Kristie Sue’s no-good, very bad weekend

Kristie Sue Costa, Abe and Ella’s current Fart-sniffer in Chief, has been keeping her head below the parapet lately, at least as far as the Hampstead SRA hoax is concerned. However, she made an appearance on Saturday, publishing one of her epic whinges on her “Believe the Children Except When They Say Things You Don’t Want to Hear” Facebook page. She was annoyed with us, but even more annoyed at her good old ex-friend Angela Power-Disney:

Happy Saturday all!

This post is directed at those attacking our admins on a personal level as well as our position on the Hampstead Cover Up. First, I’d like to take a moment to re-affirm our position on this case, we are NOT associated with the mother of the two children, Ella Gareeva. While we volunteer our support for her case, she has been timid to trust too many people since she has been the victim of massive infiltration attempts, we understand her lack of confidence and trust in activists has been hard to overcome. We do not push her to support our work, we only hope the fruits of our labors will help bring awareness to her case. We believe her children’s testimonies and the rest of the evidence in her case, thus the name of our page…We support this mother in her hope and attempts to see her children again and legally regain custody.

There have been many activists who have failed in their attempts to undermine this case. Our main antagonists are associates of the father’s, including the father himself at a website called “Hoaxtead Research”. This website was set up to harass and intimidate supporters of the children and their mother. We are heavily monitored by this group, this is expected.

One supporter that has attempted to undermine this case is Angela Power Disney who came out September 2016 saying she had received intel about the mother being complicit in her children’s abuse and a member of the cult. We knew this was not true due to the children’s testimonies where they said their mother was not a member and she did not abuse them. The children made this very clear and their body language showed they were telling the truth plus their love for their mother was very apparent in their videos. We took a stand against this attempt to undermine the mother as well as the children’s testimonies by showing evidence to the contrary. Our first stand, titled “Panem & Circenses” was written on 17 Sep 2016., three short days after Angela’s video came out on 14 Sept. 2016 telling us about how hacked computers gave evidence of Ella being the ring leader of the cult, not the father. Our second stand against Angela with more evidence of her lies and attempts to discredit the case was on 3 Feb, 2017 in a post titled “Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right” (

Since these posts were written, Sonya and I have been attacked by Angela calling me a “LIAR” when she is the person who lied about Ella and her complicity. She’s spoken about me in several of her videos that I won’t link as they are painfully long and completely untrue anyway. It’s not my fault she’s an idiot and can’t read a DATE on a post when it was written. It’s not my fault she listens to our opposition when they send her messages then agrees with them. It’s not my fault her reputation is being called into question, she’s the one that threw Ella under the bus. It makes one wonder what side she’s on, is she now considered opposition to the Hampstead case? Indeed. Yet she calls herself the “face of the Hampstead case”, which is completely laughable, the children are the faces of the Hampstead cover up. She has nothing to do with the Hampstead case, the mother straight up disassociated herself from Angela in April 2016 in a video titled, “Hampstead Cover Up illuminati Cult Child Abuse & Psyop Agents Exposed” Angela being one of the psyop agents they exposed.

Angela has recently accused me of being a CIA operative…I laugh while typing that. Angela, please ask yourself this question, would the CIA take the side of the mother in this case? Would the CIA stand up against all of the other alphabet agencies involved in this case? Would the CIA block a video in the UK and NOT the US? Think about that for a moment. And think about that the next time you push Arthur Charbel Kaoutal to speak out against Sonya and I.

Angela has a reputation among the ‘truther’ community of having whistleblowers sectioned, arrested or murdered. One such sectioning was a friend of mine in Australia, Arthur Kaoutal. Due to Angela’s influence and prodding, Arthur has decided Sonya and I are ‘Candle Holders’ for the royal family. Angela telephoned Arthur while he was in the mental facility and recorded their conversation.

Within this phone call, Arthur claims Sonya to be “the wickedest woman he’s ever come across”. Is it ‘wicked’ to stand up to blatant LIES while supporting the mother in this case? Is it ‘wicked’ to believe the children’s testimonies that their mother was not in involved in their abuse? Is it ‘wicked’ to take the stand for truth against all that would believe Angela’s ‘intel’? No, it is NOT.

It is amazing to me that these people can put out lies about us and not expect us to fight back. That we get harassed for defending the mother, Ella, tells us that there are massive forces working to destroy any person who dares stand for truth. I believe the children, that’s the reason I created this page. I highly doubt HRH Queen Elizabeth or her agents would believe the children. Don’t you, Arthur and Angela? Your campaign to discredit us, will not work, any THINKING human being can see who the liars are. As Abraham has said, and I quote, “Like all who sip at the poisoned chalice that is the Hampstead Cover Up with IGNOBLE INTENT they shall reap what they sow.”

