Paterson’s annual death threat extravaganza

If it’s November, it must be time for our annual barrage of semi-literate mouth-frothing death threats from our favourite professional anti-Semite—the walking, talking putz with the giant schnozz and ego to match, the one and only John Alexander Paterson.

Some readers might recall last year’s round of death threats from the Honker that Bored; this time round he’s claiming that he knows all our names, and we are really in big trouble now. Apparently he’s gone and told his mummy all about us, and she is very, very annoyed. Be afraid, fellow Hoaxtead Researchers: he knows where we live, he knows where we shop, he knows who constructed our website. (Erm, yes, that was Scarlet Scoop, not exactly a state secret, but let’s humour the little man.)

Oddly, Paterson said the same thing about this time last year…the only difference is that this year he’s daring us to use our credit cards, make phone calls, or ride a bus. We are terrified and trembling in our boots, as you might imagine. [Laying on the sarcasm a bit thick, no?—Ed.]

In case you doubt that he knows all our names, here is his current hit-list. Please try to control yourselves whilst reading this; we wouldn’t want to be responsible for any hilarity-induced injuries.

This means you, Tim McKenzie, Kevin Annett, Amy Warren, Maurice Dan West, S Gerbil, Angela Disney Power Puppet, and Sam the best. He is totally onto the lot of you. [SnortEd.]

What has roused Paterson to his current level of foot-stamping rage? Well, one factor could be that our own Sooper Seekrit Facebook Snitch™ has been even busier than usual of late, and has been thwarting Paterson’s hateful neo-Nazi ambitions at an even more impressive rate. We’ve actually lost count of the number of Paterson’s posts SSFS™ has had removed over the past few days, but apparently Paterson is taking it rather personally, as is his wont.

But SSFS™ isn’t the only burr under Paterson’s proverbial saddle; he’s also deeply and chronically unhappy with “Sam Best”, who he seems to believe is really named “Sam the best” (and really, who are we to argue?). Last year’s annual spate of death threats included this classic:

…while this year he’s a bit more succinct: And then there’s this collection…well, it’s really just a sampling, but it does give an idea of the Schnozzmeister’s prodigious output:

Just in case Paterson is concerned that no one has heard and absorbed his laughable utterly terrifying threats, HR commenter The Mystery Hopper has put together a helpful video so that we can hear them straight from the turkey’s beak, so to speak:


Thanks, TMH, SSFS™, “Sam the best”, and everyone else who’s helped bring us this year’s bumper crop of Paterson prattishness. [Take it easy on the neologisms, son—Ed.]

And thanks, too, to the Jewish and Proud Society, who brought us today’s featured image. Cheers, JAP!

133 thoughts on “Paterson’s annual death threat extravaganza

    • Dear Mr Grimwood

      Please excuse my language but that’s how I deal with people why try to darken my character, “these people” have no idea of the sort of people who I am connected with, and what they are capable of.

      If these scum bags at Hoaxted do not stop spreading lies about me and other whistleblowers, and IF the police do not respond, we will take matters into our own hands. It’s called self-defence and I’m very good at what I do….. so they tell me Mr Grimwood, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

      You can start by taking down thier website for “malicious broadcasting” IF I HAD TO SERVE 21 DAYS IN LEWES PRISON FORE THIS “OFFENCE” THEN WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING “THESE PEOPLE” TO GET AWAY WITH IT??????

      I EXPECT A RESPONSE ASAP, my patience has just run out, and I have not had my first coffee yet, and trust me, you wouldn’t like me at 04.00 before my first coffee. now read on….

      Listen up you PAEDOPHILE PROTECTING BASTARDS We now know you are being funded by corrupt officers, I will be naming you all on Facebook, where I have at least 5000 followers over several accounts Why don’t you fat yellow zionist bastards report me to Surrey Police and to The Crown Prosecution Service who hold my lap-top. Or better still, why don’t you come aboard on Facebook, and challenge some of the whistleblowers who I work with?

