Belinda says Sabine ‘relieved’, ‘cheerful’ in prison

Hey, remember last December, when Belinda McKenzie and Tracey Morris were desperately passing the begging bowl to collect £20,000 bail bond to keep Sabine out of prison, where they were certain she was about to expire any minute now?

Turns out that was all a bit of a misunderstanding.

In fact, according to Belinda’s latest Facebook update, Sabine is doing just fine in prison, settling in and making friends.

Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 1Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 2According to Belinda, since Sabine can’t get bail, she’s decided to make the best of things:

She is very clearly coping so well with her situation that there is no question of being able to make out a case for bail on mental health grounds, especially if that could carry the risk of being transferred to a mental health institution…She told me very cheerfully after the bail hearing [on 2 May] proved unsuccessful that she could now ‘settle down’ and get properly stuck into prison life and the particular opportunities it presented.

Yes, the last thing that Sabine would want would be a transfer to a mental health institution, where they might attempt to help her deal with her grandiosity, her sense of personal entitlement, and her seemingly insatiable need to garner public attention via high-profile cases like the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Interesting that a commenter picked up on this, but Belinda quickly quashed the idea:Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 5Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 6

Meanwhile, it seems that Caul Grant and Tracey Morris are still miffed that their attempts to have Sabine freed from prison were brushed aside:Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 4They seem to feel that “someone would prefer Sabine to be where she is so others on the outside can feel safe”, whatever that means.

But we can think of another reason for Sabine to remain in prison. If Belinda is to be believed, life on the inside is a never-ending smorgasbord of potential clients:Belinda re Sabine 2018-06-01 7

[A] significant proportion of the prisoners are mothers who have had children removed and have broken gagging orders, a situation with which Sabine is already only too familiar. There are also a couple of whistle blowers like herself.

All in all, now that Sabine has got her physical issues dealt with, prison sounds like just the place for her. She gets three squares a day, no one questions her sanity, she’s able to trawl for new clientele, and best of all, she has people on the outside bigging her up and claiming she’s a martyr to the cause!

Really, what more could she ask?Sabine McNeill prison

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  1. That’s our to taxes being put to poor use because some demented bint wants to harass the innocent and encourage giving custody of 2 children to a pair of certified whackos currently on the lam.

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    • Everyone seems to think prison is great until they or one of theirs gets locked up there.
      But it is a credit to the institution that they’ve taken such good care of an elderly woman who is at the moment unconvicted of a crime and who, one imagines, must have been quite a challenge.

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  2. Do I take it Jadviga has a reliable source for her claim that 90% of prisoners are in there for “breaching gagging orders, loving their children too much and opposing kingdom’s idiocracy (whatever that means)” and that only 10% have actually committed a serious crime? She appears to have forgotten to post it.

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    • I am happy to believe that when asked, 90% of inmates agreed that they had committed no serious crimes and were only in prison for political offenses.

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    • Oh, I would beg to differ, but what’s the point? He never received a single death threat, and he knows it. If he had, I’m quite certain his barrister would have presented it to the court as evidence.

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      • Agreed, EC. To be honest I think he’s a creepy knuckle-scraping twat but I don’t have the heart to tell him.

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        • I think he is rather tragic. Class clown posing as a tough guy, not without talent but too lazy and too fond of drugs and alcohol to use the various opportunities he has been given. He had an Internet radio show and lost by turning up drunk. He came to the UK to be a journalist, made a nice short about a graffiti artist, but failed to take up the offer of an interview with the very people who could have given him the real story.
          I think he is afraid, really terrified at a deep level, and his only way to cope with it is booze and weed. I really hoped prison might change him, but it hasn’t.
          Please Rupert, have a good look at the videos of He-who-must-not-be-named: that could be you in a few years time if you don’t shape up. Do you really want to be a crazy old man who sets fire to rocks?

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      • All that did get presented to the Court was an insult made by Roger Flutterby which the judge apparently didn’t think much about.

        I’m not sure what the point of bothering Rupert is at this point. The facts are that he served his sentence, apparently learned nothing and now has to face the future as an ex con. He can boast and posture all he likes but he’s basically tarnished his life and for what?

