How not to make death threats

Here’s an important tip for those out there whose preferred method of communication is the death/dismemberment threat: don’t. But if you really feel you must, when writing to your intended victims it’s generally best not to cc the police into the incriminating emails.

You see, the law doesn’t think highly of death threats (or threats to remove fingers or limbs or run people through wood-chippers or whatever), and so when the police receive this sort of email they are likely to take a dim view.

Case in point: John ‘The Schnozz’ Paterson’s frequent death threats to this blog and those he believes are associated with it.

We and John used to have such a pleasant relationship: he’d read one of our articles, have a bit of a hissy fit, send us a threat via the ‘Contact Us’ link, and that would be the end of it.

John Paterson 2016-11-27John Paterson 2016-11-29

We never paid much attention; it was just John being John. Ugly, aggressive, and ultimately not terribly interesting.

And then…

However, about eight or nine months ago things took a turn for the worse. We don’t know what tipped him over the edge, but suddenly we discovered that John had been including DC Andy Grimwood of the Sussex Police in his correspondence to us.

(Alert readers might recall that DC Grimwood also has the amazing good fortune to be in charge of Matt Taylor’s various legal misadventures. Clearly, he did something very, very wrong in a past life. He has our sympathies.)

In any case, suddenly we found that we were unwillingly involved in some sort of weird ménage à trois (or ménage à quatorze once all the various cc’d individuals were factored in—John apparently likes an audience for his little performance pieces).

John Paterson 2017-11-17John Paterson 2018-01-10John Paterson 2018-03-08John Paterson 2018-03-26

The thing is, John, when you tell the officer who has been in charge of arresting you for the past few years that you plan to do terrible things to other people, chances are the officer will think less of you.

So perhaps it’s ill-advised to say things like this:

I expect them to be arrested and questioned, before some of my friends get to them first. AND TAKE-DOWN THEIR FAKE ABUSIVE WEBSITE. They had better crawl back under thier (sic) rocks before they get crushed.

Or this:

Get another scribe because it will be hard to write with no fingers. May-be (sic) it will be safer to go to the nearest Police Station and confess so you can be locked away for your own safety.

Or this:

If I ever get my hands on them they will never speak again. They also spread lies that I murdered my ex-wife. 

Hoaxted (sic) Paedophile Protectors Exposed, El Coyote, Tranny Reva Burton, Sam Best, Butlin Dawg, The Judas Iscariot Fan Club, and the rest of the Tribe at Hoaxted (sic) Research. Fat usless (sic) bastards. We have thier (sic) IP addresses, just waiting for the right time.

Or even this:

It is GCHQ and corrupt officers behind it, and so far, GCHQ have failed to respond to me. I have warned the low level Freemasons that they already know too much and will be horizontalized. 

Having received many such emails in the past couple of years, it came as very little surprise to us to learn from John’s friend Andy Devine that John was recently arrested for…you guessed it: making death threats.

Yep, we really couldn’t make it up.

man in officer s uniform black standing during parade

“Wot? Not that nitwit again….” Photo by Marianna on


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  1. Horizonalized ? These muppets take sub-literacy to a new level altogether. How are all you fat bastard pedo protectors doing ? I hope you long remain verticalized.

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  2. When you find yourself in a hole, best stop digging…
    At the rate he’s going he will be at the earths core in days…

    I mean how stupid can you get, sending threats to people, and sending copies of those threats to the police officer involved in your previous arrests??

    Thats a whole new level of stupid!
    (seriously, how do these people actually manage to dress and feed themselves without help?)

