How the Hoaxtead mob helps paedophiles

For some time now, we’ve been talking about how the actions of the Hoaxtead mobsters, rather than protecting children from predators, are in fact aiding and abetting paedophiles, whether online or in person.

Today, we’d like to address that issue a bit more closely.

Several months ago we were told in confidence that at least one of the Christ Church Primary School ’20 special children’ had been approached online by an adult stranger.

That child’s parents were able to intervene in time, but this incident can be traced directly back to the list of children’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses that were shared in multiple videos and blog posts after Sabine and Ella released them in February 2015.

Let’s face it: a list of primary-school children, sometimes with pictures, in which their alleged ‘sexual preferences’ and contact details are shared with the public, is really little more than an invitation to any lurking paedophiles.

If we were the parents of those ‘special’ children, we would be terrified and enraged.

Studies of predatory paedophiles have shown that they seek out children who appear vulnerable. And what could look more vulnerable than a child who is advertised as having already been severely and repeatedly abused?

So a list like this, found on a blog about how to fight the alleged cult in Hampstead, would be a treasure trove to a would-be predator:


And suggesting that members of the public start “physical research and investigations of the people and places mentioned” is essentially giving a licence to paedophiles to start lurking about the homes and schools of the named children:

vigilantism-wbk-blog-2016-09-29As a parent, how would you protect your children against a suggestion like this? And how would you feel if you were being falsely accused by people you’d never met, who knew nothing about you, of raping and torturing your own children?


Aside from the fact that the parents have been continually harassed by the Hoaxtead mob, they must also cope with the constant threat to their children.

Over the past few months, they’ve dealt with kidnap threats from Maria MacMahon and her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters:

Maria MacMahon-kidnap kids-1-2016-01-31

Maria MacMahon-kidnap-2-2016-01-31

In an early video, Deborah Mahmoudieh pronounces: “And we are concerned for the safety of the other children, specifically the 20 children named. We would like to investigate those children, we’d like to go and visit their families to make sure that those children haven’t been abused”.

And in a video conversation between Angela Power-Disney and Sabine McNeill, released last May, the following conversation occurred (starting at about 44:30):

Sabine: “I want to get children…all of the 20 children (heard?), I mean, at least if Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx can’t be found, then at least the other 18 and their parents…I want to know how many of them have been adopted for the purpose of being abused. This is not just about Dearman and (inaudible) police!”

Angela says: “It’s not just the other 19 children, because Ella clarified this in an interview with me. She said it’s another 19 families, many of them have two children, some of them have three children. So it’s not just the other 18 or the other 19 children, it’s the other 19 families, with at least two children, many of them”.

If you were the parents of one of the named children, how might this make you feel?

None of these people have any right to have access to the Hampstead families or their children. Suggesting that they do is not only wrong, but it implies that anyone ought to be able to invade the families’ privacy, on a whim.

These families are the victims of a vile and cynical hoax. They aren’t members of any cult, and nor are their children. They are ordinary people who are trying their best to raise their children in peace, in the face of a campaign of threats, harassment, and lies.

So for those Hoaxtead mobsters who read this blog (yes, we know you’re out there), we would offer a strong caution: if any of these children should suffer any harm because of the lies and accusations you’ve spread, the blame will rest squarely on your shoulders. Is that something you’re willing to live with?

We know we wouldn’t be.


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  1. This is a criminal conspiracy and the law on conspiracies is very clear : if 2 or more people plan a crime it does not matter that do not eventually commit the crime :

    “The essential element of the crime of conspiracy is the agreement by two or more people to carry out a criminal act. Even if nothing is done in furtherance of the agreement, the offence of conspiracy is complete.
    The actus reus is the agreement. This cannot be a mere mental operation; it must involve spoken or written words or other overt acts. If the defendant repents and withdraws immediately after the agreement has been concluded, s/he is still guilty of the offence. ”

    Proving such crimes can be difficult and we have seen with recent cases discussed on here it can be fraught with problems. I don’t think Hoaxtead supporters should automatically believe that because charges are laid it will automatically lead to conviction as CPS rules are pretty clear on this whether we agree with them or not.

