Abe’s last sycophantic follower

We’ve been speculating for some time now that Abe and Ella have given up the Hoaxtead fight and gone on to greener—much greener—pastures. We noted a while ago that Abe’s last feeble attempts to whip up excitement amongst his rapidly dwindling group of followers took place last summer and early autumn; since then, he’s contented himself with the occasional petulant outburst on YouTube, very much a pro forma thing.

So we were amused the other day when one of our readers pointed out that Abe had roused himself from his cannabis-induced stupour to comment on one of Kane Slater’s illegal YouTube videos…on the topic of cannabis.

abe-christie-youtube-2016-12-28That’s right. Abe, the child-abusing, cult-obsessed megalomaniac whose sole purpose in life was to destroy RD and everyone in Hampstead who he ever felt had offended him, has posted a rambling, semi-incoherent diatribe on the benefits of “FRESH, RAW CANNABIS JUICE”, which he believes will bring those who consume it eternal life. Or something.

Oh, and he throws a bone in the direction of a bunch of stuff about Babylonian Sodomite Fire Worshipping Death Cults…but really, what does this have to do with helping his girlfriend get her children back?

(Fascinating detail: note that the first URL he posts is a link to a site called “Cannabis International”. The other two blogs are added almost as afterthoughts.)

But even more interesting is the ecstatic response of Abe’s one remaining uncritical follower:

kristie-sue-costa-to-abe-christie-2016-12-29Unappetising as it might be to imagine Kristie Sue Costa in the throes of passion, she appears to be having a Meg Ryan moment here.


We know. Try not to think too hard about it. It’ll pass.

What does this all mean? Our guess is that Abe and Ella have settled nicely into their life in a village in Spain, have given up attempting to “free the Hampstead 2”, and are now indulging in their real shared passion: cannabis.

As for Kristie Sue’s reaction…well, let’s just say she doesn’t get out much and leave it at that, shall we? Ella-Draper-and-Abraham-Christie

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  1. I would advise them both to STAY AWAY from the waccy baccy for a while. The dots they’re joining only make sense on the planet Zog, where we all know….Neelu is Queen.

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    • She is claiming that one of these women had a vlog on which she promoted sensational and nonsensical conspiracy theories whilst scamming the gullible for donations so that she could live in a villa. I’m so glad to know that Mel Ve would condemn that sort of behaviour, and would definitely never provide a platform that would allow someone to behave in such an immoral way. I’m sure someone who accuses others of hypocrisy would never allow herself to risk being accused of hypocrisy herself by profiting from the same sort of scheme. No, I am sure that Mel Ve is a rock of morality, unflinchingly pursuing the most selfless goals with no thought of personal gain, a great intellectual who would never resort to shoddy plagiarism to pad out a book, and a friend to all regardless of creed or colour.


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      • I only found it last night. I may have been commenting on a video I found first. The language in the blog is pure Mel Ve, accusing them of being CIA/knights of malta is classic Mel. Mel was happy for these women to spout their crap when they were doing it through CCN but when they leave she accuses them of being CIA/knights of malta paedophiles which is the worst thing you could say about someone, Mel is a narcissist sociopath and along with Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre are some of the most vile hate filled people I have ever come across. They may have had a head start with their use of YouTube as a propaganda forum but they are being caught and passed as everyone is onto them now.

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  2. The photoes of those two prove that they wernt poisoned by the children for weeks at all. Unless of course the explosive diarrhoea they were supposed to have suffered miraculously cleared up for their photoshoots ? Or was it only verbal diarrhoea ?

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  3. The new London chapter of Satanic Temple will be discussing how they can help against the Hamsptead SRA hoax this week. Satanic Temple also have an international team called the Grey Faction dedicated to fighting SRA. As we move into the 3rd campaigning year against the Hampstead SRA promoters, are there anything that you would like to suggest Satanic Temple can do? If you are aware of their strategies, the Satanic Temple do visible concrete campaigns which usually involves the media in some publicity event.

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    • Just my own thinking here… but I would like to see some action taken to expose the psychiatric malpractice of people like Valerie Sinason and her clinic. They receive public monies to prey on the mentally vulnerable, who feed Sinason’s need for fresh “satanic abuse” victims. A strong light shone in that direction would be very helpful.

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        • Wasn’t she the loony who claimed she had a patient who encountered Jimmy Savile in a Satanic ritual and although he wore a goat mask she recognised him because he said:
          “now then, now then, how’s about that folks !”

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        • It wasn’t upheld, I’m sorry to say. I got official confirmation from UKCP last week. But there are other avenues.

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          • UKIP???? Sorry, this is what happens when simultaneously reading two newspapers online and also trying to type…. I meant UKCP.


          • Hi Pallas Athena. Lucian Greaves asks if the person behind the complaint would like to speak to their Grey Faction (their international branch that deals with SRA.) The Satanic Temple would probably like to assist the complainant against Valerie Sinason.


        • I’ve signed up to your blog sv, the email address is very similar to my username here, so feel free to pm me. I don’t personally know the complainant, unfortunately, but there may be other ways to take action.

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    • You asked! I Think it is odd how artists get targeted. I’m thinking of
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_P-Orridge in relation to the Hampstead case, but there is at least one other who I won’t name.

      PGate, same thing, artists and musicians targeted, gay people, people of non-Christian religions, people who do something a bit out of the norm, build a business with their own bare hands and call it something a bit different.

      Just look at how Code2222 filmed the woman at the school but really, really wanted to know what language was being spoken.

