Angie: A new, improved theory

Well, Angela Power-Disney has been absent from the Con-the-Consumer Network since November (can we hear “Amen!”), but she was back Friday night in an interview with Sandy Bergen, the peppy American ex-drug addict who has now apparently switched to inhaling helium.

If you don’t believe us about the helium, check this out:

Anyway. The interview. Where were we?

Oh, right. Angie spent the first half of the video, though it seemed much longer, bitching and moaning about McKenzies Devils and Hoaxtead Research.

A few points

She still seems to think MKD and HR are one and the same, and she can’t make up her alleged mind as to whether HR is run by RD or GCHQ, or possibly both.

“Everywhere I go, these monsters follow me”, she said, noting that “six of my colleagues got arrested, two were sectioned, and two died…er no, one died and one disappeared”. We were responsible for all that? Whoa, we must be much more powerful than we imagined. We’re impressed.

Sadly, we must inform Angie that those arrests had nothing at all to do with us, much as we would enjoy taking responsibility for them. That was all down to the police, who we can assure you have absolutely nothing to do with this blog.

Also, if GCHQ does indeed publish a booklet on how to troll people, they have not yet seen fit to share it with us. Perhaps it’s one of those things you have to send away for with 10 cereal box tops? Must look into that.

As for our ability to cast spells (yes, Angie actually claims we do this)…trust us, if we could do that, we would have shut Hoaxtead down long, long ago.

Oh! Here’s a moderately interesting bit: at 1:41:00 or thereabouts, Angela says that she dated a German diplomat for 25 years! Now that’s what we call a long courtship. And if, as she seems to imply, this relationship began while she was in her late teens, does this mean that it overlapped with her marriage to the gay fellow in Sausalito, or the paedophile, or even to Mr Disney?

Because her two sons are in their early 20s, which means she had them in her mid- to late 30s…but if she started dating Holger Fischter or whatever his name was when she was 18ish, and they were together for 25 years…well, you do the math.

A modest proposal

Of course, the other possibility is one that we’ve been considering, but haven’t dared speak aloud: is it remotely possible that Angela is actually, well, undead?

Think about it—she shows all the signs:

  1. Inability to run: Well, we don’t know this one for sure, but given her wheezing and puffing, we are pretty sure Angie won’t be entering any marathons in the near future.
  2. Signs of physical decomposition: She’s said it herself—she must wear armpit-length gloves to hide the fact that the flesh on her arms has begun to disintegrate. Also: have you ever seen Angie in close-up? We have.
  3. Really bad body odour: Could be why she smokes so much. The stench covers up the smell of rotting flesh. Look, it’s possible.
  4. Constant eye-rolling: Have you ever seen a zombie movie in which the undead don’t roll their eyes? We rest our case.
  5. Inability to speak coherently: Need we elaborate?
  6. Mental deterioration: The undead are noted for their shaky grasp on reality. For example, Angie actually says, “I have people as recently as a few months ago, thinking because of my name ‘Disney’ and because I’m MK Ultra and because I’m working on some heavy duty case, ‘oh you’re leading me to assassination…this is a set up, you’re a honey trap'”.
    Angie, you might be a trap, but the honey ran out long, long ago.
  7. Brains, or lack thereof: Think about it—could this explain her constant need to feed on other people’s thoughts and emotions? She might not have progressed to actually physically eating brains, but she’s definitely a pro at sucking the life out of her victims.

If she truly is undead, this would explain Angie’s amazing capacity to pack several lifetimes worth of experiences into her alleged 59 years on this planet. Eleven marriage proposals? Twenty-five years with a German diplomat?

It all really happened, you see…just over a much longer time-span. We’re estimating 300 years.

Of course, we can’t prove anything, and we’re not saying Angie really is undead, but let’s just say we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for signs in future.


78 thoughts on “Angie: A new, improved theory

  1. What we learnt from this video:

    1. Angie really really really hates that nasty Mr. Disney bloke, to whom she was only married for 5 minutes. In fact, she hates him so much that she’s kept his surname to this day. (She’s even used it to claim she’s related to Walt Disney. Don’t ask me how that works, especially as she was claiming it was d’Isigny for several months.)

    2. Angela used to be chased through the woods by marauding paedophiles…when she was just two years old!

    3. Oh but they weren’t aliens. No no nooo, that was that horrid Miles Johnston making things up…even though it was Angie herself who originally said it (but then back-tracked when we started taking the piss out of her for it).

    4. Janice Bergen has the single most annoying voice in the World (though Cathi Morgan and Deborah Mahmoudieh come a close joint-second).

    5. MKD’s videos cost “a couple of thousand pounds each to make”.

    6. We’re getting paid a fortune by MI5 to annoy Angela. (if anyone sees my pay cheque, please pass it on to me. Thanks.)

    7. Angela “comes from a story-telling tradition”. Yeah, no shit 😀

    See also:

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    • “Under arrest for breaching an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order)”. That means straight to jail without bail. Wonder who got the AVO against him?. It’s not considered a criminal offence unless you breach it so Arfur’s in real trouble there. Why he thinks recording his arrest will somehow benefit him is bizarre.