    However even failed cases and subsequent actions such as restraining orders being imposed and breached can build up a sort “whole picture” of a defendant’s intentions and like the thirsty crow who will spot water at the bottom of a bowl too narrow for it to reach- it will drop pebbles repeatedly into the bowl until eventually the water overflows.

    The arrogance of this mob is that they leave a clear trail of evidence all over the internet of their intentions.

    Maria McMahon? : under one of my Facebook identities I keep for such purposes, i private messaged her that the Daily Mail wanted to talk to her about Hampstead and her pals and their kidnap intentions and she back pedaled at such a rate and started telling her FB friends to cease such talk that I could her non existent tires squealing..which just shows what gutless cowards these folk really are.
    However they can inspire others to take action which is why such laws are created.

    And like real cowards and bullies, when they think the coast is clear they are back at it.

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  2. # As to the two evil ones who are on the run in Spain (?).
    I watched one of those UK TV shows last night -Banged Up Abroad I think it’s called. This one involved a girl arrested in Venezuela on a cocaine smuggling charge but who was given bail.She managed to flee across a river into Brazil and then went to the British Consulate after reporting her passport lost, was given a temporary one and was able to fly back to the UK.

    She reported to her local cop shop to hand herself in by saying she was probably wanted in Venezuela but the police could no record of any such report.

    Hone free and off to University but driving home 2 years later she was suddenly pulled over by police who had just received an International Arrest warrant for her. Another 2 years of fighting extradition in a UK court which she eventually won but it shows hte law can work at a snail’s pace.
    I guess for this hapless woman the case never reached a Venezuela court so a UK court was not convinced of the merits for Extradition but for the 2 crims who fled to Spain, there is clear evidence of their crimes. The law will catch up with them eventually. Unless they go to Russia and stay their forever.

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    • Perhaps the wheels of justice are driving slowly because it can’t be hard to find Ella and Abraham wherever they are in Spain if you have the authority.

      Perhaps the case on them is being put together so that it is watertight.

      Good luck with them living in Russia forever. Isn’t it extremely cold there?

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      • That’s what i am hoping for also Fanny Adams. The police are hopefully building a strong case against Ella & Abe so once they have them in custody it will be very difficult for the pair of them to get a good result at court.

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  3. I thought Abe and Ella were probably in North Africa. Given Abe’s criminal past l would think they could risk harsher forms of justice than the British courts catching up with them.

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  4. Really good post and straight to the point.

    I’ve always said that as far as I’m concerned people have a right to discuss Hampstead or anything else they want, but once you start naming names, threatening kidnap and violence you’re out of order and the police should be brought in, as they have been. Things move slowly but I feel confident now, given recent events, that the innocent families who were attacked will one day get justice.

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    • I wish I could share your optimism Earl…. Action could and should have been taken the moment those children were named. We know of at least two people who felt so threatened they moved out of their home; one family moving to the other end of Britain. All this was preventable and it requires no great powers of hindsight to see that. – Not one but TWO sets of court orders failed; the first seemingly not worth the paper it’s written on. And I fully expect abject farce to prevail here.

      The really troubling thing is that the Hampstead hoax is not unique, creating and promoting these things seems to be something of an industry!

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      • I agree with you, Joe, that the way the case has been handled until now has been both lackadaisical and incompetent. It has left an entire community feeling disappointed, vulnerable, and angry. Innocent, ordinary people have suffered a great deal, both at the hands of the Hoaxtead mob itself, and then at the hands of the legal system.

        To my mind, the jury remains out on whether this will continue to be the case; I’ve seen glimmers of real effort and zeal going into things lately, and I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude. If I didn’t have at least some belief that things might change, I think I’d have a hard time continuing with this blog, as I’m not a big believer in screaming into the void. 🙂


  5. In the age of the internet the Clapham omnibus test fails. The average man or woman on he street doesn’t read the hoaxers websites, and wouldn’t believe their stories of cannibalism in suburbia if they did. Most reasonable people have ignored the Hampstead allegations or are completely ignorant of them and would not dream of harassing the named people. Unfortunately, through the wonders of the internet, the personal details of dozens of innocent people have been distributed to a dispersed army of complete nutters and perverts across the globe. The law needs to catch up with this problem, and I hope Big Earl is correct that it is.

