Rupert’s friend blames ‘trashy UK rednecks’ for ‘vindictive, small-minded’ prosecution

After nearly three weeks of waiting and wondering, Rupert’s friends in the USA have at last worked out that he’s been convicted and sentenced to a nine-month prison term, and they are not at all happy about it.

One of them has gone so far as to launch a “Free Rupert!” campaign on YouTube. Ryan Dawson, who interviewed Rupert last winter in an effort to stir up support on the other side of the Pond, has made another video in which he demonstrates a very loose grasp on the facts of the matter, whilst urging his friends to attempt to get Rupert freed from prison:

In the notes below the video, Mr Dawson states:

Rupert Wilson Quaintance’s story. A Virginia man got in the middle of a story where two factions in a backwards little town in the UK called London, were going after each other over some nasty allegations.

So he went to investigate a fake news story about some pedophiles in the U.K. Now the U.K. Does have and has covered up rings of rapists in the past. That does Not mean anyone accused of something horrible is guilty. Anyway the people screaming there is a satanic cult raping children couldn’t get any news because frankly they didn’t have any evidence most likely because there was nothing going on.

Hmm. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt about the “backwards little town” thing: let’s be generous and assume it’s an attempt at sarcasm.

And the “fake news story” thing is correct, but when Rupert decided to come over to “investigate”, he wasn’t making that assumption. On the contrary, he didn’t begin to question the Hoaxtead narrative until much later.

Rupert a year after making one video about it discovered that people were still commenting back and forth on it to each other on his video. So he said if you pay for it all (sic) go over there kicking down the doors and find out the truth. Obviously that was a figure of speech. He wasn’t really going to kick down anyone’s doors and didn’t. The accusers rejoiced that someone was going to be vindicating them.

Again, a bit of truth in there, but Mr Dawson leaves out the bit where Angela Power-Disney invited Rupert to the UK, thus both drawing attention to his 2015 video and setting up a GoFundMe account on his behalf.

And although Rupert claimed the “kicking down doors” thing was a figure of speech, he also mentioned “taking blood samples”, which one assumes would not be done voluntarily, and which would likely involve violence toward the accused. As it turns out, the jury did not buy the “it was just a figure of speech” argument. Go figure.

Well he gets there and from day one the accused, who were sick of being called satanic child molesters decided to harass Rupert. They posted his home address as well as the address where he was staying in the U.K. online. And they threatened him.

This assumes that the accused had anything to do with any “harassment” Rupert might have received. As we have said from Day 1, this blog is not run by anyone who was accused in this case. And in any case, Rupert wasn’t “harassed” by anyone here. We did warn him, repeatedly and urgently, that he could be arrested and imprisoned if he went through with what we (correctly, as it happens) believed was an ill-conceived plan on his part.

As an aside, we found it interesting, during our coverage of Rupert’s trial last month, that despite basing his defence argument on the harassment he allegedly received, he did not see fit to provide a single scrap of evidence of said harassment to the court. Why not? You be the judge.

And yes, his address in Erith was posted on this blog, briefly, by some very clever readers who were able to work it out from a video he made in his host’s back garden. This address was handed to the police, and is no longer on the blog.

Well Rupert talks to the accusers and determines this is a bunch of crazy people and nothing was going on. Well because he said there was not a satanic child raping cult the accusers were angry because they paid for him to come and then didn’t get the conclusion they wanted.

So now both groups were mad at Rupert. The accused faction continued to try to bully him online. The accusing faction then concocted a conspiracy that since Rupert didn’t agree with them that he must secretly be part of the satanic cult is a shill bla bla. (All sic)

Not quite. In fact, Rupert did not tell any of his Hoaxtead mobster friends that he thought they were spouting shit. Nor did he admit publicly that he had changed his beliefs about the hoax. So no, the “accusers” weren’t angry with him over that. And see above re alleged bullying from our side.

Responding to the accused group harassing him online and telling him not to go to their church, he went to there (sic) church took some pictures and posted them on Facebook. Mine (sic) you his conclusion was still that nothing was going on.

