Ella’s latest interview reveals more than she intends

Yesterday an American loony named Sofia Smallstorm released yet another interview featuring Ella Draper, who seems to have been appointed the Official Voice of the Hampstead SRA Hoax—understandably, since every time Abe opens his mouth he manages to alienate more of their followers. As the slightly less creepy Hoaxateer, Ella is really the best they’ve got, and they seem to be pushing her onto the fruitloop interview circuit for all they’re worth. You can find the podcast here: http://www.aboutthesky.com/images/stories/audio/SSmallstorm_podcast_069_03-31-17.mp3

In the hour-and-a-half-long podcast, Ella managed to say absolutely nothing new or enlightening, but she did reveal a few interesting titbits which have helped to confirm some of our suspicions about her ability to be a loving, caring mother.

Early on, she said—in all seriousness—that the first time she noticed anything unusual about her children was when she was still with RD. Their little girl was about one year old, and for no reason at all, out of a clear blue sky, the baby started fussing and crying. Ella seemed genuinely mystified by this: the baby’s nappy was clean, she’d been recently fed, so why was she crying? She says she asked RD, who said something about how the baby wanted her own way about something, and seemed quite nonchalant about the fussy child.

Ella, of course, knew that it must be something much more nefarious than that…but of course she didn’t fully work it out until she’d met Abraham, etc., etc., etc.

Many of us who contribute to this blog in various ways are parents, and others have beloved nieces and nephews, and we can truthfully say that some jaws dropped here at Hoaxtead Research HQ at Ella’s assertion that a baby fussing for no reason was evidence of cult sexual abuse (or something).

Here’s some news for Ella: babies and toddlers fuss. They can be moody and irritable, and they don’t need a reason.  Some babies start having full-blown tantrums as early as 12 months of age. It’s just a thing they do.

The fact that Ella was unaware of this, and that she seems to have expected her baby to be placid rather than expressing an opinion (granted, in a loud and baby-like way) says a great deal about Ella’s mothering skills.

Attachment troubles

In fact, it seems likely that Ella had difficulty forming a secure emotional attachment with her children. This is not unusual: while as a society we expect all mothers to feel a surge of maternal love for their children, in fact about four in ten mums need help learning to bond with baby. Most babies are born with an innate need to form a close attachment to their mothers, but mothers’ own life experiences, personalities, or psychological issues such as post-partum depression can cause them to have trouble reciprocating. This can lead to an insecure attachment, and can create serious problems in the parent-child relationship as time goes on.

We should emphasise that this is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of: many parents have trouble adjusting to the parenting role, and accepting help is not a sign of failure. According to this article in The Telegraph, “A survey for Johnson’s Baby found that more than a third of mothers have felt they have not bonded with their baby as much as they should have, and 18 per cent say they’ve had moments when they’ve felt no bond at all”.

This is why social services intervened at various points when RD and Ella’s children were very young, and Ella was referred to parenting classes to help her learn a more nurturing parenting style, with her daughter in particular.

In Ella’s case, it seems probable that her inability to form a secure attachment with her daughter might date back to her own relationship with her mother. We have heard from neighbours of the family who noticed that when Ella’s own mother was visiting from Russia, she and Ella fought like cats and dogs. There was screaming, hair-pulling, scratching—surely not the sign of a healthy relationship. If Ella’s relationship with her mother was a difficult one, it’s entirely possible that she would experience difficulties forming a strong, healthy bond with her own children, especially her daughter.

And then there was Abraham

We have noted here many times that Ella seemed quite content to stand by and allow Abraham Christie, who’d only known her and her children for a matter of weeks, hit, kick, burn, sleep-deprive, and threaten her children, in an effort to get them to first “confess” and then fill in the imaginary details about a non-existent child-raping, baby-eating cult. The fact that Ella was able to stand by while this went on with her knowledge and consent is in fact the reason that her children were removed from her care. Both children stated that they did not wish to return to their mother so long as she was with Abraham, whom they despised.

Ella’s inability to take a strong, nurturing parental role, to protect her children rather than allow them to be subjected to Abraham’s torture, speaks volumes about her attachment to the children.

Perhaps even more eloquent was the children’s reaction when Ella brought pencils and paper to one of their supervised contact meetings, and demanded that the children write to the judge and ask that they be able to come back home. Both children refused, despite Ella’s threat that she would do something bad to the family dog if they didn’t comply. At this point, the supervisor noticed what Ella was trying to do, the meeting was terminated, and Ella failed to turn up at the next scheduled meeting.

Since leaving the country two years ago, Ella has made video after video in which she has attempted to push the Hampstead SRA hoax; in none of these videos has she ever shed a tear or made any kind of emotional plea to have her children returned. “Stony-faced” is the best description of her appearance in her many videos; there is little reason to believe that she wants her beloved children back because she misses them and wants the best for them. Rather, she seems most interested in re-obtaining her children in order to continue using them as pawns in the sick, depraved game she and Abraham continue to play. https://hoaxteadresearch.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/ella-draper-me-time-2016-03-12.jpeg?w=700


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  1. Thanks for the updates, EC.

