Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”

Yes, too often to count.

And yet that doesn’t stop Kristie Sue Costa from dredging it up yet again on her Facebook page, this time via a shared video from George Antoniou, aka GeorgeGreekTrucker:


We’ve tried (God knows) to explain to the hard-of-thinking the multitude of reasons that “immediately [having one’s] privates photographed by a trusted gynecologist who would then issue an exonerating statement on [one’s] behalf” would be a colossal waste of time.

We’ve explained that under the rule of law, the onus of proof lies with the accuser. It’s this little thing called “innocent until proven guilty”, and that doesn’t mean “proven guilty by a bunch of village idiots carrying pitchforks and torches, baying for blood”. It means “proven guilty in a court of law”.

We’ve explained that there are no “accused” in this case; there’s just a hit-list of people compiled by Ella and Abe, based solely upon their own grudges.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to ignore the Hoaxtead mobs’ incessant demands to look at other people’s private bits is this: no matter what they were shown, they would find some reason to discount the evidence in front of their noses.

Evidence doesn’t matter

A while ago we ran across this video, in which James Alefantis, owner of the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., attempted to demonstrate to the troofers outside his establishment that there was nothing eerie or unusual about his restaurant:

To us, he seems friendly (far more so than the troofers’ behaviour warrants), open, and honest. He shows some of the troofers around the place, opening up all the doors, answering their questions candidly, and attempting to assuage their concerns.

After this, of course, they all went home feeling ashamed of their behaviour, and vowed to take up needlepoint or building model aeroplanes instead of hounding innocent people online.

Haha, just kidding. No, they did exactly what all troofers do when confronted with information that contradicts their firmly held beliefs: they scoured this video for “clues” that Mr Alefantis was being less than honest. They refused to believe the evidence in front of their eyes, and instead focused on the “evidence” they themselves had invented.

Have a look at the nearly 8,000 comments below this video. While some hardy souls have attempted to inject some common sense into the discussion, most of the commenters are determined to “prove” that the evidence in the video was somehow faked, or incomplete, or an attempt to “gaslight” the conspiraloons.

By the way, this video was posted on 22 November. Two weeks later, a man armed with an assault-style rifle decided to launch his own “personal investigation” of Comet Ping Pong. So much for helping defuse the troofers’ hysteria through logic, reason, and openness.

And this, Kristie Sue, is why troofers can’t have nice things.

If every parent and teacher in Hampstead were to troop down to the nearest police station and demand to have their privates examined, photographed, and published for the benefit of the Hoaxtead mobsters, it would take approximately five seconds before the first troofer posted, “Those photos were faked”, or “the police aren’t telling us the truth”, or “they’ve had a year and a half to get their tattoos removed”.

This is because conspiraloons don’t base their beliefs on demonstrable evidence or facts. They make their tiny little minds up first, and then they twist and distort the evidence until it fits with what they already believe. If they can’t make it fit, they claim it’s irrelevant. Or they just outright lie.

For example, Kristie Sue already knows that several of the other children were interviewed during the police investigation. We’ve discussed that here in the past. However, it suits her agenda to ignore the facts, and make the false claim, “The other children were never interviewed. Did you know that?”

It’s a lie, she knows it’s a lie, but her readers will lap it up…because it meshes with what they already believe. What they desperately want to believe.

Mr Alefantis found this out the hard way. Too bad he didn’t ask us before he went to the trouble—we’d have told him not to bother.


122 thoughts on “Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

  1. George has a very selective memory. I did offer to show him my c**k tattoo once and he just ran away. Admittedly, this was in Sainsbury’s in Dagenham but the…er…point stands, so to speak.

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    • He ran away just because you tried to show him your conk? Some people are so sensitive – nose tattoos are all the rage where I come from.

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      • Perhaps John Paterson could have a target tattoed onto his nose in readiness for the next person he angers in the street.

