

    It seems to me that the Fresh Start Foundation, Izzy’s Promise and the like are just the highly visible carbuncles on the arse on the foetid body of the UK’s current psychotherapy and counselling services.

    There really is so much work to do on this.

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  12. Firstly, I am NOT stating that all hypnotherapists are criminal or dodgy, however there is a lot that can go wrong and many serious abuses can take place while patients are in an extremely vulnerable state. Just some examples

    A hypnotherapist filmed himself sexually abusing a 19-year-old patient when she was in a trance-like state.

    Philip Sherwin touched the victim, who he was treating for anxiety, intimately as she lay on the couch in his treatment room whilst he was doing a “Chi massage”.

    He also took provocative photos of her half-reclining in just a skimpy black vest top and underwear.

    The victim told police that she had no idea of the abuse or the fact it was being filmed. She said she had felt “completely comfortable” with Sherwin.

    However, she reported him to the police after he told her to remove her top whilst she was in a half-trance.

    She suffered from depression afterwards and was too traumatised to take up a place at Manchester University, Leicester Crown Court heard.

    Police discovered the footage, along with 40,000 child pornography images, on his computer, in July 2010.

    A registered member of the Academy of Hypnotic Arts, he had R. Hyp. and R Chi C. after his name, Sherwin, 47, charged £95-an-hour.

    more here:

    also see

    Hypnotist jailed for ten years after sexually assaulting woman under his spell
    Gary Naraido, 52, convinced his victim she would feel orgasmic every time he said the word ‘Kapow’

    A hypnotist convinced a woman to let him sexually assault her while under his spell and repeated his hotel room number so she would visit him later that night, a court has heard.

    Gary Naraido, 52, of Boston, Lincolnshire, who had researched ‘Harry the Horny Hypnotist’ on his computer, told his 22-year-old victim that he could cure her eating disorder.

    But as soon as she was in a trance, Naraido convinced the woman she would feel orgasmic every time he said the word ‘Kapow’ and said: “The more I talk we have a connection. You are starting to think you really fancy me. If you ever have a boyfriend in the future, it will never be as good as me.”

    While she was under hypnosis and unable to move, Naraido touched the woman both over and under her clothes and moved her hand to touch his crotch.

    Naraido, who had searched the internet for “hypnotherapy for orgasm” and “Harry the Horny Hypnotist”, was found guilty of two charges of sexual assault and one charge of assault by penetration. He also admitted sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl and possession of 25 extreme pornographic images and was jailed for ten years at Hull Crown Court.

    Naraido was jailed for ten years and will be signed onto the National Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

    more here

    and then there’s this

    Martin Smith convicted for nine years of abuse – while wife awaits trial accused of killing their children on Costa Brava

    A man whose partner is accused of murdering their two children in a Spanish hotel is facing jail for using hypnotism and violence to groom and sexually abuse a young girl.

    Martin Smith, 45, who had regular access to the girl, abused her for almost a decade from when she was seven. He was found guilty by a Manchester crown court jury today.

    The victim, now in her 20s, told the jury Smith would attempt to hypnotise her, as well as hitting and bullying her, to ensure she complied with his demands.

    more here

    then this

    Hypnotist jailed after sexually assaulting woman he placed in a trance
    A hypnotherapist was jailed today for sexually assaulting a woman he placed into a trance.

    Stephen Barker, 61, began treating the 31-year-old victim for weight loss confidence issues in October 2008 when he started to ask about her sex life while she was hypnotised

    more here:

    and this

    ‘Sex slave’ hypnotist jailed

    A self-taught hypnotist who put a woman under his trance, telling her he was her master and she was his sex slave, has been jailed for degrading her.

    Instead of helping his vulnerable victim with weight-loss and anxiety issues, ex-RAF man Timothy Porter took advantage of his skills to make her fondle her breasts while he committed a sex act on himself.

    more here:

    and this

    Methodist minister jailed for using hypnosis to sexually assault boys

    A RETIRED Methodist minister who used hypnosis to sexually abuse boys as a way to ‘satisfy his own depravity’ has been jailed.

