The Walter Mitty world of conspiritainment

It’s been two weeks since Edgar Maddison Welch, armed with an assault rifle and a handgun, commandeered a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. in a fruitless hunt for evidence of a “child sex slave ring”. On 16 December, Mr Welch pleaded “not guilty” to a federal count of interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition, as well as two D.C. offences: assault with a dangerous weapon and possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

Should he be found guilty, the young father of two girls will face stiff penalties: the federal firearms and D.C. assault charges each carry a statutory maximum of 10 years in prison, while the D.C. firearms count carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Mr Welch’s alleged actions and subsequent arrest have provoked an internet-wide discussion of the dangers of fake news and conspiracy theories, as he appears to have been inspired by online discussion about the false “Pizzagate” story.

In an interview with the New York Timesreported on CBS News, Mr Welch stated, “I just wanted to do some good and went about it the wrong way.”

Welch, 28, told the newspaper he started driving to Washington from his Salisbury, North Carolina, home intending only to give the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant a “closer look.” But while on the way, he said he felt his “heart breaking over the thought of innocent people suffering.”

Welch would not say why he brought an AR-15 into the pizza shop and fired it, the newspaper reported.

Asked what he thought when he found there were no children in the restaurant, Welch said: “The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent.” But he would not completely dismiss the online claims while talking to the newspaper, conceding only that there were no children “inside that dwelling.”

Paved with good intentions…

In some ways, Mr Welch reminds us of many of the rank-and-file Hoaxteaders, such as Guidance 2222. Shortly after Hoaxtead began to be promoted within the online conspiracy community, Guidance 2222 became convinced that children in a church and school in Hampstead were being routinely sexually abused, forced to murder infants, and made to take part in cannibalism as part of a “death cult”.

His response was to investigate: rather than weaponry, he broke out his trusty smartphone and went walkabout near Christ Church. In a now-infamous video, he terrified a mother and her young child, demanding to know whether they were members of the alleged paedophile ring.

We don’t know much about Guidance 2222’s early motivations, but in his most recent video he confessed

I don’t know what the answer is. I tried my best. But what can you do? When it’s the mum and the boyfriend’s case…it’s up to them now, they wanna deal with it. They’re calling it mind control now, that’s their big thing—they got their t-shirts, their mugs, their nutritional seminars. I told them I don’t agree with it, and I still don’t agree with it. There’s nothing more I can do.

Guidance 2222 and Mr Welch both profess to still believe in their respective hoaxes, but both have expressed doubts about the information they’ve been fed by online conspiritainment purveyors. The “intel wasn’t 100%”. Those in charge might have had ulterior motives.

You think?

Hoax promoters and true believers

In the many months that we’ve been reporting on Hoaxtead, we’ve noted that there are two main types of Hoaxteaders: the promoters, who are in it for money, ego, or both; and the foot-soldiers, who tend to be all-purpose conspiracy consumers.

One of our commenters described some of the promoters as creating “hard-core conspiritainment porn” for consumption by people like Mr Welch and Guidance 2222: people who for whatever reason might be drawn into their enticing and heady fantasy land, where any unknown nobody is able to become not just a keyboard warrior, but a “self-investigator” of imaginary cults and “child sex slave rings”.

These and others like them are the Walter Mittys of the internet: bored and inconsequential in real life, they feel a desperate need to embark on heroic quests…failing to realise that in attempting to become real-life heroes, they are allowing themselves to be drawn, sheep-like, into an engineered fantasy world.

And that in doing so, they are ultimately doing the very opposite of what they first intended: rather than becoming heroic saviours, they are now victimising and terrorising the innocent.


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    • Thank heavens for the strict gun laws that we have in the UK. I dread to think what could have happened in Hampstead without these laws. We did have one hoaxer if i remember correctly who said they were trying to buy themselves “a black market piece”.

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  1. “These and others like them are the Walter Mittys of the internet: bored and inconsequential in real life, they feel a desperate need to embark on heroic quests…failing to realise that in attempting to become real-life heroes, they are allowing themselves to be drawn, sheep-like, into an engineered fantasy world”.

    Beauty! A perfect description.

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  2. LOL!