Mr Dawson seems a bit confused here. In fact, Rupert took the selfie outside the school, not the church, and he published it at about 9 a.m. on the first day of school. This is meaningful, as the school was the alleged locus of the “cult” abuse.

Well as he was ready to leave the police knocked on his door took his belongings and told him he was going to trial for threatening people.

Rupert was arrested about a week after he put up the threatening Facebook post. He was not immediately charged, but was bailed and had his computers and hard drive seized, along with his passport. Perhaps Mr Dawson should consider reviewing our extensive and in-depth coverage of Rupert’s trial to ensure he gets even the most basic facts straight.

See below a Facebook post where he took pictures of himself near the church [School—Ed.] he had a conversation with a friend of his about a sandwich because in the past that friend had thrown a sandwich about 40 feet and hit him in the head. Making a joke about how nonthreatening he was the friend asked if he had a biscuit in his pocket. See the We are change article for the whole exchange. In it the word knife? With a question mark was mentioned following that was sharp ham and cheese. Clearly no one was being threaten (sic) by a sandwich of a sandwich knife.

Funnily enough, the jury didn’t buy this, either. Here’s what really happened:

On the defendant’s public Facebook page, which had at that time approximately 5,000 friends and 7,000 followers, he posted on 5 September a photograph of himself in front of the school, with the comment, “This is what I look like at a moment of acute defiance”. Under the photo, a friend of the defendant commented, “Is there a biscuit in your pocket?” to which the defendant replied, “Knife?” The friend said, “Biscuit knife”, to which the defendant replied, “Sharp ham”.

And just in case anyone is in any doubt as to what a “biscuit knife” is: Incidentally, are we the only ones who remember Rupert telling one of his friends in an interview that he routinely carries a knife in his pocket so that should a child’s shoelaces become entangled in an escalator, he would be able to cut them free? Because one just never knows when a random child will be attacked by an escalator and require immediate assistance.

Ahem. Let us carry on eviscerating…that is, reviewing Mr Dawson’s video commentary:

Being butthurt that they could not bully Rupert, the church members looked for a way to use the law to punish someone they didn’t like. At the same time the other faction decided he was covering up pedophilia. This is why you stay out of disputes between trashy UK rednecks.

It’s very clear that no one really felt threatened or was afraid. The attacks on Rupert are vindictive and small minded rage.

As it happens, the “church members” did not “use the law to punish someone they didn’t like”. Rather, parents who were concerned that a person might be lurking outside their children’s school with a “biscuit knife” in his pocket reported their fears to the police. The police responded appropriately, by arresting the suspect. Upon searching his computer and hard drive, they discovered sufficient evidence of harassment to lay charges.

And as for whether anyone “really felt threatened or afraid”, Mr Dawson did not attend the trial. He did not hear the witnesses breaking down in tears as they told about fearing for their own, and their children’s, safety. We don’t know where he could possibly have drawn the conclusion that they didn’t feel threatened, except possibly his own rectum.

Also, does Mr Dawson actually understand the meaning of the term “trashy redneck”? Enquiring Londoners want to know!

He was found guilty of the sandwich post and faces two counts out of five with 9 months in prison each.

This doesn’t even make sense. First, the jury found Rupert guilty on two of five counts. For each of those two, he was sentenced to nine months in prison, to be served concurrently. This means that unless he misbehaves in prison, the maximum time he will serve is nine months. If he behaves well, this could be reduced to 4.5 months.

And secondly, he was not “found guilty of the sandwich post”. The Freedom from Harassment Act 1997 states that a person is guilty if their “course of conduct causes another to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him…if (the suspect) knows or ought to know that his course of conduct will cause the other so to fear on each of those occasions”.

Had Mr Dawson actually read our trial coverage, he would have discovered that the CPS brought forward three main pieces of evidence:

  • Rupert’s first video about Hampstead, in which he said he wanted to “kick down doors and take blood”;
  • An American Freedom Radio broadcast in which Rupert said he “didn’t want to actually kill them, just beat them up real bad”;
  • And the aforementioned Facebook post, in which he posted a picture of himself standing outside the school, on the first morning of the school year, and stated he was carrying a “biscuit knife”.