Tl:dr—”Waah, waah, waah, nobody likes me, Angie is a poopoohead, and I hate Arfur now too, so there”.

And then along came Snake…

After Saturday’s whinge-fest you’d think she’d have had enough, but on Sunday she turned up in the comments section of Ella’s video from early March, where Snake Logan asked her the Dreaded Question. When we asked Abe this question on Friday, he folded like a bad poker hand; we wondered how Kristie Sue might respond. Here’s what happened:

Kris’ response was nothing if not predictable:

But Snake wasn’t having any:

Kristie Sue tried another detour:


But answer came there none. So Snake tried again:Kristie Sue tried another diversion tactic, which Snake immediately answered with a hay-maker:Spiny Norman pitched in, urging Kristie Sue to just answer the damn question, already:

Kristie Sue, of course, was wounded that we would accuse her of having wasted her time on Abe and Ella’s sick fantasy:

Inexplicably, Kristie Sue came back with a series of quotes from the IPCC letter:

Nice try, no cigar:

And there we left it for the day.

Apparently this is one question the Hoaxtead mob just cannot bring themselves to answer. As Spiny says, the entire credibility of the case rests on it, but still no one seems willing to touch it. Wonder why that could be?

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  1. “We are NOT associated with the mother of the two children, Ella Gareeva”

    Funny, that’s not what she said during the Audi fiasco, when she stated categorically that Ella had been in touch with her to confirm that she was “100% certain” that both of her children were in that commercial. Oops!

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  2. I see they’re back to claiming that this blog is run by Ricky Dearman. It was the CIA last week, Sheva Burton the week before that, MI5 the week before that, a satanic cult the week before that and and the UK government the week before that…I think they’re all on a rota and the next change is due Tuesday. LOL

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  3. “We are heavily monitored by this group, this is expected.”

    As opposed to Kristie Sue, who doesn’t closely monitor the wrongly accused, RD’s family and everyone who disputes the Hampstead hoax. Oh wait.

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  4. And speaking of headless chickens, I note that Kristie Sue is STILL claiming that Angela is one of us. Yup. That’s Kristie Sue, who was an avid supporter and ally of Angela’s until Angie hurt her pride and they fell out. Awww.

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  5. Costa want’s to send the children back to a junkie child abusing and neglecting motehr, as shown by the medical documents these idiots like to trot out so much. Costa is one of the vilest and worse judges of character on the planet. Please say this Kevin Bacon stuntman doesn’t actully have children of her own.
    What a stupid twat she really is, deplorable pedophile.

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  6. Yes, I love how she switches stories to suit her mood in the moment. Like claiming that RD joined the cult when his kids started attending the school…except that she’d previously done an entire blog post on how the cult is deffo 100% multi-generational. Whoops.

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  7. Where’s he broadcasting from? A cupboard? Doesn’t he have lights in his trailer or is he just going for the “creepy serial killer” look?


  8. Wow, that was proper quick!

    For the record, folks, this video (see screenshot) was a nasty shouty rant about the guy who lives in the duplex opposite him – the one he claims works for the CIA and who’s been supposedly planting rocks in his garden and beaming him with microwaves. And lest we forget, the guy whose children he threatened to murder. In this one, though, he stopped short of murder and just threatened to have the poor guy’s children taken away from him by Child Protective Services.

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  9. Dagnabit Spiny, cant you at least wait until I had to see him (apparently that was a bit hard tho) at his shouty `best’
    Need a bit of cheering up,atm, and its funny to watch him (I know its not nice to laugh at people with issues, but when they bring it on themselves…)


  10. A minor detail in the world of Pan Men (what they?), perhaps not important but as France’s new First Lady has 3 biological daughters I wonder how Ms Angela Power Disney explains that away?.
    I suppose she would say the Illuminati stole them for her as babies.

    So we already know that she’s homophobic and now we see she also hates transgender people. Anyone would think Power-Disney was a striking example of femininity rather than a sad old battleaxe who should have touched up her roots months ago.

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  11. An interesting and seemingly comprehensive breakdown of ploys and stratagems adopted by crooked delusion meisters the world over. —>

    Costa seems to have entered full on fingers in ears lockdown “BLA BLA BLA LA LA LA I cant hear so there” denial mode and hoping the inconvenient logic by the “doggedly” determined EC will evaporate of its own accord. I strongly suspect it will not.

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  12. You know if you were a kid living in DS’s street, wouldn’t you have some fun planting rocks in his backyard?

    It’ s sad really, mental health services should be involved.


  13. In full daylight he tends to look pitiful or revolting; the sinister look gives him more credibility.


  14. Lmao at Angie having the nerve to say another woman looks like or is in fact a man. People in glass houses with a five o’clock shadow, deep voice and syrup on their bonce shouldn’t throw stones.