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  3. Yeah – get out yer danglies, folks, and Krustie Poo, George Geek-Fucker, Angela Dizzy-Powder, Nelly Berry et al will immediately be convinced that you’re innocent, take up basket-weaving and never mention Hampstead again. Honest Injun!

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    • By the way, EC, I posted that before I’d finished reading your post and hadn’t yet seen your comment about the troofers taking up needlepoint or building model aeroplanes once they’d been shown the proof. Great minds think alike 😀

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  4. Nicely written post, EC.

    And you are so right about Kristie Poop. She is a born liar and rabid hatemonger whose entire life revolves around spreading bullshit about innocent people and promoting blatant logical fallacies and nothing will ever sway her. And there are two-month-old lobotomised chimpanzees with better processing skills than her.

    But you can’t tell her that – I’ve tried. Repeatedly. But her reaction is always to post ad hominem abuse and run away.

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    • Anyone remember ‘Dirty Dozen: Fatal Mission’? If memory serves, it culminates with a sniper having a clear shot of Hitler but Telly Savalas ordering him to stand down because if he were to eliminate Hitler, someone competent could take his place and turn the tide of the war. Point being that if your opponents are being led by a drooling fucktard, it’s probably best to leave them to it because it could work in your favour. Well, that’s Kris Costa in a nutshell.

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    • You just can’t argue with stupid, it’s a complete waste of time.

      Like you Angela, (as we all know you read this blog) this Kirstie Sue (who I don’t take much notice of) is in this for “fame”.

      She’s another “has been” who is frustrated she has not had a very “successful” life and thinks she’s going to become “someone” by promoting all this bs.

      It’s a hoax as well you know or do you now believe your own lies?

      PS How’s the reporting of Ella to the Police going for what she got up to in the video with the small boy?

      You owe us an update.

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    • Some people will never ever accept the fact that they are wrong. Like you said Liza Radley, she is a rabid hatemonger. What type of person enjoys spreading hate every day, it just shows her up for the twisted venomous creature that she is.

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    • I’m so glad I took the trouble to promote this broadcast, lol. When I got there and posted messages of support in the chat box, all I got in return was a load of abuse and false allegations (“Spiny is another Hoaxsted [sic] paedo who supports satanic child abuse” etc.) thrown at me by the admins. I wish Son of Erin et al all the best with the show and all that but they won’t be hearing from me again.

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        • Ooh good, I was hoping I’d bump into you so I could say thank you for backing me up. Thank you 🙂 The prick had two admins on his side, one of them with the same user name as him, bizarrely, and they were really sticking up for him. I was only there to see Erin’s promised Arthur section anyway and all they were doing was a crap Shurter impression and discussing how they ejaculate. LOL


  5. “I would have immediately had my privates photographed by a trusted gynecologist who would then issue an exonerating statement on my behalf and within 24 hours all fears and internet questions could have been resolved.”
    Pigs might fly too. As soon as a gynecologist said ‘nothing there’ they’d be accused of being part of the ‘cult’. And where is this photo evidence supposed to be seen so that everyone is satisfied? On the internet? She must be joking!

    “….leave teaching jobs, move their homes and families, change their names and just disappear.”
    That’s what you do when you’re being harassed, when people threaten to kidnap your children and you’ve have had death threats.

    I don’t generally call people names. I don’t ‘troll’ and I don’t threaten people. I do, however, have fantasies of slapping this woman with a sock full of horse shit. Allow me that at least.

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  6. Rotten eggs and tomatoes at the ready, folks…

    Don’t bother trying to listen to anything she says, though – CCN, the “fastest growing alt media broadcaster in the World and I have the stats to prove it”, has forgotten to turn the mic up. D’oh!

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    • If you can get past the shit sound quality and even worse grammar, what Mel says at 39:06 will crack you up:

      “You have to be aware, guys, there are a number of people out there who are trying to garner a support [sic], garner a fothering [?], garnish a following [sic], gather a cult around them, because they believe that if they do this, that these people are gonna throw money at them, they’re gonna support them financially. And they will do anything to get that money, including make up stories, make far-fetched lengthed [?] allegations.”