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    • Agree with that and the danger is the nutters these dreadful people can inspire to act.

      Today in Sydney they renamed a large suburban police HQ, the Curtis Cheng Centre in honour of a immigrant police accountant shot dead a year ago as he left work in the afternoon by a 15 year old boy who was inspired by ISIL propaganda who himself was shot dead shortly after by police.

      So many lives destroyed by incredibly senseless acts but these Hoaxers are very dangerous people for what they may cause to be done. We already have allegations that one sectioned was about to commit some sort of crime involving a child, inspired by the Power-Disneys of the world spewing our their ludicrous hateful spite.

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      • Yes, we know that at least a few of the Hoaxtead mobsters have been violent in the past; and we’re aware that many of the higher-up Hoaxtead promoters are close to convicted paedophiles and others who could be motivated to act based upon the material that’s been shared on the internet. It would be irresponsible to allege that those who initiated the hoax were doing so in order to find their friends a fresh source of victims, of course, so we won’t go there.


    • This is true FS….. And if they happen across the case they will quickly assimilate the fact that these cries of “wolf” come from nutcases who are a danger to themselves and the Clapham omnibus. And the next time those passengers hear a hue and cry the long forgotten and largely ignored Statute of Winchester will be dismissed as readily as a persistent car alarm. – Which really seems to be the prime purpose of these hoaxes. Or at least one of them.

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      • Indeed. For all the hoaxers talk of journalism and freedom of the press, they don’t really want their bizarre claims to be taken seriously by anyone in authority when they can make a good living from the gullible clicking their donate buttons. The more discredited the internet becomes, the less likely anyone is to pay attention to reports of the activities of certain individuals.

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  6. I can only imagine the worry the parents and these children must be going through. It’s a form of terrorism, coming from people that claim to be protecting children. Where is the “remedy” for the innocent people of Hampstead that have had to put up with the behaviour of these hoax supporters?

    Someone commented a while ago that it is going to take something extremely serious to make them understand what they are doing wrong. Sadly, I don’t think that would even stop them, and may even make them worse. Just look at Sandy Hook or Lee Rigby. They continue to spout their crap no matter how much harm it causes.

    The courts need to be far harsher. Maybe then they would think twice.

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    • I fully agree, Dave.
      Even if something disastrous did happen, the Hoaxtead mob would simply claim that it had been ‘faked’ in order to discredit their insane claims. This is the amazing catch-22 of their belief system. Ultimately, in their eyes, nothing is their own fault, and everything ‘proves’ that.

      Meanwhile, the people of Hampstead, who never did anything to deserve this vile treatment, are left to try to cope with a group of people who believe they have a right to destroy their community, attack their families, and kidnap their children.

      I fully believe that if the police and courts had come down hard on these nutters when all this first began, the families wouldn’t have to live in constant fear. I try to look forward and not back, though, and despite past abject failures to protect this community, I still dare to hope that the law will triumph in the end.

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    • Dear God they can find a conspiracy anywhere and link it back to the Rothschilds / Rockefellers and Masons.
      They’ll be accusing cats and dogs next of being MKUltra agents and Heaven help anyone who has a budgerigar Freemason spy sitting in a cage in their living room reporting back to the Satanic Cult in Bohemian Grove,

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      • Meanwhile, i just heard very concernig news~ are agencies in surrey feeding victims/survivors to S.M.A.R.T. /Teal Swan with purpose? respond &family services ~ reportedly pushed onto some~ moresopn


    • I have one of those spooky feelings- we call it intuition – that the Hampstead Hoax is in the beginnings of it’s death throes.

