BREAKING: Abe & Ella’s Generosity account closed

Many thanks to the readers who alerted us to this story: the Generosity account set up to receive donations for Abraham Christie and Ella Draper has been closed by Generosity:

The account, which was intended to separate gullible hoax believers from their money, had accrued more than US$3,000 at the time of closure, thanks to the video interview Ella gave yesterday. The video and funding sites appear to be part of a concerted attempt to re-invigorate the Hampstead SRA hoax, by linking it to the American Pizzagate hoax.

We are pleased to see that all our efforts to have the account reviewed have resulted in this closure, which we hope will prove permanent.

As for Generosity: better late than never?


While it appears from the message on Abe and Ella’s former Generosity site as though the page has only been temporarily closed, we have received information that donors have begun to have their donations refunded by Generosity:

For those with smaller screens, the first comment by “matute11” states, “My Contribution from yesterday to Indigogo has been refunded. I suspect immediately fowl (sic) play. Has anyone else got their money back without asking for it?” (Indiegogo is the parent company to the Generosity site.)

While this does not absolutely confirm that Abe and Ella’s page is gone for good, it does seem to point in that direction.

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    • Damm this having to sleep
      I also just got an update from the generosity happyness team about it
      (Does a little happy dance)

      Took them a while, but a good result in the end!

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  1. LOL! I was logging on to tell everyone this news! I clicked the link under Debs Madmoodyeah’s video and discovered this. 😀

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  2. Caution EC. It’s “Under Review” not closed, but here’s hoping. Glad all the info and links we sent them were not ignored.

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        • Excellent. Money being refunded is effectively saying their fundraising page is closed.

          I see matute11 in that screenshot thinks chickens are somehow involved.. interesting. 😀

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    • Well if “under review” remotely means they are genuinely going to have a look at the facts surrounding these 2 child abusing,fugitives they are clearly never going to risk their platform to be used to fund such flagrant criminality.To do otherwise would be tantamount to business suicide.

      Hopefully this signals a race to the top as such platforms compete to weed out the clear abuse of these services.

      Just hoping I dont wake up in a minute 🙂 Gratitude for the update EC,pouring a wee drinkette to mark these results.

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  3. Awesome result, guys! Two in a row! What you gonna do for the hat trick? Please say it’s get Angie nicked. Bwahahahahaha! XD XD XD

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      • You hit the nail on the head, EC. It must be a very stressful existence for the APD’s of the online world, they seem to have such difficulties making friends with normal people. Their limitations are mirrored and concentrated within their friends and groups. There are no gems to be found in these dirty nappies. Ever. Except, of course if you count the priceless laughs they generate by the level of their stupidity.

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  4. Another one reports contribution returned:

    “mkmason20021 hour ago
    Sean this morning I received an email from Indiegogo, “Your contribution has been refunded
    Dear mkmason2002,
    Free ‘The Hampstead 2’ – Free Alisa and Gabriel has refunded your contribution… Refunds will be issued based on the payment method used to make the contribution. It may take three to five business days to appear on your statement for US credit cards, or seven to ten business days for international credit cards.
    Do you know what’s up with that?”

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  5. “Tork Girl and Bea Bea are answering each other’s comments. They must be paid shills working for Satan.”

    Ha! I knew it! 😀

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      • Oh for crying out loud.

        Who are the people that I’ve seen on tv then?

        I think he needs to make an appointment with his GP and get referred to a Mental Health clinic or similar.

        He seems to have completely lost it.

        Love that dance of him doing the Hucklebuck though!

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      • “And as I have already told you in previous articles, Part 1 of “Book Ends” is an exposé detailing how every major news event – murder, kidnap, rape etc – from the 1950’s to present day all connect to each other, which has been an enormous, extremely complicated and frustrating task to document and which I am pleased to say is now nearing completion.”

        Yes spivy, there is one thing that connects them all- they all actually happened, unlike your rambling join the dots crap…
        `every major news event’

        the world according to spivy

        `EXTRA EXTRA read all about it- Nothing happened anywhere for the last 67 years’

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        • Seems everything is connected except the synapses in Spivsters idiot head.I suspect he is currently trying to get to grips with this breaking shocker.


          • There is something of the androgynous about Debs as the latest snap of her shows. It’s nice to see she has finally discovered LSD but could it be more sinister?
            Was she trying to lure us into an MKUltra experiment with her endless swirling kaleidoscope images and her (his?) seductive hypnotic voice?.
            I note her neighbor has learned to avoid Deb’s trickery as she leaned over the back fence and shouted …
            ” Oi, you Mrs ‘Obbs, up there in white fluffy cloud over bakery. Spinning Orb given out golden beam..” but sensible Mrs Hobbs calmly turned away and went back to planting her petunias. As I shall do.

