The Ongoing Adventures of Neelu: The director’s cut

Yesterday we reported that Neelu had been having some sort of contretemps involving bailiffs, a Denver Boot, the police, and an ambulance. However, aside from a short video clip in which Neelu attempts to convince a sceptical bailiff that she’s got it all wrong, that Neelu don’t know nuffin’ ’bout no traffic ticket, we are left unenlightened as to where the police and ambulance fit in.

We ought to have known that there’d be a longer version of the video in the offing, accompanied by a screed written in full-bore Mad Neelu Mode.

First, the video:

It seems that when Neelu alleged that Shirley the Bailiff was “committing corporate manslaughter” against her, Shirley (quite rightly in our estimation) called this in to the police as a threat of self-harm. Hence the appearance of PC Rowland, followed by Steve the ambulance driver.

Never a dull moment chez Neelu, is there?

Rest in peace, Mrs Chaudhari

Here’s the long, paranoid FOTL-hued rant from Neelu’s Facebook page:

She mentions the death of her elderly mother almost as an afterthought, so engrossed is she in the topic of “Anti-Corruption Witnesses Persecuted by Pirate UK plc ‘State Terrorism'”. And of course, as ever, no one in HoaxLandia ever dies under non-suspicious circumstances.

We do feel for Neelu’s mum, who always seemed so confused by the various goings-on in her daughters’ lives. As for Neelu, it’s never easy to lose a parent; yet somehow she manages to trivialise her mother’s death by embedding it in the context of her own paranoid delusional fantasies.

Similaraly, she manages to reduce the tragic death of her infant niece to some sort of ghastly conspiracy theory centred around her own alleged persecution and heroism:

She winds up with the usual FOTL/SovCit pseudo-legal gibberish: gold currencies, quarantine laws, equal share distribution, Swissindo (good grief, is she still trying to push that fraud?), debt burden liberation certificates, treasonous banks, dishonouring oaths to God, etc….and yet despite all her sound and fury, in the end she loses the rather expensive-looking car.


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  1. I do have some sympathy having had my own issues with depression and anxiety for nearly 20 years since my early teens, but there is much more than that in play here.
    To be brutally honest, I do see a pretty bad case of mental illness, delusional, bitter, paranoid etc, but also someone out for whatever they can get and playing the system as much as possible, and seemingly getting away with it, like many of the hoax promoters.
    The likes of Neelu et al, seem to have no qualms about taking the government for what they can get, abusing the system they claim to hate, then playing their freeman of the land and fantasy world of government agenda’s until infinity and beyond.

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  2. So, I was on my way to Ilford to present Neelu with her Weirdo of the Week award when I stumbled upon this odd little personage:

    Sorry, Neelu – you may have to settle for silver this week.

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    • Another deluded child abuse supporter how sickening these perverts are, projecting their own fantasies onto innocent children and innocent people slandered by cowards.
      I wonder who this “Dearden” fellow is? Sound like quite the wizard.
      It’s not a pity “Abrham” got involved in slanging matches, it’s a shame he is a lifelong drug addicted, child abusing/child grooming criminal asshole.

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  3. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms after not hearing about Neelu Berry for many months. I am glad to hear Lord Ashtray is alive and kicking. Berry always manages to avoid sectioning, perhaps as she believes all that nonsense about claims to authority. I look forward to the day when Berry is kidnapped and sent to a secret research facility to be experimented on as per the various mental health acts.

    As an aside, an afpated quote from Game of Throones for the Game of Hoaxes: ” When one Coyote is left alive, the sheep are not safe.”

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    • Oh man, this is what happens when I did not get my coffee… correction of spelling mistakes…
      As an aside, an adapted quote from Game of Thrones for the Game of Hoaxes: ” When one Coyote is left alive, the sheep are not safe.”

      Another quote: “When you play the Game of Hoaxes, you win or you get sectioned, jailed or die.”

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  4. I too was getting Neelu withdrawals. What an amazing Quilt of Conspiracy she weaves.

    I’m amazed that Neelu having such world renowned legal figures and heavyweights such as Dr Akena Adoko late of the Law Society of Uganda and Ved Pakash Chaudhari Devil Advocate and Jullunder Judge in her corner didn’t have the British legal establishment quaking in their boots.

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  5. Sam’s query on the previous post got me wondering, so I looked it up:

    It’s also illegal for them to clamp your car on private land, which I would think includes Neelu’s driveway:

    Either way, Angie’s advice to the mentally ill and gullible Neelu – to remove the clamp herself – is highly irresponsible and could get her into serious trouble.