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    • I bet they remember to turn up the volume knob over at CNN. Just saying.

      (By the way, when Bigwig and Mel stole the CNN logo, you’d think they’d have at least done a decent job of Photoshopping it into their crappy knockoff. I had a look at it up close a while ago…pathetic.)

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  7. Most excellent, thank you!

    I particularly liked this:
    “This is because conspiraloons don’t base their beliefs on demonstrable evidence or facts. They make their tiny little minds up first, and then they twist and distort the evidence until it fits with what they already believe. If they can’t make it fit, they claim it’s irrelevant. Or they just outright lie”.

    It seems unbelievable, but conspiranoids exhibit a marked indifference to many REAL conspiracies to sexually abuse & exploit children. Most of the time, they are only interested in talking about IMAGINARY CSA conspiracies. What’s up with that, eh?

    For example, conspiranoids can read something like the “Believe the Children Mach 1” article, and then accuse me of denying or “covering-up” the existence of historic child prostitution & pornography rings – even though that article STARTS with this:
    “During the early- to mid 1970s, US law enforcement uncovered and took down a child prostitution and pornography conspiracy, involving privately owned/run housing and services for ‘unwanted’/unadoptable/homeless children, (many of whom were homosexually oriented), juvenile prostitutes, and juvenile sex offenders, operating in several states.
    So blatant and arrogant was this criminal network, the “Better Life” conspiracy, they actually had a “how to set up your own government-funded, ‘boy-lover’ run, fraudulent non-profit charity service for disadvantaged children” business plan for new members”.

    Clearly, I’ve been very explicit there about acknowledging the existence of a historic CSA conspiracy, right?
    And over the 6 or so years that I’ve been talking about “Better Life” publicly, although some people who are genuinely concerned about CSA issues do ask for more info about it, conspiranoids almost never do. Not even when I’ve dropped juicy details like, that several millionaires were involved. Why?

    For the same reasons that historic SRA satanic-panic loons never wanted to know the facts about historic manifestations of “satanic” organizations.
    When there exists hard evidence & documented facts, their lies can be checked out against the provable reality, and disproven. When a CSA conspiracy is wholly imaginary, no one can “prove” that their lies aren’t secretly true.
    When a CSA conspiracy is real, it can be investigated and the perpetrators can be identified & prosecuted. That fact generates a testable reality for who really was, or was not, involved. When a CSA conspiracy is wholly imaginary, they can go on accusing anyone they wish to accuse, of secretly being involved in it – since it doesn’t exist, no one can “prove” that they aren’t involved!

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      • What a great quote and all so absolutely true. Anyone who has tried to have a discussion with the fruitloops will recognise the facts in that quote.

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    • Yes, that’s a really good point. Apparently only imaginary conspiracies need apply. You’d think the real ones would be natural targets for these keyboard warriors, and yet they seem to pay them no heed whatsoever.

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say that the imaginary conspiracy theories are completely unprovable; I think this is their most attractive quality to the conspiraloons. They can add to the stories at will, creating theories within theories, ad infinitum. Or ad nauseam, take your pick.

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  8. I’ve heard from several sources (and if requested by Kristie Sue Costa can show her the website where it’s claimed), that she is a practicing Cannibal Satanist who holds orgies in her home for the like-minded (her neighbours think there are old fashioned Wife Swapping parties) and apparently just above Kristie Sue Costa’s pelvic region she has the world’s “I am a Fucking Good Screw and Eat Pizza Babies Daily” (with a Swastika on either side) so I demand she hire a gynecologist to photograph her entire genital area and prove this is not true.

    If she does not take this challenge seriously it is clear proof Kristie Sue Costa is a member of Pizza Baby Eating Cult. Up to you Kristie : prove your innocence or be forever damned!