    John Price, 82, Bedale, North Yorkshire, used a cloak or blanket in his hypnosis technique as he told his victims it would help them relax before he sexually assaulted them.

    Price was found guilty of 13 counts of indecent assault dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

    more here

    and this

    A former hypnotist who sexually preyed on 10 women was jailed for four years today.

    Richard Tilley, 67, used relaxation techniques on vulnerable victims who came to his home in Derry seeking help before he carried out the indecent assaults.

    Women aged between 22 and 60, who wanted to beat addictions, overcome previous sexual abuse or bereavement were all exploited, Derry Crown Court was told.

    Sentencing Tilley to four years in jail and a further two years on probation, Judge Corinne Philpott told him: “You have acted in an appalling manner.

    “You have duped and taken in vulnerable and naïve women who came to you to be helped.

    “At least two of the victims didn’t come back because they realised they were uncomfortable, they knew what was happening was wrong and they wanted nothing more to do with you.

    “You were the educated man, you were the person who made these women believe what you were doing was going to do them good.”

    Tilley pleaded guilty to a total of 21 offences between March 2002 and October 2004.

    more here:

    I could go on and on with this, there are so many cases of abuse by hypnotherapists

    As I stated earlier my intention is not to accuse all hypnotherapists of being predators – I do not believe that all are, simply to make the point that survivors of CSA/CSA are extremely vulnerable and in need of high quality, properly trained, supervised and accredited counsellors and psychotherapists.

    Is it really suitable for Izzy’s Promise to refer vulnerable survivors to an organisation that specialises in hypnotherapy, where many of the “therapists” boast of qualifications (and I use the word loosely) in reiki, “parts” therapies (known to create false memories and DID), “energy healing” and other mystical approaches that would be more accurately be described as “new age” rather than evidence based?

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        • Psst, it failed it’s MOT in Feb 2018 then passed after being re tested. MOTed until March next year.

          Detective Neelu should use the correct .gov website.

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        • Double psst! Police car are “self-insured” which is allowed by law for organisations that have sufficient assets to cover any prospective liability. Councils do this too.

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      • Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981, Regulation 6
        “(1) Pursuant to section 44(4) the Secretary of State hereby prescribes the following vehicles as those to which section 44 [sc. MOT cert] does not apply: …
        (xiv) a vehicle provided for police purposes and maintained in workshops approved by the Secretary of State as suitable for such maintenance, being a vehicle provided in England and Wales by a local policing body or the Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District, or, in Scotland, by a police authority or a joint police committee;”
        Tell you what this sounds like: or [or to cut a long story short, gangstalking, a delusional condition sweeping the world

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    • Yes neelu, its a ‘Police car’- rather obvious by the fact it has POLICE written down both sides in bloody great big letters- oh and the bright blue/yellow checkerboard pattern on it- another clue might be the funny flashing blue lights on top…..
      You should be aware of these, after all they are often around your place when they have to waste taxpayers money on your unpaid fines etc

      And why are they ‘unofficial weekend duties’???

      I am glad that the police in my area don’t work 9-5, mon-fri, they are available 24/7 (even on weekends gasp!!)

      “Sorry you are being murdered mam, can you ask the murderer to come back monday sometime between 9-12?- thank you so much for that…”

      (rolls eyes) she really is getting worse isn’t she?

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    • I have a very dear friend who has had psychosis, auditory and visual hallucinations, and delusions for many, many years. Having them is distressing.

      I see a grumpy person, he sees someone muttering and wanting to attack him.

      He has better times, this is the majority of the time, and worse times.

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  13. Was just thinking about the FSF and the various FotL groups and was reminded of various academic papers I have read regarding serious organised crime internationally.

    A term that often comes up in academic books and papers on the subject is that of “parallel power structures”.