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    • 11:33 – “And that’s why i take my time to make these videos. I’m not asking you for money. I’m not asking you for likes and subscriptions. I’m not asking for anything – I’m just asking people to bloody well listen to me. Please give me some respect and some understanding and some attention, because it isn’t me. It isn’t for me – it’s for the Light Being, the Golden Light. The true gold is golden intelligence, the Golden Rod.”


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    • Top marks to Debbie for her stirling efforts in catering for a minority group of needy souls who are fixated on looking down a childs kaleidoscope and having their auditory system subject to seriously pointless bollox.

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    • Ah yes, I remember this well. An excellent broadcast on the Hampstead case. The hoaxers hated it and even Angie, at the time, made a video about it.

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      • At 19:20 ( Angie says:

        ‘I will put up police reports with his (RD’s) history of domestic violence, non molestation orders, recommendations by the police that his wife take charges against him, his connection to child pornography distribution….I suggest he is a modern day saville, a pimp…’.

        These did indeed appear on the HR blog, showing that Angie was publishing – and conspiring to publish – some of the harassment committed against RD with her planned and executed posts on Charlotte Ward’s HR blog.

        This is evidence of the plotting and subsequent online harassment of RD by Angie Power Disney by publishing court documents online ….which is evidence of her contempt of court by flagrantly disregarding the gagging order.
        PS there are penal notices and mandatory injunctions connected to the gagging order. (What does that mean in practice?)

        Looks like Angie is going to have a lot of explaining to do to wriggle out of this one, when she has provided such clear evidence that she is the one that put up certain articles and documents online and was conspiring to do so with Charlotte Ward, as the put online admissions of her intent to harass, and carrying out acts that would be emotionally and psychologically distressing and even showing evidence of conspiracy by working with CW on the HR blog, who’s raison de etre of carrying out the act of publishing material that was in clear breach of the


        This court order prohibits not only Ella and Sabine, but any other person or body from publishing or disseminating any information about RD, his two children, the court proceedings which were ongoing at that time, any information which might lead to the identification of RD, and any information about employees or representatives of the local authority.
        It also blocked any attempts to harass RD, or to subject him to “unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles and information upon any internet or social networking website accusing him of unlawful activity”.

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    • Let’s not give that arsehole Yannis (‘Family Justice’) the views. Plus he’s only put up 17 minutes of it anyway. The whole thing is up on my channel:

      Then a month later, Radio 4 did another good one:

      Hope this helps 🙂

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    • Comment on Part 1 video : Angela Power Disney and Heather Brown on Sheva.

      1. I work closely with Sheva and EC, they are different people.

      2. There is no money behind Hoaxtead blog, it is a free platform.

      3. WordPress .com platforms work in the same way, and admins talk to each other, so if one blocks someone, the other might as well.

      4. The pressure is on El Coyote, Hoaxtead could be busted which would bring down the UK Government according to Angie. Who would have thought a little blog could be so internationally important.

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      • My goodness, our little blog could bring down the government? I had no idea! It’s nice that Angie thinks we’re that important, but I think this is more about her bizarre delusions than anything in the real world.

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      • I have absolutely no idea why Heather thinks Sheva runs HR. LOL! I was looking forward to hearing her evidence of that claim. Is it just because Sheva blocked Heather from her site on the same evening as HR did?

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        • Most likely. IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING. Also according to Heather I live in Ireland because I talked about Angie “coming back” as opposed to “going back”. THAT’S A CLUE.

          I will stop abusing my caps lock key now, I promise. 🙂

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          • …and because Angie uses google Ireland (probably an old bookmark or default set page), that must mean she is now in Ireland or never left lol.

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          • I always knew you had a little Rebel in you as Angie brands the ‘Irish’, as long as it’s not Jockney Rebel of course.

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        • Angie seems to be blaming Sheva for the anonymous letters that were sent.

          If Heather was to ask to see the stamps up close she’d realise that they’re Irish stamps. This was clear on a previous video that Angie made.

          Someone IN IRELAND has it in for Angie.

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          • Yeah.. and that stapled on Hoaxtead heading, where someone has simply printed off a page of this blog, cut out the top banner and attached it to a letter, is not proof of anyone here sending the letters.
            Anyone could have done that to make it look like one of us was responsible.

            Also, how APD and Heather don’t understand that when they are emailed replies to comments they have made on videos, the video thumbnail appears appears in the message. It’s not the sender who sends a random pic of the children. They really are as dumb as they look, aren’t they?

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      • “There is no money behind Hoaxtead blog, it is a free platform.”

        Yeah, nice try, sonny – come on, cough up. Let’s just call it a round hundred and I won’t tell everyone about you and those nuns.