    ## on a lighter note I did have a pal who used to challenge ladies in pubs that “if I have your name tattooed on my dick you have to sleep with me & if not I’ll give you 100 quid right now” which is s challenge a Spanish lady named Esmeralda thought she could win easily and took up the challenge.

    My pal dropped his trousers and sure enough- there tattooed on his penis (this is a true story) were the words “your name”. Apparently Esmeralda welshed on the bet but her assures me many ladies paid their forfeit.

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    • I don’t know about her genital area but I hear that the Acme ironing Board Company has shown an interest in her upper regions.


    • Well said, Sam – I’ve often used a similar riposte with these fruitloops, though mine’s not as detailed and eloquent as yours. Basically, when they insist that they would show their genitals if they were accused of sexual abuse and their accuser claimed they had a distinctive tattoo, I respond by accusing them of sexual abuse and having a distinctive tattoo, and asking to see their naughty bits to prove me wrong. Disappointingly, I’m yet to see one single **** or *****. Ho hum.

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    • That is quite possibly the cheesiest pick-up line I’ve ever heard…but effective, apparently. 🙂

      And yes, I agree: show us your bits, Kristie Sue, or remain forever silent.


    • @GOS – here’s something shocking! After reading your post above, I called a random police station and demanded that they investigate your allegation, and a Sgt. Somebody assured me that they would.

      But when I called them back 15 minutes later, a Sgt. Somebodyelse told me that they hadn’t done an investigation about your allegations! Apparently, the police REFUSE to investigate!

      This is highly suspicious, don’t you think?

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        • Disgraceful state of affairs, isn’t it. Look, I’ve a window in my schedule around 3 o’clock this afternoon if you’d like me to hang said coppers in the village square (and it won’t be any of this ‘fake noose’ nonsense I’ve been hearing about – this is the real deal). I’ve a plentiful supply of pitchforks too, if you’d like to bring some mates.

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          • The police STILL haven’t done an investigation of Kristie Sue’s pelvic region allegations!
            I think the F.I.B. is covering the A.S.S. up!
            Maybe we should organize a protest outside her house. That will surely get us the bottom, I mean we will get to the bottom, oh heck, whatever…

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            • It’s very clear to me that this is a coverup of the first order.
              Also, check out this image of Kristie Sue, trying to disguise herself as a jolly old elf in order to lure unsuspecting young people to sit on her lap:
              Kris Costa Paedophile Santa

              Let’s face it, people: would you let your child sit on this woman’s knee?


          • That’s a very disturbing image, EC.

            I’ve been on to our team of forensic linguists and they’ve confirmed that ‘Santa’ is an anagram of ‘Satan’ and that the colour red is code for the Devil. I rather think that Kristie Sue is trying to tell us something.

            I also notice that she is wearing jewellery, just like those evil Luciferian Illumninati bastards Jimmy Savile and Victoria Derbyshire.

            Plus, have you ever seen Kristie Sue in the same room at the same time as serial killer Aileen Wuornos? I think not.

            I’m scared.

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            • The fake smile, the deadness of the eyes…the eyes don’t lie, as some of our troofer friends have pointed out.

              Plus, Christmas is a pagan holiday. What is this woman doing celebrating the winter Solstice so brazenly? Shocking.


    • Well…the first time I saw the term “podcast”, I misread it as “poocast”. I thought that was odd, but had no idea what it was so I just assumed it to be some kind of internet ‘cutesy-ness’ like emoticons.
      My mind must have gone on misreading it that way for a long time, until I bought my first ipod, also my first Apple product. Ever. THEN, I finally ‘got it’ as podcast.

      But the truth is, 99% of such ‘broadcasts’ really are POOcasts anyway 🙂


  9. And lest we forget, here’s Angie’s take on the bizarre concept of supporting claims with evidence:

    Strangely, it’s a very different view to the one she takes when the claims are about her. Funny old World, innit.

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  10. Does anyone pay Angela a wage?