    This refers to a situation in which an organised criminal network is able to infiltrate legitimate statutory organisations and services to the extent that they no longer operate in the service of the state but instead operate in the service of criminal networks.

    For example, a victim of crime might go to the police, to a psychiatrist or a doctor about a problem but, while they might believe they are engaging with a legitimate professional, they are in fact engaging with someone who is in the control of a criminal network.

    I am finding it difficult to link to the various books and academic papers that discuss this issue but GIYF a search for “parallel power structures” and “crime” will produce illuminating results

    It seems most evident to me that the Fresh Start Foundation, is a very clear example of an attempt at a parallel power structure. It attempts to replace the official independent inquiry into organised abuse with its own extremely dubious and sinister agenda.

    The only way it differs from the parallel power structures created by serious organised crime is that it seems to have been created by a group of total incompetents.

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      • There are a lot of fascinating academic papers available online that provide insights into this issue. It is certainly food for thought.

        It seems to me that the nasty lineage of therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, law enforcement and psychologists associated with Sinason et al, Castlewood and the ISSTD are more likely to be a typical example of OC parallel power structures. These people are very well networked, possess immense power and have access to extremely sensitive, compromising information about all kinds of people.

        The Fresh Start Foundation, Izzy’s Promise and their ilk seem to have broken the first law of criminal parallel power structures which is, like Fight Club, never to talk about it. They are pretty much screaming about the fact that they want to replace state structures with their own inquiries into child abuse, criminal courts, and other batshit crazy, scammy projects.

        Same with the FotL, SovCits etc. Far to open about their agenda to be taken seriously as a threat. Possibly their cunning plan is to appear to be so hopelessly deluded, incompetent and frankly insane that nobody actually takes the threat they pose seriously.

        That sneaky little link to the Hypnotherapy Directory on the Izzy’s Promise website invites one to imagine that extremely vulnerable people may not possess the necessary powers of discernment to realise just how dangerous a situation they could end up in. Immense harm could be done, probably is being done, to CSA survivors and to falsely accused families. Suddenly the Fresh Start and Izzy’s promise idiocy all starts to look much more serious.

        Perhaps, not so much wolves in sheeps clothing as criminals in clown costumes?

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    • This is the video in question:

      It’s clearly an old one. I remember it well. Plus it says 2015 in the captions anyway. I think Taylor meant ‘from beyond the grave’ as a figure of speech and those drooling fucktards Pike, Devine and Praterson have taken him literally.

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  14. A little more about Andrew Okaro, the “therapist” prominently featured one the Hypnotherapy Directory website recommended by Izzy’s Promise

    “My name is Andrew Okaro, I’m an Intuitive Soul Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Energy Healer. I’m passionate and dedicated to helping others uncover their true potential and achieve their goals. My 1-2-1 sessions are structured according to each client’s specific goals and needs. I will provide guidance and support to help move you into a more positive state of being. During the sessions we identify any negative emotions, limiting beliefs and thought patterns preventing you from manifesting your full potential. We’ll quickly get to the root cause of any emotional blocks, and work to eliminate them for good.

    The issues I work on include:

    Self love & Confidence

    Relationships Issues

    Inner child Work





    Post traumatic stress

    Stopping Smoking

    Health & Well being

    Sex & sexuality

    Creative blockages

    All emotional issues

    Inner peace and balance

    Past Life Regression

    Financial Abundance

    Career Change

    Training, qualifications & experience
    Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH)

    Level 2 EFT Practitioner

    Reiki Level 2 healer

    Member organisations

    Registered / Accredited”

    and this is just really special, from his personal website

    “My name is Andrew Okaro, welcome to my website, I’m an Intuitive Soul Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. My aim is to guide you to make your life easier, happier, more fulfilled and complete, by awakening the power within you.

    I became interested in self development at a very young age, fascinated by the human mind and what drives people to success or failure. After working as a freelance artist and graphic designer for many years, I decided I wanted to become a full time change agent. Over the years I’ve studied metaphysics, NLP, the law of attraction, intuitive development, coaching and gained qualifications in EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing.

