California troofer jumps aboard the sinking Hoaxtead ship

Oh, huzzah—one of our readers pointed out to us yesterday that there’s a brand new Hoaxateer on the horizon, and guess what? He’s friends with “The Earth is too flat and if you deny it I’ll stamp my feet until you agree with me”…er, we mean Jeranism.

Nathan Stolpman, a conspiraloon from California with a major hate on for David Seaman (but then who hasn’t got one of those?), broadcasts his YouTube livestream “Beyond the Veil” from his palatial studio in his father’s garage. In yesterday’s edition, he and Jeranism held a long (reeeeeeally long) pseudo-scientific chat about how Jeranism is smarter than any scientist, and the Earth is totally flat because we can’t feel it move, and no one has ever proven that space exists, and other things that made us want to tear out what’s left of our hair…but that was just the warm-up act.

At about 37 minutes, they started talking about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Jeranism’s killer argument, which proves that Abe and Ella must be telling the truth: Because this hoax is so completely over-the-top wackadoo insane…it must perforce be true.

Er…sure. Whatever you say, dood.

Highlights include Jeranism defending Abraham Christie’s abuse of the children: “I confess that if my son admitted to wiping my toothbrush on the rim of the open toilet, I don’t think I could not hit him”…and yes, apparently Jeranism is a father. Yes, just pause and allow that thought to sink in for a moment. (This also implies that at least once in his life, Jeranism has…done it. With someone else, we mean. The horror, the horror!)

Are you finished digesting that thought?

Good, because here’s the best part of this moronic extravaganza: starting at about 49:20, Nathan (who we’re absolutely sure has never been on drugs) uses the illegally released police interview video with the little girl to prove his hypothesis that (get ready) (no, really, we mean take a deep breath and prepare yourself) RD’S CHILDREN ARE ACTUALLY REPTILES.

Yes. He says this.

And Jeranism, bless his pointy little head, agrees. (Well, fair’s fair: Nathan agreed with him that Jeranism is smarter than renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. They seem to have some sort of reciprocal “you believe my utter shite, I’ll believe yours” pact in place.)

Nathan also uses his astonishing observational skillz to point out that during RD’s Victoria Derbyshire interview, many camera angles were used. And there was quite a lot of editing. This, of course, proves that something was very, very fishy about that interview. Camera angles + lots of edits = surefire child-raping baby-eater. Apparently.

Nathan, who we are certain enjoys very healthy and positive relationships with members of the opposite sex, also claims that because Victoria D. reached over and touched RD’s leg sympathetically, she probably also jumped him right after the show. (We’re such innocent dupes, we just thought she was being kind. More fool us, it would seem.)

Nathan claims that he’s going to “bring RD down”, mounting yet another harassment campaign against him and the people of Hampstead. Looks like there’s another conspiranoid YouTuber whose videos will need reporting. Oh bliss, oh joy.

78 thoughts on “California troofer jumps aboard the sinking Hoaxtead ship

  1. Nathan is a mentally ill complete lunatic.
    There is a video that exposes his fruitcakeness but it’s on a conspiraloon channel I do not care to post.
    Fair enough to say he talks about himself in 3rd person whilst viewing his own linked in profile trying to pretend it is not him but another guy despite him having the past exact job which he has shared in his videos. He is also a failed actor.
    Aww sod it, the title is stupid as well as the description but it does point out how much of a clown this guy is.

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      • He was a succesful car sales man a few years ago then lived in the garage on a pull out bed for 3 years when he lost his house. His descent is pretty sad to be honest, but he very unstable and willing to smear eveyone. His opinion in his videos is lunatic. Last time I watched one of his videos was his marathon pizzgate where he was live streaming until David Seaman rang in, which never happened.
        He also covered that Pizzagate protest and was incredibly awkward and pretty useless, he said a guy ws obviously a government agent because he was sat on a bench and his beard was too long and shoelaces too new and white.
        He lives with his dad and wants him to let him grow weed, shocker.
        Just another slice of his lunacy from a better source.

        “Can you put in 12-14 hours per day doing (and redoing) free work for Nathan? Are you interested in getting calls, texts, emails, and DMs 24/7 to help him through the times when people let him down? Do you enjoy being talked to like you’re a piece of trash? If you said yes to any of these questions, the position is open. If you work hard enough for him and do a good enough job, you may even get to make a video like this one for yourself one day!”

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    • I have been following Nathan for several months. He’s very witty, honest and reliable. He always makes me think. I believe you talk about him this way because he’s up to something real. And just to correct another mistake in your analysis of Nathan, he doesn’t speak in 3rd person, he often uses the “royal we” or “pluralis majestatis”. Anyway this looks like Nathan has just started lifting the veil on the Hampstead case. I think the best as yet to come.


      • “Looks like Nathan has just started lifting the veil on the Hampstead case. I think the best has yet to come.”

        I pity you and your child abuse fantasies, Anniruddha.
        You’re looking forward to innocent lives being ruined once again?
        Lurid tales of fictional sodomy of children, is that your thing? You’re disgusting.