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      • He always records them, mate. (Did you leave it playing for the next video, which shows another one of his recent brushes with the law?)

        He also regularly records himself committing crimes in the first place and then uploads the evidence, which the cops no doubt appreciate.

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        • What, didn’t you know? These people are above the law! LOL They can do as they please, post videos about their exploits, and the cops can’t touch them.

          Until they do, of course, at which point it’s all about the “powers that be” infringing their personal freedom.


    • Wise words to Arfur : “Pete Williams: Your Methods and energy will determine the treatment you will receive! Sorry to say Brother! you don’t really have to be loud or do anything! Remember most of the Battle is in your Mind! Love from Pete! xxxx”

      Pete got it in one but I feel he didn’t intend to : ” most of the Battle is in your Mind!”

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  2. Well…This Hour claimed that when they asked the Queen mum about her longevity, she replied:
    “I have existed on this planet for thousands of years, feasting on the life-force of foolish mortals like YOU!”

    So, perhaps that explains Angie’s stories?

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    • Have there been any scientific studies that show eating Baby Omelettes and drinking Human Blood Milk Shakes (let alone wearing Baby Leather Slip-ons) extends life? I think we should be told as the Hoax Mob are convinced it does.

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    • Funny how the conspiraloons have changed their theory to suit their agenda. They’ve spent 50 years claiming categorically that McCartney DIED and was replaced by a clone. Now that they’ve found a “look-alike” (whether this guy is 74 years old is questionable, though), it’s suddenly “The real McCartney LEFT the Beatles”. LOL

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    • So the real Paul McCartney chooses to live in a two-up two-down instead of a St John’s Wood mansion?.
      There is one way to prove who is really Paul McCartney as I know a lady who slept with him several times but I’m not saying what it is. Not without a substantial payment.

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  3. Sandy Bergen (Byrnes?) talks about how her three marriages were engineered and how one man got her to take drugs. She spent some time in a mental hospital and believes that while in the Emergency Room she may have been ‘implanted’. I felt a bit sorry for her tbh. She seems sort of vulnerable. She certainly doesn’t need to be mixed up with the conspiraloons who’ll just encourage delusional stuff.
    Angie is just Angie – 25 years with a German diplomat? Oookay.

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    • I think someone else made this point before but it’s weird that there are all these troofers who openly admit to having various mental illnesses that cause delusions and paranoia, yet the second we suggest that their latest conspiracy theories may be down to delusion or paranoia, we’re branded trolls.

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      • Well I’d rather be a sane ‘troll’ than a conspiraloon. It’s awful listening to Sandy talk about how she’s gone from one train wreck to another in her life and then blames it on….well she doesn’t say….but it’s definitely ‘them’ and nothing to do with bad decisions. Angie’s much the same. I’m convinced that most of the conspiraloons are in denial about their mental illnesses and/or bad decision making and so they blame something/someone out there….

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  4. These are the following people who still need to answer for their war upon the children and families of Hampstead:
    1. Angela Power Disney.
    2. Belinda McKenzie.
    3. Kristie Costa.
    4. Abraham Christie.
    5. Ella Draper.

    Belinda McKenzie is a cunning witch who acts through third parties and covers her tracks well. The other four think they are untouchable because they hide or live overseas.

    21 and 22 December is Winter Solstice Judgement day for a number of Satan Hunters, though I have lost count of how many are awaiting decisions on their cases. Personally, the one I am looking forward to seeing decided is Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV up so they say on seven charges. As said before, legal cases require care on public comment in case they are prejudiced and the individual is in contempt of court.

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      • People such as Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry have already, or are in the process of facing legal actions for their part in the hoax. Indeed, there are some who I have not mentioned, probably because they have not made much impact upon me. Others more knowledgeable can add to the list I started.


  5. Here, according to The APA, are the 9 criteria for “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. If an individual has 5 out of the 9 they have a confirmed diagnosis of this illness. Many individuals have “traits” of narcissism but only about 1% of the population has clinical NPD.

    “Summary : A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
    3. Believe that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative
    7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.”

    (from a letter to the White House by mental health experts requesting Donald Trump be examined)

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  6. Mel Ve acting like Apartheid never happened:

    “The persecution of the Afrikaner Boers in South Africa has gone on for well over a century…To all my BOER brothers and sisters out there,…WE WILL RISE AGAIN…All the Boers ever wanted was freedom from the oppressive Globalists. It is time for the world to recognise the plight of the Boers and to unite with them in the pursuit of freedom.”

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  7. All I can say is, HAHAHA! Can’t wait to hear what happens with Rupert and YOU guys need to Stop “targeting” these Wide-eyed Lunatics! Thanks for the Laugh!

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    • “He told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that the principle of free speech did not protect against slander. “Defamation and malicious gossip are not covered under freedom of speech,” Maas said, just days after other top government officials called for legislation to tackle hate speech and fake news on Facebook and other social media platforms.