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    • The Robert ‘Fabooka’ Matheson evidence folder:

      Screenshots 104-149 are from tonight (from both the blog inbox and the video that AP kindly posted above). They include despicable sexual threats to Jimmy’s wife and sinister comments linking photos of his house and hinting that he lnows where he lives. Fabooka deleted these after being called out on them, then denied having said them and smugly asked for evidence of them. Well, Fabooka – I’m happy to oblige 🙂

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    • Funny that, scammers never like it when people start exposing them LOL

      And yes, I downloaded and added this one to my collection as well, as its not unknown for some people (cough…fabooka) to delete such comments and videos and then smugly say ‘ I never said that, prove it’…. so now we can LOL

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    • Pity. People aren’t too happy about my “The Order (of Truths) page either. Somebody reported something on it, so now it’s unpublished, offending post deleted, and i can’t post for 24 hours. So if people wonder where i am tomorrow, that’s why i’m not responding. But that’s ok because it’ll be back up the next day with a work-around so that little obstacle can’t happen again 🙂

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      • Well, well, well…… enjoy the next videos I upload, too Angie 🙂 Your friends do show you up, how many have been documented now, posting lies, smears and threats to or about me ? Lets see, Wesley Hall, John Paterson, Heather Brown aka Suzy Jones aka Prudence Halliwell, Mel Ve, WildCat aka Cat Scot, aka Catriona Selvester (Director FSF), another director is Penny Pullen who with Belinda McKenzie planned the hijack of the 2010 rally, to install the witchfinders: Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Bill Maloney…and speak for and at us……. I had organised it, to help it become bigger, more well known, so that real CSA survivors could speak not charlatans and fakes, fraudsters and crooks like Kevin Annett, who though not there, was represented…….. All to sabotage the progress that we were making so that inquiries and investigations became more transparent and public….. and so that victims/survivors of CSA would be helped with better support. The rally 1993, was huge and the photos and newsletter from the time speak for themselves of the impact it had……. The hijackers tried to misteer the narrative, infiltrate events and inquiries and when ousted from IICSA, have attempted to create independent maverick fmotl based inquiries with very dodgy tactics and untrustworthy people demanding evidence and testimonials from survivors…… Angie, no one trusts people like you……… your own deeds and words, scrawlings and lies, you have shown yourself to be dangerous and to encourage the harrassment of survivors whilst you promote fakes like fiona barnyard and other fantasists, liars, scammers…………. who’ve tried the same tactics downunder during the Royal Commission, written up on my blog, within the blacklist on Cross of Change……

        As well as your vile insinuations, disinfo, which began in 2015 regarding me………

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    • Aww……. TOUGH ! …… If you think you can fake an inquiry, tell people NOT to give evidence to the actual police and REAL inquiries, whilst simultaneously, grooming to use, or mocking to abuse genuine survivors as you spin lies and yarns and create a witch hunt………………. then you will be exposed, by those of us effected and that really care about children……… Whereas nearly every one of FSFs cohorts has proven links to convicted paedophiles and it is on record that Belinda McKenzie, Andy Peacher, Brian Gerrish, et al have protected, defended, housed, raised funds for child abusers and encouraged predators from fmotl groups to attend anti child abuse events, promoted the likes of David Icke and other satanic panic mongers, with planned hijacking of our 17th rally in London.

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    • In the very first paragraph he breaks the law by identifying a child abuse victim by naming the parent. Parents do not have a right to tell the world their child has been a victim of sexual abuse. They have no idea how this may affect them as they grow older.

      Click to access codebook-clause-11.pdf

      Not only that many victims have already expressed concern they may be identified in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

      That video alone is a prime example of how dangerous these “Fresh Start” amateurs are.

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      • Yes, GOS…… That video alone is a prime example of how dangerous these ‘Fresh Start’ amateurs are. Thanks very much David Scott 🙂 Tho Wild Cat had already done a superb job, another one, like Angela Power Disney who delights in tormenting real CSASurvivors and encourages others to do so.

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  3. It’s a pity that Praterson’s arselicker-in-chief Desperate Devine is in Greece or he’d be next up for a visit from the rozzers.

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  4. Cluck cluck 😀

    PS: no mention of Fabooka’s rape and death threats then, Cat? Oops! Must have slipped your mind.

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    • Yes, it’s very telling of her that she supports that type of behaviour and actually supports rather than condemning it.