      Did you know that George Osbourne threatened to cut Theresa May into tiny pieceas, why don’t you report HIM to the Police? And why are you all so shit scared to report me? As usual, I do not expect a response, but be warned. Lock your doors and windows, there are some very, very, nasty bastards heading your way.,. This message and your fake website is now being displayed all over Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and of course Twitter, so what are you going to do next? Why not give me a call? Why not meet up with me? Ha ha ha ha haaar

      Paterson & Lees: the archive on Geopolitical, Religious Fraud, Central Banking, Fascism, Narcotics, and War Crimes. Find me on the Internet, I am everywhere.

      John has dedicated his life to exposing the threats to world peace and prosperity. For years he has quietly absorbed the facts and in the last 6 weeks he has become pivotal as a breaking news vent to explain why police funding and jobs are tumbling in favour of private security companies.

      He understands now the masterplan that the G8-G20 governments act out. How it interlocks with warmongering the issuance of money (the violent/genocidal control of central banks globally and the vital importance of manipulating the press and the politicians by coercion). It is centuries old but now has every country in a sovereign debt crisis: debt with interest to the private owners of our beautiful “democratic” world. See my home page/Introduction.

      If you are worried about your job, your pension, your savings, your property, your pay freeze, your children’s debt burden and the dirty tricks warmongering in innocent countries by the G20 munitions grandees then just listen to the videos below then find out your local politicians role in the money trail THEFT PROJECT that is INTERNATIONAL POLITICS & USURY for private gain. If the title is offensive because of your deep seated beliefs then you will begin to realise how clever the tyranical, mind controling strategies are….they explain all martyrs, missions, genocides, holocausts and ECONOMIC Crises….which are cleverly engineered.

      So scan down till you see something that impacts on your immediate future. If you are a specialist or have a conscience about something that happened in your region which is undermining decent society then please get in touch and we can make a video that will shame your local leaders into acting on behalf of the electorate and global taxpayers. The mistake they made is teaching us to read and write and all religious worshippers/denominations (are driven by morals and adherence to the same rules that are broken by all NOBEL peace laureates, Prime Ministers and Presidents). Decency and open communication will fix it quickly….SO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

      Find me on the Internet, I am probably one of THE WORLDS top researches with access to “above top secret” documents that Wikileaks dare not publish. What would you like to know about Julian Assange? Or, er… hmmm let me see who else do I have on my hit list…… come and challenge me if you dare, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT IF YOU WERE SUCH GOOD “RESEARCHERS” YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE DARED PUBLISH ALL THIS SHIT ABOUT ME AND MY FRIENDS.

      Unless of course you are being funded by corrupt officers, but don’t worry there are still many, many, decent officers who are just about to kick your arses so hard, not even your rent boys will want anything to do with you.

      I hope you enjoy Prison food, especially over the christmas period .. Oh and just one more thing about your “anti-semitic” claims, I was married to a very intelligent JEWISH lady from Los Angeles, I also worked for Jews for over 30 years, they are some of my closest alllies. Had my wife had not been threatened, I would never had left The USA in September 2001 where I had a very well paid job, and returned to the UK. I had to divorced her for her own safety and she is still alive and well and running an Organic Farm in NC, what have any of you fat yellow bastards done to help? THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ZIONIST JEWS, AND “NORMAL JEWS”

      But you uneducated retards were never taught the difference in school, because “these people” also run the so-called “education” system, “they” also own our Poiticians… but not for much longer.

      There is also a difference between light and dark, and you people are very, very dark.

      I am in touch with Sean at The SGT Report, watch and listen and tell me that Ella Draper and The Experienced Police Officer are lying. Ella Draper mentions Finchley Road money-laundering. FINCHLEY ROAD IS PANDORA’S BOX. And the lid is now open 😉 ask a good friend of mine, Gordon Bowden, Ex Royal Air Force Whistleblower 18 years hard forensic evidence.

      I have the culprits linked to Finchley Road, aka Panama Papers aka Paradise Papers, see me also on Press TV and The BBC

      Have A Nice Day. 😉



  1. Seriously, though, nice reporting, EC.

    By the way, that video was obviously made before the third spate of death threats. It might be worth doing a compilation of all three spates. Anyone any suggestions for the song?