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          • Yet the seriously mentally ill like Neelu and Deborah are constantly posted here!
            Why bemoan an an actual person like Rupert Q, who is a genuine threat to chilfren?


            • The difference between Neelu, Debs, et al, and Rupert is this: Rupert was arrested, faced trial, went to prison, appealed his verdict and lost, served his time (well, half, but that’s how it works), and has been deported back to where he belongs. He really isn’t relevant to this case any longer, except as a minor footnote.

              People like Neelu, Wesley, Angela, and others are still at large, continue to harass the people of Hampstead and spread lies about them, and have not been dealt with by the law. They will continue to be relevant until they, too, have been dealt with by the law or the mental health system, as appropriate.

              At this point it seems to me that there is little to be gained by continue trying to talk to Rupert. He seems like a very damaged individual who is unable to accept responsibility for his actions, but he is, as they say, hors de combat.

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          • I don’t agree about him being much of a threat to children tbh or at least, I’m on the fence about it. He has a sick sense of humour (evidenced in his latest video) and little common sense to the point where he is videod whilst incredibly stoned and talks nonsense. I also doubt he’d have done anything in Hampstead, as he seems to have run in, taken a photo, and run out. He may have seen his face on that photo as ‘defiant’. He looked frightened to me.

            He’s a wuss who talks big and threatening on the internet and then gets upset when ordinary everyday people ‘phone the police on him. What he seems not to be getting is that he DID break the law by making threats and frightening people. It’s not about freedom of speech, it’s about the law – which incidentally is more or less the same in America. It’s dismal that he isn’t taking any responsibility for what he did. In my opinion a real man would apologise for his actions and move on. That wouldn’t get him much attention though would it.

            I can’t see he’s much different from Debs tbh. He must have a ‘disorder’ to act the way he does. Shame really because he could have made something of himself. He’s a prime example of why you should stay away from substances and even if you smoke dope you should limit your usage.

            I’m not into trolling either Debs or Neelu and in fact don’t like the trolling end of all this at all. I don’t see any harm in reporting on their activities though and I think the Police should be informed when they go over the line and break the law. I know others disagree but unlike Rupert, I realise I’m responsible for my own actions, and nobody else’s. To each his own I suppose.

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    • Given Quaintance was threatening to duff Hampstead residents up and do physical damage to innocent people and was armed with a list of names of innocent parents and their children, people would be wise to remain anonymous.
      And we all know what he thought as he kept publishing videos of his thoughts- unless he was lying.
      Seems the poor man is a classic victim of the sociopath APD. One day he will wake and realize she lured him like a snake hypnotizing their prey. He’s exhibiting classic PTSD symptoms at present- lashing out all and sundry making little sense.
      It seems to take ages for those who fall under the spell of someone like APD that their ‘seducer’ never faces the music while they take the brunt,

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    • Why would anyone want to get into debate with someone who makes videos while stoned, thinks jokes about child abuse are funny and takes money from people who believe Britain is run by Satanic, skin wearing cannibals?
      Rupert needs some lessons in logic. When you see the law being broken, especially if it hurts people, or there’s a potential for hurt, you phone the police. You don’t pxxs about.

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  3. Chris ‘Pass me a Strepsil’ Everard’s view of events:

    The reality:

    “Visa says its service is ‘close to normal’ again following a system failure which left customers across Europe unable to make some purchases. The company apologised and said it had no reason to believe the hardware failure was down to ‘any unauthorised access or malicious event’. Its statement came five hours after it had initially acknowledged the problem. Shoppers had reported being stuck in queues as Visa transactions were unable to be processed. Payment processing through Visa’s systems accounts for £1 in £3 of all UK spending, the company said.”

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  4. Strange how hoax promoting, paedophile protectors, come together, isn’t it!

    On one hand you have an American promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax, who was paid to come to the UK by APD who claims to have been in contact with child porn hackers. Rupert got arrested for his investigations harassing children and parents.