    I’m passionate and dedicated to helping others uncover their true potential and achieve their goals. My 1-2-1 sessions are structured according to each client’s specific goals and needs. I will provide guidance and support to help move you into a more positive state of being. During the sessions we identify any negative emotions, limiting beliefs and thought patterns preventing you from manifesting your full potential. We’ll quickly get to the root cause of any emotional blocks, and work to eliminate them for good.

    A large part of lasting change involves taking positive action and steps towards your goal. I don’t work like a regular life coach, asking you question’s your conscious mind has no way of deciphering. Instead I get my clients to connect with the deeper aspects of themselves, by doing some simple relaxation exercises. In this state you have the clarity of thought and awareness to see the bigger picture, allowing you tap into a deeper knowledge, which can provide you with a unique insight into your situation, and steps you can take to align yourself with your goals and desire. Creative, out the box and genius ideas can be stumbled across in this state.

    I have a diverse client base, ranging from the self employed, small business owners and company directors. I’ve worked with artist’s, doctors, script writers, lawyers and decoraters amongst many.

    I can help with:

    Clearing limiting belief

    Moving you out of your comfort zone

    Taking positive actions

    Manifesting financial abundance

    Creating better relationships

    Increasing mental & pyshical strength

    Clearing karma

    Health & wellbeing

    Anxiety & phobia

    Finding peace of mind

    Do you want a better and happier life NOW?

    Want to work with me?

    I offer new clients a FREE no obligation Skype consultation, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can decide if it’s right for us to work together.

    Contact Details:

    Skype: Andrew_Is_Ok (Andrew Okaro)

    Phone: 07946444755



    Personally, I think that if he wants to believe he is a psychic medium who can “clear karma” and “manifest financial abundance” it is his business alone, even if I believe that it is a load of old bunk.

    I do have extremely serious concerns about some of the most vulnerable people in society including people who were sexually abused as children, being referred to someone like him for “therapy”.

    Again and again when false memories occur and vulnerable people are brainwashed and estranged from their families the same kinds of “therapies” are involved. Therapies involving hypnotherapy, trance induction (often described as breath work or “shamanic breath work”) narratives involving cleansing, detoxing or purifying the body or self of pollutants (such pollutants being relationships with friends and families) or of bad karma, “clearing blockages”, etc.

    It feels a bit unfair to pick on this guy as he is simply one in a vast ocean of new age charlatans to whom vulnerable, damaged people are referred for “therapy”.

    It is an outrageous situation.

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    • It definitely has shades of the recent story of Keith Raniere and his NXIVM cult and of Femen who’s architect was a man.

      I’m reading your posts with great interest OMG (as I do every other contributor’s on this site), your insights are really intriguing and thought-provoking but I may be on a different tangent now because I’m applying this new (to me) knowledge – at least, my impression of your way of thinking – to my past experiences, rethinking them and suddenly realising things I was blind to before…..I’m off and away in my own little world now.

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      • “Lifesitenews” is a pro-forced-pregnancy site from a Canadian group of fetus-fondling conservative catholics, so I do not trust their slant on Femen.

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        • Thank you Smut Clyde for pointing that out – me, being lazy and guilty of a cursory google search, just copied a link to info about Kitty Green’s documentary without properly examining the source.

          Truth be told had I looked further for better information or articles to cite I would have discovered other possibly more truthful versions of the story.


      • I am always pleased if I helped, in any small way, for anyone to reflect upon their experiences and see them in a different way.

        I think that this blog has helped a lot of people to rethink their positions so yay for all the teamwork, and it is an immense amount of work, that goes into this. Lots of people must have made huge sacrifices of their personal time just to get this blog to the point where it is now,.

        You mentioned NXIVM. There are many parallels between Hoaxtead and other cults, including NXIVM.