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      • LOL, nice song. Love a bit of ol’ Louis. Death wishes aren’t my style, though, even in jest. And frankly, I’d like the little bugger to live, just so we can watch him squirm some more – it’s highly entertaining 😀

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          • That’s put a germ of an idea in my head, EC. What could be more appropriate here than a song written and/or performed by a member of the Jewish community? I’m sure he’d love that. And it would really depress Prattle-On and his troofer buddies, if they had sufficient knowledge and awareness to realise it, that probably 20% to a third of every song they’ve ever heard and enjoyed was written by a Jew (or a pair of Jews).

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          • As you say, there are so many to choose from. Gershwin, much of the Great American Songbook, pretty well anything written in the Brill Building in NYC (including Carole King and her then-husband Gerry Goffen, Neil Diamond, Leiber and Stoller, etc.), Rodgers & Hart, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, …and at the other end of the musical spectrum, the Beastie Boys…it goes on and on. Of course we can’t forget Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Mick Jones…gah, need coffee, must stop. But I hope this gives you some ideas.

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          • You actually got two of the ones I’ve used in my video, EC. You read my mind 🙂

            Also, Pomus & Shuman, irving Berlin, Stephen Sondheim, Bacharach & David, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Neil Sedaka…

            And so many of the most popular, bestselling songs of all time were written by these people, with the 60s being a particular ‘golden age’.

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          • lol. some of those old sayings trotted out by my Mum and which I never really understood now make so much sense.
            Is the Avon Lady really a Transvestite ? (a delightfully old-fashioned term in these LGBT days). Surely she should be applauded for being able to multi-task, pound the pavements selling dodgy ointments and cleaners by day and star in a Gala Drag Revue at night?
            Angela Power Disney a pedophile? Oh Deary Me. We know she abuses children with a T-Square but does she dabble even further? Was she corrupted by Rupert?
            Sam the best- what a rude bastard he/she must be stirring the pot with poor Patterson and urging others to run up his telephone bill by calling him reverse charges. (hint hint)

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    • So Sheva, let me get this straight – Praterson thinks you’re a man, Costa thinks you don’t exist, Heifer thinks you run Hoaxtead Research and Angela thinks you’re someone called Susan. Kudos, mate – you couldn’t buy that kind of mystique 🙂

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      • Sam the Best reliably tells me he won’t be living in this world much longer as he’s hitching a ride with Princess Neelu to a distant galaxy and the Planet Zog where everyone gets a BMW and a $Billion upon arrival.

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          • Well i am going to get the bus into town today and maybe use my credit card as well. I will report back later to let you know if anything untoward happens., 🙂

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          • Good luck with the bus journey Arthur.It may be a wise precaution to leave a trail of bread crumbs just in case the HR rescue team should get a bit peckish on the way to mounting a dramatic rescue raid at illuminati HQ,or wherever.

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          • Arthur, beware of anyone wearing red when you are on the bus, I’ve been reliably informed by some mentally ill people who refuse to seek help or medication, it means you are being gang-stalked.

            If a number of red cars are seen passing your bus, the drivers of these cars are also stalking you.

            In fact, if the bus itself is red, do not, I repeat, do not get on it. Goodness know where they will take you.


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    • For anyone who doesn’t know them already and is curious, I’ve put the song details in the video description:

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    • Great video and the perfect thumbnail also. Always great songs that you choose to include. A man/woman of great taste indeed.

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  2. Na-nuu na-nuu. Is it Sunday already?

    Great post, btw, EC. Very witty. Did you know that Angie ‘I don’t hate Jews and I never do death threats’ Power-Disney is a big supporter of Praterson’s? Bet you just fell off your chair in amazement, didn’t you. Not.

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    • She needs to add her own name to that list- busted & exposed by John Patterson.
      #Angela Power Puppet Disney !. Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

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    • I thought i saw that Angie was included in Patersons Facebook friends list. Actually while i think about it does Paterson realise that Mark Zuckerberg who helped create Facebook is Jewish?

