What questions would you like to ask Ella?

Most of us who bother to argue with Hoaxtead mobsters, whether on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or other blogs, do so without any expectation that our debate opponents will change their minds in any way. We recognise that they are members of their own cult-like group, and they have abandoned rational thought and questioning in favour of absolute belief in whatever their leaders—in this case Abe and Ella—dictate.

For example, to a Hoaxtead mobster it makes perfect sense to insist that children could be anally raped 50 times per day and suffer no apparent effects other than slight scarring which was not even visible upon first inspection, and which was later found to be a normal variant. To a Hoaxtead mobster, it is an article of faith that it would be possible to ship thousands of babies per year via courier companies such as DHL, without anyone ever noticing or suspecting anything strange about the odd carton emitting (for example) the odour of a full nappy, or the occasional carton with a crying baby inside.

We’ve learned the hard way that there is really no point in explaining to Hoaxtead cultists that such things just don’t work that way, as they will simply stop up their ears and shout “PAEDO-SYMPATHISER-SHILL-PSYOP-CIA-MI5-MI6-BABY-KILLER-I-CAN’T-HEAR-YOU-LALALALALA” and so on, until one gives up in disgust and goes away.

So it was a pleasant surprise the other day to discover that at least one Hoaxtead believer seems willing, at least in theory, to ask the Dear Leaders a few harder questions than “just how evil is RD?” or “please explain how this was all covered up by the powers that be in order to protect their Satanist agenda”.

It started on the Plymouth Fury YouTube channel, with the infamous Awkward Question, the one that none of the Hoaxtead mobsters seem willing to touch:

“Plymouth Fury!” responded:

Imagine our surprise when PF actually engaged in a dialogue!

Okay, so he did the usual troofer thing of stating that “WHOEVER they are that did these horrible things to these kids…(should be) strung up by their GENITALS”, but he also mentioned that he’s planning to interview Ella soon, and that he’ll be asking her the Awkward Question, as he feels “its a very important detail that will make or break this case, no doubt”. The interaction ended on a non-combative note (remarkable in itself):Then a new-to-us commenter piped up with what we think is an excellent idea: “You have here an opportunity to ask people who think this whole thing is actually a con by Abraham Christie what hard questions they would ask Ella. You could be the one person that blows this case open by gathering together HARD questions from the ‘other side’ and MAKE her answer them rather than let her blather on for an hour about crap like other channels did”.To PF’s credit, he actually agreed: “A great idea….and believe me i am quite adamant about getting to the bottom of this”:

Well, tie our beaks and call us speechless!

Of course, our definition of a “hard question” might not be the same as PF’s, but this is one of the very few times we’ve heard a Hoaxtead believer agree that it’s important to avoid the canned or “softball” questions when talking to Ella (no one talks to Abe any longer, as his Creep Factor is off the scale).

But this conversation made us wonder: what questions would our readers like PF to ask Ella?

We know we’d like to hear her explanation of how she failed to notice the prominent tattoos on both fathers of her three children, and we can think of many more:

  • How did Ella not notice that her children were bruised, torn, and bleeding in the anal area each day when they returned from school? After all, she was giving them regular enemas, and would have seen any damage that had taken place.
  • Why did she feel the need to give them enemas in the first place?
  • How did she feel when she watched her new boyfriend inflict punches, kicks, burns, and other physical injuries, as well as threats and verbal abuse, upon her children?
  • Why did she and Abe invite Finnbarr to their home and allow him to question their children about the alleged cult? Was he sent as a scout for Brian Gerrish?
  • Although Ella claimed from the outset that her ex-husband and her eldest son were “in the cult”, she has never expressed any concern for the young man’s well-being. Why is that?

We could go on (and on, and on), but now we’d like to turn it over to our readers: if you could ask Ella anything, what would it be? We’ll gather up your questions and deliver them to PF, and hope that he’ll be as good as his word in presenting them to Ella.


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  1. Will get on to Ella in a mo. Thanks for posting this, EC.

    In the meantime, here’s a question I’d like to ask Angela: why do you allow comments like this on your Farcebook page…?

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  2. My question to Ella:

    Why didn’t you report the alleged abuse to the Police?

    And isn’t it interesting that in the Smallstorm interview she repeatedly refers to Jean Clement as a police officer rather than a special constable. And she claims that they took the videos to him to report, when in fact he took it upon himself to pass them on, much to the chagrin of Abraham Christie, whose unedited coaching would now be exposed.

