A Christmas pressie from YouTube

…Aaaaaaand we’re back! All right, we’ll be honest: our original plan was to slack off for the entire week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, but then a juicy bit of news fell out of the sky, and next thing you know there we were, pounding away at the keyboard again.

What news? you ask.

Following a month-long campaign by several of our team members, the YouTube channel belonging to Aaron Dover the psychopathic flat-urfer is gone. Not just suspended, but 100% kaput.

As expected, Aaron is having his usual hissy fit…on Vimeo, where he’s still allowed to post, for now at least. (Apparently Vimeo has also shut down his account there in the past, which does speak well for them.)


According to Aaron’s Vimeo, his channel was the “most controversial” on YouTube…but now he can’t even log into YouTube. “I think they’ve just killed my channel”, he whines. “I built that channel over 18 months…some of my videos have had a quarter of a million views apiece…so it’ll be noticed by a very large number of people”.


Sure, we noticed…but that’s because we were making daily treks over to YouTube to report his channel for child abuse and pandering to paedophiles. But will the Great YouTube-Watching Public at Large even know Aaron’s gone off the air?

Doubt it.

We fully expect that Aaron will try to deluge us with histrionic death threats once this post goes live, but we’re used to that—his messages go straight to spam, and every now and then we read them for a chuckle right before we consign them to the great void that lies beyond the spam filter.

So. What’ve you all been up to over the holiday?

El Coyote had been been running controlled experiments involving exactly how much brandy is the optimal amount to pour over a plum pudding for maximum ignition capability…but he’s feeling quite relaxed and refreshed at this point, and ready for the New Year and all it’ll bring.

¡Que viva la huelga! Onward and upward! En avant! And so on.

We have a feeling that 2017 will be a banner year for Hoaxtead Research, and we’re excited to get started.on-to-victory-1




60 thoughts on “A Christmas pressie from YouTube

  1. I was just thinking about you….how the pen is mightier than the sword, EC…glad you are back. I have been coming and checking and missing you.

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  2. Good news!

    I hope this means that YouTube might eventually get around to deleting some of the other channels that currently contain illegal or harassing videos.

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    • I hope so too. We’ve found it useful to report under the “child abuse” category; we point out to them that the videos contain children describing intimate details of sexual abuse, prompted by questions from an older man who seems very interested in the lurid details. We mention that this material is of great interest to paedophiles. This seems to get their attention. 🙂

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  3. Posted to Aaron’s Vimeo post (but not yet approved):

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suck on that, dickhead. Epic result!

    And nope – you are by no stretch of the imagination ‘awesome’. The truth is your channel has been removed because you’re a tosser. And when I say tosser, that’s an insult to tossers.

    I’m proud to say that I’m one of the many people who have been reporting our videos and channel over the last few months. And if you have a problem with that, feel free to come back to the UK and discuss it with us. Oh wait – you’d never have the balls, because issuing lame, pathetic, desperate death threats from your hideout in Thailand is way easier than making them to people’s faces or actually carrying them out, isn’t it, you fucking pussy! You’re seen as a joke by people on every side, you goggle-eyed freak.

    Anyhoo, you can’t come back, because you’re wanted by the police for threatening and harassing your ex-wife and daughter (both of whom had the good sense to kick your pus-ridden arse out of Dodge). Wow, what a man – form an orderly queue, ladies! LMFAO!

    Apart from which, you wouldn’t have time to kill us anyway, because you’re way too busy shagging ladyboys and trying to work out if Battersea Power Station has a roof!

    PS: while I’m here, I’d like to say a big hello to all the wonderful people at Hoaxtead Research who helped to get Aaron’s illegal channel removed and for generally being a pain in his arse for the last 22 months. Oh and a big shout going out to all my wonderful Jewish friends :)”

    Too soon?

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  4. Excellent work all who helped !!

