Belinda’s new, improved money-making scheme

A few weeks back we reported on the rather spotty history of Belinda McKenzie’s non-charity, the Knight Foundation. We noted that as of April 2016, Belinda had resigned as director of her own company, leaving Alexander Mark Forbes at the helm. As we suspected, this seems to have been part of a larger plan: the Knight Foundation has now morphed into something called the Knights & Angels Foundation, and Belinda is back on board, joining Alex Forbes as director.



The name change was posted to Companies House on 4 November 2016—just days ago—and work is under way on yet another fancy new webpage:

As with all Belinda’s websites, the “Donate Here” button has pride of place on every page. The page is still in the “Lorem Ipsum” stage, with dummy text standing in for the real thing, but the structure of the site makes its purpose quite explicit:


At first we were puzzled by all the “green” references, but then we realised that this is just the sample text, which Belinda’s web designer will change out for her more usual “child snatching”, “forced adoptions”, “judicial fraud”, “alien skulls”, “cult abuse”, and so forth.

What’s more interesting, though, is that this is a page with one over-riding function: to raise funds for various campaigns. It’s like Belinda’s own personal GoFundMe page, where she can gather all her “causes” into one place, and she will have complete control.


knights-angels-latest-donators-2016-11-08Again, the “latest donators” list is just a stand-in for the real thing. But a quick glance through this webpage template shows exactly what Belinda hopes to get up to next: she wants to build a money-making machine along the lines of her old Iran Aid “charity”.

Here’s the kicker: this is a corporation which is registered with Companies House, and there’s no sign of it on the Charities Commission lists. However, check this “statement of purpose”:

knights-angels-purpose-2016-11-08A “different kind of charity”, indeed!

In fact, you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s not a charity in any sense of the word, but simply another of Belinda’s scams.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that the directors of the new, updated version of the Knight Foundation have actually applied for charitable status, and are simply awaiting the arrival of the papers at the Knights & Angels Foundation HQ:


We’re not kidding. This is really the address listed for the Knights & Angels Foundation.

It’s possible, but not likely. After all, the Charities Commission are well aware of Belinda’s past shenanigans with Iran Aid. What is the likelihood of their allowing her to be in charge of a charity venture of any sort, in this lifetime or the next?

We’re guessing approximately zilch.


60 thoughts on “Belinda’s new, improved money-making scheme

    • Mel cracks me up. In her videos she always boasts about how successful a ‘network’ CCN is and yet she can’t get anyone to give her any cash that she always begs for. to keep CCN going.

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  1. Breaking news – in the wake of Henriques Op Midland report, hashtag “i believe nick” replaced by hashtag “im a cherry flavor super-sized sucker”. Updates to follow…

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  2. Belinda McKenzie desires suckers to give her money to ruin more children’s lives. I hope the damage done to her reputation by Hampstead SRA hoax will be enough to end any further successful scams by her. I am glad this blog exists to make a public record of what scamming parasites like Belinda McKenzie are.

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  4. I believe the Ltd status is more important to her than a charity. I’m sure it is a ploy to avoid getting liability for legal costs, she was lucky to be let off last time.

    Unfortunately for her it might not work, she isn’t the first person to set up Ltd Co to avoid legal costs, she might find that the courts are wise to this kind of thing.


  5. The internet is a double edged sword for the likes of Christie, McKenzie and co. They have to raise their heads above the ‘parapet’ if they wish to garner support and donations but as soon as they do so they are met with the arrow of truth from blogs and individuals. I think McKenzie will be regretting her involvement in the Hampstead affair. This new branding of ‘The Knight Foundation’ is a great example of why this website must continue.

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  6. Very interesting EC. I certainly don’t like the sound of their stated intentions of ‘rescuing children’ etc. Rescue children from whom, Social services?

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      • Grasping money grabbing cow could at least spend a few bob getting that damn fringe pelmet look sorted out.


  7. Mel ve is always so funny when she is trying her hardest to pretend she isn’t bothered by McKenzies Devils and being called ‘just a Youtube channel’ amongst other things 🙂


    • Oh my God, did anyone catch her blink-and-you-miss-it-comment at 3:43? Turns out CCN’s live streaming service was suspended by YouTube! Next step – get the channel banned. 3 strikes and you’re out under YT rules, hehe 😀


    • LMFAO! MKD’s gonna have a field day when they see this
      Mel Ve – the gift that keeps on giving (and scamming) 😀


  8. Haha Mel says that folk who want to shut her down are probably “sexatanic evil paedophile fuckwits”. Lol, she’s really got her knickers in a twist.

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  9. This video is hilarious. Mel is obviously angry as hell and yet tries so hard to appear cool and unbothered by what she is talking about. This one i need to save for whenever i need a good laugh.

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  10. Five years ago when we were investigating the Hollie Greig Hoax, there was evidence she has money in accounts as far away as Australia, it’s all hidden away. Her husband who doesn’t actually live in this country, also has a hand in it. Iran aid was just the tip of the iceberg.

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    • Trump may not be a scientologist, but the real inventor of “trauma-based mind-control” WAS…
      L. Ron Hubbard invented the IDEA of “trauma-based mind-control”, I don’t mean to say that he (or anyone else) actually PERFORMED it on anyone.
      In the early 1950’s, before there was an MKUltra program, Hubbard claimed that American psychiatrists had adopted OSS prisoner interrogation techniques (supposedly involving pain and drugs) as a mind-control process. He further claimed;
      – anyone American who had ever seen a psychiatrist had been brainwashed and was under government mind-control
      – only his Dianetics programs could uncover that you were unwittingly brainwashed
      – only his Dianetics programs could undo this brainwashing and return you to autonomy & freedom
      and for the very reasonable price of $XXXX, you too could be ‘cleared’ by Dianetics! Sing up today!

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      • Yeah but she only cares about the cross-eyed one and isn’t too keen on the borderline rapist one who’s allegedly into “rough sex”, late night porn and running up massive hotel bills in her name. She once beat the living snot out of him to emphasise her hatred of him too.

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    • The bullshitting bints are claiming never to have mentioned the Hampstead case! They haven’t shut up about it for months!

      Oh and we all work for GCHQ, apparently, Never heard that one before. Zzzzzzzz


  11. From my own personal experience of Belinda McKenzie I can confirm that she is a female mason committed to protecting Shipman-type freemason scandals, She protected female mason Theresa May, Home Secreatary, in the Desmond Tutu/LB of Sutton child abuse scandal and then tried to help others to get me sectioned, I was sectioned for 11 days maliciously. I text Belinda that she is an evil woman.


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