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        • Reading Patersons Facebook posts makes me feel sick. It is just constant slagging off of Jewish people. It isn’t normal at all for a person to be so obsessed and full of hatred like that. He definitely needs some medical help.

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          • Maybe the anti Jewish obsession stems from being rejected by the local art college in his formative years for being shit at drawing,whilst the jewish kid he bullied at school received a scholarship.

            With all his annoying shouting of obscenities and waving of arms about in pubic we should count our lucky stars Paterson has`nt yet taken it upon himself to singlehandedly invade his local Polish delicatessen or have an alleged undescended right testicle for that matter.


    • “My ex-wife”

      Either KSC has an LGBT past we’re not aware of or she hasn’t yet worked out how to use quotation marks.

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      • So she lurks around Central Park? She lives so far away from New York I doubt she’s ever even been to the big smoke let alone the park. What a strange woman looking for men in trench coats. This is a police artist sketch of someone Kristy Poo says was there when she opened here front door but she can’t understand why he hasn’t been caught.

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    • There’s a really nice steam railway in Leighton Buzzard. He should get involved. It would be a useful way to spend his time instead of pissing about with things he knows nothing about.

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      • I think he may have already been to that particular railway Fnord.

        There’s a photo of Jake (on his fb page) with his head stuck out of a train window.

        I always look at the photo and think that Jake was very lucky another train wasn’t coming towards him in the opposite direction and he didn’t lose his head.

        Stupid boy.

        Isn’t he under Medical Supervision and if he is, do the Medical Staff/Dr.s know he is still so deluded?

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    • Jill Kent is a loon and drama queen that told me I had dyed my hair ginger!

      She doesn’t know me either and has never met me.

      For the record I have NEVER dyed my hair ginger and I never would.

      Jill Kent is a bully.

      I do hate the way all Yolande’s haters always bang on about she needs to be Sectioned, take her Meds etc.

      They are all as bad if not worse.


      • Oh and then bitched on about – didn’t my Mummy breastfeed me and was my Daddy an absent Father – but said it in a not so polite way.

        I didn’t reply to her

        Jill Kent is beneath contempt, but for the record my Father and Mother were married and lived together for 26 years before he died.

        Jill Kent is a keyboard warrior as they say and an absolute bitch. She seems to fancy herself too much, yet has had problems with social services and her 7 children. This is not surprising the way she goes on, plus claims to be Bipolar and has the cheek to bully Yolande about taking her meds and being sectioned.

        Jill Kent is a 1st class bitch and bully who supports the convicted woman beater and kidnapper Archit Ssan.


      • Not sticking up for everyone she falls out with but I’ve no symapthy for Yolande either. As has been seen time and time again, she’s a liar, a slanderer, a bully and a raving antisemite. Oh and she thinks everyone is Yannis. They’re not.

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      • “I do hate the way all Yolande’s haters always bang on about she needs to be Sectioned, take her Meds etc.”

        But isn’t that pretty much the same as what you said about Jake further up the page, or have I misunderstood?


        • I didn’t say Jake needs to be Sectioned or take any Meds but he does need to be spoken to and told that he is barking up the wrong tree regarding the Hampstead tale that he believes.

          He needs to get his thinking straight and away from people riling him up to believe this nonsense.

          Sectioning him twice has done zilch and whatever Meds he is on if he’s on any are not changing his thought processes.

          I wasn’t at all happy that because of Angela Power-Disney’s encouragement he ended up being sectioned twice and for some considerable time.

          He needs to get away from his fb “friends” that are using him as their stooge.

          A long holiday on a small island with no internet would do him the world of good.

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    • I know nothing about Jilly but she lost me when she attacked Tim Haines, who I seem to recall is a decent feller who’s very supportive of this fine blog.

      I’m not defending Yolande, though – she makes my flesh crawl.

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      • According to Chris Griffin (Anita Round) on fb, Tim Haines is after a few thousand quid for acting as her McKenzie friend on a child/rens issue. Something to do with paperwork. Tbf I don’t know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        Evidently Tim Haines has taken out proceedings to get this money from Chris and she is counting suing.