      I have friend who was on duty in the next room to this painting when it was vandalised https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myra_(painting) the staff get rotated so he just missed the attack. I’m not sure I like the painting myself, but I saw Chris Ofili’s work and frankly couldn’t see how people could be so easily offended.

      A relative has also worked for Marilyn Manson in a responsible post, and apparently he’s an incredibly intelligent well read bloke, though should that be a surprise, and a genuine pleasure to work with.

      I see strong undercurrents of attacking people simply for having non-mainstream something, whatever, about them. I think it’s getting worse.

      Oh yeh, and Valerie Sinason.

      Anyway, what do I know in my liberal bubble.

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      • The catch-all phrase, and concept, of “witch-hunting” does seem applicable.

        Collectively, this blog has exposed any & every aspect of this phenomenon – from its ancient origins to the most modern occurrences. Another thing to be proud of, as we head into another year…

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        • In this case people want to hunt for actual secret marks signifying allegiance with the devil.

          I think some people forget witch-hunt is a pejorative term when they go hunting for modern day “witches”, and for good reason.

          I want to apologise. I said something about the things some ordinary people (I assume) have said to IICSA, it wasn’t as bad as I painted it. Too much quick reading, not enough thinking. Though there are a couple of things, at least, that cause me a bit of concern.


          • @tracey – you understood, I was referring to this: “I see strong undercurrents of attacking people simply for having non-mainstream something, whatever, about them. I think it’s getting worse”.

            Right? Just checking, ’cause misunderstanding is SO easy on the ‘net,


      • Well said, Tracey. Personally, I’ve never had any doubts about Marilyn Manson’s intelligence, tbh. His famous interview in ‘Bowling for Coumbine’ had a big impact on me and was infinitely more insightful and eloquent than anything the dignitaries who had been campaigning against him had said. In particular, his closing remark is a real keeper:

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    • Her customary rant about us and MKD starts at 8:06 😀

      And the patronising Angie nod comes at 34:27. Still no sign of a fee waiver, though (LOL). A point that’s already been covered by MKD:

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    • That Mel Ve video made me cringe for her. All she has in reality, is a Donkey, but she keep attempting to sell it, as if it was a thoroughbred Racehorse. It’s just so pathetic to listen to, and of course her figure for the yearly “Dislikes”, would be far far higher than they are, if her and Biggie Bozo hadn’t actually disabled the ratings on so many of their video’s, because the dislikes were outnumbering the likes, by at least 7 or 8 to one.

      And of course, the topping on the Cake, was poor Angie not winning Broadcaster of the Year for 2016. lol Let’s face it though, if you can’t even win the Broadcaster of the Year Award, on a shitty YouTube channel like CCN, it’s time to finally hang up your Microphone, and put away your box of Ciggie’s, and get a real Job, instead of scrounging a living off people who most likely don’t have all that much of a disposable income to play around with, after a hard week at work.

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      • Nicely put.
        Also, she keeps banging on about how well they’ve done on YouTube but neglects to mention that they’re now banned from doing live broadcasts on there.
        Seriously, what exactly do these presenters get for their 200 euro a month?!

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        • Hi Spiny and thanks. I guess those presenters get the illusion that they are Broadcasters on a News network. It’s an expensive delusion of grandeur indeed, when you look at the reality of the viewing figures for so many of those CCN presenters. 50 views a month, costs them €4 a YouTube view, for example. It’s madness of the highest order, but a fool and their money, is soon parted, as they say.

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    • “62% of dislikes comes from the Hoaxstead/Devils”.
      CCN inept charlatans cannot even spell yet apparently have the remarkable ability to determine the precise affiliations of every viewer who bothered to actively register a dislike of their inane subjective dross.
      Publishing false statistics reeks of both pretentiousness and desperation but par for the course.The days of this Mickey mouse outfit are inevitably numbered so they may wish to count them as they clearly have nothing more useful to occupy their time.

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  4. As we know, very few people actually watch CCN live (it’s usually around 5 “watching now”). But hey, just check out these amazing video stats. They really make up for it. Sometimes they even reach triple figures!

    If I were a CCN presenter, these jaw-dropping viewing figures would really spur me on to keep giving Mel 200 euros every month…

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  5. If Abe actually wrote in accessible English, something like: I was getting to be an old man, not enough blood to go around to all the external limbs (cough) and then drank a glass of grass juice and became…invogorated….maybe he would get some pricked up ears…..hey, maybe that is really what was going on in Morocco, really. All those juices were flowing, his imagination rife with repressed thoughts, in the vicinity of two young children he was ‘immediately attracted to’ by his own admission. Dirty old paedo.

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    • Yes, he’s going on 60, isn’t he? Must be going a little soft in all the wrong places…and as you say, if he were to market his cannabis more directly, he’d probably be raking in the cash. As it is, only Kristie Sue goes all orgasmic when he rambles on. Ella just stares at the ceiling and thinks of Russia.

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  6. lmao! Thanks for the link Norman but it wasn’t “live” and I’m a technotard from way back!?


  7. Never mind Norman. My mistake. It must have been a “high level attack” from the “PROVIDER” !!! hahahahahahaha! Happy New Year!


  8. Abraham Christie really seems to think he will live forever in a he has found the font of eternal youth sort of way.

    “Death is neither necessary nor inevitable”

    I seem to remember him saying this in the comments on his blog.

    There might be problems with eternal youth in reality. There is only one planet we call home, and if no one dies or becomes infertile due to age…….

    He is a bona fide psychosis case study.

    People still trust this man, and that is a mystery to me.

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