A new identity for ‘All Modern Cons’?

Most Hoaxtead watchers will be familiar with the YouTube channel ‘All Modern Cons’, which slavishly reposted all the harassing, libellous videos churned out by Charlotte Alton Ward and Jacco De Boer. For some time now, we’ve been going on the assumption that All Modern Cons was run by Kevin WeAreChange/Weaver/Justice, the mask-wearing muscle-head who attended the Christ Church demonstrations in March 2015.

We based this on a tit-bit from Kristen Elizabeth, the Canadian who runs the last vestige of Hamster Research, its Twitter page:

AllModernCons-Kevin Weaver

However, new information from an alert reader has us questioning this assumption.

It started with this Patrick Cullinane video, released in January 2016 on the All Modern Cons II channel:

At about 6:45, Cullinane thanks his interviewer by name: “Thanks, Tony….

A quick look at Cullinane’s CC list on a few of his emails confirm that someone named Anthony Duckmanton does indeed use the handle “AllModernCons9”:


And once we had that link, Mr Duckmanton started showing up all over. Here he is on Soundcloud, sporting the standard “Google HG” button.


And a search for Cullinane and Duckmanton reveals a longstanding relationship:

anthony-duckmanton-allmodernconsIt looks like he’s one of Cullinane’s faithful followers, as well as an acolyte of Roger Hayes and his Freeman on the Land woo from a few years ago.

Actually, if you scroll through the list of signatories to Mr Hayes’ “letter to David Cameron and George Osborne on the 11th February 2o13, and copied to Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband”, you’ll find several familiar names, including Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie:


Above all, though, Tony Duckmanton is best known as the anonymous perpetrator of the All Modern Cons and All Modern Cons II YouTube channels: all-modern-cons-hampstead-sra-2016-11-07all-modern-cons-ii-youtubeIt seems that Tony has stopped posting about Hoaxtead, and reverted to common-or-garden neo-Nazism…not exactly a surprise, given his friendship with Cullinane.

A word of caution: although it sounds like a unique name, in fact there are a number of Tony/Anthony Duckmantons in the UK, and as far as we know, all but one of them are perfectly normal, law-abiding citizens.

However, we expect the people of Hampstead will be very happy to know who’s in charge of the All Modern Cons channel, as it’s one of those that continues to broadcast the list of “cult members” that were named by Ella two years ago.

Happy hunting!

detective holding magnifying glass

“The Detective” | paurian | via Flickr

75 thoughts on “A new identity for ‘All Modern Cons’?

  1. Excellent digging, EC (or “tunneling”, as Charlotte St. Hasbeen Ward would say if she weren’t in hiding).

    Didn’t Kevin Weaver himself say that he was All Modern Cons or did I dream that?

    By the way, it’s weird to see Cullinane referring to Duckmanton as ‘Video Man’? Poor old Jacco de Boer will be livid, lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. May I take the liberty of suggesting a soundtrack for this latest Hoaxtead saga? Ironically, a rather left-wing offering:

    5:01 – All together now: “Coz I hate you…and your wife…and if I get the chance, I’ll fuck up your life.” Jim McMenamin, I’m looking at you ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Angie’s ‘likes’ list – always an adventure (and it tells us so much about her):

    The latest nonsensical rant from her manically paranoid, microwave-dodging, Hampstead hoax-promoting mate Nutty Nina; and Angie’s own latest Bible “class”, this time about “the whore of Babylon” (who COULD you mean, Angie?). Isn’t it reassuring to know that she describes herself as “non-religious”. And so sweet that she thumbs up her own videos.

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  4. Christ, it’s painful to listen to Cullinane ranting. Does he come with a remote control? And if so, does it have a mute button?

    And who the feck is that sycophantic moron (or enabler) who keeps agreeing with everything the prick says?

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    • โ€œAt 50, everyone has the face he deserves,โ€ George Orwell 1949. These were apparently the last words penned in his personal diary. He died just over six months later in 1950 at age 46, just missing natureโ€™s inevitable reward or punishment for a life well or ill lived.

      Coco Chanel similarly remarked, โ€œNature gives you the face you have at 20. Life shapes the face you have at 30,but at 50 you get the face you deserve”.

      So many of the faces of these darstardly malcontents have mugs etched with a lifetime of internal dischord, hatred and loathing.Orwell and Chanels cases can be firmly laid to rest yer honour.