    Watch out, Angela – I am on a reporting rampage on your page. Your days on Facebook are numbered, biatch!

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        • Well, according to my investigations, Angela was Zsa Zsa’s third cousin twice removed (Zsa Zsa would have had her removed a third time but Angie threatened to have Rupert kick down her door if she didn’t let her in).

          The latest theory down at the station is that Angie had poor old Zsa Zsa bumped off to stop her taking control of Rainbow Farm and stealing all the horses.

          She then attempted to cover it all up by replacing Zsa Zsa’s cadaver with an actress from an agency that specialises in dead 99-year-olds (Zsa Zsa herself once applied but she kept corpsing in the audition). But you can tell it isn’t Zsa Zsa because the nose is all wrong. This infallible method of detection is known as the Pinocchio technique and was pioneered by my colleague Detective Inspector Chaudhari down at Ilford nick.

          This is big, people. Watch this space…

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          • Did Zsa Zsa fool the entire world? Was she really a bloke?
            Angela Power Disney the investigative journalist, university lecturer and former Chancellor of Warwick University (Brixton campus) should look into Gabor’s mysterious and sudden death and shed some light on who bumped off Zsa Zsa at such a young age of 99 when Zsa Zsa had so much ahead of her (sadly only one leg though).

            She can start with poor Zsa Zsa’s hubby Frederic Prinz von Anhalt who is obviously highly suspect as can be seen from this snap when he was discovered in an LA street handcuffed to the steering wheel of his car after an alleged assignation with a couple of Peurto Rican lads went wrong. Why would Freddie be meeting with these ruffian type lads in a quiet side street?

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  3. WTF? All the insufferable bullshite Angie’s shouted over the years and this is what she has a conscious about…?!

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  4. Guidance 2222 should seriously sit down and take account of all the people involved in this hoax and count how many have mental health problems. He should read up on conditions like Narcissistic Personality Disorder and schizophrenia and then have a good look at some of the people who’ve been promoting this hoax. And he should do some research about con artists in general – how they operate and how they make money. The fact that something is “all over the internet”, as he says in his Hampstead walk-about video, is proof of nothing.

    I’m incredibly glad that he has seen through Abe and Ella. I’m hoping he can eventually see that he was led up the garden path by a bunch of people who are either mad, have an agenda or are just gullible (like him.) One common factor with them all – they wouldn’t know how to do research or detective work if their lives depended on it. In fact, Guidance proved he was one of the latter when he made his silly walk-about video.

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    • I’m afraid you have a lot more faith in 2222 than I do, though you should be commended for that. Sadly, I think he is one of the mentally ill people to which you allude, rather than someone sucked in by them.

      The way he shouted baby-eating allegations at that poor woman and her child – who, lest we forget, were completely random people about whom he knew nothing – was despicable and not the behaviour of a sane, rational man (and no one told him to do it).

      Ditto when he suddenly decided that everyone he’d supported up to then, including Charlotte, Belinda, Sabine and Igor, were MI5 agents out to spread disinformation.

      And sorry, I still can’t forget the way he accosted Mr. Dearman in the court building, then told the World that it was the other way round.

      I also resent the lies he spread specifically about me, though I don’t want to make it personal.

      I genuinely admire your optimism, Fnord, and hope you can forgive me my lack of it!

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      • You may well be right Spiny. I really have no idea. However, I am surrounded by conspiraloons in real life and know they’re not all mad, but are capable of doing what Guidance 2222 did. About a year ago I went on a protest where people known to me (and rational in most areas of their lives) were aggresively shouting ‘SCUM’ etc at the police and calling for public hangings of politicians. Not the way I like to make my point so I left and have since distanced myself from certain people. It’s only a short step from protesting like this to being verbally aggressive to someone in the street if you’re feeling wound up because you really believe that a whole neigbhourhood are abusing children and eating babies.
        The common denomintaor with the people I know is regular use of cannabis – apparently it helps you ‘join the dots’. Excuse me while I LMAO.
        Recently one of my local conspiraloons went on a health kick and stopped smoking dope and had a rest from the internet. Within three months all the conspiraloon stuff had been dropped and this person is now working and acting like a mensch. Goes to show that reform is possible.

        I’m sorry, I didn’t know he’d spread lies about you. Not nice!