      “Justice authorities must prosecute that, even on the internet,” he said, noting that offenders could face up to five years in jail. “Anyone who tries to manipulate the political discussion with lies needs to be aware [of the consequences].”

      YES! Yes, yes, yes.

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      • I confess that some of my jubilation, here, is powered by my prior frustration over…attempts to wake people up, that I’ve previously disclosed here.
        You know, I wrote directly to some legislators years ago, and made it explicitly clear that:
        “Some people are deliberately inciting lunatics to KILL YOU! For Gawd’s sake, DEFEND YOURSELVES!” and still they would do nothing.

        And very little has ever been said about the recent assassination of a British politician. Maybe if that story was permanently pegged to the top of every UK newscast: “Politician murdered by lunatic!” – who cares what his alleged political viewpoint was – they might wake up? No, I doubt it.

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        • Yes, I’ve had similar problems, JS. The problem, I think, is that it’s hard for normal, non-troofer types to imagine the depth and extent of this stuff, not to mention how persistent the hoaxers can be. Until you’ve looked at it up close, it seems like it’s only the “lunatic fringe”. Once you’ve been immersed for a while, you see it more as a “conspiritainment industry”, with a wide reach that can propel a lunatic to kill a politician, or a nutter to grab some weaponry and invade a restaurant seeking “clues”.

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          • Alas. You have great insights! 🙂
            Even the popularity of this hit song, way back in 1981, didn’t wake people up:

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  8. @Justin Sanity. Agreed. They really NEED to defend themselves. Enough is Enough. My local Cong. Rep seemed Clueless about Fraudster “Cathy O’Brien” or “Casbolt Types”, hopefully after the “Kalamazoo Uber Taxi Driver” slaughter “triggered by demonic/masonic iphone images” and Comet Pizza, ect., they will clue in..Does anyone have any links to articles about the Brit. at the Trump Rally in Nev. very near Brexit vote who “went for a Deputy’s gun”. Cox was murdered on the same day? Bizarre.

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    • As you may be aware, Russell Brand is the very embodiment of fringe political activism and advocacy. Russell Brand made a video in which he comments on accusations against Leon Brittan and other “establishment figures”, which was given mainstream press exposure here:

      The video by itself was viewable on youtube, dunno if it still is…
      At about 5:00 in, Brand gives a very explicit enunciation of what fringe political elements hope will result from the new Historic Child Abuse inquiry.
      Talking about the Peter Hayman files, Brand says: “If you knew what was in them, you’d be so outraged; you’d overthrow the government, you’d refuse to co-operate, you’d walk out of your job. You’d be so despondent & disgusted, you’d demand an entirely new system”.

      “…you’d overthrow the government [!!]…”

      I’ve collected many, many similarly explicit POLITICAL statements, couched in concern for CSA, over the 2-3 years that I’ve been monitoring the UK situation.

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      • Funny thing is there are plenty of videos claiming Brand is a paedophile too, what goes around….. Im waiting for the exposes about david Icke and Alex jones, that should be fun, the amount of bullshit those fakes promote

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        • Same same Julian Assange and both Brand & Assange have both turned out to be a lot of hot air with little substance.
          While the conspiraloons have been hyperventilating that Assange has been murdered or kidnapped by the CIA (the Ecuador Embassy demonstrated superior diplomacy by removing his internet access in light of the Russian revelations about hacking) he sudden;y popped up on Fox News the other day in an interview with the ghastly Sean Hannity who was full of praise for him.
          It confirms my belief that Assange has gone stir-crazy from his self-imposed incarceration and genuinely seems to believe Donald Trump is going to aid him.
          Brand meanwhile seems to me like some of my ex-alcoholic or drug addict friends who find a new thing to be fanatical about and truth can be casualty as long as they are on fire whereas before they would be propping up a bar rambling on about nothing in particular.

          Both Brand and Assange have been accused of being pedophiles and both seem oblivious to the fact that false accusers can easily turn on them as well as that is the nature of a witch hunt.
          # There has been talk of Icke being involved in some sort of under-aged sting in the US decades ago and being ‘turned’ by security services but in this day & age telling the difference between real & fake news is a task in itself.

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  9. Sabine and Belinda have set up a petition “Association of McKenzie Friends” on as of today and have over 6000 signatures. It’s called “Merry Christmas without children in our globalised world”. I’d share but it’s beyond me unfortunately.


    • Not sure how their other petition has exactly the same amount of supporters. 6153, seems mighty suspicious to me.


  10. APD is disgusting. She showed a pic of her son as a blue-eyed, blonde toddler and described him as “a paedophile’s dream”.
    I enjoyed the ad’ break though, not the usual CCN advertising for a change.

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  11. An actually intelligent discussion on CBS news – (including video):

    “A radio talk show host by the name of Alex Jones can be heard nationwide spreading the manure that fertilizes conspiracy theories all over the Internet…”

    Go Ted Koppel!
    (lots of folks will be too young to remember Ted Koppel confronting Geraldo Rivera back in satanic-panic days: “I know what we are – [gesturing to his colleagues] – we’re journalists. But what are YOU, Geraldo?” – hardy-har-har)

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