Mel and Charlotte: When in doubt, blame hackers

Pity poor Mel Ve. All she wants to do is run her “free and independent media” Con-the-Consumer Network, and the big meanies over at McKenzies Devils have been spoiling all her fun. Why, just last week they…er, did something unspecified that caused CCN to go off the air, only it didn’t really, because Mel and Piggy are so clever and forward-thinking, having set up an alternative streaming system (which no one else could find…details, details!).

How does Mel know that MKD are behind her woes? Why, in the same way that she “knows” that there’s a baby-eating paedophile cult operating in a leafy suburb of North London, that’s how: intuition. Mel doesn’t require prosaic little things like “evidence”. She knows what’s what, Mel does.

To be fair, Mel isn’t the only Hoaxtead mobster to be convinced that maleficent forces have been hacking her computer (or whatever—she wasn’t really specific about what happened, except to note that YouTube had suspended her streaming service…which, come to think of it, might have been a clue. Dun-dun-DUN…).

Mel is not alone

We recall with some satisfaction the endless moaning from Charlotte Alton Ward, aka Jacqui Farmer, late of Hamster Research, who was utterly determined that we had hacked her blog, or her email, or something.

Because otherwise, how would we have figured out who she was?

Granted, it wasn’t easy to make the link at first. But here’s how we did it:

In early May 2015, we discovered the first known video pertaining to the Hampstead case on Sabine’s blog. The voice on the video was clearly the same as the voice on Jacqui Farmer’s later productions, with identical intonation and accent, but this one contained less digital scrambling.

One of our volunteers, whose hobby was mucking about with videos, removed the scrambling, and sped up the voice so it sounded more normal. So we had a voice, but no name. It did allow us to rule out certain potential suspects, and told us something important: whoever made those videos was concerned that her voice might be recognised by her audience—the truther community online.

By chance, about a week after we’d “ironed out” Jacqui’s voice, we heard from another group that had been working to identify Jacqui:

The name [we] identified is Charlotte Ward who wrote a research paper with professor David Voas at the Institute of Social Change, Manchester Uni, published in a peer-reviewed journal 2011: “The emergence of conspirituality”….

The chain was roughly… the YouTube channel Eddythecat7.. Somewhere the word “conspirituality” popped up…. I googled this odd word and found the paper with Voas. Then the YouTube channels conspirituality & conspiritualize… then a comment left on a forum signed off “regards charlotte ward” by a poster handle “carleea”… and a lot of places she’s used that name including on [the David Icke forum].

Working together, we were able to put together the following evidence trail:

  1. The Eddythecat7 YouTube channel:
  2. Looking through the EddytheCat7 YouTube channel, we found many links to people like Maggie Tuttle, Brian Pead, Belinda McKenzie, and so on.
  3. The unusual word “conspirituality” comes up on the Eddythecat7 channel, and this led us to another channel by the same owner:
  4. In one of the videos on the Conspiritualize YouTube channel, the email address is displayed onscreen at 00:55, confirming the link between the two channels:
  5. In one of her blogs, Sabine links to an Eddythecat7 video, indicating that as of 2013, she was acquainted with the video’s author. She comments: “In that context, I am fortunate to know a lady who is very sharp in analysing websites and can spot mis- and dis-information sites from any distance”.
  6. Following the trail of the word “conspirituality”, we found an academic paper entitled “The Emergence of Conspirituality”: by David Voas and Charlotte Ward.
  7. This paper was published in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol. 26, Issue 1, 2011.
  8. On one of her Conspirituality videos, we find that the video’s author has inadvertently left her email window open, revealing the following email address: charlottealton@hotmail.comCharlotte Alton email-on screen

As Angie would say, “BAM!”

No magic, no tricks, no hacking…just teamwork and perseverance.

But like Mel Ve, once we revealed that we knew who she was Charlotte wasted no time in flinging about allegations: we were working for MI5, we were RD, we had hacked her emails, we had hacked her blog…anything but the obvious, which was that she’d failed to properly cover her tracks.

We don’t know what happened to Mel’s YouTube channel, but we’d be willing to bet that it had nothing to do with any kind of outside interference.

If Mel is so certain that MKD “hacked” or otherwise interfered with CCN’s YouTube streaming, we hereby challenge her to produce evidence. Real, verifiable evidence, not just “I closed my eyes and thought about who I could blame, and MKD came to mind”.

