Bigotry latest: Berry, Paterson, Cullinane & d’Isigny



John Paterson: “Why do they always do this with kids? Why do they always hand them over to paedophiles and homosexuals?”

Patrick Cullinane: “Because the Jews are running the courts…That’s exactly what’s wrong here.”

John Paterson: “And it’s anti-Semitic to speak the truth…Two Jewish paedophiles and we’re just supposed to stand here and take it….I’m putting this on YouTube. These cockroaches hate the light.”

Patrick Cullinane: “Did you know that most of the Jews change their names to Irish names by deed poll? So if they’re abusive to children, it’s all put down to the Irish community.”

John Paterson: “It’s another false flag. They’re good at that…They’re now in the hands of Jewish paedophiles…This is the filth of the United Kingdom.”

Patrick Cullinane: “Linked once again to Hampstead…The Jews were kicked out of this country in 1290 for exactly what you’re telling us here now.”

John Paterson: “Was it Cromwell who brought them back in? Thanks, Cromwell…They’re all in on it together.”

Patrick Cullinane: “She [the social worker] needs to be hung up…hung up by the lamp post…Sacked is not enough for these judges.”

John Paterson: “String ’em up!”

Patrick Cullinane: “High treason is still a hanging offence.”

Nutty Neelu: “The Police are about to kidnap these kids from their mother. Just now.”

John Paterson: “Let’s go and get these bastards…He [the Police officer] is one of us. I can tell he’s one of us – he has a good face.”

Lady: “All judges are involved. All social workers are involved.”

Ah, good old slander, paranoia, death threats, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Five trusty cornerstones of the Troof movement. Warms the cockles, doesn’t it.

Also, it’s fascinating to see the highly manipulative Cullinane and Paterson pouring words into the lady’s mouth. God forbid she should say something that doesn’t suit their bigoted agenda!

And isn’t it so nice to see this dentally challenged lady, once she’s finished raging about Jews and gays, claiming that all the alleged abuse endured by her children were committed by social workers in order to frame her…while Cullinane and the interviewer lap it all up and believe every word without question or one single scrap of evidence. And they know that she isn’t the abuser because…?

Incidentally, Patrick, high treason is NOT a hanging offence. As we already explained to potato-faced Munchkin Neelu Berry after she’d issued similar death threats, that was abolished in 1998 (and the last time anyone was executed for it in the UK was 1820). You did say you’re a lawyer, right? D’oh!

Oh and this won’t surprise you…This illegal video is being rabidly supported by notorious bigot and Hoaxtead rent-a-gob Angela Power d’Isigny:


And of course, fellow psycho Toothless is on board too. He’s never one to miss out when a bigot bandwagon rolls into town. This thread is from the aforementioned video:


More on Hoaxteader bigotry:


14 thoughts on “Bigotry latest: Berry, Paterson, Cullinane & d’Isigny

  1. Danielle La Verite is a Facebook friend of Patrick Cullinane as are quite a lot of ‘troofers’. Who’d want him as a friend? Goes to show that there’s a lot of anti semitism behind all this ‘troof’ stuff.
    Do any of these people have jobs? How come they’re free to hang round the Courts all day?

    Ms Arora (and I do feel sorry for her) gives a slightly different story about why social services were involved in this link. It also mentions antabuse in this paperwork, which is something they give alcoholics. I suspect there’s more to her story than the police bursting in and removing the kids for no reason.


  2. Oi! Shut it you dirty slaaaaaags.

    Now gerroverere Bangers and get down on it. Naaaah I said! Don’t make me you bitch, dooonn’t maake meeeee


  3. Scarlet, just wailt until you’ve beem married nearly thirty f^ckin years. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.shit.


  4. and who the f^ck is that standing next to cullinane. After ten pints maybe. Bleedin scary that is.


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