Operation Conifer and the ‘Michelle Remembers’ connection

In the wake of yesterday’s news about Mike Veale’s resignation as chief constable in Cleveland, we had occasion to browse through some of the older news coverage about Veale and the ill-conceived Project Conifer, conducted while he was chief constable in Wiltshire.

In a Mail on Sunday article on 29 November 2016, Home Affairs editor Martin Beckford dropped a bombshell on Project Conifer. In an interview with leading criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins, he revealed that Hoskins had “urged detectives not to be taken in by the wild allegations against the late former Prime Minister [Edward Heath], and demanded MPs be alerted to her damning findings”.

Hoskins, who had been involved in confirming ritual practices in the so-called “torso in the Thames”, had been hired in September 2016 to provide an expert opinion on the lurid allegations which were being made about Heath and others, including Leon Brittan, Lord Bramall, Harvey Proctor, and Greville Janner, in both Operations Midland and Conifer.

These allegations had been made by a person named Nick, along with three unnamed women.

Hoskins said,

‘The evidence overlaps,’ I was reliably informed. Nick had named some of those accused in the Wiltshire-based Conifer inquiry, and the woman behind the Heath accusations (and her associates) had named some of Nick’s Westminster VIPs.

After reviewing the evidence, Hoskins determined that there was no evidence to support any of the allegations. No bodies had been recovered; no children had been reported missing or murdered that matched the accounts; no corroborating evidence had been found; and the stories told by Nick and the three women were lurid in tone but lacked substantiating detail.

In the interview with Beckford, Hoskins said,

[T]he allegations against at least some of the people caught up in Operations Conifer and Midland are based on no more that two uncorroborated witnesses, whose claims of satanic abuse were made under the influence of controversial psychotherapists specialising in ‘recovered memories’.

At least one of these witnesses was under the influence of hypnosis. I am profoundly disturbed. In 15 years of working as an independent police expert, I have never seen anything like it.

Upon analysing the evidence, Hoskins said, it became clear that one of Heath’s key accusers was a woman named Lucy X, who had begun making claims of Satanic abuse in 1989. These claims had originally been ignored, but now were being taken seriously.

The ‘Michelle Remembers’ connection

Lucy X’s psychotherapist, who Hoskins identified as “Fiona”, had studied at the same university as a Canadian psychiatrist, Lawrence Pazder, who had mentored her in the hypnotherapy techniques he had used to elicit “memories” of alleged Satanic ritual abuse from the patient who would make him famous: Michelle Proby.

Pazder, originally from Alberta, and educated there and in Liverpool as well as at Montreal’s McGill University, wound up practising psychiatry in Victoria, British Columbia, where he met and treated Proby. Under hypnotherapy and so-called “age regression”, Proby began to recall highly detailed and improbable memories of sadistic child sexual abuse, carried out by a group of Satanists who somehow managed to escape detection in Victoria, a small city known as an ideal place for elderly Canadians to retire.

Eventually, Proby and Pazder divorced their respective spouses and married. Together they wrote a book about Proby’s alleged memories of Satanic abuse. Michelle Remembers, published in 1980, would become not only a best-seller, but the template for allegations of Satanic ritual abuse.

It’s worth noting that prior to the publication of Michelle Remembers, the term “Satanic ritual abuse” did not exist.

Lucy X’s therapist, Fiona, began using hypnotherapy and “recovered memory therapy” (RMT) on her in 1988; Lucy X made her first allegations to police in 1989. In 2015, she was finally believed—by the investigators of Project Conifer, under the leadership of Mike Veale.

According to Hoskins, both “Nick” and Lucy X stated to police that their psychotherapists had enabled them to recall their past.

The stories that Lucy X began ‘remembering’ took her back to her childhood in Britain and in Africa. At first the detail in her diaries is scant. But Lucy’s descriptions grow ever more detailed under hypnosis: satanic ritual abuse in empty houses, in churches and on Salisbury Plain.

Eventually she ‘remembered’ that members of the paedophile ring had gorged themselves on blood and body parts. They maimed and murdered children in orgiastic sacrifices at the stake or on altars.

Lucy soon spoke with three other women she knew well. They met and swapped fantastical tales.

Earlier this year [2016] they would ‘remember’ that Heath was a prime mover in a network of sadistic paedophile abusers.

Hoskins also demonstrated a number of circumstantial connections between “Nick” and Lucy X:

Lucy X’s father is said to have worked alongside Nick’s dad in the same community, although it is not known if Nick and Lucy X have ever met. There appear to be links, too, in the way their evidence was produced.

Like Lucy X, Nick also told tales of ritual abuse. His early stories related to the same location where Lucy X’s family lived, before moving on to describe a VIP paedophile ring based out of Dolphin Square, London.

Nick recounted stories of ritual murder, including one involving Harvey Proctor. And he, too, named Heath.

Having uncovered unsettling evidence of cross-contamination between the stories of key witnesses, Hoskins attempted to make officers on Project Conifer aware that they were hip-deep in a quagmire of confabulation.

This was not what the police wanted to hear, and Hoskins was invited to resubmit the evidence, presumably in a more palatable form. This did not happen, and eventually the police did accept the report, though Hoskins expressed little confidence that it would be used to exonerate those who had been falsely accused.

Operation Conifer eventually ground to a halt in October 2017, but in its final report no mention was made of Hoskins’ extraordinary findings.