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    • All excellent questions, SN! I think the fact that Jean-Clement took it upon himself to report them to police is very important, but the troofers have distorted the true story to fit their own narrative.

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  3. My question, if I may be so bold…

    Ella, why do you belong to an online group called ‘Ellochki Cannibals’?


    In fact, you appear to be an administrator for said group:


    According to my source:

    “Ellochka the Cannibal is a character in Ilja Ilf and Evgenij Petrov’s 1928 novel ‘The Twelve Chairs’ who easily gets by in life knowing only 30 words. She’s basically a seductress who doesn’t have much in the way of brains but uses her feminine wiles to manipulate men.”


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  4. Amazing write up EC and yet again, as yesterday, raises some new points.
    The Hoax is so fucking stupid that is should never even need a deeper inspection.

    This is all I have to say to Ella’s Supporters and that foul bitch.

    Jail The Hempseed 2 (2017)

    I’m sorry but this whole thing has ruined many lives and put families and children at danger from death threats from a lot of online loons and Pedophiles which has been going on for 2.5 years already. It’s never ending.

    Do your research please. Why do you want innocent children to be abused so badly, ask yourself and look in the mirror at your own life. These children are trying to get on with their lives not be mocked with stories of torture and baby sacrifice. shame on you and all the other hoaxers.
    Abe Exposed: https://youtu.be/oc6xOw2aoQE

    A Complete and utter hoax, created by the Mothers new boyfriend convicted child abuser Abraham Christie, a lifelong criminal with nearly 40 convictions, and many more arrests. He tortured the children over a 4 week period in Morocco into repeating his vile pedophillic and satanic fantasies based on previously debunked Satanic panic and fake mind control stories from the 1980’s.
    I’m sorry for ruining your child sex fantansies, but this whole thing has ruined many lives and put families and children at danger.

    Victims of child abuse do not act like that, and being brutally sexually assaulted by hundreds of people a week and never hospitalised is just beyond fucking stupid.

    The Medical evidence proves this level of abuse didn’t happen, only pedophiles believe in the hoax because they want their Satanic child sexual fantasies to be true, that’s why they get so pissed off when you point out it’s all impossible fruitloop bullshit.

    Archived link of the court documents:
    The Faq section has a lot of information for newcomers to the hoax.
    A site that documents genuine cases of abuse in the UK –

    Trauma Based Mind Control Fraud
















    thegenerationwhypodcast.com – The Generation Why Podcast: Satanic Panic – 149 – Generation Why


    • My apologies, Barchon, I didn’t see that your comment had been “quarantined” until just now. WordPress gets very tetchy about comments with more than one or two links, so yours got pushed to the spam filter. Sorry about that!


      • That’s alright, funny as my debit card has now been declined as well. So much for that shill Government money.

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  5. Re the injuries in the medical report. The little boy was shown to have a perforated eardrum wasn’t he? The doctor said there was dried blood inside his ear so the injury must have been fairly recent. How did that happen?

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    • Why she administered enemas to the children and why she never noticed any anal scarring might be a worthwhile line of questioning too.

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  6. There must be some questions asked about the misinterpretion of the IPCC reports. Too tired to come up with that right now. Anyone else?

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  7. I’d like Ella to be asked about her involvement with Social Services prior to the holiday in Morocco. How long had the family been involved with Social Services and why? Is it true that the neighbours and the school had called Social Services because they had concerns?

    I’d like her to be asked about the THC in the childrens hair as indicated in the medical report. How did it get there?

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        • MC, yeah. Abe even mentions it either when he’s whispering to Finn Hagan or Jean-Clement, unfortunately I can’t remember which one. He can be heard saying something like “I know we shouldn’t have taken them out of the country though.. and we did”.

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      • And the dame who claimed she walked 70 miles couldn’t possibly have done so in the time the ‘protest’ took place. Another liar.

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        • That would be about three days of walking for eight hours every day. I can’t imagine Angela being that fit – especially not with her smoking habit.

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    • That 70 miles walk claim is made by a woman called Lisa Gail Mounteney, who went to the Eugene Lukjanenko court case yesterday, 10th May at Chester Magistrates Court.

      Sorry to say I don’t buy she walked the whole 70 miles.

      The woman most likely hitched a lift as there is no way in this world that she walked the whole 70 miles.

