In the presence of genius?

Angela Power-Disney is nothing if not imaginative. Her gripping stories of being “hunted” by aliens and/or armed forces personnel at Rudloe Manor in the 1950s when she was not yet 3 years old, for example…or her persistent claims that she co-wrote the play The Genius while a mere student at the University of Warwick—both stand as shining examples of her ability to spin a thrilling yarn.

Here’s Angie likening herself to Homer Simpson…Homer might have discovered the Higgs Boson particle 14 years before CERN did (no he didn’t), but dammit, Angie “(co-wrote) a play at Warwick Uni with Howard Brenton playwright, Tony Howard Uni Prof and another student….morphed into THE GENIUS touring Europe ending Royal Court then morphing again into GOODWILL HUNTING….did you lose my address with royalty cheques???”


This is a claim she’s made more than once. For example, she was saying it back in 2015…

angela-power-disney-the-genius-1-2016-11-29…and repeating it (just in case someone missed the original) a year later, in a letter to the BBC explaining how she’s not homophobic, she just hates gay people:

angela-power-disney-the-genius-2-2016-11-29Oh, and here she is on her LinkedIn page, announcing that not only did she co-write The Genius, but she played the lead role “alongside Ben Gibson, Rose de Wend Fenton and others”:


Oddly, there seems to be no record of Angela having acted onstage in any production linked to Howard Brenton (let alone theatrical luminaries like Ben Gibson or Rose de Wend Fenton). However, we did dig up this note from one of Mr Brenton’s books, in which he spells out exactly who was in that original cast:

the-genius-royal-court-theatre-1983-2016-11-29Angela, he seems to have forgotten you were involved, so we’ve taken the liberty of inserting your name in the correct place. We’re sure Mr Brenton wouldn’t want it any other way.

p.s. It’s “byline”, not “bi line”. You’d think you’d have learned that when you were given that “Young Journalist of the Year” award. Oh, wait….



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  1. Excellent, EC!

    It seems MKD has been looking into Angie’s bullshit too, including her bizarre claims to have written ‘the Genius’/’Good Will Hunting’:

    I’m gonna do some digging on this and get back to you.

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  2. Just emerged from viewing MK`s Devils exhumation of pre Hampsteadian cuntwaffle.Nice for her daughter Gabriella to know she is the product of a quicky with a horny Italian and that her mother was “unfortunately” refused an abortion.All this from “one of the finest minds in decades at Warwick university”.Offstead should get in therre asap!The BS meter is off the scale throughout so nothing new there.

    “cutting edge,my arse”.


    • Woah! Did you say she was refused an abortion? She’s repeatedly claimed that she changed her mind and is now really pleased that she decided to have the baby, as Gabriella turned out to be wonderful blah blah blah. Are you saying that in fact Gabi is here by mere fluke and that if Angie had had her way, she wouldn’t be here at all?


  3. OK, preliminary searches seem to indicate that there is not and never has been such a thing as ‘Playwright in Residence’ at Warwick University.

    They have an ‘International Playwright in Residence’ programme, which started in 2006:

    And they have a ‘Writer in Residence’ programme, which focuses on German literature:

    But no ‘Playwright in Residence’, as far as I can tell. If anyone can find any evidence of this, though, please do let us know.

    Well done for finding that cast list, EC. I’m gonna see if what else I can find out about Howard Brenton and his links with Warwick.

    I’m also curious to know about these protests that Angie claims she instigated, subsequently inspiring the rest of the nation to rise up and ultimately force a change in legislation. Hmmm. I’ll see what I can find out about that.

    By the way, may I just also mention (because I never tire of it) that Angela has repeatedly referred to Warwick University as being in Warwick. It isn’t and never has been. I’m still not convinced she was ever a student there. (Not to mention the fact that she clearly doesn’t have a degree.)

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  4. Various sources confirm the date of EC’s cast list. ‘The Genius’ was indeed a 1983 play. Which is interesting, as Angie claims to have graduated in 1981:



    By 1982, she’d left Warwick Uni well behind and was living on the Costa del Sol whilst simultaneously singing and dancing at the Brixton O2 Academy (which didn’t exist at the time and neither did O2 itself):



    And in amongst all that she managed to pop back to Warwick University (in the wrong city) and co-write and ultimately star in a play?! Stephen Fry eat your heart out!

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      • Howard Brenton is still alive by all accounts.I somehow doubt he would have any interest in issuing a statement about APD`S creative claims.But were he to do so he would end up accused of all manner of henous crimes against humanity and have Neelu phoning him 10 times a day,issuing leins and cursing him with gamma rays from the planet zog and thats on a good day.

        The only play Angie has ever written/produced is the on-going one in her head she releases in installments on CCN called “Cuntwaffle” which is entirely unintelligible verbiage unfit for human consumption.

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    • I was a London squatter in the 70’s and my (vague) memory is that the laws re squatting went tits up in the 80’s making it harder to do. I’ll do a bit of research on this and report back if I find anything.

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  5. NEWSFLASH: the plot of ‘The Genius’ has f*ck-all to do with ‘Good will Hunting’:




    Anyone surprised?