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  5. Following up on some prior comments…

    The ‘Smoking Gun’, demonstrating that the 1995 testimony of Valerie Wolf and her client-patients Claudia Mullen & Chris DeNicola was influenced by/ derived from/ based on fantasy material contained in Corydon Hammond’s “Greenbaum Speech”, comes from Wolf’s own words. Quoting from an interview conducted by Wayne Morris on CKLN FM 88.1 radio, at the Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto:

    Valerie Wolf: “… In June 1992, I was at the Eastern Regional Conference in Alexandria, Virginia where the information on the mind control was released…”

    Wayne Morris: “Was that the first time you were introduced to the information about mind control experimentation … was this the presentation by Corey Hammond?”

    Valerie Wolf: “Yes. I had no idea prior to that”.

    Wayne Morris: “And how did you specifically verify that your clients were victims of mind control after you were exposed to this information?”

    Valerie Wolf: “Basically what I did was to follow what Corey Hammond had said in his presentation in terms of asking for the core and asking about the Alphabet programs …”

    Well – surprise, surprise, surprise! as Gomer used to say.
    And here is where to find the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiner’s complaint against Valerie Wolf, with the findings of fact and judgement – and is it ever a DOOZY! I had forgotten about how delusional and paranoid she was, and how reckless her disregard for the well-being of others became – ruthlessly exploiting seriously mentally ill persons in pursuit of validation for her delusions.


    It’s a pdf file, and the exact URL for it is protected somehow, so I can only get you to this link – scroll down, click the link to open the PDF.

    Roger Gleaves and exploitation of Old Catholic Church by pederasts – remember that one? One of Peter Lavenda’s books: “Sinister Forces”, has an appendix devoted to “the wandering bishops” of Old Catholic Church in America. Many of them, going back to the mid 1940’s, were certainly homosexual – and around the same time as Gleaves was running his specifically pederastic Old Catholic sect in the UK, there may have been American parallels. David Ferrie is mentioned…
    I’m going to dig deeper, I’ll let you know if I find anything of real interest.

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  6. Meanwhile, Kristie Sue Costa has found a new innocent victim to bully and harass…

    By the way, this was the same artist that Angela was libelling on Friday. For once, Kristie Sue and Angela agree on something (that bullying people is fun).

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    • These religious fanatics really annoy me, always accusing people of being demon possessed Satanists, you cant reason with these people or use logic, that’s why they are still flogging the dead horse of hoaxstead, they are dangerous too as they would hand the two children right back to their abusers.

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      • Introducing such banal conversation stoppers into discourse is effectively admission of impotency,any potential case is immediately holed below the waterline and duly consigned to the realms of the”irrational,obsessive,delusional and odd”.

        This mainly starts off in the school playground as “my dads bigger than your dad” and unfortunately some struggle to transcend such confines.

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      • The FruitLoop Mob are tweeting and facebooking that the Podesta brothers look exactly like 2 identikit photos of men wanted for questioning over Madeleine McCann.

        Neither Podesta brother looks like the other and alas for these mindless morons (yes, I do mean you Angie) the 2 identikit photos are actually of one man meaning the witnesses who described him gave wildly different accounts and Scotland Yard said he was a German national who they thought could help with some information and is not a suspect.

        So dumb.

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          • A temptation exists to set these clowns up with something they will all charge headlong into hook,line and sinker.Something along the lines of the holy grail being “very secretly and mysteriously” stashed up Angies backside.She would love the attention and clamour of truther arse inspector/”researchers” flocking from across the globe.What is their not to like?

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        • warming to the theme…as seen on facebook page of The Whore of Babylon (AKA Angie Fagash)…the new Satanic Sensation. The 2 identikit pics are of one man and below the Podestas.

          I get the feeling Wikileaks & Julian Assange have somewhat dented their credibility (they are still tweeting the Podesta satanic dinner claim even though Fox News now says it was a stupid mistake).

          Call me old fashioned, call me a wimp but I’m not sure I would deliberately set out to annoy the most powerful woman on the planet (from tomorrow)

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          • Wow…could the Podesta brothers look any different from one another? If anyone needs absolute evidence of the conspiranoids seeing what they want to see, look no further.


