Jake invites friends to Sabine’s court appearance

Jake Clarke is worried.

Very worried, in fact. So worried that he spent much of yesterday plastering his own timeline and Facebook groups with the following message about Sabine McNeill’s court hearing this morning:

Jake Clarke FB 2018-02-25 main

Hi, please if you can come to and/or share with anyone or any groups thanks. A 74yr young CHILD ABUSE WHISTLE BLOWER AND OVERALL AMAZING WOMAN, Sabine McNeill is being threatened with jail time until the fraud court hearing planned for Nov 2018 that she has been summoned to. If anyone is available for 11.30 Monday, court room 4, Southwark crown court, London to show that she is in the public eye and has support bless her and that these paedophile infiltrated/corrupted judiciary and police (and sadly even further into many institutions) can’t get away with controlling the good members within these institutions anymore. It is regarding breaking fraudulent court ordered gagging order about the ‘Hampstead whistle blower children’ / ‘Hampstead cover up’, we now have many amazing developments and progress in the case coming to having the children saved. Though in the mean time we got to keep our angel fighter warriors free with their basic human rights to not be locked up for trying to bring paedophile rings to the light of exposure and as close to justice as possible. I should stop. This is long sorry though much thanks. Thank you very much all.

Interesting that Jake thinks that Sabine’s trial, currently scheduled for 18 November, is a “fraud court hearing”, and that her restraining order is a “fraudulent court ordered gagging order”.

But even more interesting that he’d claim, “we now have many amazing developments and progress in the case coming to having the children saved”.

Are we just being paranoid, or is Jake hinting here that he and his fellow Hoaxtead mobsters are planning to kidnap some or all of the children who were named by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in this vile hoax? To be on the safe side, we’ve passed Jake’s post along to the police.

A willing martyr?

It was only a week and a half ago that both Jake and Sabine were interviewed by the police regarding their activities at the Church of England’s General Synod on 10 February. And according to Angela Power-Disney, Jake was interviewed by police only a few weeks before that.

He’s been heard by friends to say that he’d be willing to “martyr himself” over the Hampstead SRA hoax—rather an alarming stance, reminiscent as it is of young people who become “radicalised” by various terror groups.

Clearly, Jake believes himself to be a soldier, fighting on the front lines in a holy war of some sort.

Except that his idea of “fighting” seems to involve spamming upwards of 55 Facebook groups with the same message (we lost count after 55, long before Jake the Energizer Bunny had run out of juice): Courtroom Party

We could go on, but you get the idea.

Clearly, Jake believes that today’s court hearing will be an important one. We cannot speculate on that, but we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground, and will keep our readers updated.

Meanwhile, Chester the Office Cat put together this lovely little card for Jake and his friends, to remind them of their holy quest and buoy them up when things get rough. Extra ration of cream for Chester today, we think!The Troofers'Creed

29 thoughts on “Jake invites friends to Sabine’s court appearance

  1. Surely Jake can be seen as acting as “an agent” for Sabine?

    What he has said about the children in his post is worrying to say the least.

    I have to say, The Troofers’ Creed is genius! 🙂

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    • Chester can be clever when he sets his mind to it, I’ll give him that.

      As for whether Jake is acting as an agent, that’ll be for the courts to decide, but I do find his threats about the children quite worrisome.

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    • An agent for Sabine perhaps but I’d say Jake also has plenty to answer for in his own right. He’s like Angela in that he thinks he can keep getting away with this crap and that the police are powerless to stop him. His luck will run out eventually, as will Angela’s.


      • Every now & then it’s illuminating to check on the “friends” of a fanatic like APD (or any of the other hoaxers) and then you see how really batshit crazy they can be. I perused one’s timeline recently and their posts were just bizarre but quite normal for this bunch.
        Making the usual claims they are fighting the “VIP pedo gangs” that run the government and allow the courts to “steal children” from their mothers in order to sell them, along with the usual #pizzagate is real stuff but then calls for teachers to be armed to the teeth after the awful Florida school shooting ( a “false flag”- proof: someone found an idiotic advert on Craigslist for “crisis actors”) and that Donald Trump is a messenger from God (naturally Hilary sups with The Devil and Obama- probably Beelzebub himself) who will save the children of the world and the USA.
        The fact he is quickly removing health care for poorer Yanks & their children (millions of them) and a host of other policies that will hit the poorest is irrelevant.
        These are the people APD seeks out along with those who are mentally challenged like Jake. I reckon she’s a complete phony and believes none of this which makes her very dangerous as she encourages the Jakes of the world in their delusions.

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        • APD is a scammer. She probably has very little in terms of financial resources left and is too old, and has too much of a bad reputation, to do legitimate work and accumulate any sort of pension. Her dream is probably to tour the world on the Troofer circuit, like a minor actor on a Sci-Fi conference who played a Dalek in 1975.

          “Angie! Angie! Tell us about how you were hunted by aliens, tell us about your torrid sexual encounters with European royalty. Can we have an autograph? Can we have a selfie? Can we take you out for dinner?”

          She’d love it.

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  2. Pssst: I know it is highly illegal, but I have managed to sneak a photo of the public gallery and it looks like all Jake’s friends have turned up:

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    • “We don’t have any problem with anybody, we’ve never fallen out with anyone, we’re friendly people”.
      I guess it just happened to be a day when the entire Neighborhood Watch were all out shopping at the same time.

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      • Someone down there is fed up of having bailiffs and the police on the street.

        Or maybe her alter did it and she doesn’t remember…..

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        • Was it mean of me that my first thought was she did it herself to get sympathy??
          Then I thought of the number of times the cops and bailiffs and towtrucks have been around and thought it might have been a P.O. neighbour- she reckons she has no enemies there, but seriously, the woman who cant go ten minutes without issuing liens on people because ‘reasons’ has never, not once had an altercation with a single person ever nearby???
          Then I looked at the number of times she has given out her address- and really anyone who she has pissed off in the last few months and is up for a quick drive if they live nearby
          Think of the number of people she has insulted, slandered and generally maligned- bailiffs, nurses, doctors, politicians, judges, locksmiths, ticket inspectors, jeez- afaik about the only ones she hasnt had a go at it are decorative cake makers and deep sea divers!!!!
          She’s been making a lot of waves at court recently as well, with her known ability to ‘make friends and influence people’ how many has she P.O there- just having to sit next to her would drive many to rage…

          I’m just surprised its taken this long- not that I condone it, just I can easily understand it..

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    • That Beemer of Berry junior’s has done more miles on the back of a recovery truck than under its own steam.

      But Hercule Berry is on the case and knows whodunnit- the local cops of course – who are disappointed that local crime rates are too low and are taking unconventional but proactive measures to address this. They would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for them pesky equity lawyers and international jurists.

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      • It’s actually funny that she contradicts herself in that video several times (several???)
        It’s a quiet street that nothing ever happens on, but there is a drug house just around the corner that her new friend says the cops get multi thousands of dollars payoffs from, but there is no traffic and nobody goes there, but she gets harassed daily- every day there is a drama here, but this peaceful road, but Ellis’s new London base had clients (O’Reilly- does the council know she is running a business from residential premises???) followed at 1am in the morning ‘up that bit’ and somebody tried to provoke them….

        She couldnt lie straight in bed….

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  3. Neelu on a rant, Sabine in court, Angela Power Disney pulling news out of derriere again that not even the National papers know about. Losing attention again eh! 😂

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