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      • Lol Z-Grade troll. Either that or you’re completely off your rocker.
        Hampstead is a hoax and you are on a blog that has been going for over 2 years dedicated to everything about the hoax and you think a little creepy weasel like Nathan who doesnt know jack shit about the case is going to do anything, lmao nice work clown shoes. I bet Ltv doesn’t even know who any of the major and minor players are in this case, all he will do is go through shitty blogs with the research skills of a muppet picking all the perverted parts his tiny nonce brain enjoys from the last 2 years and throw it together.

        Lift the veil on a hoax, are you that fucking stupid! Nathan couldn’t lift the Veil on a jar of pickles.

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      • “I believe you talk about him this way because he’s up to something real”

        Hmmm. ‘Real’ as in if a child sticks out her tongue, she must be a shape-shifting lizard from outer space? K, got it. Thanks.

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        • People make all kinds of facial expressions to relieve stress, tiredness, through boredom and also just playfulness. Just ask a certain sour faced face yoga teacher.


  2. Two months ago Nathan had never heard of the Hampstead hoax until he did a live chat with Jeranism and I sent in a question asking why Jeran is friends with a convicted child abuser (Abe). Within 2 minutes and I am not exaggerating, Nathan was saying RD is guilty. Nathan is a fucking idiot.

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  3. If someone doesn’t help me out, with the title of the song at 0:50 of Lift The Veil On True Love, I’ll be forced to stay up all night hunting for it on youtube. Seriously. I’ve suffered from “earworm” syndrome my whole life…

    I know I have it, on my ’95-’98 hard drive, but what a pain to drag that out of the closet.

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  4. I wonder what Nathan thinks of people standing outside outside Comet Ping Pong with signs that say ‘Homosex is Sin’ especially as he’s camp as Christmas?

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  5. Guy in the hat;

    “Number one, why would this be a hoax?”

    Simply answer Dumbo. Money! Attention-seeking in this way can be a fairly lucrative cottage industry – just as talking utter shite on a toy radio station off the back of which you beg for donations and maybe flog a little snake oil (See A Jones for further details) can be quite lucrative.

    On the tattoos; “the children were drawing them” – No. There is video evidence of Abe Christie drawing them, additionally, there are quite clearly multiple adult hands evident in the drawings – as was pointed out here the other day, including one that may have had formal drawing lessons…….

    “it doesn’t make any sense that the mother and boyfriend would coach the children to say things that were demonstrably and provably false”

    ……And yet they demonstrably and provably did!

    “you wouldn’t tell this police officer that your dad carves up baby skins and makes shoes out of them and dances around the church with skulls. I mean that’s just ridiculous”

    Yes, quite ridiculous. Impossibly so. Abe Christie has a near lifelong history of drug abuse and extreme behaviour including a long record of criminality and violence. -His brain is pickled in weed juice, and Ella’s track record isn’t much better. They’re not intelligent or educated people. And the trouble with morons is they tend to think everyone else around them is just as cow-slurry-thick as they are. Stupid people buy into obvious fairy stories because they lack the critical-thinking skills (intelligence) to dismiss them which is one reason why they can be so easily separated from their cash – see above for why would you set up such a hoax…. Balance of probabilities? Well let’s examine one tiny piece of this fairy tale. Go and research what it takes to make a pair of shoes. In reality, high street Cobblers that can do this haven’t commonly existed since Edwardian times and are a very different type of operation from the ‘Mr Minnit’ key-cutting and heel-fitting operation that was accused….. For a start, where was the ‘leather’ processed? What would be involved in doing that? – Only in the imagination of an idiot would such a thing be remotely feasible.So, on balance alone what’s more likely? A monkey-brained drug addict with a long history of criminal dishonesty dreamed up this really stupid scam? Or any of this is actually happening. As for the crit of the BBC interview……. Really? It’s some sort of surprise to these clowns that serious professional broadcasters shoot things from multiple angles and edit them into a cohesive piece? – That’s as opposed to what webcam-lickers do? – In this case almost an hour-and-a-half of two random stoners wittering incoherently from their mommy’s basement. Sheesh!

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    • Excellent analysis. As soon as those two clowns started talking about Hampers I turned it off, too stupid for words. Especially as Ltv Nathan pointed out that because Pizzagate was nearly dead he thinks Hampstead has more legs in it, which is what it is always about to these people, cover whatever gains them the most interest, regardless of truth or importance. So they can increase viewing figures, ad revenue and donations for providing free to broadcast content on youtube.

      Nathan seems to lack any simple timeframe analysis as it wouldn’t take him more than a minute to google and find out that the Hamps hoax is a couple of years older than pizzagate and deader than a dodo except for the desperate mentally ill child abusing drug addicts and their supporters trying to dig up and re-animate the hoax’s lifeless corpse.

      Ella Gareeva is the perfect figure head for the hoax, dull, emotionless, drugged filled lunatic, and Sadistic criminal Abe pulling the strings and playing the spoons in the background to complete this crackpot conspiracy duo from hell.