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  5. Desperation update…

    What an interesting theory. Unfortunately, however, Malcolm accidentally forgot to post one single link/quotation/screenshot to demonstrate the countless death threats we’ve supposedly made. Mind you, not one other person who’s made the same allegation over the last three years has ever managed to do so either – sadly it keeps slipping their minds. So I look forward to the extensive list of examples that Malky will post later to back up his allegation and to show the three people who read his blog that he’s not a desperate lying bullshitting wanker. If he’s not too busy threatening to kill us, that is.

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  6. Speaking of the Final Solution, I look forward to Malcolm condemning this latest comment from his mate Andy Devine…


  7. Cat’s latest “venture”. A dangerous one too, as she’s stating in this video that “WikiPaedo” will be like Wikipedia and anyone will be able to add “information” to it. Vigilante style, methinks.

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    • Indeed, Jake. Cat’s amazing exclusives have included:

      – “Elites in Superbowl commercial”
      – Winston Churchill was a “drunken genocidal psychotic child rapist”.
      – “Valentine’s Day is satanic!”
      – “Robert de Niro caught in international underage prostitute ring”
      – “I have been given info that connects Dennis Nicholls (alleged PIE member) to Dicky Rearman.”
      – “International Red Cross report confirms the Holocaust of six million Jews is a hoax”
      – “Explosive new evidence links Tony Podesta, James Alefantis, Jimmy Savile and abuse victim Kim Noble to British Medical Foundation. Welcome to Tavistock”
      – “Vegas shooter reportedly warned his brain was ‘hacked’ and he was under government control”
      – “Queen bans straws” (Accompanied by a call for her to be beheaded)
      – “Eclipse 2018: today’s blood moon to trigger SATANIC SEX RITUALS of human/animal sacrifice”
      – “Aye, there are two occasions that I know of he [Gordon Brown] has raped children.”
      – “Antony Kidman, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, MK Ultra and the satanic elite #VIPaedo”
      – “Satanists tried to get my YouTube channel shut down.”
      – “I’ve got the Hoaxteadhaverers [sic] going mental! LOL!”
      – “Why are the Hoaxtead team, who claim the whistleblower kids were lying about SRA, all either admitted Satanists or have links to satanic websites and accounts?”
      – “Save a deer – shoot a paedophile”
      – George Harrison was married to Mandy Smith.

      Sorry, I know I’ve posted that before but such journalistic excellence deserves recognition.

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    • The way Cat keeps cackling at herself is so annoying. Take away the Scottish accent and the lisp and she could be Echo Truths, lol.

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    • The difference between this and Wikipedia is that Wikipedia has people to correct errors. Cat doesn’t. She’ll allow anyone with an axe to grind to post bullshit on there, then sit back with her customary bottle of wine and cackle and cackle away at the damage she’s done and the lives she’s ruined right up until she needs to go change her incontinence pad.

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  8. Anyone who believes the story below, raise your right arm. No, not you, Neelu!


  9. Reported this
    “Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy fkn courts are soft as fck on pedos half these hunters are soft they give them smokes a light a chair a drink etc etc a fkn noose is wtf the pedos need”

    Today got this
    Thank you for letting us know about this. We’ve looked over the post, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it. We understand that it may still be offensive or distasteful to you, so we want to help you see less of things such as this in the future.

    My reply
    “Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy fkn courts are soft as fck on pedos half these hunters are soft they give them smokes a light a chair a drink etc etc a fkn noose is wtf the pedos need”
    seriously THIS is NOT considered a breach of farcebooks much vaunted ‘community standards’??

    And they wonder why people want them fined and are pushing politicians to make laws controlling them?

    but did get some satisfaction on other posts being deleted


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      • I grabbed screenshots but they currently only on my drive.
        (I answered you below with a link TSLF, but its awaiting moderation atm)


      • While waiting for moderation to clear on the link, its his malcolm.ogilvy account, not his oggi.mal account (like arfwit and his 4 accounts, facebook deems it not in breach of their much vaulted ‘community standards’ to continue posting from a second account when banned on another account, although it specifically says this isnt allowed, there is usually no way to actually report a second, third or even fourth account directly)


        • I know there’s a rule about that but it’s not a reporting category. There’s even a fairly new feature on the Facebook toolbar for switching between accounts!


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