Rupert should probably consider himself lucky that his entire oeuvre of threatening YouTube videos was not brought before the court. Here’s just a tiny sample:

This is after being trapped in the U.K. For 11 months! The whole thing is ridiculous. There might not have been pedophiles in this church but there sure are a lot of ass holes. The comments on my YouTube are disgusting and reek of double digit IQ idiot-rage.

We won’t even bother trying to critique this one, except to note that we’re not the ones who can’t seem to tell a church from a school. Oh, and we didn’t make a ranting video without looking up the basic facts first. We really don’t think Mr Dawson is in much of a position to complain about anyone’s IQ.

158 thoughts on “Rupert’s friend blames ‘trashy UK rednecks’ for ‘vindictive, small-minded’ prosecution

  1. I looked up the word ‘redneck’ and it said ‘a working-class white person from the southern US, especially a politically reactionary one.’ Seeing as Hampstead is a comfortable, mainly middle class residential area a few miles from central London I don’t think this fits.

    Ryan doesn’t mention the fact that Rupert had a database of peoples’ names and addresses on his computer.

    Ryan doesn’t mention that Rupert boasted about going into Hampstead and pissing on the church.

    But why bother with the facts?

    I started off thinking Ryan was a bit of an idiot but I’ve revised my view based on the following. I’m too much of a gentleman to say what I think of him now.

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      • Those of us who have worked in the media and public relations (before the advent of the internet when every man/woman & their dog became a “media star”) can read a phony CV like the back of their hand.
        It’s a bit depressing reading that some reasonable names have been associated with this illiterate goat but we would need to know a lot more about that contact before making judgement.
        It does however reaffirm that for all the benefits of the internet, there comes great pitfalls as well as Ryan Dawson is one of them.

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    • What an utterly repulsive character and reading his responses beneath his Youtube video re: Quaintance he seems to actually think he is Terrible Important and is some sort of journalist presumably because he appears on RT which is the current venue for what Stalin would have called (but now Putin probably does) Useful Idiots.

      Fortunately it’s all downhill once RT infects you as the ghastly George Galloway and Julian Assange have found and they actually have 10,000s of powerful supporters.
      Credibility is blown but even those two actually have been out in the field (well not Assange for the past 4 years) unlike Dawson who is yet another tiresome internet surfer joining the dots and so on.

      He is one of the new breed of moronic phonies who have not the slightest clue of what a real investigative journalist does and their amateur efforts would be laughable if they weren’t so damned arrogant about it. I mean they really & truly think they have achieved something and are clueless to the fact ethical journalists avoid outlets like RT like the plague.

      That article also demonstrates Dawson’s ignorance of even the simplest matters but his responses on his Youtube video do likewise as he idiotically claims “slander is against the law” when (a) it’s not against the law and (b) slander is the spoken word and not applicable in this case even though the only libels actually come from Dawson himself as he falsely claims we and others threatened Quaintance.

      So it’s logical he would defend a fellow traveler like Rupert Quaintance who also comes across as amazingly arrogant for a “internet journalist” when in reality he was a check-in clerk at a motel.

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  2. Thank you for this write-up, EC. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watched this video. I settled for laugh in the end, seeing as Ryan is such a laughable twunt.

    Saying that Rupert is in jail simply for talking about a sandwich on Facebook is a prime example of shoddy, selective, disingenuous reporting and is eerily similar to what a certain Sheffield resident has been yelling recently. And frankly, when you’re comparable to her, it’s time to consider a new ‘career’. Eh, Ryan?

    One thing I’m still asking myself, by the way, is whether all his blatant misinformation is deliberate bullshit or is he genuinely this ignorant? Grampa Simpson has helpfully provided the answer:

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  3. “Because one just never knows when a random child will be attacked by an escalator and require immediate assistance.”

    I wish to assure you that we’ve taken steps to ensure that this never happens and whilst our we have had our ups and downs, Mr. Quaintance’s knife-related intervention would merely escalate the situation.

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  4. Hmmm. Because the term ‘redneck’ was invented for Brits wasn’t it, Ryan. Sigh – another American keyboard warrior who needs to try turning the mirror round once in a while.