        Oh the joys!

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    • On another post he’s calling for Clnton and Podesta to be hanged. And yesterday he was celebrating over a prisoner who’d had his genitals chopped off in a violent attack. Oh and earlier this week he posted a photo of a naked little girl being gang-molested (but it’s all in the name of -ahem – research, right).

      Charming bloke. And such clean hair. I can’t imagine why he’s single.

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      • I see he’s already frantically denying all of the above, so here are the screenshots:

        Paedogilvy calling for Clinton and Podesta to be hanged:

        Paedogilvy celebrating over a prisoner who’d had his genitals chopped off in a violent attack before being murdered:

        Paedogilvy’s photo of a naked little girl being gang-molested (red squares added by me):

        (He put that picture up 7 times, by the way. You know, just to be sure.)

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  3. Well hell. I just found this masterpiece of froth-mouthed gibberish in the blog email spam filter. But better late than never, I suppose:

    In case this is too hard to read on your screens, here’s the text. If anyone out there speaks fluent Fucktardian, we’d welcome a translation.

    Actually, on second thoughts, never mind. Take it away, Prattleson!:


    You have upset some of the most dangerous gangs in South London.

    A Royal Commission is a body set up by the Monarch on the recommendation of the Prime Minister to gather information about the operation of existing laws or to investigate any social, educational, or other matter.

    The Citizen and Crown are Corruption Control Partners.

    The Citizen gets Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard.

    They are Official Records that are Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for Victims. The Crown has the power to make Trial Orders and Appeal Orders for Corruption Cases against the State and Unfitness Cases against Authorities and Officers.

    Corruption Case Adjudication Jurisdiction vests in Lord Bishop Juries in Parliament and Citizen Juries in the Law Courts.

    Citizens obtained Corruption Proof that the Crown and Lord Bishops used for Corruption Findings and Remedy Entitlement Findings and Remedy Priority Findings and Remedy Failure Findings and Unfitness Findings against Prime Minister Mr Blair and Others.

    In 2012 Parliament vested powers in a Royal Commission to manage Corruption Remedies with use of Parliament and the Cabinet as Execution Agencies.

    Prime Minister Mr Cameron serviced the Remedy Process. Corrupt Officers hoped the 2015 General Election would remove him from office. It did not. They planned a Ruin Fraud against him. It needed an Innocent Agent to manage Internet Publicity, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister, a framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it, timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister with Media Hype by Media Managers and Dismissal Demands by Remedy Saboteurs in Parliament.

    Everything that could go wrong for the Ruin Conspirators did go wrong. The Royal Commission prepared for the Final Squeeze Stage of the Remedy Process. A Fraud Invalidity Precedent that restated very old law that fraud invalidates all.

    A Conflict Disqualification Precedent restated very old law that a Conflicted Interest is a Conflict Power Disqualification.

    The restoration of Automatic Issue Rights for the Citizen was achieved by revocation of Case Approval Powers that High Court Masters used for Undocumented Issue Refusal Frauds to stop Corruption Cases.

    Citizen got issue of Corruption Claims that forced Corrupt Officers to choose between making Conflict Disqualification Admissions and committing Conflict Qualification Frauds and Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds.

    The Corruption Claims obtained Proof Sets of Conflict Qualification Frauds and Protection Breach Contempt Frauds against High Court Masters. They include the Strike Out Frauds by Master Kay and the Assistance Restraint Fraud and Restraint Case Reference Frauds by Senior Master Fontaine against Citizen Mr Paterson. The result was Co-ordinated Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Paterson against the High Court, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, Crown Prosecutor, Probation Service Prosecutor and Sussex Police.

    The Corruption Claim of Citizen Mr Taylor to remedy Child Procurement Frauds and Paedophile Protection Frauds broke the confidence of Media Managers who were Ruin Fraud Conspirators. The National Union of Journalists renounced Remedy Defendant Status, filed a Liability Defence, got a Censorship Order against Citizen Mr Taylor and Union Members and broke the confidence of Ruin Fraud Conspirators in Parliament.