    Has she ever received a wage?

    I’m sure she can produce at least 1 wage slip as evidence.

    I bet she’s never received a wage/salary in all of her 59 years.

    How does Angela know Mimi Pearson did not pay Max’s wages?

    So now evidence will only be produced by Angela if someone pays her a wage? WTF.

    Until then Angela’s going to continue to make up bs and try and talk her way out of it when she is finally questioned by the Police regarding Ella and the video?

    Carry on Angela.

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    • Angie (as I know you’re reading this), I notice that on more than one occasion you’ve moaned about allegations I’ve made about you. Well, honey – if you want to see the evidence I have against you, tough – do your own research. You don’t pay my wages, after all. Actually, on second thoughts, if you give me 200 euro, I’ll show you my proof. Deal?

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  11. I find it very disturbing that someone like Kristie Sue, who clearly has severe mental health issues and whose online hate campaigns have targeted children, the elderly and scores of innocent people, is a mother. I don’t see how someone like that could possibly be fit to be a parent.

    Feel free to screenshot that and post it to that blog that no one reads any more, Kristie Sue.

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      • I thought that but she’s mentioned them recently and described them as if they’re little. I think some have grown up but there’s still at least one young’un. But the principle of my point stands anyway. She shouldn’t be allowed near any children – her grandkids, kids she may have in the future, kids that go to her church… I think she is dangerous.

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  12. If any victims of these Satan Hunters bow to their demands to have their private parts and rest of their body examined it will never satisfy them, even if videos or photos get put on the internet of the victims naked, since they will come up with an excuse that the evidence was false whilst sharing and resharing the content.

    The central motivation of Satan Hunters is power and control, they get a kick out of intimidation and adversely impacting their victims. The Satan Hunter has no interest in truth, justice or liberty, their deeds confirm this. Most of the Satan Hunters are perverts and paedophile supporters, their relentless obsession over sex and sadism is a reflection that the stories they spin around Hampstead SRA hoax turns them on.

    I would suggest to the American social services departments that they take a close look at the children of Kristie Sue Costa. The occasional images Costa puts up of a perfect all-American family may hide some very dark child abuse in her family. I cannot believe a person who might suggest she is a good mother of her children is pursuing such a malicious and hateful campaign against innocent families and children in Hampstead.

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      • Where to start??? you’re welcome to contact me on email (El Coyote will give you mine) and I’ll fill you in. It’s another SRA hoax, but I don’t want to go into the details here.


      • Kristie has been in contact with another Satan Hunter unrelated to Hampstead who told her I am “Julian.” a magician evidently connected to another SRA hoax. Pallas Athena can fill you in on the details.


    • Yes, I think their main goals are a sense of power and control, which they achieve through indulging their sadistic tendencies while claiming to be “sticking up for the innocent”. If they really were interested in protecting innocent children, they might like to have a look at the long roster of convicted paedophiles and child beaters in their own midst, many of whom we’ve covered on this blog.

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    • Aaagh! Go to 7:27. Turns out this pyschotic Bible-thumping racist is a schoolteacher! 😮
      God, how depressing. What an embarrassment to the profession. Why the hell is someone like this allowed to work with children?

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      • WTF? What the hell is a teacher doing putting up shit like this on the internet for all her pupils to see? And why is her school letting her get away with it?! 😮

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    • 2:54 – “Listen to what these children have to say. Again, they don’t know how to lie. They don’t even know what a lie is.”

      Yep – the dumb twat actually said that.


      • As I recall the interviewing Officer spent a lot of time making sure the children knew the difference between truth and a lie.


      • More proof these Hoaxers haven’t a clue about real children and I thank God for that and hopefully- they never get to be near any.

        Children lie all the time.

        But they don’t know it. When children say Santa Claus is bringing them presents they are lying. Same same Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and so on.

        And why do they believe in these mythical characters and tell each other about them?