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      • Now who in Angies parallel universe of make believe could she possibly claim that “bright student” was based on?Presumably not the plagiarizing,narcissistic,inept bigot with a fetish for bandwagons that just managed to scrape through her course probably out of sympathy(or an outright admin cock up).

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  6. So there were student protests and sit-ins at Warwick Uni in 1980 (led by Angie) and they were so significant that they inspired a wave of protests across the country and led to Thatcher amending a bill? Interesting, as Angie seems to be the only person who knows about all this.

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  7. Angie’s claims about this university fees bill are utter bollocks. Until Blair’s controversial introduction of tuition fees in the late 90s, students were exempt from paying fees, courtesy of the Education Act:

    “Before the Education Act was introduced in 1962, low fees existed in the United Kingdom- usually making up around a third of a university’s income, the remainder supported by state subsidies and other sources of income. Under the act, university was essentially free from 1962 to 1998.”

    “Free higher education dates from 1962, and was part of the expansion associated with the Robbins report. From the 1960s to the 1980s it coexisted with the funding regime of the University Grants Committee.”

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    • She can’t even surf the internet correctly in her research to cobble together ‘facts’ in order to post lies about herself.

      Remember the : the bottom line for scam artists Angela Power-Disney is that ‘donate’ button. It’s what it’s all about and exposing her lies would only concern her if it affected donations. And when the heat gets too much she resorts to Bible Bashing knowing there are 1000s of ‘religious’ nutters out there who think she is being attacked because she’s exposing Satan and may send her a fiver.

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    • To be fair she does say ‘foreign students’ in one post. Is she talking about The Conservative’s introduction of full tuition fees for international students which came about in 1981? I can only say that there would be a newspaper or student union magazine archive somewhere…..but would anyone want to be bothered!

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  8. So she’s a homophobic plagiarist who can’t even spell when disseminating her lies. Making false claims you wrote or contributed to a play, book, film etc is very serious.
    I know as I have written a book with another person (un-published) that is currently being turned into a film but every single person who has contributed even just one line has occupied us and our lawyers.

    Anyone who can prove they contributed could have a potential claim that can end up costing far more than not including them.

    Angela Power-Disney is a blatant fraud and liar. Our project is taking place under California law which has the strictest laws governing films on the planet due to it’s long history. The contracts you sign are mind-bending because of their length but they are also standard for the industry and there are clauses whereby if you do not disclose any authorship of even perceived authorship you can face severe financial penalties. UK law is similar. To think Good Will Hunting was not produced where every box was ticked is ludicrous and to imply a respected author like Howard Brenton would not acknowledge a co-author is patently bullshit.

    If Power-Disney had any proof she would have a terrific lawsuit on her hands. You only have to look at credits on any film coming out of the USA and they will acknowledge “based on an idea by…” etc. A 1000 lawyers would queue up to take on the case.

    A cuntwaffler for sure but a creepy liar to boot.

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    • Is the gay man she was “platonically married to” the same one she also accused of being the town paedo?

      Howard Brenton was producing a couple of new play every year in the 1970s and 80s. He did collaborate a lot, but usually with established people like David Hare or serious left wing activists – he also seems to have been very good about acknowledging his collaborators.

      As far as I can see, due to data protection rules, we would need Angies written consent to obtain details of her academic record from Warwick University. Not that there would be any record, unless it was a single sheet of paper saying “Worst Student in a decade, doesn’t even know where the University is”.

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  9. Angela “led” the activists but it was her fellow students that were expelled. While Angela was saved because a tutor told lies to the board. What favours was Angela providing to this tutor?
    And why didn’t Angela, the leader, walk out in solidarity with her fellow students when they were expelled? What sort of moral activist is she?

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      • It is my take on Angela’s comment posted by EC above. It starts “I led 500 students into”. Then goes on to say “Many fellow activists were thrown out but a wonderful tutor intervened on my behalf to the vice chancellor and board saying I am the brightest student they had had in a decade”.

        That suggests to me that the others were expelled but Angie was saved by the tutor, and didn’t give a hoot about all the people she led.


    • I sat in a psychic circle just the other day and the person leading the circle picked up Patrick’s vibes. She said ” I have a very verbose recently passed gentleman who is saying ” Talmudic” and “Magna Carta”..he sounds like he may have been a bar-room lawyer”. Naturally I acknowledged Patrick’s spirit and asked him the question that has bothered so many of us..”why was no ambulance summonsed when they found your cold dead body?”
      Well you can imagine the answer I got. It was definitely Patrick.

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  10. Pythons will be putting in a copyright claim if this gets any sillier.There are worrisome parallels with the dead parrot sketch taking place.

    Undertaker:”Look, I know a dead Patrick when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now.

    Neelu:”No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’!”

    Neelu:”There, he moved!”

    Undertaker:”No, he didn’t, that was you hitting the coffin!”

    Neelu:”I never!!”

    Undertaker:”Yes, you did!”

    Neelu:”I didn`t”.

    Undertaker:”This madame is a dead Patrick,brown bread,finito,done for,capute”.

    Neelu:”he is still a little bit alive”

    Undertaker:”No,he is definately no more”

    Neelu:”Well I am not happy with everything”.

    Undertaker:”Listen,we do have another dead Irishman,we could interest you in”.

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