    I say one New Year’s resolution should be to work as a team in taking down these vile FB & YT posts and it seems the times are right for us.
    Despite my occasional hissy fits I will not give up getting justice for those who are falsely accused and defamed by the hoax mob, the hideous Sandy Hook monsters and so on.
    Once a vile post is identified and we alerted to it on here let’s all keep at the social media complaints sections until they are removed.
    We are doing them a favour as well.

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    • Hear hear, Sam!

      If we could start with Angie’s travesty of a Farcebook page, that’d be great. I’m currently reporting every single post she puts up, under whichever category is the ‘best fit’. My thinking is that because she’s had two recent suspensions, she can’t be too far off a permanent ban. A fully deserved one too, in light of her deplorable and wildly defamatory hate campaigns against the McCanns, Cliff Richard, Sylvia Smith, Ricky Dearman or whoever she feels like slagging off on any given day.

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      • Yeah, it’s her sisters’ turn to get the Angie treatment today, it seems. I think her victims are on a rota.

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        • Isn’t Anne Marie the one she reckons has stolen Angie’s inheritance from the father.

          The old man isn’t even dead, how sick is that, what a f…..g bitch.

          She claims he sexually abused her I think.

          Would a normal person want to inherit anything from their abuser?

          Seems very contradictory to me.


      • Also the Angie Power-Disney one needs to go.

        She also has a few groups, can’t remember their names off hand, Mind Control blah blah is one I think.

        I suppose they go if the fb accounts ago.

        Trouble is she’ll make other fb accounts, probably under Angela/Angie Power and Angela/Angie Disney, maybe use her middle name as well.

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    • Yes, absolutely. Given all that we anticipate in the new year, one of our major contributions can be to assist in having false material taken down.


  5. Perhaps the focus of this site for 2017 should be reporting YT vidoes.

    If links were posted with a ready made copy and paste bit of text I’d certainly flag anything requiring attention as I do it anyway.

    A more consistent approach to reporting might get a better response from Google.

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  6. “…orchestrated celebrity sacrifice deaths…”

    Yawn. Predictable as ever, Angie.

    Any chance we could see the evidence of those claims, Ange? Oh wait – sorry, I forgot about your aversion to the word ‘evidence’. Soz.

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    • In the spirit of seasonal good will I hope all Angela’s dreams come true starting with the one about being raptured 😇.

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      • With Rupert likely to be behind bars in the new year, she may find herself out of luck on that front.


      • She claimed The Rapture was in September so she was obviously never given a boarding pass.

        She won’t be raptured but her lies are already being ruptured.

        I hope she has a few fantasy tales concocted for Fleet St tabloid writers who are now sniffing around Rupert’s case as an obvious dramatic twist in the phony Hampstead Satanic case: with a US national who traveled to London because of it and found himself on charges.
        Especially as that US National may be depicted as an associate of Alex Jones (remember he won some competition?) and Jones is already a subject for the mainstream media.

        Defense evidence the accused may give is sure to contain the fact a certain Irish Satan agitator convinced him the hoax was real.

        I can assure you 2 journos I know of ( Mirror & Mail) regularly scan these pages in anticipation of a juicy court case and they were alerted as main stream reporters often are by the reports in the local newspaper, Ham & High.


    • Angela you trying to say your notes are evidence.


      Just made up rubbishy notes.

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      • Real investigative journalists publish their evidence & facts, not their conclusions and expect a reader to take it on faith they have that evidence.

        It’s one of the first rules taught in journalism classes teach. That’s the classes Power-Disney never attended.

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    • “Young (phony) Journalist of The Year” has now discovered politicians pass draconian laws and have since time immemorial. Even while on holiday ? (they are all over the world).. and celebrity deaths are part of the Silly Season were every possible angle is squeezed to pad out the pages.

      More proof this has-been false hackette’s only involvement with newspapers was when she bought fish’n’chips.


  7. Damn, I must have dozed off again – I missed the part where Melani provides proof of claim for her extremely serious allegations. Silly me.


  8. Maybe she’s been arrested and in custody OR is on a long flight to Australia to meet up with Arfur and that Aussie Sheila with the black sheet?


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