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        • Thanks, Fnord. Yeah, cannabis does seem to be a running theme through these people’s lives. Other than that, the only other thing that seems to unite this disparate bunch of infighting freaks is their hatred of Jews. Sad times.

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          • Cannabis and failure is their personal scent. Like my own dear “neighbour” Araya Soma. When I passed her in the street the other day she was buttonholing some random hippy saying that “Sharia law has nothing to do with muslims, it was invented by the Jews”. This is a person who has a crappy job (few hours a week in a second-hand clothes shop), when she bothers to turn up to do it. Takes shed loads of cannabis, drinks her own pee and menstruation (and worse). And spends nearly all her time on the internet being a racist nutter, in a silo of nutters and failures. She’s 50 years old, hasn’t got a pot to piss in, but deludes herself that she’s a big time “paedo-hunter” and guardian of children.
            Cannabis + mental health issues/personality disorders = conspiraloon.

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      • I’m sorry to hear about this particular headcase lying about you Spiny.

        They will go to amazing lengths to try and ‘discredit’ anyone who picks apart their fantasy world and in particular anyone who points out the common thread of ‘mental illness’ (being polite about it), drug abuse and palpable failure that defines their own lives. – Anna Racoon wrote of how they were harassing her family for instance. And love her or hate her; they’ve put out some complete and utter cobblers about her. – She was (still is I hope) obviously playing ‘Gassenhauer’ on their raw nerves!

        What’s the old saying? Never argue with an idiot! – They’ll try to drag you down to their level then try to beat you with experience.

        One other point I’d make is that very often they will create lies about those who are exposing them as a distraction. – As if this will cause you to stop ‘drilling’ or deflect others from seeing the truth of them. Take the bait and it will! Another thing I’ve been made aware of is if they can’t get at the person who is exposing them for what they are, they’ll start harassing their family… Particularly the female members and youngsters. Often very childishly.

        All of which exposes the fact you’re dealing with the lowest of the low – nutters.

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        • Oh, the lies were nothing major but thank you both. No, I merely throw that out to help illustrate my contention that 2222 is deeply dodgy. The verbal assault on that innocent lady in front of her frightened child remains his worst moment in my eyes, though.

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      • I think that many of the people who got sucked into Hampstead, and who are now 100% certain that Pizzagate is real, are susceptible to these stories because of underlying mental issues of one sort or another. I don’t think what 2222 did was excusable—any of it—but I think that in his own mind he felt justified, just as Mr Welch did. What I find saddest about all of this is that so many people are convinced that they are on the side of virtue and goodness, when it’s clear that they’re being manipulated by the hoax promoters for their own gain.


  5. I wish to nominate Arthur Kaoutal for this prestigious award:

    However, Arfur should be aware that he has some stiff competition for this week’s trophy:


    • Good spot, JW.

      Hoping this is a good spot too:

      “Rupert held in UK”

      “Created March 28, 2016”

      Seems the motive for the appeal has been altered since Rupert’s September arrest, so whoever donated during the first six months has contributed to something completely different to what they were initially led to believe they were contributing to. I’d say that’s unethical. Whether it’s illegal I’ll leave to the experts among you…

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      • To speculate on the outcome of Court proceedings would be very wrong. To draw attention to what Rupert and / or his team have published (without addition or subtraction) is simply reporting facts.

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  6. Incredible to think that he drove to the restaurant with the rifle without checking the intel is 100% correct. Did he really expect to walk in and find children locked up and hidden away.
    Luckily it is far more difficult to get hold of a gun in the UK or people like Guidance could very well harm innocent people while at the same time destroying their own lives. I can only imagine what it would feel like to be sitting in jail knowing you have been duped by some conspiracy videos, with a sentence reaching double figures still to serve.

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    • he also fired shots…could have been a disaster with children and families there. A pox on the scumbags who promote these insane falsehoods (yes you Angie and Company).