        For a start a lot of the hoaxers are involved in multiple scams, grifts and human potential / personal development cults. Yoga cults, therapy cults, long cons, short cons, it’s all there for anyone who takes the time to look.

        One of the issues around Hoaxtead is that while the hoaxers persecuted two abused children and a whole wider community of innocent people, all over an imaginary, non-existent cult, many of them, almost all of them in fact are involved in sinister cults themselves.

        The hoax effectively inoculates mainstream society against cult awareness with a smokescreen of insanity and fantastical claims. At the same time the hoax generates an unshakable belief in imaginary cults amongst certain demographics in society; most notably the significant minority with serious mental health problems, but also amongst the elite who have all their basic needs met and who have money to burn on plastic shamans, intimacy coaches and various other new age grifters.

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    • It feels a bit unfair to pick on this guy as he is simply one in a vast ocean of new age charlatans

      Why not? Okaro’s a fraud and a scammer with a meaningless claim to a meaningless qualification, running a psychobabble version of the Prosperity Gospel grift.


      • Smut Clyde

        You make a fair point, but I struggle to determine where criminality and grifting start and where mental illness ends, especially with people like Okaro.

        There are countless people working the same grifts as Okaro, but the million $ question is – how many of them are knowingly grifting and how many are marks and unwitting shills, useful idiots if you like, caught up in a multi-layered long con?

        Take a look at some of his meet up pages, here’s one

        He claims to have supernatural powers and he organises a load of quite scammy looking new age events

        Doesn’t prove he’s grifter though, he could be a useful idiot.

        I have fairly extensive personal experience of dealing with people like this and in my experience, even when you get to know these people and spend some time with them, it can be hard to determine the degree to which they are mad or bad. I think usually it is a bit of both.


  15. Interesting. Ogilvy has repeatedly and angrily insisted that Robert Green does not have a lifetime gagging order in relation to the Hollie Greig case. Well, Ogilvy’s other idol Brian Gerrish begs to differ:

    Go to 1:12
    (Video from March 2015)

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  16. @grobnob: Nicely summed up in one sentence.

    Hoaxtead: [How] an unfit mother and her doped up spoon-wielding BF attempted to blackmail her ex over child access rights.

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    • Nearly fell for her spiel, up until the point she said we were being handsomely paid. A civil servant’s salary really doesn’t keep up with inflation. But at least there is the pension to look forward to.

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      • Even Deep Shadow Ninja ‘Actors’ from out of area who disguise themselves by driving around in marked Police cars ? Don’t the ‘Weekenders’ get overtime ?
        The DWP might send a snoop to make sure her benefit claims are above board but not MI5.
        Deluded Bint she is.


      • Sorry Sage but the budget’s a bit tight at the moment, what with our latest $14 trillion lien from Neelu for dishonouring her Ferrari (or something). I promise we’ll look into a pay rise as soon as we’ve finished paying her.

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    • Yeah alright Angie, there are alot of files of evidence readily available so where’s yours ? You’ve been threatening people with legal action for 3yrs now and all you can come up with is a string of tatty envelopes, lies and some letter you probably put together yourself…… Wow hurting your abiltity to scam people, am I… over target…… good…….. boms away ! 🙂 You make me laugh so much and show yourself right up, no need to do anything but display your ugly self, ugly inside and out….. bitter, twisted old trout looking gossip.

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      • She thinks she’s tough, she’s such a crybaby little wimp at heart though. She should eff off and get back to selling her crappy charm keyrings on eBay and leave online activity to sterner folk.


  17. Oddly enough paedophilia isn’t technically illegal anywhere, nor are psychopathy, Sadism or being Bat S*** Crazy (Mamhoudism). It’s the act, physical material related to it (simply put – porn) and the proven intent to commit the act/conspire to assist others etc that are illegal not the mental inclination. Paedophilia itself is impossible to prove by itself, but tell that to the witch-burning yokels who set upon a Paediatrician because they couldn’t read properly.


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