Update: Neelu’s bail return date changed

Thanks to alert reader Liza Radley for bringing us this update: according to Neelu’s latest video, her bail return date has been moved forward to 22 December.

Neelu posted this today on her Facebook page:


On the attached YouTube video at 06:05, she says:

…And it was meant to be my bail return date. I was meant to be going to Colindale police station. I got an email yesterday at 2pm from DC Steve Martin to say that he’d not received enough information to take the case forward…er…which means that there is…I mean, they haven’t brought any charges against me.

He tried to interview me to…hoping that I would incriminate myself but I told him…He said, you know, said, ‘Why have you published this picture of this baby?’ And I said, ‘It’s my niece, you know, and I’m still trying to get justice…’

At 26:28 she says:

My bail return date is now 22nd of December 2016 at 4pm at Colindale police station with DC Steve Martins [sic] still as the officer in the case. It’s changed from Betsy Davey.

So it looks as though 22 December is going to be a very busy day at Colindale police station: Neelu, Rupert, Lee Cant, and John Duane are all due to appear there that day.

And Lee Cant is at 2pm on the same day and [sic] the same place and same officer.

Erm…so Lee’s equipment, laptops, he’s requested his laptops back, ’cause he’s an accountant and he has sensitive information on some of the accounts that he’s supposed to be filing with the, you know, tax people, Inland Revenue, and he’s been prevented from doing his work, so he’s requested that he…that the laptop that he does not use on the internet is returned to him, which hasn’t been honoured.

Wait: Lee Cant is an accountant? Like, a real accountant? Who deals with sensitive financial information on behalf of actual clients?

We’ll just pause to let you digest that information.

Erm…I still have damaged laptops returned. I still don’t have the SD card. I thought I had the SD card from the recordings outside the church but I don’t. Erm…so there’s [sic] some cameras and SD cards and laptops missing from the equipment that they returned to me.

And I understand that Sabine has also not received back her equipment from the police yet, as there are ongoing issues about police [sic] continuing to dishonour us, damaging our equipment, computer equipment, damaging our…our recordings and…er…totally…er…er…acting above the law and acting criminally to pervert the course of justice in the crimes that we’re alleging that they committed or that they covered up, or that they failed to investigate.

So…erm…I just think we gotta keep going and…and not give up and be positive and get the remedies for everybody on the same day.

So there you have it. Neelu expects a free round of “remedies” for all on 22 December. Heads up, coppers, you’ve been warned!

And as Liza put it:

Aww, diddums. Is having your computer equipment seized for posting illegal stuff on the internet a little bit inconvenient? How sad. And there was me thinking it was all tailored to suit the needs of the alleged perpetrators. *Rolls eyes*


Neelu with crystal on forehead

54 thoughts on “Update: Neelu’s bail return date changed

  1. A lot of trial dates set for December, looks like it might be a Christmas special. The sacked bell ringers of York Minster should go down to Hampstead and ring a peel for joy that day!


  2. Leading brain scientists have been working around the clock monitoring Neelus head for traces of rational thought.Amidst speculation,a media statement released to awaiting journalists earlier today revealed “We are now in a position to positively confirm that there is absolutely bugger all happening at all really”.

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  3. She’s really unhappy about comments left on her GoFuckMe page, lol.

    And she’s just recited her full postal addresses for Oldcastle and Lanzarote…and London! Seriously, who knew she had a property in London? 3 properties – I can see why she needs to keep begging for money!

    PS: no, Spellchecker, I do mean ‘Oldcastle’ and ‘Lanzarote’, not ‘Sandcastle’ and ‘Carotene’, but thank you so much for those awesome suggestions.

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  4. I’m watching but I’ve had enough.

    Her BS about Bowie when she backtracked saying she had interviewed him, then changed it until that was a later date has done my head in.

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  5. Well she wants an Accountant now!

    Doesn’t seem to be on the ball though, not realising Lee Cant is one…


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  6. Sorry Spiny, phone calls and planet Earth stuff interfering but will Strap myself to the table and imbibe the inevitable venom laced spew ejecting from little Miss Creant in a wee while.

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  7. I’ve posted your Lee Cant question, FA. Good spot, by the way.

    I’ve also asked her whether she’s ever been to Coventry. There is a reason I’m asking. I’ll keep you posted…

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  8. I’ve just caught Angie in another blatant lie. She’s claiming she doesn’t know who her anonymous donations are from on her GoFuckMe page. That’s not true, as the name on the credit card is always viewable by the fundraiser. I know this because I looked into the possibility of donating one penny to Rupert’s campaign if he pledged to shut the fuck up. And because it says so here:


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  9. I am so glad CCN broadcasts in HD, you can really appreciate the blurred picture of Angie’s forehead in all its glory.