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  8. From the Duckmanton family web page:

    “Duckmantons – Rarer than the White Rhino

    While idling an evening away in 1999 searching through on-line phone books and ‘white pages’ I found just 170 Duckmanton households listed in the UK, thirty-odd in Australia, about the same in New Zealand, and less than 20 in the USA. That’s about 250 Duckmanton households. Assuming a mum, a dad and 2.5 kids in each that’s possibly just over 1000 Duckmanton individuals worldwide.”

    If Anthony Duckmanton is the real name of the man he shouldn’t be difficult to find.

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  9. Good find. It’s amazing how many of these hoax supporters claim to be about light and love, and yet have no problem with Adolf Hitler. A very strange sub section of neo Nazism.

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  10. Angie is gonna be so utterly, apoplectically pissed off if Trump loses tonight and Hillary becomes pres. So on that basis alone…GO CLINTON!

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    • The conspiraloons adore Trump because he speaks their language. Deliberately so, it would seem. They have no idea they’re being manipulated by his speechwriters and handlers…see previous remarks re seeing what they want to see. Or hear, as the case may be.

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    • Hmm, maybe Tim can use his amazing powers of deduction to solve the shocking mystery of who knocked my garden birdtable over on Halloween night?

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        • Cheers Spiny.Hope they throw the book at the pesky blighter.It is these kind of mindless policies like regulation 21a that lead to God fearing bird table owners suffering such appalling garden related incidents.I shall be writing a stiff letter to Mr C C Plackett and give him a piece of my mind.It`s simply not good enough.

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      • Birdtables I can understand. It’s bird baths I don’t get. Sure, there isn’t a bird in the world knows when it’s Saturday night.

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    • “In the meantime JC (my edit) is in urgent need of proper and effective legal and medical representation”

      JC already has legal and medical representation, it is a requirement for anybody that has been sectioned. Veater clearly doesn’t know the first thing about it.

      Assuming it is true then I am glad that JC has been cut off from the Internet and I hope he stays well away from idiots like Veater who are the very reason he is being treated.

      Get well soon JC.

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      • I’m surprised JC is still able to phone Angela.

        He’s not going to improve unless he does I fear.

        10 weeks in or however long he’s been in the Coral Unit, there’s been no change in his condition from the sounds of his call to Angela yesterday.


        • Treatment and subsequent after care plans are designed around the unique best interests of each patient,there are a myriad of statutory checks and balances to ensure the voice of the patient and key representatives are heard at each stage of planning.

          I suspect in this instance the lead clinician may have placed certain limitations on say frequency of external contacts but has not specified at this stage with whom calls can be made.No doubt patient will have been advised that further restrictions could be introduced should observations reveal particular contacts are resulting in negative consequences.

          Contrary to the bonkers hoaxer shoite that some demonic overlords are pulling all the strings to make things as bad as they possibly can,the reality is ALL parties have a vested interest in stablizing the patient and returning them to the community with a medical/social support package as soon as viable.Treatment plans aim to best avoid the “revolving door” scenario where the patient is ill prepared for discharged only to bounce straight back.

          The aim where posible will be to assist the patient establish their own bounderies etc which they will need on eventual return to the community. No doubt patient will be working with an agreed “contract for progress” with a certain amount of behavioural carrots and sticks(peas even) chucked into the mix.

          So whilst I totally agree it would be ideal for the likes of Angie to just butt the hell out of using “delicate” individuals as pawns in their own demented masturbatory shinanigans, I can see this why patient is perhaps being afforded the opportunity to determine and manage dealing with such problematic areas in his life as opposed to just pulling the plug.

          Not at all convinced that all will end up roses,but I doubt I am alone in hoping JC can make that leap and eventually summon up the will to advise Angie that he simply no longer requires her shit and to sling her hook(other superlatives are available after the 9pm watershed).


      • Yes, I second that sentiment. Veater is a pompous arse whose paranoid rantings don’t sound nearly as intellectually advanced as he seems to think they do. His knowledge lags far behind his word count.


    • Angie, Hopeless Girl, Tim VD…Does anyone else find it ironic that these self-styled perv-hunters are all rooting for the guy who has admitted to (nay, boasted about) several counts of sexual assault?

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  11. An expert on “nephilm and faires” being promoted by Angie:



  12. To be fair Angie must be something of an authority on fairies given she is either out with them or leading the suggestible folk up the garden path.


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