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  7. @ Pallas Athena – There’s another conspiraloon I know of, who works in a second-hand shop.
    I’m just going to call him mr. horse-shit (if anyone knows whom I mean – shhh!! Do Not Name The Nutter).
    This man and his older brother inherited a sizeable UK family fortune. mr horse-shit gave his portion away, to pursue mystical truths in the streets of 3rd world nations unfettered by material concerns. No doubt, ‘mind-expansion’ by brain cell decimation played some role in this. Since then, mr horse-shit has been NOT earning a living by selling self-published pyschobabble bs books, most of which he has since personally disavowed the contents of. Big brother died not too long ago, and left mr horse-shit not one drop of the remaining family funds. AWWWW!! But, he’s not bitter about this. No, not at all. He’s perfectly happy in his little second-hand shop.


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      • @Spiny – true. I’m a laborer, and quite content to be one. I’ve also been a bookseller. Guess which one paid better? 🙂
        I was an ideological minimalist for decades, but the truth is that lifestyle is very impractical. It’s all very well to enjoy living an Amish Paradise, but accumulation of capital is necessary for things like saving the lives of small children with cancer…modern medical miracles don’t grow on bushes.

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      • Absolutely right Spiny. I’ve done it myself, and really enjoyed it. Second-hand book trade in London, when I was a student. Learned a lot, met loads of interesting people. Nowt wrong with it at all, unless you’re simultaneously claiming to be a top paedo-hunter, expert on everything and international warrior for cannabis….blah, blah, blah. It’s the disjunct between fantasy and reality that bothers me.

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      • @ PA & Karnevil – sorry. The point of that story is just…mr horse-shit is an SRA and pizzagate pusher who generates a thick fog of psychobabble for his “positions” on these matters, but really he’s just insanely JEALOUS of the rich and powerful – because he could have been one, but pissed his chance away following drug-induced fantasies about becoming a “spiritual master” to millions.

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  8. Hi. I’m collecting for sufferers of dog-ate-my-homework syndrome. Just look at this poor wretch, for instance:

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  9. This was posted at at time when, according to Angie, her mother was recovering from leukaemia. What a charmer:

    Incidentally, also according to Angela, her mother had a heart attack (which also led to a fracture and subsequent infection) not long after this, though I wouldn’t wish to speculate as to whether the stress she was put her under by her own daughter badmouthing her all over the internet was a contributory factor.

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  10. #BAM

    I was convinced she’d claimed to have had a degree in journalism and now I’ve finally found the evidence! These days, of course, she’s “a graduate of English, French and American Literature & Theatre” but back then it was “English, Journalism and Design”. As Spiny would say, “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!”

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    • ‘English, journalism and design graduate’? …No you’re not Angie. Pack of lies. You’ve never been to university and barely have a school education. No, being a regular brass at the Student’s Union doesn’t count. If you actually understood what you just said you’d never have said it.

      Back in the day sure you failed an NC course at the local tech… And you certainly got nowhere near sitting multiple degrees at what would be different faculties.

      While we’re about it. You smoke like one of Fred Dibnah’s old chimneys; and you didn’t have ten Euro for your own kid’s yearbook? Gimmie a break! And BTW – wee Taterhead is known in your local area for being as thick as a brick and a stoner. – It’s a long long journey from village Dunce to Teacher.

      Do you actually think there aren’t people out here in the real world that don’t know people that know you Angie? Why don’t you tell us all the real reason for fleeing abroad? And why the Gards took your car?

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      • I’ll add this to my list of proofs that Angie doesn’t have a degree and was never at Warwick Uni. They now include:

        1. Not being able to make up her mind about what she majored in (see above).

        2. Not knowing what city Warwick Uni is in (it’s not in Warwick, as she has frequently stated).

        3. Claiming to have been Warwick Uni’s “playwright in residence” when there is not and never has been such a position.

        4. Just listening to her or reading her rants is evidence enough that she’s never had a day’s tuition in her adult life. Seriously, she doesn’t have a fecking clue and she’d be laughed out of any lecture theatre or seminar room that I’ve ever been in.

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      • If Angela won’t tell us could you tell us why she’s fled to Lanzarote and the Garda took her car?

        Sounds interesting.


        • She has previously said that she was going to move to Lanzarote because it doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Ireland. (I think she thought Lanzarote was a country when she said that, lol. Oh and Spain does have an extradition treaty with Ireland. D’oh!)

          Where did you hear about her car being confiscated?