And in future, Mel, do try to remember this little aphorism: “Never attribute to outside forces what you really should attribute to your own incompetence”.

Mel Ve waxes vermilion 2016-07-24

84 thoughts on “Mel and Charlotte: When in doubt, blame hackers

  1. How could anyone hack a Youtube channel without the entire service being disrupted?.
    Youtube explains how to live-stream and like a lot of internet entities they assume you know a certain amount which can be frustrating. It’s more likely that the fool Mel Vd and Big Ears just didn’t get it right and were suspended until they fixed their rambling videos. As their technical skills are non-existent and their microphones are from the $2 Shop & woeful lighting accompanies mind-boggling inane rants, I’d be surprised this couple can get outside their front door without colliding with the umbrella stand in the corner.

    Or were they suspended for breaching copyright or perhaps breaching Youtube’s rules that do not allow the exposure of children in sex related stories? Knowing how slow Youtube are to act this could have happened after a complaint filtered through the system and some hapless Youtube worker had to sit through their excruciating dialogues (yes, I mean you too Angie).
    Isn’t there some sort of filter Mel could use? She’s more orange than Trump.

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    • Yes, this was my question too. Just like “how could someone hack a site without the entire WordPress host coming crashing down on their heads?” This is why people use these massive services: they have safety mechanisms in place to deter hackers, and on the off chance that someone does find a bug that enables them to break in in some way, the company’s ops team becomes aware almost instantly, patches it, and uses that event to make the system even tighter. The idea that Google’s ops team would have allowed a YouTube hacker to break in, then hold Mel and Bigwig’s livestream hostage for several days, without being alerted to the breach and then quickly repairing it, is simply ludicrous.

      My guess is that they got reported for a breach, and Mel is trying to make it sound like something more.

      As for a filter…even a brushing of face powder might tone down her radioactive glow a notch or two. But didn’t she say she’s a beauty products expert or some such?


  2. Question: if Charlotte was already known to the conspirinutters before she started publishing as Jacqui, why did she bother with all that name-changing fancy footwork, and disguising her voice on her videos? Doesn’t make much sense really.

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    • No, it doesn’t make sense…unless for some reason she wanted to remain anonymous. She claims that she chose anonymity to protect an ex-boyfriend (sometimes she calls him an ex-husband), but given that her interests have always been in the conspiraloon line, this doesn’t really wash.

      We tend to think she wanted to remain anonymous (and unlinked to Sabine and Belinda) because if the conspiracy community saw them all working together on the Hampstead SRA hoax they might put two and two together and discover that they’d all planned it from the start.

      We also think it’s interesting that as Jacqui, Charlotte explicitly denied any prior relationship whatsoever with Abe, Ella, or Sabine. Again, why bother with this, unless it was to hide the conspiracy?

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      • Announcing that there were no ‘affiliations’ with anyone to do with the case was done in order to be more convincing, of being actually balanced and not just ‘doing a mate a favour’.

        I think CW volunteered her services after having read the ‘Battleship’ (?) email from Belinda where she says: ‘If people knew what goes on inside my head they would be surprised’ or words to that effect, the one where she asks for ‘help’, saying this ‘help’ could be offered ‘from home’, (writing a blog/making videos).

        I also think CW only stopped her attempts at writing after she got a visit from embassy officials threatening the discontinuation of her visa permit, perhaps Mr Speer put in a word or two. Given that she knows she cannot come back to the UK without trouble, etc.


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    • If I remember correctly the paper Charlotte wrote and some of her videos were taking a more objective look at conspiracy theories from a statistical point of view. It may be that when she decided to use a conspiracy as a scam for herself, she decided to hide her true identity so that the conspiracy crowd didn’t view her with suspicion. So they would view her as a true conspiracy theorist rather than someone with an interest in conspiracies, just playing a game, or using them for analysis.

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      • Yes and no, Dave. The paper she co-wrote seemed more “balanced” than some of her later efforts, but it’s very clear from her videos and blog on the topic that she was a conspiracy enthusiast, and saw the spread of worldwide interest in conspiracy-think as a very good thing indeed.

        She definitely seemed to take great pride in her status as an ersatz academic, but the odd thing about that is that in November 2014, just as the hoax was starting to be put into action, she took down her Conspirituality blog, even though it was in full swing. It’s quite possible that she felt that those who knew of her former interests would think she was just using them for analysis; I hadn’t considered that. But I think the main reason she unlinked herself from her previous efforts was that she wanted people to believe she was independent of Belinda and Sabine, and not on Belinda’s payroll.