    The annoyingly voiced perp in question:


    And for those who missed it, here’s a sample quote (yep – she actually said this):

    “These buildings fell in 10 seconds. They’re 110 storeys. Now let’s just use our mouth to demonstrate this: if a pancake collapse can be described as ‘clunkity clunk’, how many times can you say that in 10 seconds? And if one floor is ‘clunkity clunk clunkity clunk’, you cannot say that 110 times in 10 seconds. So let’s even give it the benefit of the doubt, let’s just take off the ‘clunk’ – let’s just say ‘clunkity’ – you can’t say that in 10 seconds, 110 times.”

    Awesome scientific analysis there, Sofia. Thanks for that.

    And here’s what your adoring public think of you:



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  2. Ella and Sofia are making the usual disgusting accusations about Ricky, the school etc., as well as naming new schools. And they’re presenting them as statements of fact, without so much as an ‘allegedly’. There really is no word for people like this. Just make sure you all buy shares in the Acme Rotten Throwable Fruit Co.™ the day before Ella and her slimy boyfriend are dragged into court, as I’m planning on spending a fortune.

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  3. I know I’ll sound daft but you’ve mentioned a few things I wasn’t hitherto aware of, EC. I didn’t know about the incident at the supervised contact meeting or about the Ella v Mama pagga! Thanks for enlightening me, Your Howlness 🙂

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    • “[The Queen] owns the entire countries of Canada and Australia…” Erm…no, she doesn’t. Someone needs to explain to this dimwit about the bleedin’ Commonwealth countries. It’s too late at night, and I don’t think I can do it without yelling at him.

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      • And she & the Rockefellers are taking his floorboards. Sigh.

        These nutters are really upset that advertisers have suddenly realised they don’t want their products associated with creeps. They are so in touch that they haven’t yet noticed that advocate groups have successfully convinced 100s of well heeled advertisers to flee hate outlets like Fox News & the Daily Mail.
        They could always set up their own Youtube style outlet.

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  4. As Jake Blake pointed out, Abe & Ella seem to be rather pre-occupied with sodomy. In fact, it’s bordering on pathological obsession. EC has suggested there may be an element of self-projection and worryingly, I think he may be right.

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  5. Great Write Up El Coyote, bring to light some interesting concerns about Ella’s priorities, or lack of.
    It is so very sad for the two children to be trapped in a foreign country with a man they barealy know, who is a criminal, child abuser and psychopathic drug user, who then introduces all these sexual and sadistic nightmare themes to the children whilst torturing them.
    My heart bleeds for those two, and only the strength and resiliance of youth got them through it all.

    Looking to a mother to protect them, when she has already neglected them in the past, hungry, cold, fed a terrible diet, drugged and abused. Anyone who stands up for Ella or Abe is an absolute vile scumbag who supports child abuse.

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    • Thanks, Barchon. I’ve often thought how strong and resilient those children must be, to cope with an experience like that. Their mother isn’t interested in protecting them, she’s interested in scoring points against their father. The utter rage on her face and in her voice when she talks about him is the dead giveaway.

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  6. Shouter’s saying his neighbours have had a protection order served on him and that the cops are trying to get a psych eval carried out on him.

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    • What a Moaning Minnie he is.
      He seems outraged a neighbour should be in fear because he made a video asking for someone (plenty of nutters think they are God) to kill the neighbour’s child. Lock him away for everyone’s sake.

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      • His poor neighbour, the man has been in tears thanks to this lunatic who “beat the shit out of and molested” (Shurters own words) his sisters 3 yr old child. He has ruined that family’s life as they will never feel safe with their child living next to that paedo creep.

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    • If I were his neighbours I would be terrified for the welfare of my children, and that of the other kids in the neighbourhood. He really needs help, and it seems he won’t accept it willingly. Very sad.

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      • According to his latest video he thinks he can’t sleep because he is being microwaved. What is most worrying is the number of people out there who are prepared to reinforce his paranoid delusions. I’m afraid something will give very soon and it won’t be pretty.

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        • It reminds me of that video on Gangstalking/Targeted Individuals, they reinforce each others beliefs through online communities, feeding each others delusions.

          “Dr. Ralph Hoffman, a psychiatry professor at Yale who studies delusions, said a growing number of his research subjects have told him of visiting mind-control sites, and finding in them confirmation of their own experiences.

          “The views of these belief systems are like a shark that has to be constantly fed,” Dr. Hoffman said. “If you don’t feed the delusion, sooner or later it will die out or diminish on its own accord. The key thing is that it needs to be repetitively reinforced.”

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  7. “Sodomy is an integral part of British society, British culture”.