      Btw Yannis has been kicking off about Eugene Lukjanenko…

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      • what a mad case that is. Idiots claiming he had been ‘denied his human rights’ because he got up on someone’s roof and refused to come down. It seems for this bunch of creeps politicians of any strip have no rights to live peacefully in their own home. With this logic they would claim a burglar being arrested inside a house was being denied his ‘hooman rights’ to rifle through someone’s possessions.

        As for Ella- if you get even one answer to those questions I’ll eat my picture hat (the large one with the cabbage roses on it I wear to the races)

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        • “As for Ella- if you get even one answer to those questions I’ll eat my picture hat (the large one with the cabbage roses on it I wear to the races)”

          I don’t disagree, Sam—Abe runs the Hoaxtead publicity machine with an iron fist. He generally demands that prospective interviewers hand over a list of approved questions, and he and Ella refuse to answer anything not on that list. I’ve heard from other interviewers that they also demand editorial veto on their interviews—which was at the root of their quarrel with Angela, who feels no compunction about uploading anything she pleases, and wouldn’t accede to Abe’s demands.

          So my feeling is that it’ll be interesting to see what PF is able to do, given all the restrictions that Abe will likely attempt to place on him. And then there’s the question of whether PF will actually ask hard questions, as he’s said he will. It’s still all very hypothetical, but I thought it might be interesting to put together a wish-list of questions.

          And who knows? At some point down the road, this list might serve as inspiration to the CPS. 🙂

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    • The only person Ella should be talking to is a police officer. Everytime she is given an interview it should be in custody. Until then, she should shut her fucking junkie, child abusing mouth.

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      • That’s right. These morons on youtube wont listen to the judge, the police or the children so they are not just gonna say Ella and Abe made it up, they have seen all the evidence we have but refuse to take it in, they want to believe this crap and Ella is their icon now pizzagate has got boring. These people are not journalists because no real journalist would get away with ignoring evidence like that, I don’t think any real journalists have taken Ella’s bullshit.

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        • As I said to GoS, above, I completely understand what you’re both saying. I agree that the best-case scenario would be to have any questions addressed to Abe and Ella by a CPS barrister in open court.

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  8. Ella. In all seriousness, do you need help to get away from your abusive partner? If so, there are organisations in the UK that can help. I don’t know what to make of why you have gone along with this charade for so long. But, if you are living in fear, that may go some way towards an explanation. A mother should protect their children. Perhaps by allowing this to continue, you have at least protected them from AC? At least you now know, away from him they are safe, well fed and enjoying a wonderful life.

    Just thinking out loud here. I’m sure if you genuinely need help to leave in safety, receive this help and then return to the UK to face questions that the police have, the future could look far better for you.

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    • I understand your concerns but Ella made her decision and chose Abe over her children and was complicit in their abuse. I have absolutely no sympathy for the woman.

      She made her bed of hemp and she can damn well lie on it as far as I’m concerned.

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      • I’m afraid I must agree, TG. I’m usually very sympathetic to abused partners, but I believe that Ella has made many choices to stay with Abe and abandon her children. In fact, I believe she abandoned her responsibility to them while they were still technically in her custody.

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        • I didn’t mention sympathy myself…but I would be very interested to hear Ella’s reply to my question. I’m not sure if any interviewer has asked that. Or indeed if an honest answer would be forthcoming.

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          • “Fear is the Mind Killer” as Abe likes to quote. Ella is too far gone mentally and too drugged out to have fear, and her mind is too frazzled. She has no warmth and compassion for other people otherwise she would never have let Abe torture the children, make the vilest false accusations against innocent people over a custody battle (losing her meal ticket), or abandoned her 3 children and ran away abroad. Abe abandoned his 4 children and another he let down years ago.

            Ella would never admit to anything especially when Abe will be listening, probably armed with a metal spoon to hit her with, just like he did his ex wife.
            I understand your concern and getting Ella away from Abe may bring her round to returning to the UK and facing charges. Abe will never come back, with all his previous convictions, illegal images on his phone, the sexual themes he introduced to the children, child abuse, torture, kidnapping, defamation of innocent people etc. He would be in for a very long prison sentence and they don’t like child torturing pedophiles in prison much.
            To loosley quote Brasseye, He would probably end up Quadra-Spas’d on a life support machine from a stairwell nonce bashing. Not that I would condone the behaviour or violence within the prison system. He would be at home with the sodomy I presume.