        Because adults teach these lies. It is children’s very innocence whereby they accept almost without question what adults tell them whether it be something simple like there is a Man on the Moon or that some mythical beast will nab them if they stay out after dark. Etc etc and so on.

        It’s also why Abraham Christie already convicted of child abuse, and the evil Ella Draper ( I think she is far worse as she allowed her beautiful children to be used by a career criminal without a thought for their well being) are despicable people who tortured children to repeat falsehoods and the intense sadness when watching these videos whereby these kids repeat in almost gleeful fashion the absurdities to avoid another slap over the head from a heated spoon or to avoid being buried in the sand.

        Note Draper & Christie have gone very silent as no doubt, their predicament is finally hitting home. It will be up to these children whether they grant their birth mother an audience again (probably when they are in their 20s) but Draper is finding out that another wonderful capacity children have is to readily adapt kindness from caring adults who are not related and who choose to become foster or adoptive parents, are as million adopted kids have found since forever.

        # I recently listened on the radio to an Aboriginal poet describing his loving tribal upbringing in an Arnhem Land tribe.
        All the women of the tribe treated each and every child as their own as they shared duties almost to the point where this poet sometimes forgot who his birth mother really was. It’s also how I learned the lovable phrase that Indigenous Aussies use all the time when referring to the many older females in their lives : they are called Auntie which I find very touching as it’s a form of affection.

        You have to wonder what really sick & evil minds these people like Kristie Sue Costa, Angela Power-Disney etc really have and what sort of perverted acts visited upon them as children made them into such hateful characters.

        # I haven’t included The Princess Neelu as she is obviously clinically barking and I’ve given her a small reprieve for feeding those cows who affectionately ran towards her as she mooed.
        The chances are eventually Neelu will accuse those hungry cows of being part of a pedophilia satanist Freemason Cult. She should also be aware that too much bread can make the poor dears constipated.

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  13. “I believe World War 3 will start around 2012…I believe time is short to decide where you want to spend eternity.”

    Oh bugger, I missed the deadline! 😮

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  14. Thanks Guys! You all are hilarious in your crime fighting! I’m Group Shaming them and Flagging the Slags. Whoever came up with “window-licker”, thanks for the new mantra!! Kaboom! I’m digging out the thesaurus now…You Brits have far better insult vocabs! I love the dry wit! I’ve been to London 3x’s and had Capital trips! The Isle of Man was fun too! Let’s hope these scammers see a jail cell in 2017! My other Mantra! Scrum for Hampstead and Newtown Truth. Protect the Victims!! Jail the

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  15. Whew! That was fun but kind of wearing! lol Thanks for the kind welcome and crude Brit. Slang suggestions. I’m over my Yank fear of the “C” word as in WhaffleHaus! lol Very Verboten in these parts I must say. I’ve come to the conclusion that since facts don’t matter to hoaxers, shock and awe might! I’ve shocked myself!! O-o” Too fun tag-teaming today against the ones that worked underneath the Modern city in A Brave New World. The sheer volume of believers beggars belief. When Mr. Taj for Hoaxsted and Kay Wilson for Sandy Hoax, both licensed “professionals”, started spouting off for these FRAUDS it really scotched my 30 yr legal bonnet! I so admire everyone coming together to stick our collective fingers in the dyke of disinformation. It’s Our WWW let’s keep it tidy and arrive alive, these folks are time bombs. That creepy Justin Woolie added me to his G+ circle 2 years ago. Creepy! I saw how he became more radicalized doing “open carry” vids and over Bundy Ranch and Burns Oregon, egged on, then attacked, by the likes of Alex Jones’ and Pete Santilly’s “call to arms” Fanboys!! ffs This is Insurrection and Sedition my friends. I’ll stop ranting but Crimony! ;/

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    • @Philby – you said: …”This is Insurrection and Sedition my friends”…
      In the US? Unquestionably! Look into history of John DeCamp & friends, also Fritz Springmeier (aka Viktor E. Schoff), even John Todd had involvement with “survivalists” and Ruby Ridge.