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    • The clamping on private land info above refers to individuals or clamping firms clamping cars on private land because you have parked your car on private land.

      The law on bailiffs is complex and further complicated by the type of bailiff, the type of debt and by which court has issued the order.

      The internet is now full of unreliable sources of information either by companies trying to sell IVAs or other debt products and by get out of debt free/freeman on the land types. Look how many of the getoutofdebtfree followers got involved in Hampstead.

      The most reliable sources are:

      The Money Advice Service (Gov)
      The Money Advice Trust/National Debtline (charity)
      Citizens Advice (Charity)
      Step Change (funded by creditors)


  6. Re: Dave Sherter – paedophile protection squad
    Whilst self pro-claimed child molester and murderer Sherter makes up stories of others killing and raping children, he wastes valuable resources that could have been directed to real child abuse investigations, thus he is the protector of paedophiles. Also, all his close supporters such as Sabine McNeill, Kris Costa and Belinder Mckenzie are all supporters of paedophiles and child abusers.

    Regarding the starving devil dogs that David Sherter has running around his house:

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    • He’ll be claiming that you’re Doug Mesner now, lol. Don’t worry, though – he does it to everyone. It’s his equivalent of Ricky Dearman 😀

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      • That would be me 🙂
        And exposing other frauds, for more than 3 decades.

        Speaking of which…an interesting old scam video has surfaced on youtube, truly from “back in the day”.
        I can’t remember if W.I.N. did a full scale expose on it, or not, and I passed my original copies of the WIN reports to a younger researcher years ago.
        It features the classic “lying scam artist for Gawd” – John Zielinski, lecturing at some fundamentalist Church in Iowa. There are rare clips featuring Noreen Gosch and her husband, Dr Densen-Gerber and the truly psychotic fantasist Kathleen Sorenson (who was NOT murdered by satanists, as claimed in this video).
        On youtube, it is going by the title of “America’s MIA Children”.

        Heaping helpings of bullshit from beginning to end. Of particular note, Zielinski shows clips from an old video called “Faces of Death”, at around 53:00, and at 53:30 claims that the video shows a genuine satanic “snuff” film. The truth about the FICTIONAL video Faces of Death can be found here:

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        • I remember seeing one of the Faces of Death video’s as a teenager, a truly grim and depressing experience. The Italians got in on the shockumentary act with a fair few similar offensive, yet slightly more light hearted offerings. An uneasy mix of shock value, comedy and downright racism.

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          • I wa a little out on the dates, the original “Mondo Cane” was from 1962.
            Faces of Death didn’t come around until 1978.

            “Mondo Cane in 1962 was the blueprint for a new breed of documentary film cycle. Collectively known as “mondo films”, or “shockumentaries”, this enduring series of films was a powerful precursor to the reality TV shows so prevalent today.”

            “Although earlier films such as European Nights (1959) and World By Night 1 & 2 (1961) may be considered examples of the genre,[3] the origins of the mondo documentary are generally traced to the 1962 Italian film Mondo Cane (A Dog’s World—a mild Italian profanity) by Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi which was a commercial success.”

            “A mondo film (from the Italian word for “world”) is an exploitation documentary film, sometimes resembling a pseudo-documentary and usually depicting sensational topics, scenes, or situations. Common traits of mondo films include an emphasis on taboo subjects (such as death and sex), portrayals of foreign cultures (which have drawn accusations of ethnocentrism or racism[1]), and staged sequences presented as genuine documentary footage. Over time, the films placed increasing emphasis on footage of the dead and dying (both real and fake). The term shockumentary is also used to describe the genre”

            “The 1980s saw a resurgence of mondo movies focusing almost exclusively on (onscreen) death, instead of world cultures. The Faces of Death series is a notable example of this type of mondo (or “death”) movie. The producers used fake footage (passed off as real), but some of the footage was legitimate (including scenes of autopsies, suicides and accidents).”

            “Mondo cane was an international box-office success and inspired the production of numerous, similar exploitation documentaries, many of which also include the word “Mondo” in their title. These films collectively came to be recognized as a distinct genre known as mondo films.”

            The only real reedeming feature was the musical score by Riz Ortolani, a personal favourite composer of mine, along with the ever prolific and much better known Ennio Morricone.

            The genre possibly has some responsibility for promoting the snuff movie myth.


  7. Answer to Dave Sherter re:

    You claim you will have evidence your father killed children via medical records you think you will now obtain. Why have you not done this before? I and others now expect you to reproduce those medical reports to back up your claims your family have been killing children. I think you only want to access those medical records to reinforce your claims against your father’s will that was legally made in favour of your step mother.