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  9. To Ella – you’d only known Abraham for a few months and yet the children say he told them to call him Papa Hemp and he was involved in disciplining them. Do you think that’s ok?

    To Ella – Did it bother you that Abraham has more than thirty previous convictions, some of which are for violent offences? Did it bother you that he’d been to prison in the past? Did you feel any apprehension bringing him into your home and letting him have free reign with your children?

    To Ella – Many people have realised that most of those accused of ‘witchcraft’ were on your and Abraham’s ‘shitlists’ prior to the accusations being made:

    1. For a few years RD had been going to Court to get Orders which would allow him to see his children. You’d resisted each and every one of these Orders. Just prior to the holiday in Morocco RD had been back to Court and an Order had been made giving him substantial access to the children. This no doubt went against what you wanted and what you had hoped for.

    2. The school had contacted Social Services over their concerns that the children were always hungry. Abraham had in fact had an argument with one of the teachers about this issue. (There are witnesses to this.)

    3. Neighbours had alerted Social Services about concerns re the childrens welfare.

    4. Social Services had become involved with your family and were wanting you to change things long before you made accusations of witchcraft. It’s clear you felt this to be unwarranted ‘interference’.

    5. Abraham had a ‘difficult’ relationship with the police, especially Barnet police, who’d arrested him for other matters in the past.

    Are you able to see that given your and Abraham’s prior conflicts with these people and agencies it looks rather odd that out of the blue all of them are accused of terrible crimes?

    To Plymouth Fury – All the ‘troofer’ radio show hosts have so far taken a side far too soon, without researchng this case. Would you at least do the reading (both sides of the case), get your facts straight and get some in-depth knowledge of the case before you interview Ella? I’m not saying you don’t usually do this because I don’t know your work – but it is true that all of those who have interviewed Ella so far have been clueless.

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    • ‘Spook Show’ is disgusting. The damaged ear was caused by Abe, The children did not both have signs of “horrid sex abuse.” The children had not “been raped repeatedly.”

      To say a girl sits with her legs crossed means she has been raped right before recording a Police interview is absurd.

      Spook Show thinks they “all do it” and “all of them are involved”. It’s him/her who doesn’t know shit.

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  10. I’d like to ask Ella why she didn’t show up to court even though she had an offer to appear by Skype if she so wished?
    Why in previous interviews her main topic of concern has been cannabis rather than her children, does she even care for her children?

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    • “I’d like to ask Ella why she didn’t show up to court even though she had an offer to appear by Skype if she so wished?”

      Yes, the court gave her significant leeway to appear without physically setting foot in court. It’s very surprising that she didn’t take it.

      Interestingly, she did appear via Skype during the August 2015 case management proceedings, but not the appeal hearings.

      And yes, it’s really only been in the past three or four months that Ella has suddenly remembered her concern for her children. Between mid-2015 and early winter 2017, she and Abe seemed much more interested in promoting their cannabis-cures-trauma-based-mind-control business than in having the children returned to them.

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  11. Didn’t Ella think it strange that according to Abraham practically every person that Ella knew was connected to the imaginary cult?
    Why were her children having to steal food at school, why wasn’t she feeding them properly?

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    • We know the answers to those questions; she was too high to care. Now she is holed up somewhere with that seedy little man Abraham Christie, she has got what she thought she wanted – and it has turned out to be crap.

      You didn’t care about those kids, Ella, there is no way you are going to get them back now. Hopefully they are now spending plenty of time with their father who cared enough to fight for access to them and had enough dignity to do it without making public all the dirt I’m sure he had on you and your criminal boyfriend.

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  12. The disgusting bitch is once again accusing Bob Geldof of murdering his own daughter and presenting it as accepted fact, without even the common decency to use the word ‘allegedly’:

    You’re a Christian, you say, Angela? Wow.

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  13. I doubt the questions will ever be asked as Abe and Ella are notorious for making demands of their interviewers regarding questions and editing..etc. However, here are some I would like answered:

    Why did she continue a relationship with a man that admits hitting her children with a spoon resulting in the girl having her chin cut open?

    Seeing as it was the girls disclosure of the cut chin which resulted in the police removing the children from Ella’s care, why does she continue a relationship with the man that caused her children to be removed?

    Does she understand why the police would remove a girl that discloses violence?….if not, why not?

    Why did she tell an interviewer that Dearman has not hit the children but also claim it was Dearman that injured the boys ear?