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  10. She’s doing some desperate shoveling over the Kenya project again.

    And she’s claiming that we launched a smear campaign against David Chesoli!

    Soooo fucking desperate!


  11. And now SHE’s laying into David Chesoli and demanding an apology! 😮

    Seriously, are there no depths to which this crabby old tart won’t stoop?


  12. And what’s all this crap about fake accounts (e.g. Karen Johnson) being “proved to be linked to Ricky Dearman”? Proved how, Angela, you lying old witch?

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  13. The bullshitting cow is also claiming that WE promised to donate £300 a month to the orphanage if Chesolui severed links with Angela and that we have now reneged on the offer! The nasty lying desperate low-life bitch!!! 😮

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  14. “No more of this ‘Oh yeah, I read it – it must be true’. No more of this senseless gossip. If something matters to you, do some research.”

    ~ Angela (at the end of her ‘show’)

    Wow. No hypocrisy there, then 😮


  15. She’s said that so many times now, including at least three times in this episode. I’d love to see this mythical proof. There was even a bit on tonight’s show where she listed about six of us and said that we’ve been proven to be Ricky Dearman!

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  16. Or “the Simon Wiesenthal Institute”, as she wrongly calls it. Great research as always. I mean, why bother checking basic facts about a widely respected and revered organisation before publicly accusing it of murder?

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  17. I presume that Angies rants about the Kenya project is a silly attempt to generate an illusion of innocence – shame the Guardia do not believe her.

    Go on Angie talk about them and the fact that you wait to see if you are going to be charged with fraud. They have been provided with lots of evidence that does not give a good impression of you.Was all that wrong? Will a jury believe you or cold hard facts?

    Hard facts show more than the rantings of a stoned old dragon queen (that’s you Angie – just in case you are too stoned to understand)

    Angie – If you are confident of your innocence, publish the date you fly back home. Lots of people would love to know, it makes arranging a party for you so much easier. Go on Angie, jelly cake and icecream all ready for you (it washes pop corn down really well)

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  18. I think this is a highly significant event and could mean the beginning of a crackdown on scammers who are using GoFundMe to con the public for so-called ‘charity’ fundraising.

    While anyone has the right to ask anyone else for money it must be done honestly. GoFundMe has been terrific for quickly getting financial help to those who need it: someone beset by a financially crippling illness, a family who lose a member in sudden circumstances and who find themselves without a breadwinner : even someone who says straight out they just can’t afford a good holiday and need help.

    I’ve contributed to a few myself but GoFundMe and others like it could find themselves in serious legal hot water if they allow themselves to be used by a con-merchant : let’s say someone posing as a “child protection campaigner / whistleblower” who is simply supplementing their social security to take holidays on a Spanish island.
    Or an American who illegally travels to the UK and lies that he is a tourist and has sufficient funds but is actually begging others to fund them to work on a film.

    The Law Of Consequences hasn’t even begun to kick In with the internet yet and entities like GoFundMe could find their directors in court if aiding a scam merchant. We should at all times contact these internet entities if we are suspicious and keep records.

    “Fund that says it is trying to raise £1.5m to prosecute the parents of Madeleine McCann is investigated for being a ‘scam’ ”


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  19. Decades ago I worked on locations for a WW2 TV mini-series which was filmed in the UK but needed locations that looked like Germany, Poland and so on. I and another spent days going through material at the London rep of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.
    Much of what we see in films and documentaries is the same stuff but amazingly there is tons of film footage and records, photographs etc seized by the US & UK & kept by centres like this as historical records which is too horrific to publish.
    While I fervently disagree with many of Israel’s policies I fully understand wht Jews are so well organized in ensuring the atrocities are never forgotten. Anti-Semitics are fighting a losing battle if they think that’s going to change with their conspiracy claptrap.

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  20. This from the dame who says Hilary Clinton’s charity trust CEO has fled to the Russian Embassy for asylum while he’s still accompanying her on the campaign trail,
    Taken from a right-wing looney tune website.

    Yes research is her strong point. Not.

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  21. Something along the lines of ‘Callate 20, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote’ but I’ll have to hear it back again when they upload it. And ‘callate’ means ‘shut up’, so I’ve probably misheard that.

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  22. Hi all. I’ve taken the liberty of making screenshots of your brilliant comments about tonight’s show and sent them to Angela. I know she values feedback 😀

    I’ve also sent Neelu a link to this excellent article.

    Keep up the great work, guys 🙂

    By the way, thank you to ‘Fairly Sane’ for this awesome profile pic. Hope you don’t mind me using it.

    PS: you ain’t seen me, right.

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  23. You and I are definitely on the same page there, Sam. I loathe anti-Semitism with a passion, and continue to defend Israel’s right to exist. At the same time I fervently disagree with many of Israel’s policies and choices as a nation.

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