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    • WTF? Heather’s just revealed that she’s a McKenzie friend. That’s very disturbing. I pity the unsuspecting, vulnerable people who end up getting legal “representation” from that psychotic harpy 😦

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    • What Heather says about copyright is utter bollocks. Each publishing company has a different arrangement with YouTube. Some will allow you to use their material unhindered, some will monetise it (so ads will appear at the bottom of your video), some will allow it in some countries but not others. Then there are a handful that won’t allow you to use their material and this is picked up on the moment your video is uploaded and it is INSTANTLY blocked. Did that happen in the case of MKD’s Chubby Brown video, Heifer Er…no. So fuck off and stop lying, you ignorant freak.

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    • I hope Sheva reports the violent threat you make at 16:27 to the police, Heifer.

      Oh and Angela, on a scale of one to ten, how much credibility to you think you lost by saying straight after this that it’s us who makes death threats? As you know, we don’t, and that’s why you’ve never once been able to produce one single screenshot or link to back that up, despite the dozens upon dozens of times that we’ve asked.

      And don’t even get me started on the bare-faced hypocrisy of you making such a bellend comment straight after your mate made yet another threat to an innocent person.

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  6. They both think that when the video icon comes up on a comment reply that logo is the users avatar, like in part 2 where they go on about the children not being allowed to be shown. That is the fault of the video uploader who used that image of the Pentagram/whatever and the children, not the fault of the commentor.
    So looks like Angie should be reporting the videos she watches and supports.

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  7. They can’t even agree on there own bullshit.
    HB thinks that because Sheeva and Hoaxtead blocked her email address soon after each other that they are run by the same person (Incorrect), Angie classes that as IP evidence somehow (incorrect)
    Angie thinks the blog is run by multiple people and CIA backed (Incorrect), HB thought it was run by teenagers now thinks it’s the elderly (incorrect both times), Angie says Sheeva types differently (Correct), where as HB think SS and EC both type the same and are Sheeva (incorrect).
    Angie says we have evidence (defective detective KSC?) that JV is linked to this blog (Incorrect) and is JH/SV, where as HB thinks JV and SV/JH are completely different people (correct).
    HB thinks Sheva is responsible for the chubby Brown picture (incorrect), and that she is also responsible for the video by MKD (incorrect).

    Angie thinks RD is behind everything (incorrect), and HB thinks RD isn’t behind the blog (correct).

    Correct me if i’m wrong on any of this nonsence.

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    • If they keep on churning out random permutations about “this and that” for long enough,the law of probabilities dictates they will eventually get something at least partially accurate.This of course requires they have not punched each others lights ought metaphorically or otherwise in the meantime.

      Ejits squared.

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    • Just to clarify some points for these (already taken by the way and i’m sure this site wouldn’t be too please you using their name in your video titles:
      so ‘Wicked Wild Women Exposing Emptiness’ or whatever, between your combined forces of stupidity have actually hit on some real information.

      For clarity purposes:

      The Blog was started by SS in response the the false accusations against the innocent people of Hampstead.
      EC took over the blog and now runs the editorials, but SS still posts and has had a hand or still may somewhat as to the content, I don’t know.
      The blog is no way connected to RD, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, CIA, FBI, Satanic Cults, Freemasonary, Illuminati, Government, etc and has no financial backing just ran, and supported by well meaning decent people who stand up for the innocent peoples lives being ruined and are against any kind of hoax involving false allegations of SRA and CSA.

      This blog or it’s contributors do not do death threats but do receive many threats themselves for standing up to the insane and incorrect allegations made on and offline.

      SV/JH is not JV and neither are connected to this blog other than SV/JH contributes educational posts here.

      Sheeva has her own blog and is supported by many people on here and contributes experience and excellent posts, she does not have any involvement in admin or editorial/ownership of this blog.
      She is not MKD on youtube, or any other poster on here, and is not responsible for anyone else’s posts but her own.

      This is a free wordpress blog and run entirely by volunteers and contributors, and no funding or money has ever been asked for unlike some people online with their Jehovah’s witness type begging, pay 10-15% of your income, or become a regular donator types on youtube and gofundme.

      Don’t bring up other peoples children, their past abuse, post images of RD’s Children and name and talk about being in contact with groups hunting them down, their whereabouts, false allegations about other people, then cry and moan when people mention your own past or family issues.

      Be respectful and you will have respect, be a scammer, a liar, a thief, who ruins innocent peoples lives with false claims, continues to put peoples families and childrens safety in jeopardy, and then claim YOU are the one that is being victimised.

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    • “What sort of teachers drive a Porsche?”

      Yeah, good question. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a Porsche. I’m very happy with my Ferrari, thank you very much.

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    • So this is the musings of someone who is watching the children being interviewed and they’re taking a break from watching and will get back with further musings? I wonder what they’ll think when the children retract the allegations and say Abe beat them and coached them?