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  15. I know that Shurter has a habit of hiding under his kitchen table surrounded by mirrors to protect himself from death rays or something perhaps that’s why it is so dark.

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  16. Well played indeed. She so did not want to answer the question at all. As Spiny would say that was a perfect example of squirmage.

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  17. It’s just a bit rich Angie should claim these glamorous French ladies are all Pan Man. I found an old high school snap of Angie and I think she has worked on changing her image over the years. What do you think? Personally I reckon she was far prettier back then.

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  18. Rather than fruitlessly spout tripe out of her arse all day and succeeding simply in boring the pants off every biped she comes into contact with Angie would do well to focus her finite talents on sorting out her sources and condiments collection or something.

    NB:Never was overly keen on the Pan Yan pickle but then I can`t have been alone as they gave up making the shoite ages ago.

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  19. They drew the wrong straw having a Shurter at the top of theirs.Must be a blooming nightmare putting up with all his crap into the wee hours.

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  20. Definitely much more thoughtful. I feel as though I could have actually held a conversation with the Old Angie. Pity she let herself go to seed.


  21. She want originally cast for Spinal Tap, but her lack of a sense of humour ruled her out of a place as an ageing rock star.

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  22. “would the CIA take the side of the mother in this case?”
    That really says all anyone needs to know about Costa. She is not on the side of truth or that of the children. She does not believe the children, after all, they claim Abraham coerced them. Instead, she is on the side of Ella. I even seen one comment from these hoaxers saying they have “unconditional” love for Ella. So even if Angela had not been lying about the video of Ella, they would still be on her side?….yikes.

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  23. She went a bit extreme and had to tone it down but really her new bag woman look isn’t winning her many fans.


  24. “Costa seems to have entered full on fingers in ears lockdown “BLA BLA BLA LA LA LA I cant hear so there” denial mode and hoping the inconvenient logic by the “doggedly” determined EC will evaporate of its own accord. I strongly suspect it will not”

    You’re right there, Mik—I’ve been asking my Awkward Question all over the internet, and for some reason no one seems willing or able to answer it. I highly recommend this, if only for the entertainment value of watching the hoaxers run around with their fingers in their ears trying not to hear the question. Having way too much fun to quit. 🙂

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  25. Please select 720P and alter the speed for ease of reading text under the little Gear/Cog Quality Setting Thanks 🙂


  26. Yes, I think this speaks volumes about KSC’s real motivations here. It’s not about believing the children, it’s about believing Ella. Perhaps she identifies with Ella as a mother, I don’t know; but I found it astonishing that despite her own claims—that the cult was lifelong and multi-generational, and that Ella’s ex-husband (who was in the cult) had “given” Ella to RD (who was also in the cult)—she tried to pull a quick switch and claim that RD had only entered the cult after the children had started going to that school.

    Like Abe and Ella, she really needs to get her lies straight.

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  27. Conspiracy theory Dot Joining, none of it makes sense, and they swamp and change whatever parts to fit their own perverted narrative. Same with Pizzagate, all their dreams come true, Government Elites involved in a Satanic child sex and baby eating trafficking ring. They are not above forging, altering, ignoring debunked parts, looking at it piece by piece and seeing that at every level none of it is credible, they need to believe otherwise they have all wasted their time and have nothing to show for it.
    Hence Pedogate, throw in every single child abuse scandal, ignore all the genuine boring ones that go on day in and day out, as long as it has enough perversion and excitement for them, it will have the legs to keep on running for as long as the next big conspiracy scandal comes along.

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  28. Shurter is seriously mentally ill – no question. The police have been round to his place twice yesterday with healthcare professionals in tow. According to him, they’re trying to get him committed (aka sectioned). And predictably, Angela has sniffed an opportunity and come along to encourage him to carry on acting like a loon and finally push him over the edge.The evil bitch is aiming to complete her sectioning hat-trick.


  29. Did I see Dr Rainer Kurz’ name mentioned there? Dr Rainer Kurz the occupational psychologist? The person whose field is “Occupational Psychology (US: ‘Industrial/Organizational Psychology’) is the applied science of people at work.” as he describes it in his own slides during a talk sponsored by the occupational psychology division of the British Psychological Society? Did that prompt “discussions how tricky ‘fringe’ subjects should be tackled” I wonder?

    Is his field occupational psychology I wonder?

    And finally, has he been on Ritchie Allen’s show? (Yes!) I wonder if he pointed out that his field is nothing to do with forensic psychology, or victims of crime, or clinical psychology, and so on?

    Did he actually present something with one of Sabine’s freaking websites flashed up there!

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