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    • Yep. And here’s the proof that the people of Hampstead are the “trashy rednecks” and not Rupert:


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      • Where were his “boys” when Rupert was on trial?

        No where to be seen unless Belinda is one of his “boys” or the guy that kept looking at his blue diary.

        Talk about all mouth and no trousers…


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        • I like the 3rd on the list of ‘up next’ on the right of ryans little rant….

          Something I might suggest lil rupee should have watched a week or two ago….

          Educational documentary on first timers arriving and trying to cope in prison.

          Rather apt I thought lol


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        • I’ve checked with our reporter who monitored the trial. Nary a “boy” in sight, armed or otherwise. Couple of older fellows who seemed to be accompanying Belinda, that’s about it.

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          • There was a younger guy that spoke to Belinda one afternoon in the corridor, but if anyone had said “boo” to him, he would have run a mile. He looked very vulnerable.


  5. “The police responded appropriately, by arresting the suspect. Upon searching his computer and hard drive, they discovered sufficient evidence of harassment to lay charges.”

    Yep. Including dozens upon dozens of death threats and violent threats that the likes of Ryan, APD and Mad Moo like to pretend never happened.

    In fact, there was so much evidence that it crashed the court’s computer system:

    For Ryan and any other ‘selective listeners’ who may happen to be passing, here once again is a mere snippet of Rupert’s threats:

    See also:

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    • Have a listen to the second one in particular Ryan- go on

      then tell the parents and teachers at Hampstead that its all just a mistake, that ‘poor little ruPEE'(snigger) was just a misunderstood ‘journo’ (he isnt) and he never said a single thing that could even possibly be anything like a threat, no siree its just those ignorant rednecks in Londontowen stiching up a poor defenseless yankee for no reason at all

      pull the other one, its got bells on it…

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  6. Re. the allegations that Dawson is a Holocaust-denier and antisemtie, he’s made 26 videos about the Holocaust as far as I can tell:

    By the way, this fruitcake’s been around a long time – he’s had his YT channel since January 2006, not long after YouTube’s inception:

    One thing’s for certain – no Jew-hating Holocaust-denier who’s been posting race hate videos on the internet for nearly 12 years is in a position to be calling other people “trashy rednecks”.

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    • As someone whose immediate family fled to the UK but who had several strands of other relatives vanish off the face of the Earth during WW2 I have the odd uncle or two who would like to have a quiet word with Ryan Dawson. Preferably in a dark alley.


  7. I can see the headline now:


    Tell me that won’t sell papers 😀

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    • LOL! The “state” doesn’t “do our bidding”. However, when we report illegal activities, we think it’s reasonable to expect the police to respond and investigate.

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    • LOL love the Pensioner bit especially.

      Rupert told me Angela thinks she’s still in her 30’s and attractive.

      Hahaha, any looks she ever had are long gone, probably at about 16.

      Jeez, deluded or what?

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      • She was not unattractive once. I think she used to be able to get anything she wanted from men by fluttering her eyelashes. But too many fags and too much booze and a few kids made it all fade. She became bitter because she was suddenly in a position where she would have to work to earn a living. Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.

        Seems a very common story with the hoax mob. A couple of them are ex models, one a Miss Great Britain and another was “an exotic dancer”.

        Girls: don’t think your face and body are your fortune. Get some proper qualifications so you have something to fall back on when it all goes pear shaped.

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        • I know it’s purely subjective but I must admit I can’t see it myself.

          (I think she’s the one on the left.)

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        • “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.”
          What a wicked thing to say about Angela Power-Disney.

          Just so readers know what he said about Angela Power- Disney it was this : “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.”
          I’m only sharing this in a caring way.
          “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.” Said that about Angela Power-Disney. Quite shocking.

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    • Oh yes please. This guy is not getting off lightly nor are his supporters. Unless they show contrition which is unlikely.

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    • It will be interesting to see how he does act when he gets home, wherever that might be in the future.

      I wonder if he’s welcome back in Culpeper now?


    • @Ryan Dawson
      Is London the place where they voted George W Bush and Donald Trump into office? I can never remember.