    The easiest way to prove your claims is to have your former home investigated by contractors who will rip open the walls and dig up foundations. It is reasonable that you underwrite the costs of going into the current home owners property and damaging it to prove your claims. You have for many years made it your primary goal in life to prove that Satanists and your family were killing children, so put your money where your mouth is and prove your case.

    Satanists might be involved in talking to your family, because you have made serious allegations that Satanists are involved in killing children. There is nothing sinister about this, Satanists are actively investigating your claims, yet you are now backtracking and refusing to cooperate, your reaction suggests you know that all your claims are bullshit. Time now to deliver on your claims, pay for the investigations into the property. This is reasonable. Put your money where your mouth is Mr Sherter.

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    • What a yellow-bellied weasel that DS troglodyte is!

      And since he insists on bringing up the defending of pedophiles, it behooves me to rub his face in his own words yet again:

      This hypocritical fraud calls himself a child sex abuse victim advocate, which just makes my blood boil. He rants on & on in his blog postings about child sex trafficking being a huge problem and a terrible evil that nobody cares about but him, but IN HIS BOOK – “Rabbit Hole” – he calls convicted pedophiles Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen his friends and claims they were “set up” for wrongful prosecution by child prostitutes and their parents. Quoting from his book;

      “It was also during Project Clean-up that Mark and Walt were charged with crimes against children, which I found to be ridiculous. Mark had invited three hustlers to spend the night on his living room floor and had either inadvertently or intentionally touched one boy’s butt. The boy’s parents tried to extort money out of Mark and failed, then turned to the police and pressed charges.”

      “Suddenly, the Omaha World-Herald, whose owner Harold Andersen was reportedly involved in the Larry King/Franklin Credit Union scandal, began touting Walt, the shyest person I’d ever met, as the Pied Piper of Pornography, and Mark and Walt were proclaimed as menaces to society by the local media”.

      Having to buy a plane ticket two weeks in advance, I spent the next two weeks sobbing, waiting to fly back to Omaha to say goodbye to everyone in my life. Omaha media stories that week said David was killed by his roommate Mike James, for reasons unclear; John Joubert was convicted and sentenced to death; and Mark Andersen and Walt Carlson were convicted and sentenced to spend years in prison”.

      “No real evidence linked Mark and Walt to any crime, but Omaha had become a circus dictating justice from a kangaroo court. The fact that the parents of the boy had tried to extort money from Mark before going to the police (which came out in court), was insufficient to save him and Walt from prison”.

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      • Interesting, Justin. Spiny quizzed Shurter about his acquaintance with these two convicted pederasts some time ago but Shurter vehemently denied having any links with them. But as you rightly say, he is once again doomed by his own words.

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  8. I, Doug Mesner the 23rd, (unofficial as i have not yet been dubbed by Ser Shurter), would like to formally invite the friends and supporters of David Shurter to partake in a viewing of this website, , in order that they may see for themselves everything that is said here, and not simply swallow the little bits and pieces that Shurter posts on his Facebook

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    • The ignorance on display here is stunning.
      20:07 – “The way victim [sic] of abuse respond to authority figures, they always have a sort of a trance or put themselves in a very responsive state of mind…where they [sic] actually very responsive to hypnosis or commands etc.”
      😮 😮 😮

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    • Hi Ethel! I read your book on Quantity Surveying – it’s a classic!
      You, and your book, are no more fantastical than the concept of “body language ‘tells’ ” – a completely fictitious concept, of course. Pretty offensive that the FBI channel is listed as a “related channel”. If “Mandy” is a forensic investigator, then I am a talking box of Corn Flakes!

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      • Talking box of cornflakes? Ah, so this is you at 0:25, then. I always had my suspicions, Justin…

        Thank you for promoting my book, by the way. It’s not as good as ‘Thirty Days in the Samarkind Desert with the Duchess of Kent’ by A. E. J. Eliott, O.B.E., but it’s a damned fine effort if I do say so myself.

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    • “Your exploitation of these children – making no effort to mask their faces, and thereby their identities, is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The pretence of doing this in service to some kind of ‘analysis’ doesn’t make it any more acceptable. This is a CRIMINAL exploitation of these children under UK law – where the case originates – because at the time of these recordings these children were alleged to be victim claimants. I don’t care who you are or what you claim to be, professionally, if you cared about these children OR THE LAW you would never have done this. I’m disgusted”.

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