      That doesn’t mean we must drop our guard. This can be when the wounded beast is at it’s most dangerous. It can lash out at all and sundry and claim victims as it goes down.
      Angela Power-Disney has come into this far too late, probably in the hope of raising some cash with initial small success but the poor lady has no hope (or ever did) of putting a dent in that million quid she wanted to raise.
      In just a short time she has alienated enough Hoaxers and created extraordinary dissension among a bunch of nutters who were already clutching at thin air.

      That famous saying and rallying cry from one of their valiant warriors : “we must put our indifferences aside” was very timely in this case as the motley crew began to sort of disintegrate from that moment on as their indifferences rocketed.

      And those who believe in Hoaxes, Fantasy & Fiction (for that is what it is) have an insatiable appetite. I know this as I make weekly trips to my library to assist a disabled person who devours almost a book a day and new Fantasy Fiction is needed like a weekly drug fix. The Hoax Mob need a new target and Heaven help however it is they turn upon next.

      And to show how dumb Angela Power-Disney really is – given that she is quite clever, street smart & cunning – but dumb in the end, is her reliance on tabloid media outlets for material to stoke her rather sad Facebook timeline which i think she believes that by posting these endless tales, that is her “fighting child abuse”.

      This is not unique as anyone has been around tabloids most of their life knows you can take anything published with a grain of salt unless you know otherwise- and the only unique thing here is that the Express actually corrected their own mistake:

      “Hundreds of Syrians arrested for rape and child abuse in UK”.
      The Express was wrong to claim hundreds of Syrians had been arrested for sexual offences in the UK but corrected the error itself after a complaint was raised with press regulator IPSO”

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      • Well said, Sam. And those death throes have been echoing around for some time, methinks.

        I must disagree with you, however, on your reference to Angela as a “lady”. Kudos on your generosity, though.

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      • Outside the police station~ Belinda,s implied threat was clear~ they may try shifting area. Please ~ this time ~ let’s nip it ~ bud, root n sinason/tavistock/veradiamond/howes/hibbert/~ wyre. experts


  7. For the people reading, who pretend they don’t, the police and social services interviewed some of the other children, see the IPCC response to Ella Draper. No names of children specified, but you get the idea. Just like the church was searched top to bottom. The drawers, look up a vestment chest of drawers, it’s like a chart or map cupboard, very shallow full width drawers. Go to a museum that holds medical specimens and educate yourself about the human body, and the size of infants’ skulls.

    Not that you care. Believe children’s testimony except when it isn’t what you want to hear.

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  8. As someone involved for years in trying to counteract the lies and hatreds perpetrated by idiots, charlatans, bored unemployed, stoners and fantasists – in this case against one particular family and their friends – I can symathise with the feelings of frustration with the legal authorities expressed here. Our police do NOT UNDERSTAND THE INTERNET for a start off – it has to be explained to them patiently. Because of the obvious idiocy of many of those involved it’s easy to dismiss them and their threats as harmless if annoying fools. You are told to watch for credible threats, but when reported they send some young recruit round for a quiet word who then decides it isn’t credible. They say they can do nothing, basically, until someone gets hurt. There are quite literally acres of screenshots of them making threats and calling innocent people paedophiles. There are a dozen blogs started by one mad woman, now dead, which stand as monuments to her own waste of the last few years of her life. I’ve even seen minor ‘celebrities’ tweet links to them, despite their contents being both titillating and ridiculous. The people involved try to get innocents sacked, they write to school authorities with bits of merde they’ve found on the internet and demand children are ‘protected’.
    This is a massive problem and it’s going to get worse. We need a police force which recognises both the scale of the task and the damage being done. They currently wait far too long before really tackling it – another example is the Holly Greig hoax. Only when senior members of the Scottish establishment were threatened did they really get stuck in. I’m very much in agreement with commentators above – earlier action, and better enforcement of existing laws, is urgently needed.c

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  9. Excellent work yet again, these last two pieces.
    Hoaxtead Research is one of the best efforts I’ve ever seen. Congrats! 🙂

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