      And what’s your proof that the people of the church are backwards? Did you actually research that or did you just throw a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti at the screen and hope they’d form a coherent sentence? (A bit like you do with your Holocaust denial rants.)

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    • Rupert wasn’t held for 11 months!

      He was perfectly free to travel all around England, Wales, Scotland, even Northern Ireland (probably), if he so chose.

      He wasn’t locked in a room or house and couldn’t step outside the door!

      What utter trash!

      Ryan knows sweet fanny adams.

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    • oh Gawd..”I stopped international news”. This goose really does think he’s doing Something Important.
      Earth To Ryan Dawson: real journalists can write two or even 5 stories at once you amateur tosspot.

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    • Ooo Ryan the mind reader! EPIC FAIL.

      Wrong Ryan, the jury found him GUILTY, the judge gave him 9 months inside.

      Rupert was very lucky the jury didn’t read or hear EVERYTHING Rupert said or it’d be more like 9 years!

      Ryan needs to do some research.

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    • “They even sent threatening emails to his parents.”

      Really? May we see the screenshots or links please, Ryan?

      Meanwhile, I have the screenshots of Rupert’s mother threatening to shoot us if you want to see them. Which you don’t.

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      • Yeah me too, Ryan needs to show proof of claim or keep quiet.

        He is embarrassing himself with his lack of knowledge, but hey if he wants everyone to see how little he knows, carry on.

        Ryan doesn’t care about Rupert in the slightest, this is all about him getting You Tube “fame” the daft fool.

        Ryan needs to Skype with Angela, but then maybe he’s not her type, go on Ryan ask the ahem lady!

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      • Ah… but read Ryan’s comment again, he doesn’t have screenshots, he has “scream shots”… although this one does resemble Rupert.

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          • I see Ryan has deleted all the comments questioning his 140,000 figure and asking him to cite his source. Very telling.

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      • Ikr Spiny? I gotta stop “alerting” these imbeciles that they are imbeciles!! HAHAHAHA! Never Again. First TNN, then T.C. Now “R.D”! Phuc R.Q! Who the hell would start a “wearechange” petition? GAWD!! Btw, TNN NEVER got any specious “subpoenas” He PROMISED when he said “This is not over”. They all are Sandy Hoaxer Pigs, ect.


    • Their lack of self awareness is staggering.

      Rupert you made videos in which you physically threatened innocent residents of Hampstead who had already gone through hell. You made them fear for their safety.

      You requested donations and received them for your stated purpose of doing this. You were caught with a spread sheet of these innocent people’s names and addresses.

      It’s a against the law. It’s against the law in the USA as well and may have ended the same way.

      Rupert is either thick or pretending he didn’t do the things that are there on the net for the world to see.

      Ryan Dawson you are just beneath contempt and an utter disgusting creature who claimed the father of a dead child murdered in the Sandy Hook tragedy was using his “imaginary” son to raise money. It’s just too difficult to find the words to describe what a low-life you are.

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    • So let me get this straight: we need to let Ryan and Rupert say whatever foul shite pops into their empty little heads because “FREE SPEECH!!1!!11!”

      But if we say anything Ryan doesn’t like, “slander is against the law”.


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      • If slander is against the law, then he’s committed crimes against every Jew and Muslim in Europe. That would make one hell of a class action 😀

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  8. Oh bloody hell, it must be a full moon somewhere in the World.

    Yolande is no spring chicken, why doesn’t she just retire gracefully and give up on all this nonsense?

    Perhaps it’s what keeps her going.

    It’s a shame.

    I think she has too many eggs in one basket.

    Though I’ve got to say sometimes she says something interesting.

    I’d like to know more about Belinda if you could elaborate Yolande please.

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  9. Speaking of light relief, who’s up for a 75-minute lecture on quantum physics by Professor Moo? 😀

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    • She does of course also bang on about baby-eating paedophiles and she specifically lays into Hampstead as always. Slightly off-topic in this instance, methinks!