          Meanwhile, I think the fact that she’s frantically deleted all her Rupert videos is very telling. (It won’t help her, though, as between us all we have several copies floating around, hehe.)

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  11. I suspect she meant ‘ashamed and conflicted’. In much the same way that the yearbook related to her boys’ or possibly boy’s school. And she probably meant to use three dots in all her ellipsis. – Much as I hate grammar Nazis, I wouldn’t expect such a fine, educated, graduate in the English language to be making such mistakes. In fact I wouldn’t expect someone who made it through the basic level Secretarial Studies course she never completed to make mistakes like that…

    But what would I know? I’m just a passing Diddacoy…

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      • Nope… Definitely a Diddacoy… My Great-Granny told me just exactly that, and she’d scold you for using an ‘i’ as it’s not how it’s pronounced by Irish Romani you see. Descended from survivors of the Armada I’m told. – Bear in mind it’s transliterated from another language and particular dialect.

        As for the Ellipses… Plural. I stand corrected. But then I’m not even English let alone a graduate in the subject. Nor do I lay claim to being a wordsmith of any measure.

        Would you like some lucky white Heather for that coat of yourn? Clothes pegs? Tea leaves? 😉

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          • Oddly enough, there was a chap somewhere who did quite a bit of research into the Romani language…


            …Warwick of all places! He has many other entries. I must say I was impressed and heartened by the depth of research and breadth of knowledge that seems to float freely in the air there. And if you dig around the various blogs you’ll find that’s just one small example. Quite the powerhouse of knowledge. Must be an inspiring place for a student of any language or literature.

            One might reasonably wonder then how an individual might emerge from there, graduating in so many subjects and at such dizzy levels; yet still have all the literary style of a Corporation Clippie!

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    • Crikey. I’m quaking. It’s back to Perth for me. Sydney is far too racey ( pricey !) for me with characters like Arfur I’m afraid to venture out into the streets.
      And I’m always so nice to people.

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      • Actually he could do me serious damage by blowing cigar smoke in my face. Makes me physically ill. Let alone rant & rave me to death.

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        • Kudos, Sam – you have a real way of getting to these buggers. I recall that you were flavour of the month on Krisite Sue’s page for a while and then David Shouter developed a bit of an obsession with you. Nerves have been touched, methinks 😀

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    • I know who all the others are in this newspaper snap from a Cult Cocktail Party ( was it Bohemian Grove?) but who is this character as I don’t recognise him / her in that clever disguise?. Is that the Walter Mitty we hear so much about? Investigative Journalist and Style Expert Angela Power-Disney on assignment for In Dublin ? (renowned for being late with her copy- by several decades).

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    • Loony Judy again, I see.
      People take this stuff too lightly, though. Everyone involved in this “article”, including whomever created the cartoon, should be prosecuted on criminal (not civil) libel – and if the laws don’t allow for that then they need to be changed.
      I’m so sick of reading/hearing: “the one thing we can’t do is use government intervention…”
      WRONG. The one thing you MUST DO, is use government intervention. Idiots.

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      • The law (politicians) has been caught out by the internet age. Criminal libel laws would solve this. Some countries still have such a law and the damage done by lies now is incalculable but real. France even has a law that protects your reputation after you die.

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    • I saw that and a few things crossed my mind.

      Firstly, how can they compare an inanimate object to a human being? Of course a plate doesn’t fix itself when you apologise to it but last I checked, an abuse victim is a sentient being with opposable thumbs, the power of rational thought and the ability to feel emotion (and yes, even to forgive).

      The other thing that crossed my mind is that ‘SATANIC PANIC SIMPLIFIED FOR TROOFERS’ would make a very apt alternative title. (Not that a troofer would ever apologise to any of the communities they’ve ‘smashed to pieces’, of course.)

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      • Yes! For example, there’s been research showing that many factors can improve resilience from childhood trauma; in fact, about one-third of children seem to be “naturally” resilient, in the sense of recovering with almost no ongoing symptoms of mental distress. This isn’t to say that child sexual abuse is okay—far from it! However, claiming that a child who has been abused is now “broken” and cannot be mended is terribly damaging, and only adds to the problem.


  12. What the hell is this all about and why has she re-uploaded the fake pic of herself pretending to attend the London child abuse rally?

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