    Does she accept now that it was Abraham that injured the ear or is she saying that the medical examiner is lying when she recorded healing abrasions?

    If she accepts that Abraham caused the injury then why did she stay with him, even now?

    When did she find out that Abraham has a history of violence to his own children, was it before he hit her children or after?

    Seeing as Sabine has returned to the UK and stated in writing that it was not Ella who released the videos…etc, why does Ella feel it necessary to continue hiding abroad?

    Why does she claim that her ex husband is part of the cult, but seem so nonchalant when describing to an interviewer that her eldest son has a good relationship with his father?……Does she not care about the welfare of her eldest son?

    Why does she claim in her Judicial Review that she took her children to Barnet police to report a crime, yet we find out from the CRIS report that Jean Clement contacted the police and when the police arrived at Ella’s home to speak to the children she was reluctant to let them in?

    Why was she not as eager as Abraham to go see Jean Clement and instead went home for a shower?

    Ella states on one of her videos that she moved house and the medical report describes that move occurring in January 2014. How bad would she describe her luck to move into a street filled with cult members that just so happen to have her ex boyfriend as the leader?

    Who dealt with what school the children would attend or was it automatic due to catchment areas. Did her move decide which school the children would attend?

    How bad would she describe her luck that the school they attended just so happened to all be friends with her ex boyfriend and also members of his cult?

    Did Dearman ever ask her to be a part of his cult?…if not, doesn’t she think it odd that the leaders partner would not be asked to be part of the cult?

    Did Dearman ever mention any of the people named by the children and if so in what capacity did he claim to know them?

    Did she ever know any of the people named by the children and in what capacity?

    Does she claim that the children described each of the members names, addresses, emails…etc, otherwise, how did she come up with that information and when?

    Can she give any details as to what her and Abraham’s “brainstorming” consisted of?

    Where was she and for what length of time when Abraham discovered the children touching?

    Did she leave Abraham alone with them after that and for what length of time?

    When she found out the children were touching did she consult with any professionals (eg social services, Tavistock, CAFCASS or other people she had already been in contact with) or even research online to see what could be done about it?

    Going by the children’s descriptions prior to retraction it would appear that Abraham lead the way in how to deal with the touching. Seeing as you had only known him for a matter of months, do you think he was the right person to be leading the way with something so sensitive?

    Ella’s credit card was illegally used just weeks after Abraham moved next door. Seeing as he has convictions for Dishonesty (theft/fraud), did she at any point consider he may be the culprit?

    Ella once phoned the police on Dearman because he was a couple of hours late returning the children from contact and showed them some sexually explicit texts he had sent some months before. Ella also told Jean Clement she didn’t want Dearman getting increased contact with his children. In light of that, why did she report the credit card theft only to the bank and not the police?

    Abraham accepts that child sex abuse images were found on his phone but he claims that the children stole the phone and gave it to Dearman. The children say they never stole the phone. Why does she believe Abraham over her children?

    Dearman describes that they boy told him of an occasion when the boy caught Ella and Abraham having sex. The boy, confused, apparently told Abraham to leave Ella alone and Abraham responded by grabbing her breasts and telling the boy he can do whatever he wants with her. Does she think that was an appropriate response from Abraham?

    Is she concerned at all about Abraham’s obsession with sodomy?

    Objectively, does she accept that if an adult were to hit a child and insist the child agrees with their version of a story, that the child may feel pressured into going along with whatever the adult says?

    Objectively, does she accept that if that process were to occur over weeks, the children themselves may start making up or adding elements to appease the adult and save themselves from more violence?

    Why was Finbarr around and when was he invited around. Why did she tell Finbarr that she and Abraham had just days before discussed leaving the country?….what had happened In the days previous to make her want to leave?

    Does she believe she will ever get the children back while hiding out abroad?

    If future contact with the children could only happen within the UK, would she be willing to return?

    What would it take for her to return to the UK?

    Ella names one of her websites as the ‘Hampstead Coverup’. Plenty of documents and videos are online including Dearman’s police interview and snippets of the witness answers from the fact finding hearing (Drifloud’s twitter). Why then does she not post her own interview and all of the witnesses questions and answers from the fact finding hearing?…..does she accept that could be seen as a cover up?

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    • Hang on….he’s the one shuffling round Nelson looking like something the cat dragged in and occasionally complaining he doesn’t have the bus-fare to get himself to Manchester and so needs a lift. That sounds like quite an ’empty existence’ to me.