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  6. The Youtube comments section, always a great indicator of the mindset of these perverts and the depraved mentality they will sink to in order to defend their sick little fantasies and jaded view of the world.


  7. The first I seen of this idiot was when he did his exposure video of David Seaman. I didn’t realise he was a delusional conspiraloon until I seen his video on the Westminster attack and watched a few of his other videos.
    There was quite a lengthy comment on one of his Hampstead videos yesterday explaining the reality of the case but it appears to have been deleted. A clear sign that having decided to use Hampstead for some more views and subscribers he doesn’t want anybody nipping it In the bud with the truth.

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      • It’s quite pleasing that said poor receptionist apparently doesn’t know about these ludicrous claims and “lawful suspicions” which indicates the general public have moved on and this whole matter has become just a wet dream for these fantasists and child abusing fanatics.
        What a vile woman and creep- she neglects to mention there WAS a court case and all accused were found to be innocent and it was concluded Abraham Christie and Ella Draper were child beating abusers.
        If there is any justice in this world Deborah Mahmoudieh you will eventually be brought to account for your dreadful lies and harassment.

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    • Debs is guilty of some serious slander against a number of people in this phone call. I’m afraid she’s gone to far this time and she needs to be arrested.

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    • IIRC correctly the “case of rape” was “reported” a decade or more after it was supposed to have taken place at the home of a woman who just doesn’t exist! i.e. the place doesn’t even bloody exist! The police did investigate, and Hollie got a CICA award on the basis of that investigation – but none of what they based the award on had anything to do with the fantastical allegations promoted by Anne Greig, instead it was on the “balance of probabilities” that Hollie was historically abused by certain individuals. And about the only thing that can be concluded in terms of a cover up was that Anne knew about the abuse and instead of reporting it at the time she covered it up and asked for contraception for her under-aged disabled daughter! -And what’s the point of seizing computers that weren’t even invented let alone built or owned by the “suspects” when the alleged rape took place? Personally I think all the attempts to discredit the CICA and the award it made are pretty suspicious and I do believe she was the subject of what I’ve seen called “sadly prosaic” sexual abuse. But the thing is all the shite Anne Greig and Robert Green havve tried to embroider the case with only serves to distract from those credible findings and just works to protect her probable abuser. If he’s ever caught and banged up it will be for something else, not the abuse of Hollie and that’s down to Green and his mates!

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  8. On the second video she thinks the bbc programme was cancelled on the 10th of June last year? – 2016???? I remember Daly blowing Green out of the water on a radio show with the fact the sheriff has no sister back in 2010! What’s more they didn’t film a frame! In fact there was quite credible criticism of Daly even wasting the petrol to drive down and talk to Green!

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  9. While we await the mentally deranged Nathan “Bill Hicks is Alex Jones” Lift the Veil’s great Hampstead investigation, this should suffice for now.


    • Abraham: 100 people do sex to them.
      Little boy: A million
      Abraham: No, 100 people do sex to them EACH…

      Did I hear that right?

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      • Yes. Abe lead the whole Jean Clement recording as he didn’t know he was being recorded and he didn’t want to children going off script. Everytime they started rambling, Abraham corrected them, bullied them and told them to shut up. That was the day the came back from 4 weeks of Abe’s spoon based mind control torture.

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    • “Over 400 adults and their all wearing 20 skulls each, can you do the math, it’s over 800”
      – Abraham “The Brains of the Hoax” Christie

      Nope Abe, that would be 8,000 skulls, as if 400 Adults and 800 skulls isn’t ridiculous enough, he can’t even do the math.

      “The average head circumference at birth is about 34 cm (13.5 in.). By the end of the first month, it increases to about 38 cm (15 in.).”

      Multiply that by 20 = 680cm in total circumference of baby skulls being worn by each individual.
      By the time the babies are so called ready to be shipped and delivered by DHL (beyond stupid and sickening) 20×38=760cm in head circumference being worn by each adult.

      8,000 baby skulls just to dance around,it’s beyond stupid just like every aspect of the hoax.

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      • And where would one store that many skulls eh? And where did these 400 people meet up to do this? Where did they park their cars? The council carparks must have made a fortune! OMG! The council were in on it too!

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        • They all crammed into a normal sized house, with secret rooms most days of the week. No neighbours complained of hundreds of people having orgies though, or all the cars blocking the entire street. I think Abe just wanted to make the accusations so vile that the father would just give up the custody battle and let Ella take them to Morocco or wherever.
          That and psychosis from long term cannabis use.
          Then there’s the psy-op false flag loons who think the story was made so ridiculous and implanted into the childrens head by mind control to create such unbelievable stories that the real abuse would not be taken seriously.

          Sadly, there are some people, conspiraloons that seem to want the poor innocent children to have been abused at all costs, that they will spin any angle they can think of.
          The last one I heard was someone telling me my videos were sick as the children were being raped by all parties involved.

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