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      • The person has so obviously only just heard of this case through feckin’ Pizzagate as they say this;

        “Sorry, but… the child had no attorney, she was at a police station until at least 1am, she was below the age of responsibility and thus could not be questioned under caution. As serious as the matter is, I’m not even sure that it would be legal for this interview to be released by the police because it involves a minor. So why was it released anyway?”

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      • Probably discredit it as interference by police, government etc.
        The person also seems to think this is happening right now or very recently, as if as soon as they viewed the video the interview is going on. “to think that they’re keeping her there til 1am”, “i’m not even there going through this nonsence”.

        Past not present tense love.

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  9. LOL, Angie’s spewing that discredited crap about the Hoaxtead Research letter to Ireland again. Pffft. Silly bitch.

    And what this crap about HR and Sheva must be the same person because they’ve both banned Heather? I’m sure there are dozens of people out there who’ve blocked that psycho! And that’s her “logic” for concluding that Sheva runs HR? Because they both blocked her? And she’s happy to scream that in public? Wow. That’s a whole new level of stupid right there.

    And what’s this bollocks about Sheva being a heroin addict? These two idiots are so desperate!

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  10. Oh Christ, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’ve just got to the bit where Angie claims that the Hampstead residents have come out against this blog. No they fucking have not – they are extremely supportive of it!

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    • Heather’s blatantly making up things we’re supposed to have said too. When did any of us say, “How dare you say we’re old. We’re not fucking old.” As the hoaxers themselves are always keen to point out, if she has to lie about us, it shows that we’re right and that she’s scared of us exposing her 🙂

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    • Probably her mising up people who went to the police and said they have nothing to hide, and the fruitcakes that visited Hampstead or live somewhere in London to claim that they were willing to have an investigation again.
      Even if for some strange reason the police said, “alright, enough is enough, we will have a full investigation and all you pricks can follow us along at every step and point out luminol testing, secret tunnels, investigate DHL shipping of hundreds of babies a month, check every school and business in the area etc” They still would say the police, goobermint, politicians, CIA, GCHQ etc, withheld the findings and it’s all a MSM cover up.

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  11. Yes, I think someone once tried to get one over on us by pretending to be a Hampstead resident, but wasn’t it just a drunk, Snedders? It matched her ip, if I remember correctly.

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  12. Well spotted, Barchon. You’re right that near the end of the second part of the Heather interview they start ranting about the video icons that come up in Angie’s inbox and attribute them to the commenters. Wow! That’s a whole new level of stupid right there. They’ve essentially shot themselves in the foot too, as they’ve inadvertantly raged about their own allies and the videos they themselves support! LOL

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    • Yeah, I think others spotted that as well. For my own sanity thanks to your previous recommendations I watched it at x2 speed. Heather was quick also to jump on a mention of tourettes that was not insulting to people who suffer from tourettes at all. Very hypocritical people, mentioning Sheva’s personal life and child, but hates the slightest mention of her own adult son.
      Disgusting really. I just hope Sheva is okay and not affected by any of these foul allegations.
      Nice to know Heather threatens JW’s with her ficticious dogs just on sight, then calls others dogs.

      I agree with Heather that any images of the children or their names should be removed from any online platform, so if her and Angela are true to their words, they will both be campaigning for the removal of any mention or images from those videos.

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  13. From time to time Heather does have some contact with reality: Right at the end of pt 3 video, she says she does not think RD is involved online, and that she believes he does not run this blog. Then she lets something mysterious slip:That she was asked what she knew about the case by Barnet social services. How and why did this conversation take place?

    Before Angie can shut her up, Heather reveals a piece of good news to us all: She has been told that the children are fine. Instead of joy and relief, she might as well have replied: ‘No, say it ain’t so!!!!’ She is defiant, does not want to hear this, and tries to justify herself (in the most stupid way, since she IS stupid): ‘I spent two years on this case!’ (and that is obviously more important than the truth to Angie). ‘No, I trust this person’ insists Heather when challenged about her source.

    Hilarious that Heather did not share this piece of info with Angie before, I blame it on APD’s narcissism, not letting Heather get two words in edgeways on camera, so off air it’s probably event it’s probably even worse. I hate the way APD dismissively waves her away.

    How dare Heather have a mind of her own and reveal information that disputes the fantasy of locked up children who are in pain. APD and co have consistently complained about the fact that they do not get any news about the children, fearmongering, suggesting they could even be dead or suffering. You would think they would all be happy to hear confirmation that all is well with them. But it seems APD would rather hear horror stories that feed into the fantasies that entertain her, deep down.

    It will be interesting to see what APD does with this disclosure from Heather. How will she try to manipulate her to resolve this, will she dismiss Heather’s story, call her a liar, a fantasist? I forgot, APD has no shame, so she may just bypass any further reference to the news.

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  14. What hags! Unbelievable. Hysterical how APD moves on from Heather’s SCATteredfacts so “ham-handedly”! Where next? A jail cell is my best guess! 😛 Screw you Scamgela!


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