      And he seems to have got the words ‘obsessed’ and ‘disgusted’ mixed up.

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  14. Another brainless creepy twat who can’t read, so just makes up their own version that fits their perverted fantasies. Yet again, these nutters know better than the Judge, The Police, The Medical Examiner, Social Services and everyone else.

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      • Here’s what I really think.
        The idea of a “debate” between “those who believe the kids in Abe’s videos” and “those who believe the kids in the police videos”, is inherently absurd & farcical. It’s not a question of opinion – the Abe videos are contradicted by reality, the police videos are not.

        It’s like Flat Earthers trying to claim they “have a valid opinion”. It wouldn’t matter if a slovenly clone of Marty Feldman dressed as Igor with a suspicious stutter, said the Earth is like a ball, and a well dressed & well spoken young man who looks remarkably like medieval paintings of Christ, said the Earth is like a pancake. The first statement is reality, the second one is not.

        People who claim to believe the kids in Abe’s videos DO NOT “have a right to their opinion”. Period.

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  15. I’d like to ask why so many of this idiots keep giving a platform to a child torturing, junkie, pedophile on the run from the UK police? Why do they support Ella when she let a violent child abusing criminal into their lives, took them illegally out of Europe to Morocco a pedophile and drug haven, a country with shitty child protection laws where Abraham knew he could get away with drugging, beating, threatening and torturing her two children. Why do you support child abusing perverts? Ella sided with Abraham and not only let him do all this over 4 weeks in hell, she actually encouraged him and thought it was a good idea. Why can’t these lunatics read?
    All their ideas are from watching illegal youtube videos in which the children recanted the accusations when safe from Abraham. Why do they so badly want these two poor children to have been brutally sodomised by hundreds of people every week, and why were they never hospitalised or Ella didnt even notice. These people like to think children can be horrendously raped without any physically consequences, maybe they should sign up for Abe’s 4 week Holiday package of sodomy.
    Why do they quote and talk about the medical report which actually shows the injuries were recent and the children named Abraham and as the father had not seen the children for three month could not be him. Why do they fail to read the part about Ella’s numerous run ins with social workers over her neglect of the children and her admittance that she needed help?
    Why do they ignore the fact that the medical report does not correspond with the injuries that a human being would suffer if sodomised by hundreds of people with plastic willies every week.

    Abe’s £50 fee seems to come from him being a seedy twat who spent a lot of his life in and around the illegal sex trade. If they are all cult members why would anyone be paying?
    And of course Ella had no idea about this cult even though she supposedly married into it twice until pedo fantasist Abe came on the scene with his Hemp based mind control psychosis and stories lifted straight from 1980’s satanic panic books.

    These people should be contacted by the police, as they are in contact with two wanted child abusers that are supposedly being hunted down by a ‘special’ team of UK Police.

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  16. Heather’s Face at 2:48 When Angela makes it clear that she links Sharty pants is mentally stable, lmao.
    One of the things I like about Hetty is when she shows her disgust at Angela’s opinions, especially about Abe “The Little man syndrome coward” and Ella “The Poundland Prostitute”, comedy Gold and Priceless.
    Shame she has to ruin it with slandering and defaming people.

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  17. “The Sperm Donor is currently running around the North of England, he’s posting on Facebook”, lmao.
    Whose got two thumbs and donates sperm? This guy.

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  18. Not a pretty sight in so many ways.Angie out gob-shoited by Heather for all 12 rounds and she doesnt like it one little bit.The denouement cannot be far off.

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        • I honestly think if none of us watched Angela’s or Mad Moo’s videos they wouldn’t have half as much to talk about and sod all views on their videos.

          They would still continue as it is their hobby (income for Angela), therapy for them to vent as noone in real life can stand them, but they would be talking to themselves.

          Documenting their accusations and defamation of innocent people is very important but it’s a double edged sword as it makes them feel like internet celebrities and important.
          Fighting a delusional good fight for childrens rights and against the invisible satanists, pedos and trolls, whilst in reality, they don’t help anyone and never will.

          I had all the stuff lined up for another Abe video and considered doing a Hetty B Greatest Hits, but I don’t see the fucking point in these clowns, they never change their mind when faced with the truth.
          Fuck em.

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  19. I would love to hear Ella’s answer to the question “What message do you have for your children?”. I think her response would be very telling.


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