Neelu Watch: No news means…what, exactly?

We’ve heard nothing at all from Neelu Berry since Tuesday, 1 September.

Regular Neelu-watchers will know that this is highly unusual: it’s rare for a day to pass without her posting at least a couple of completely indecipherable Facebook rants, like this one: Neelu-bail return-2015-09-01

(Note: Neelu may not currently look exactly as she appears in the above photo. I know this will come as a disappointment to some.)

But it’s been nearly 48 hours since Neelu’s vaunted bail to return date with the cops at Holborn Police Station, in relation to harassment, bail breaches, and witness intimidation by posting witness statements and names online. Yet nary a word has she posted. The last time this happened, she’d been arrested alongside “Sheriff” Sands, and thrown in the hoosegow for a few hours, where the authorities attempted to “torture” her with microwaved food.

As soon as we hear what has happened this time (if anything), we’ll post it here.

Stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: No news means…what, exactly?

  1. First rule when charged is to keep an absolute low profile until you appear in court. That applies to everyone for any charge as your solicitor will try to reinforce in your mind.

    Asking a crew to turn up & protest when you sign on for bail at the Cop Shop is such a big no no and could mean those that do could face arrest.
    This poor lady really doesn’t know what she is doing but those ghastly “supporters” who encourage her are total scum and most certainly not her friends.

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  2. She has allowed her bail conditions to be posted on the net yet the conditions of that bail are that she do such thing nor name any police officer involved.
    So a serious breach of bail conditions and when Neelu turns up to Holborn on the 19th she may not got bail again.
    At least she may get the help she clearly needs. As for the others…..

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  3. I am sure her family…her mother in particular would be delighted if the police kept her in for assessment. She needs help. And I concur. .shame on Belinda. .sands. ..and Sabine for exploiting this clearly acutely disturbed woman.

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