Kane Slater tries to foment ‘Canadian Comet Ping Pong’ fears

In early December 2016, police in Washington, DC, were called to a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong, the target of the #Pizzagate fake news story, where a gunman armed with an assault rifle was apprehended.

According to the New York Times,

The man, Edgar Maddison Welch, drove on Dec. 4 from his hometown, Salisbury, N.C., to the Comet Ping Pong restaurant with three guns. He was investigating unfounded but widespread online reports of children held there in a child abuse scheme led by Hillary Clinton, a theory known as “Pizzagate.” But Mr. Welch, who pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges in March, rescued no children. Rather, he frightened employees and patrons, who panicked and ran.

Mr. Welch surrendered after the episode and almost immediately apologized, saying he had made an “incredibly ill-advised decision” to try to save endangered children who were never there. “The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent,” Mr. Welch, who goes by his middle name, Maddison, said in an interview with The New York Times after his arrest.

Mr Welch, who fired his gun inside the restaurant in an attempt to discover the elusive “secret rooms” where the allegedly trafficked children were hidden, was sentenced to four years in prison last June. And it’s a bloody miracle that no one was killed or injured during the incident.

The Kane Slater connection

Two days ago, writing on his “Cannabis Cures Cretins” Facebook page, Kane Slater posted something titled “Cosmic Adventures, Sweet Jesus”, subtitled “Article #71* in a series about the #GlobalSatanicConspiracy”. The article, which appears to be based on a blog post by someone called “Heavy Truth”, targets an Ottawa-based Canadian children’s indoor playground called “Cosmic Adventures”:

The gist of the thing is that this children’s entertainment centre, which happens to feature a restaurant which serves kid-friendly foods such as hot dogs and pizza, is somehow linked to the imaginary “global Satanic conspiracy”, along the same lines as Comet Ping Pong was alleged to have been. In typical troofer style, Kane manages to twist perfectly innocent and ordinary adverts aimed at parents looking for safe yet fun entertainment for their kids, and turn them into something perverted and disgusting.

Quite aside from what this reveals about the inner workings of what remains of Kane’s addled mind, however, is the fact that demented gibberish like this could encourage another Edgar Maddison Welch to “self investigate” the premises, with potentially tragic consequences.

Granted, we understand that Canada’s gun laws are more restrictive than those in the United States, and there is definitely not as much gun-related violence, but one has only to think of the murders at a mosque in Quebec last year, where six people were killed and eight injured, to realise that what Kane is doing is not just ridiculous, but actively dangerous. The thought of some gullible person picking up a gun and heading out to “investigate” an indoor playground which caters to children up to age 12 is chilling.

We’ll be reporting Kane’s Facebook posts to the company he names, and will be encouraging them to contact their local police. We sincerely hope they will take our advice.

Edgar Maddison Welch

40 thoughts on “Kane Slater tries to foment ‘Canadian Comet Ping Pong’ fears

  1. And cue the obligatory ‘troofer’ photo holding a semiautomatic weapon…..

    I truly despair for parts of the human race….

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  2. “Quite aside from what this reveals about the inner workings of what remains of Kane’s addled mind, however, is the fact that demented gibberish like this could encourage another Edgar Maddison Welch to “self investigate” the premises, with potentially tragic consequences”.

    Yup. I will alert contacts in K-Division and Ottawa Detachment, that Slater is attempting to incite harassment of this business.
    Eat sh*t, Slater.

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  3. Why oh why don’t social media outlets like Facebook pull their fingers out and monitor this dangerous claptrap ?.
    And when will our politicians grow some balls and tackle these tax avoiding giants who thumb their noses at our laws?.

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      Me thinks quite a few lawyers, including facebooks would disagree with that statement Kane me old lad…..

      I broke the link as its the video with G sitting on the bed and have reported it, for all the good it does (I live in hope that one day facebooks ‘community standards’ will actually rise)

      https://www.facebook.com/ kaneslater/videos/ 10154905729336372/?t=15

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  4. Top notch post, EC.

    How depressing that this clown can’t see how dangerous his online shit-stirring is. Even more depressing if he knows but doesn’t care.

    Thank you for letting the companies in question know. I’d suggest reporting it to Facebook too but child endangerment, defamation and death threats are of course allowed on there.

    On the bright side, though, I see the swivel-eyed prick still hasn’t realised that his Hampstead Cover-Up page is also blocked in the UK 😀

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  5. What gets me about these creeps is that there were 2 school shootings prior to the awful tragedy this week but they didn’t receive the same media attention. These vipers simply respond to media coverage, just as they were gorging on pizzas up until Wikileaks promoted the idiot #pizzagate rubbish and these morons simply ask “how high” when told to “jump! “.
    So the one that’s gets the most media air-time becomes the False Flag.
    Slater accuses Donald Trump of “eating babies” so does anyone take him seriously? Well they took the #pizzagate stuff seriously so I reckon the FBI needs to be informed. He should never be allowed to enter the US.

    As for these goats promoting Marijuana as the cure-all for everything which is blatant balderdash- it obviously does help a lot of people and I’m so pleased in Oz that various State governments are now conducting rigorous trials to see whether grass derivatives should be allowed to be used by those suffering various ailments. I’ve spoken to several people in a clinic over the last few weeks who do use it and they swear by it although a couple said it had no effect.

    And this is how should be. I’m taking a variety of drugs ( I worship Big Pharma) for an ailment and I was told several times not to take an anti-inflammatory I use for arthritis. Pain got annoying so I ignored that advice last week with regrettable side affects -something I won’t repeat.

    Kane Slater is an extremely dangerous man. I hope Canadian authorities will respond quickly.
    Hidden Dangers of Marijuana

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  6. I had a horrible hoax promoting blogger spam like on a post on my blog the other day, on finding out out to get rid of it…… I found that WordPress do recommend sending abusive comments to spam, if there are alot, they pick up on nuisance and abusive trolls that way. Just sayin 🙂

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    • Has anyone looked at her gofundmyfags link- its up to 24g!!!
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      I noticed that suspiciously large amounts were donated by her family (OReily????) and a couple of huge amounts???

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    • “And I REALLY need a car having had my sister´s car confiscated by plain clothes suspicious Irish police the day after Hoaxtead posted a video of me on a certain route in rural Ireland…..”

      Inquiring minds want to know what happened?? They dont just up and take a car for no reason, or because they like the colour…

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