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  10. On the subject of nutters: Barth Notes has followed up on Hoaxtead’s piece about Rainer Kurz and the up-coming gathering and reveals a new name is also to appear: Michael Shrimpton!
    Shrimpton is the one who claimed Germany was about to drop a nuclear bomb on the UK (?) and also got busted for possessing child abuse material.
    Talk about a motley crew.

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    • Hilarious! Having speakers with convictions for sex crimes against children totally invalidates their professed concern about the well-being of children. FRAUDS! LIARS!
      Funny how people like Shrimpton, who believe raping little children turns them into mind-controlled slaves, get caught collecting pics & video of little children being raped…

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      • To be fair to the incompetent conspiracy theorist Rainer Kurz, he didn’t speak at the same event with Shrimpton. Dangerous woo peddler Sandra Fecht did though, and a few of the others.

        I think Michael Shrimpton claims it was a fit up, it is all a conspiracy. Of course, he does.

        I remember reading one of his court cases, but I am not sure I can put my finger on it at the moment.

        I was shocked to find out that the infamous UK based RAINS is still dragging it’s putrid corpse around and giving lectures to supposed professionals. Shameful.

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    • They’ve spent 40 years collaborately building their satanic abuse cult mythology, but it’s ALL imaginary. None of it is derived from genuine source documents or forensic evidence. They might as well all be Kevin annett wearing a collection of rubber face masks…

      Kevin: Now I’m Valerie. Lies, lies, imaginary BS, imaginary BS, fiction, fiction fiction. Next we’ll hear from Rainer.

      Kevin: Now I”m Rainer. Lies, lies, imaginary BS, imaginary BS, fiction, fiction fiction. Next we’ll hear from Rainer.

      Kevin: Now I’m Michael. Lies, lies, imaginary BS, imaginary BS, fiction, fiction fiction. Next we’ll hear from…

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      • Michelle you need to be more careful- it’s those funny mushrooms you keep picking and making soup out of.

        ## Deb Logic: the numerous ‘dislikes’ on her videos are a sign of success while the tiny handful of ‘likes’ are..errr..that doesn’t compute.


  11. Ryan’s disabled the dislike button now, lol. (It was up to 89.)

    I say this is suppression of free speech and the action of a trashy redneck.

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  12. People keep requesting that somebody from Hoaxtead have a skype interview with this Ryan dummy. Is that not possible?
    It would make for some VERY entertaining viewing. (you could grill him on his Holocaust denial too)

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    • Ryan won’t have any conversation.

      People have been blocked, so we can’t comment.

      It makes it look like we have nothing to say but he won’t allow us to comment.

      He’s a coward, he knows he’s beat and knows pretty much zilch about Rupert and what has gone on.

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      • That’s all right, all Ryan’s US followers are coming over here for the truth.

        They’re showing up in our statistics as an unusually large bunch of readers from the USA, LOL.

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      • “People have been blocked, so we can’t comment. It makes it look like we have nothing to say but he won’t allow us to comment.”

        Oh dear, that’s called Mel ‘n’ Biggy syndrome and it’s very debilitating. Poor fecker.

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    • I see Ryan has also deleted all the comments questioning his 140,000 figure (number of girls supposedly raped by Pakistani men in the UK every year) and asking him to cite his source. Very telling.

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  13. I have to wonder what part of America this “Journalist” lives in to describe Hampstead as a trashy! He can’t be the full ticket!

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      • In August he was making videos from North Carolina. He might be in Japan now. Still living with his parents? He’s well into his thirties!

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        • Erm no – he’s married and has a family. I apologise.

          Actually I was feeling bad about having a go at the guy and then watched a few of his videos. He sure doesn’t hold back on calling other people idiots and dumbasses.

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    • Angela Dipshit better watch out as she is at risk of losing her previously unassailable grip on the worst journalist cuntwaffle trophy the way Ryan is currently pumping out idiotic bollocks.

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  14. Here’s the geopolitical analyst complaining about the third world conditions he lives in – no electricity – in North Carolina.
    Here he is lying on the sofa asking for donations:


    • It’s all kicked off on Yolande’s page this morning.

      JC, Angela and someone else hammer and tonging.

      It’s under the Ryan Dawson video Yolande posted yesterday.

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