    On the other hand you have another American, promoting the Pizzagate hoax, who went to Washington DC and other places, harassing individuals, whilst making money off youtube and buying power on crypto orientated forums. This guy Twatus, also was in contact with a fake hacker who pretended to access child pornography for some unknown reason.

    Bunch of creeps very much connected to those who search online for child abuse images in the name of research.

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    • Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV needs a wife. Reading between the lines, Rupert is sexually frustrated, he knows his life is in ruins having been to jail for harrrassing kids and their families. Quaintance is either chasing elderly women such as Angela Power Disney or he is masturbating to videos of kids talking about child abuse whilst thinking about having sex with kids. I might play cupid and line Rupert up with somone callled Becky who is looking for an American husband. Is it true that Rupert now lives in a dog house?

      I am glad Sabine McNeill is settling in to her new situation behind bars, she is elderly and has people looking after her. I am not sure if her landlord is keen to keep her old home open for her if she spends too long on remand.

      How on earth is Neelu Berry still holding on to her house? Must be the crystals she planted in the garden.

      Fresh Start Foundation and Belinda McKenzie seems to be setting up an alternative justice system so that they can hang random people they accuse of Satanism from lamp posts. Once the ICO register is upated I can see if we need to refer Fresh Start Foundation to the ICO. A complaint has gone in to the police against Fresh Start Foundation for religious hatred, although I am not keen on revealing my address, so they may not be able to proceed.

      Seems lots of Satan Hunters are getting arrested and charged.

      The Satanic Temple in the UK is now fully operational, and we are sending upside down crosses to Bavaria since the Government there wants crosses on all their public buildings.

      A shout out to Sheva – you are amazing for what you are doing. The hostility you are getting from Satan Hunters is related to how much grief you have given to them. Keep up the great work, I am envious at the ripples you are causing in their ranks.

      Brilliant videos by MKUltra666 – keep an eye on his channel.

      There is a woodchipper pulled up outside, got to go.

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      • “I am not sure if her landlord is keen to keep her old home open for her if she spends too long on remand.”

        She is entitled to claim housing benefit as she is currently not guilty. I’m making no statement about an individual case that could be deemed contempt, but as a general principle this seems fair. If a person is found not guilty, losing one’s home as a result would seem to be an ultra vires punishment.

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    • Further to my earlier comment, I think the transformation is underway already. Someone please send Rupert a small rubber skeleton to pin to his background.

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    • I know it was a reply to something else, but it is just too good not to notice

      LOL, how true rupee, how true…


  5. Things have been getting a little heated on Malcolm’s Facebook page, it seems. He appears to have taken a leaf out of Angela’s book by picking a fight with his own brother (here using a nom de plume) in public. Anyhoo, I’m not particularly interested in anyone’s bickering matches with their own siblings. However, it has thrown up some intriguing little snippets of (alleged) info:

    Disclaimer: I recognise that ‘John Smith’ is a bit of a prick too and despite the obvious provocation, I’m not justifying the violent threats he’s been making to Malcolm (or vice versa).

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  6. OK, he’s finished taking a leaf out of Angie’s book and now he’s taking one out of Neelu’s…


  7. I see Wildtwat has put up loads of new videos today. How long before she craps herself and takes them all down this time, I wonder?

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    • Have they been at that magical software again, the one they believe will expose what other people’s IP address has been up to?

      The one that was debunked as a basic predictive program that is more likely to show sites the user has an interest in?

      What have you been up to Angie?

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  8. Blimey, Angie’s really working her way through the phone book today. And if she knew how to write coherent English, and stopped presuming that everyone knows who the fuck she’s talking about, these posts could be quite potent.

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  9. I see Malcolm is still taking responsibility for his actions and not passing the buck.

    Remind me – whose post was their argument on and who set it to public view?

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      • What a nut! In his list of alphabet agencies, he neglected to mention the all-important Aonad Speisialta Bleachtaireachta.

        He better not forget us the next time he has a rant. We [redacted] know he uses safari and thumps out his insanity on an ancient mac osx.

        Has he been deported from India yet?


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