Certainly, little has been made of the connection between this particular set of VIP paedophile allegations and Michelle Remembers, the story which started the 1980s Satanic panic, and whose pernicious claims have continued to ruin lives well into the 21st century.

Updated: In an earlier version of this post we incorrectly stated that Hoskins had ‘identified’ the body in the Thames. In fact, Hoskins was used by the Met to identify ritual practices in that case.

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  1. …”Nick” pleaded guilty earlier this week to possession of 300+ child sexual abuse images…

    Ah, so naturally the fruitloops will be keen to distance themselves from him now and won’t want to undermine their claims to be anti-child abuse campaigners by continuing to support him.

    Oh wait…

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    • Yeah, I believe Nick too. I believe Nick filmed a boy going to the toilet; and I believe Nick collected images of child sexual abuse. HE ADMITTED IT. Jesus Christ, how thick-headed are these people?

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    • Child abusers are the lowest of the low, people who support them just as bad. So now they believe Nick as well as Abe pattern developing here I think. True colours being shown here they don’t care about kids being abused by those they support, they are concerned about the imaginary Satanic ones though….

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      • You mention a pattern developing. It seems to be this:

        To be truly credible with the hoaxers you have to be found guilty of hitting children; admitting to hitting children; convicted of terrorising children; convicted of possession of indecent images of children.

        Forsooth. Me thinks they doth protest too much!

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          • Appalling people. Jaw hitting the floor about Nick’s child sex abuse images, and that he’s admitting it. And he had the gall to accuse innocent others! Who knows how many of the other rabid hoaxers are just like Nick, deep inside.

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      • One thing – Angela doesn’t believe Abe & Ella, imo, and she’s pretty much admitted that. But she knows what bandwagons to jump on in order to garner support and to get back at her victim who reported her.

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      • Yes, his case would seem the ideal thing for her: a person with a lurid clutch of false allegations against the rich and powerful, found with child sex abuse images in their possession…what’s not to love, Belinda?


    • I don’t like Harvey Proctor’s politics. In a world where the word “racist” is too often thrown around, I’m afraid some of his statements do appear to be genuinely racist. However, he certainly isn’t guilty of the rapes and murders that Carl Beech accused him of and should be allowed to get on with his life without further harassment.

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    • Oh dear sometimes my head hurts.

      Neelu has been promoting this absurdity that “2000 VIP pedos” have been secretly arrested by Donald Trump (who has no ability to arrest anyone or direct others to) and are being held in Gitmo where they will be tried in a secret military court and be summarily executed.

      # One of those apparently arrested is Hilary Clinton and the Clintons & Obamas have had all their asserts frozen which must be news to Michelle Obama who is now close to selling 2 million copies of her book and still doing the rounds of local chats shows while Barack Obama is organising the renovations on their $7M Washington house (haven’t heard any complaints from unpaid Obama contractors yet unlike 100s who are still moaning about being bilked by Trump over the decades).

      Quite apart from how The Mob ( Andy Decline, Reverend Puke, Daisy Power etc) scream to High Heaven about alleged (non-existent) “secret trials” it’s absurd that Trump would do anything in secret when he could have fabulous reality pedo show trials with hordes of MAGA hat wearing oiks who gave either a thumbs up or down when Hilary faced the guillotine (manned by Neelu).

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      • Wasn’t Belinda involved in new-age shops in the south-west area? I seem to remember seeing a link to a website for one on here in the early days of the hoax.

        As for the Salisbury shop, I can’t see it on Google Earth.

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          • She didn’t own a shop in Glastonbury at any time as far as I can make out. No one here has heard of her apart from the terminally dim Araya Soma.


          • Simon Tomlin (ex BNP) member probably isn’t the most reliable source.

            Just had a look at the Companies House records, and Belinda has resigned as an officer from all her businesses, and all of them apart from Forty-Two Shepherds Hill Limited (which I think manages her property) have been dissolved.


    • Only Hoaxtead? I turned up on spec because I was going to a gig later. I had no problem getting in. There were two journalists in the front row and APD appears to be disowning the two Sabine supporting morons who were sitting directly in front of me?

      With their discredited fantasies imploding in public, it’s like watching rats eating their young. Except apologies to any rats reading. They are more honourable creatures!

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    • This is (sort of) interesting.
      Ms. Power Daisy has literally created her own “facts” when it’s blatantly obvious they are fraudulent and as we know she reads this website she can easily ascertain the truth.
      “In camera” was never mentioned at any stage and the public was not prevented from sitting in the public gallery.
      Is it malicious or does her mind absorb information and then swirl it around and regurgitate in a form that supports her agenda?.

      # It’s not recommended you bother pondering on this for more than 5 seconds.

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      • People like ADP only see what they want to, they get very board with their lives, so they have to make their lives more interesting, even to the point of misinterpreting the Bible for them selves. I think she is even worse than Belinda for bending the truth, but even Belinda told the plebs on her mailing list to read the court reports on this blog, rather than read anything in the media such as the daily fail, so how does that work out for you Angie Hi Friends no Power Dismay.

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        • I think Belinda is still in touch with reality enough to stop digging the very deep hole she is already in. APD has started to believe her own fantasies and thinks she is some sort of hero.


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    • Sorry, I had to remove it as I found out it was in contempt of court due to a particular reporting restriction. I’ll put a notice up shortly. 😦


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