    You couldn’t make it up. Oh wait….she did!

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  8. Ella: “I’m educating myself….some positive parenting courses.” (Wasn’t she directed to do that by Social Services?)

    Sofia: “He was looking to breed with a particular kind of woman and you fit the bill.”
    Ella: “Looks like it.”
    Sofia: “And he managed somehow to get you pregnant. I’m not quite sure how and you may not be sure but this is what happened…”

    Is Sofia a bit dim?

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    • She accidentely got pregnant three times lmao.
      Silly twat. Now Her face is the best contraception known to man, apart from Abe who is a sodomist so never needs to look at her face.
      Prison for all Hoaxers, no mercy 2017, The Year of the public stocks, bring a bag of rotten compost.

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      • From Peter Jackson’s “Meet the Feebles”:

        You must think it very odd of me
        But I enjoy the act of sodomy
        You might call the wrath of God on me
        But if you tried it then you might agree
        That you enjoy the act of sodomy
        Don’t worry if you feel ashamed
        It’s been around for years
        Thousands more than can be named
        Are interested in rears
        Don’t worry about hell
        No harm will come to your soul
        We’re not all Pentecostal
        But everybody’s got an asshole

        Let me tell ya ’bout sodomy
        You must think it very odd of me
        But I enjoy the act of sodomy
        You might call the wrath of God on me
        But if you tried it then you might agree
        That you enjoy the act of sodomy
        It might just improve your sex
        It’s a hard act to follow
        The fact that fundamentalists
        Find difficult to swallow
        So join me as I sing
        Of an activity that’s fun
        Open up your ring
        And try it front to bum
        Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bu m-bum


  9. Sofia: “And he managed somehow to get you pregnant. I’m not quite sure how and you may not be sure but this is what happened…”

    You see Sofa, when a mummy conartist and a daddy conartist both love themselves very much, then nine months later you give birth to a horrible abortion of a scam….

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  10. One tiny mercy in this royal mess is that Abe and Ella have not spawned anything from their THC soaked loins.In such eventuality no doubt Angie would step up to the plate to adopt if of course the price was right.

    Blessings duly counted..

    On random temper tantrums,even grown up star ship commanders throw their toys out of the pram from time to time.Even Ella should know that.

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  11. Excellent post on Ella’s latest interview, EC. Unfortunately, I commented on it on yesterday’s post after listening to it and have no more to add on it! 😀

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  12. Ella’s email has “88” in it and “SS” is a known SH hoaxer and holocaust denier.


  13. I can’t bring myself to listen to ZomiElla, I don’t think I have ever listened to her speak for more than a few minutes, those text to speech programs display more emotion.
    she can’t even speak English yet, and that Spanish accent lol.

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  14. I am a former neighbour of Mrs Draper’s, I well remember when that new boyfriend moved in with her. I used to worry about those children, they always seemed hungry and unhappy. I want to tell you about something which happened very late one night that I found very odd. It was a rainy night, just streaming down, I think it was perhaps June 2014……..I heard screaming coming up from the shared garden, where Mrs Draper kept a trampoline which the children sometimes used, but what I heard was an unearthly sound really, and I was quite concerned. I got out of bed and saw Mrs Draper and her new friend, both stark naked and dripping wet, jumping on the trampoline and shrieking like banshees!!!! I was relieved I can tell you, but I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, those two jumping around and screaming in the rain. To be honest I thought they were off their rockers! I went to speak to her the next day and she tried to tell me I was seeing things, that she never would have done that, but I know what I saw. I talked to another neighbour about it, and she said she’d seen the little ones from time time time, shut out of the house and weeping on the front step. I don’t think much of Mrs Draper as a mother, I can tell you that much.

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    • Abe and Ella sound like a couple of mentally unstable heavy cannabis users. They live in a delusional world detached from reality, which for Abe is full of Satanic cults, child sacrifice, baby eating and sodomy.
      All delusions caused by long term drug use. Neither one of them could be trusted to look after a hamster and I doubt either of them will ever clean up their act and return to the real world, they are both far too gone.

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    • I strongly suspect that what you witnessed were to out of control sex-obsessed stoners completely off their faces of weed. That’s the measure of all the people behind and backing this hoax, there seems to be not a one of them that could be considered within the range of “normal” or “reasonable”.

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        • And I think the BBC let themselves down a bit by referring to her as an expert witness. I rather suspect that if this had been a written account rather than a radio broadcast, said description would have been encased in inverted commas.

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          • What I remember most vividly about Sabine’s interview for this show was that she was livid about it. She felt that she’d been tricked into sounding like a loony (no, Sabine, you do that quite naturally, no tricks needed), and made a very big thing of “withdrawing her implicit consent” for the show to use clips of her interview. Of course, once one has done an interview with a journalist, there’s really no way to put the genie back into the bottle, and so the show went ahead; but Sabine was vewy, vewy angwy about it all. 🙂

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