  16. Mr Chrisopter Spivey has overstepped the mark yet again. By claiming the death of 4 yr old cancer victim Jessica Whelan is fake, amongst other ludicrous things in his latest offering. The reason i think this is valid is its this Pizzagate, Hampstead mindset. To want to believe in these fantasies. I really does show a sick mind or a sociopathic attention seeking one at the very least.


    • Disgraceful. I hope the girl’s family report him to the police. Next time it’ll be custodial, surely. How many chances does this prick get?

      The photos he’s posted to support this crap are dispicable too. A new low, Spivey, you evil heartless w*****.

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      • I just read Spivey’s post about the poor 4 year old girl with cancer and i think it is the most disgusting thing i have read on his website and that’s saying a lot considering the depths he has plunged to in the past. To say that the photo’s of the little girl are fake is beyond disgrace and he also rips into her father also. Spivey appears to get riled up if somebody has raised money through social media to help someone in desperate need or to donate to a charity.
        I so hope that Spivey gets sent down for the awful things that he writes about innocent people who have suffered a tragedy.


        • Report him to the Police.

          They might not be aware.

          Next time the Court might lock him up.

          Didn’t happen with his “Lee Rigby” trial.

          Maybe not so lucky next time.

          As for his facial recognition the ahem man needs new glasses.

          I suppose he’s jealous of people getting money and he hasn’t that much in donations coming in.

          I think he’s disgusting in a lot of ways, his filthy flat, filthy appearance and filthy sexual habits.

          A f…ing pervert.


      • Naturally, he doesn’t allow any comments that question his ‘facts’ or disagree with him. Just the ones that feed his ego and megalomania.


        • Yes i believe my IP has been blocked on Spivey’s website so i have to access it through a proxy. Before i was blocked i would leave comments for him which of course they never let past moderation. It’s just the same few people kissing his backside all the time because they want to stay as part of his little gang.


    • They love these strange fantasies because they can “investigate” them endlessly, adding baroque flourishes of perversion, without ever having to worry about hard facts that would spoil their fun. I suspect they don’t think the people in the news are “real” and therefore they think they can say whatever they like with impunity. It is all one long masturbatory fantasy (literally so from the admission on one of them, and I am sure in other cases too). Encountering the horror of a real abuse case, with no supernatural garnish, would puts them right off. They defend real abusers either because their minds are too fragile to accept something so disgusting could really happen, or because they are immoral and crooked and probably taking money for their efforts.

      No names mentioned, but I think I think we all know the individuals I am referring to.

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  17. Good news – the “fastest growing alt. media broadcaster in the World and I have the stats to prove it” still hasn’t bothered to fix its microphone, so we can barely hear Sandy Bergen’s terminally irritating voice:


    • Damn, I must have dozed off again – I missed the part where Melani provides proof of claim for her extremely serious allegations. Silly me.


    • Why dont CCN simply broadcast a nodding dog at random intervals and be done with it? It would save a lot of bother all round and be far easier on the eye.

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  18. Angie’s had a quiet day again. No posts on Farcebook since yesterday. I wonder where she”ll pretend to have been this time, lol. Africa? India? Mars? We wait with bated breath…


    • Maybe she’s been arrested and in custody OR is on a long flight to Australia to meet up with Arfur and that Aussie Sheila with the black sheet?


  19. 😀 LMAO! Hey Dave – if you must recycle three-year-old news, at least get it right:


    For the record, a Barnet branch of McDonald’s closed down in November 2013, long before the Hoaxtead fiasco began, but the branches at the centre of the case – Hampstead and Finchley – are alive and well:


    (Incidentally, the Barnet High Street branch is alive and well too, but I digress.)

    And yes, one branch of Starbucks in Hampstead did close down but the one the children cited was in East Finchley. And…er…it still is. D’oh!


    But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant, Dave.