  3. Why would anyone want to hack Mel V’s CCN you tube channel?

    I’m not really sure about anything on there apart from Angela’s ahem 2 shows and the average viewing figures there are 6 (which I think are people commentating here) so what’s the need to hack her ConCN channel?

    None at all.

    Why would anyone?

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    • I can see reporting her channel for illegal content (her Hoaxtead material comes to mind), but hacking? Why bother? Mel has delusions of grandeur.


  4. YouTube’s flag-and-report facility is there for a reason. Using it is not illegal and it is not trolling. Stop being a sore loser, Mel. The public has spoken and they object to your output. Deal with it.

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    • ” Lil communication breakdown”.Try towing the whole shebang to the nearest scrap yard.Using Sams analogy this lot seem to spend their entire existences crashing through umbrella stands and then sounding off at bemused bystanders.An odd lifstyle choice if ever there was one.

      OK fair enough,their lives are pointless and miserable as shit mainly as a consequence of being feckless bastards.So they proceed to try to enhance their sad lot by constructing some imaginary lala fantasy world to bask in .The incompetent idiots make an imaginary lala world that is even more dismal,boring,pointless and shit than the one they are trying to hide from.

      They couldnt make it up Kin ejits.

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  5. I’m afraid as far as MKO is concerned, no one is safe. If Angela thinks she can get him on her side she is very much mistaken, even Belinda managed to upset him a few times.

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    • “take down our network” lol. A dame sitting in a tacky chair in her living room spouting nonsense is not a ‘network’.
      Talk about delusions of grandeur.
      What with their top correspondent A.Power-Disney who makes Megyn Kelly look like a rank amateur and with her Royal connections, secret sister of the late Princess Diana, keeper of the Romanov Crown Jewels and mistress of the Aga Khan famed throughout…oh oh..nursie’s here. Time for my pills.

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  6. All 5 of her viewers must have been devastated. I’ve never been interested enough to check…does Mel’s dragonology (or whatever the crap it is) actually involve ‘real’ dragons, or are the dragons a kind of metaphor or simile?

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  7. I must was I. I thought I was taking down the CCN network that runs a CabCharge service I use. Hoped to avoid being billed for all my taxi rides.

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  8. “Any questions in the chat Biggi?”
    “Um no”

    Not a big shock that Mel when you have no viewers to ask questions.

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    • “CHASING RAINBOWS …Art4Angels launch, reschedule of field trip, review of a crazy week

      Tune in tonight at the new Thursday time of 6 to 8pm UK time for a rollercoaster ride with GOOD NEWS especially of the launch of a very special trans atlantic charity launch featuring an upcoming auction of exquisite customised prints of original art by my friend and benefactor COLLEEN BLACK!

      My scheduled field trip may need putting back a month and I will fill people in on this…

      Will do at least one section continuing reading from the Kenya Diaries

      And review and contextualise the events of a crazy week in the world AND check out the video and the beautiful ART featured at the end….I love my friend and her gifts especially that they come from the heart and explode out in to the world without profit as motivation…that is rare folks 🙂



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  9. Angie bleating on about charity scammers trying to con her.The law of like attracting like in full operation there it would appear.

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    • She’s really prepared her analysis of her payments well, hasn’t she. I particularly like the way she keeps quoting David Chesoli in order to smear him, then saying, “Oh no, that was me who said that, not David.”


      • She also talks about child trafficking and charities in the same sentence but adds “I am not trying to join dots”.Ho hum.


  10. Angie in full gimme.gimme,gimme pan handling mode.Given how much she declares her hatred for corrupt capitalist nightmare money she doesnt half bang on about the stuff.

    Obviously she will repay her son interest on the dip of £600 from her sons “college fund” to pursue her important Gods work facade.

    CCN need £7000 if anyone fancies handing over their card details.Dont all rush.


    • Neelu must be mighty pissed off, lol, as she’s posted the link to the above “show” 5 times in a row on her Farcebook page tonight, with the exact same rant attached. But hey – we’re the ones who need to “get a life”, right?


      • And she also states that she and Peacher have made “100 phone calls” over the SKJ case!


  11. Yeah, that must be it, Brandine. It’s the only possible explanation, isn’t it. Now run along, luv – and watch out for those “collage students” on the way home!


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