    Aspirant Leaders cannot let it taint them. Parliament cannot allow it to go unpunished. The cases were managed so that Predictable Court Frauds qualified as European Referendum Election Frauds.

    John Paterson (BIG NOSE) AND BIG FISTS.

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      • I actually happen to know a few members from certain London gangs that stay in my town conducting their ahem ‘business’. I will have to show them the things that Paterson has to say as i’ll be interested in what they think about the berk Paterson.

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      • You would be hard pressed to find any gang in London that doesn’t have members who have Jewish backgrounds including the legendary Kray Twins.
        I think Sir John Paterson wandered into a Camberwell pub one day and a regular spotted him for the nitwit he is & told him some tales of mayhem in exchange for a few drinks.
        Now Sir Johnny thinks he’s “connected”.

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    • Upset gangs in Sarf London have we? Well thank God I know Arthur Daley and his minder Terry so I feel quite safe.
      Personally it’s one of the sad by-products of the welfare security net where people have too much time on their hands, too much time to think although in Johnny Paterson’s case, those thoughts seem scrambled.
      Didn’t he call himself Sir John Paterson at one stage? What was that all about?

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      • I’m told this is the guy we need to see if we want to smooth things over with Praterson. For a very reasonable fee, he could have a word with him on our behalf:


    • I think I pick up indications of mental decline in that post. I think the Avon Lady has really gotten to him. Surely someone should take up Sir Johnny’s request and telephone him and record the event.
      It may fill the comedy void caused by the sad death of Patrick Cullinane.


  4. Apparently John DeCamp passed away on August 1st of this year.
    To commemorate his passing, here’s some genuine TRUTHs about DeCamp and Paul Bonacci;

    Paul Bonacci didn’t tell his lawyer, John DeCamp, that he was a witness-participant in the Johnny Gosch abduction of 1982. John DeCamp told Bonacci, that Bonacci had been a witness to that tragic event.

    In “The Franklin Cover-up”, on page 230 of my copy, DeCamp says: “I had noted that one of the events Paul [Bonacci] described [allegedly during interviews with prison psychiatrist Beverly Mead] reminded me of the case of Johnny Gosch, which I had read about years earlier. I went to the library, and confirmed the similarity of the details of the case, with what Paul said. I then contacted the Gosch family…”
    and then, quoting from a Des Moines Register article of July 24, 1991:
    “DeCamp became suspicious of a Gosch connection when he read a transcript of a psychiatrist’s interview with Bonacci in which an ‘incident’ involving a newspaper carrier was mentioned. DeCamp said Bonacci didn’t identify Gosch by his full name…”

    Dr Beverly Mead’s report on Bonacci, from April of 1990, doesn’t mention any such “incident” – but it does mention six interviews with Bonacci, so it’s possible that there really was some such babble from Bonacci in one of those. But there were many “incidents” involving newspaper carriers during Bonacci’s youth, including some much closer to home for him – such as the tragic kidnapping and murder of paperboy Danny Eberle in Bellevue, Nebraska, in 1983.
    In any case, DeCamp’s own story reveals that HE was the original source of the idea that Bonacci had been involved in the Gosch kidnapping, that HE had researched details of the case personally, and that he subsequently “debriefed” Bonacci about it – which really means that he coached Bonacci on those details and helped him to memorize them prior to meeting with John & Noreen and holding a press conference to announce his “evidence-testimony”.

    Just another example of Bonacci writing himself into other people’s life histories after researching them through historic newspaper articles that he had access to through the prison library newspaper microfiche collection, or after having been “debriefed” about them by people like DeCamp or P.I. Roy Stevens.
    Like Bonacci’s claim to have been a 15 year old boy hooker that Craig Spence took on a tour of the White House, when Bonacci was really 22 years old at that time.
    Or, like Bonacci’s false claims that he had been involved with members of NAMBLA from a very young age and was even treated like a “foster son” by founder Scott Thorstadt, accompanying him even before and after press conferences (“Franklin Cover-up” page 229). That’s not Bonacci’s story, that’s the life story of a Harold Baker – one of Thorstadt’s juvenile NAMBLA members touted by them as proof that NAMBLA really was a children’s rights organization (HAH!). Harold Baker was a teenage boy who had been in an abusive relationship with a NAMBLA member since he was 8 years old, and claimed to be a “boy-lover” in his own right at age 17. But he [Harold] was busted for kidnapping a 13 year old boy and delivering him into the clutches of other NAMBLA members, and the press conference that Bonacci falsely claimed to have attended in 1982 was all about those events. Here’s a pdf with the historic news stores about Harold Baker, and that press conference, from which Bonacci lifted his knowledge of these things:

    Click to access 1982-12-29.pdf

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    • Hard to be more BUSTED, than the actual historic news articles that you lifted claims about your own life from, I think. Some people have been doing za great job of digging out these historic articles. I don’t know who they are, or whether they are goodguys/gals or badguys/gals. I suspect they are motivated by a belief these documents will support their conspiranoia myth-making – but really, they are just giving me access to the documentation I need to PROVE they are full of sh*t. Iy’s one thing to know they are, and quite another to prove it.

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    • I corresponded briefly with Noreen Gosch in the early days of the internet but eventually as I had nothing to offer and it seemed fairly pointless, we ended the discussion. I felt huge sympathy for her though and concluded that idiotic ex-FBI agent had led her astray especially after reading a really good take-down of him in..was it Rolling Stone?

      My interest in Gosch was peaked by two things- the bizarre claims about Hunter S.Thompson, a favourite writer of mine and the fact that when I was living in New York I was friendly with the family of Etan Patz who was the first mysterious kidnapped child which became an extraordinary media campaign. To say the Patz kidnapping caused untold torment and misery among the close circle of friends is an understatement- I was not close just an acquaintance- and the sheer mystery of it almost drove some people quite mad and had devastating affects on personal relationships. ( I’ve always had great sympathy for the McCanns and the hideous vile attacks upon them by ignorant internet loonies mostly on the basis the McCanns simply are not the most telegenic and friendly folk..they are middle-class, handsome but with tormented faces and that simply adds fuel to the fires started by the crazies).

      The ghastly vile internet mob never picked up on the Patz case because they simply react when told to jump- as in the ridiculous @pizzacrap case but it’s surprising they never included Patz in their Satanic ritual child kidnaps. Of course the horrible murder of Patz ended up being so depressingly close- his kidnap spurned an entire movement that exists today- but it ended up being a pathetic opportunistic murder by a local janitor.
      However I know people – a couple who have since passed on- whose lives were intensely impacted by the case.

      And it’s why no actions by the Hoaxtead mob should ever be ignored – when possible they should be dragged kicking and screaming into a court and punished for their endless, repetitive and vile intrusions into innocent people’s lives that have caused such misery and fear for them.

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  5. An interesting article on Conspiracy theories. I wish the Conspiraloons would read this.
    Conspiracy Theories as Examples of Pure Dogma –

    The Forum is a good read too, plenty of freeman on the land threads, one on pizzagate that is refreshing to see critical thinking in action, and other conspiracies.
    Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories – Sorted by view count.

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  6. Don’t know if anyone has seen the new “article” from the Spiv. I’d say its a new low, but thats hard to beat. Including the fact that Carol Myers and family are yep, other people.

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  7. What a thoroughly objectionable character!
    It would only take a momentary lapse of reason, on Paterson’s part, for an innocent and unsuspecting individual to come to some very real harm. He comes across (to me) as being severely ill.
    The more I see of that cesspool of moral filth that seems to lurk just beneath the veneer of what appears to be, especially on social media, the more I realise how badly the piercing light of Hoaxtead is needed. Well done to you all, and long may you continue.

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    • Thanks Selina, much appreciated. You’re right, his threats and attempts to dominate are the sort of thing that could easily lead to very bad consequences. It’s fortunate for all that he has no idea what he’s talking about, and that all his guesses about us thus far have been well wide of the mark, but even so, his intentions are very ugly and shouldn’t be tolerated.

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