    And yeah, we are all “focused sooo hard on you right now”, you megalomaniac freak. Here are the links to all the articles written about you in recent months:

    Oh, er…er…er… Ooh, this is awkward. Sorry, I can’t find any. Double d’oh! 😮

    Now, if you’ll excuse me one last “bluster”…


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    • http://davidshurter.com/?p=7191

      “Yadda yadda yadda”
      Ah, thanks for clearing that up for us, Dave.

      And yeah, we’re all really obsessed with you. I mean, seriously, this is the third comment about you in 6 months! It’s bordering on stalking, LOL. Bloody egomaniac.

      And how exactly do you “know the truth”? That’s an intriguing claim, considering you’ve never produced one single scrap of evidence to support any of your allegations. Oh yeah – sorry, I forgot – Fiona Bartlett told you. She also claimed that President Nixon used to regularly fly a helicopter to Australia just to molest her, so she’s a wonderfully reliable source, isn’t she. LMAO!

      Oh and lest we forget your love of the McMartin case (with its totally feasible tales of giant flushing toilets and flying saucers), which the children who are now adults have openly admitted was all made up. D’oh! Nice research again, Dave.

      By the way, how are those two convicted pederastes you admitted to being close friends with? And how’s that police officer you proudly beat up, poured petrol over and tried to set fire to in front of his children? And how are the families of the children you admitted to raping and murdering in the woods?

      Anyway, while you’re “thinking” (and I use that term very loosely in your case), feel free to enjoy this video from Son of Erin:

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      • Dave might enjoy this one too:

        Actually, considering Dave’s desperate need for attention (even negative attention), he probably will enjoy it! LOL

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      • “Bloody egomaniac” is a big BINGO! but egomaniac isn’t a powerful enough expression for his problem. There is literally NOTHING to this man, except his ego. He genuinely, albeit delusionally, believes that anything & everything which other people say or do has something to do with HIM. It’s not just us. He’s been this way with everyone I’ve watched him interacting with, for…8 years now, I think.

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          • With you on that, Spiny. This freak boasts about his connections with convicted paedophiles and proudly admits to being a murderer. I for one want nothing to do with him.

            Does anyone know whether the FBI have been made aware of his confessions of infanticide and necrophilia?

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  20. The irony is that there are several members and associates (prominent and minor) of Sabine’s cult who have less than palatable histories with children (sometimes their own, sometimes other people’s), and some have ended up in court.

    Perhaps some of this selective blindness they seem to suffer from comes from their own reflected guilt/shame, with the rest coming from general idiocy and attention seeking.

    An example is McKenzie and McNeill’s links to Terence Ewing, which in turn leads us along a dark trail to renowned paedophile Sydney Cook and others. We wrote an article at the time which took us about three days to research (based on fact). So it is of concern that with all the alleged ‘research’ the cult monkeys do they fail to see (or ignore) what we consider to be (at the very least) questionable associations, or (at worst) infiltration to gain access to vulnerable children. You can read the article here if you are interested https://orderoftruth.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/hampstead-child-abuse-campaign-group-shocking-links-to-renowned-paedophile-group-vipaedophile-childabuse-radio4-2/

    There are also (in our opinion) dubious associations with persons located in Sussex, who were very prominent in McKenzie and McNeill’s cult at one time then faded into the background when the going got a bit warm.

    Although the majority of those posting and doing generally stupid things do provide the rest of us with a degree of amusement, there could also be a darker side – which is of real concern.

    It would really be of no surprise if at some point it is revealed that the core of the cult are engaging in the very thing they claim to protest about. However, that is just one opinion of many.

    On a much, much jollier note, it can’t be long before McNeill is in court – that will be interesting, especially if she gets sent down (oh yes please).

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    • Thanks for this. I believe I read your blog post when you first wrote it, but at that time my understanding of the “cult of Sabine” was less clear than it is now. I’ll look forward to perusing it again. Best wishes for the New Year!

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