Neelu’s favourite paedophile faces extradition hearing

We’ve said this before, but at the risk of becoming repetitive, we are really at a loss to explain why certain people, who’ve been arrested, tried, and convicted of actual sex crimes against children, are so beloved by the Hoaxtead mob.

Take Peter Hofschroer. (Please.)

We wrote about him back in June, when he was on trial for having 36,000 child sexual abuse images on his computers.

According to the York Press at that time:

Peter Hofschroer, 60 of no fixed address, denies 16 charges of downloading indecent images of children.

The charges relate to more than 36,000 pictures and videos on computer equipment seized from the Hofschroer family home in Rosedale Avenue, Acomb, on December 7, 2012, from a laptop carried by Peter Hofschroer at York Magistrates Court on December 1, 2014, and on computer equipment found in an Irish car driven by Peter Hofschroer in November and December 2014.

The jury has heard when some of the charges were laid, Peter Hofschroer told officers among other things: “Your police force is utterly corrupt”, “I am an investigative journalist, you are trying to stitch me up”, “have you ever tried to catch a real criminal” and “I have enough evidence to put half of you in jail.” 

Thirty-six thousand images and videos. And each of those images or videos represents the sexual abuse and exploitation of at least one infant or child. That is a lot of sexually abused babies and children.

Mr Hofschroer was found guilty on 11 July, just as Neelu and Sabine’s own trial was beginning, and now he is in the process of being extradited to his native Austria.

But rather than rejoice that a convicted paedophile has been convicted and will likely be shipped back to his own country for imprisonment, Neelu is exhorting her followers to support Mr Hofschroer by attending his extradition hearing, and to visit him in prison to hear his side of the story.

You see, according to Neelu (and Sabine before her) Mr Hofschroer is not a paedophile; he is a hero. A victim of a massive stitch-up, in which (for reasons known only to the Powers-that-Be) he has been targetted, vilified, and had massive numbers of child sexual abuse images planted on his computers.

Oh, and the police didn’t just plant the images on the computers: through some sort of internet voodoo, they were able to implant them remotely. Amazing what they can do these days.


Neelu throws up the straw-man argument of “Grandma B”, Mr Hofschroer’s elderly mother, “a frail, 87 year old wheelchair-bound widow”. Apparently this lady is now in the care of her other son, with whom Mr Hofschroer has had an ongoing dispute…but somehow, Neelu and the rest of the conspiraloons who support this convicted paedophile have tried to turn the focus of the case on the whereabouts of Grandma B, rather than on the welfare of the children in the 36,000 images and videos Mr Hofschroer has managed to collect.

Mr Hofschroer is far from the only convicted child abuser supported by the Hoaxtead mob. They continue to support people like Brian Pead, and they remain friends with fraudster Terence Ewing, who has connections to several convicted predatory paedophiles—some with links to renowned paedophile Sydney Cooke, according to our friends at the blog Order of Truth.

Ewing has been a partner in two businesses in which convicted paedophiles have been his partners.

Euston Trust was a company in which Ewing’s business partner was convicted paedophile Keith Hammerton from Battersea, in London.

Hammerton was imprisoned in 2006 at Guildford Crown Court for 6 years for 10 counts of indecent assaults on boys which occurred between 1975 and 1981. The three boys involved were all under 16 years of age when the offences occurred at a children’s home in Woking, Surrey, where Hammerton held a position of trust as a House Warden. Two further charges of indecent assault, one of serious sexual assault and one of perverting the course of justice were left on file.

Another business partner of Ewing’s is a particularly nasty predatory paedophile named Roger Gleaves. They were in business as debt collectors together with Gleaves’ two sons, Floyd and Graeme, in a company called Mephistopheles.

Gleaves used several aliases, including ‘The Bishop of Medway’, and was often referred to in the press as ‘The Bogus Bishop’. Gleaves would search the streets of London around train and bus stations for runaways in need of help, and would offer them a bed in one of his many squats. He would then claim welfare payments for each one and secrete the money in various bank accounts in the names of his aliases.

With the children under his control, Gleaves would embark on a campaign of violent abuse against them, and would select whichever one he wanted to become part of his perverted sexual urges as and when he desired.

Gleaves set up various charities and ‘churches’ as part of his scams and to gain access to vulnerable people – especially children.

Gleaves was first exposed as a preying on vulnerable boys in the 1970s when a television documentary, ‘Johnny Come Home’, exposed the plight of runaways from the north of England ending up on the streets of London. The Sunday People also exposed Gleaves more than 30 years ago.

His convictions for abuse against boys goes back to 1959 when he was arrested for “attempting to commit a serious unnatural act” on a 14 year-old boy, for which Gleaves received a 3 year sentence.

In 1998 Gleaves was imprisoned for 15 years at the Old Bailey for abusing two 14 year-old schoolboys.

During the time Gleaves was free to do as he wished he was the subject of many press reports in mainstream media. However, each time the police investigated they could find no evidence which would lead to putting Gleaves behind bars.

Gleaves also had links to an international network of paedophiles operated by the notorious Sydney Cooke through links with other convicted predatory paedophiles.

Although there is no evidence that Ewing has been involved in child abuse or paedophilia, his connections to notorious predatory paedophiles are well-known. With those links going deep into the worlds of the likes of Sydney Cooke we would think that anyone would at least think twice before welcoming such a person – who also has a history of fraud – into an organisation claiming to represent vulnerable people where children are involved.

So Neelu’s impassioned defence of Mr Hofschroer isn’t just an isolated incident. The Hoaxtead mob has a disturbing habit of supporting some extremely unsavoury people…all the while banging the drum of “protect our children from paedophiles” and pointing their fingers towards an imaginary child-abuse cult in Hampstead.

It’s a classic case of throwing up smoke to distract attention from what’s really going on: from Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s marriage to an alleged paedophile (which she laughs about) to Sabine and Belinda’s fondness for a man who, though never convicted of paedophilia himself, is besties with those who are; to Sabine and Neelu’s defence of a convicted paedophile…and yet somehow, their deluded followers never pause to ask themselves why the Hoaxteaders’ pet paedophiles are all ‘victims of stitch-ups’, while the blameless parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead are all presumed guilty.

This isn’t an idle question: we think it points to something foul and disturbing that lies at the heart of the Hampstead SRA hoax’s promoters.

At some point, one wonders when the police will begin to ask questions about the strange preponderance of paedophiles amongst a group of people who describe themselves as ‘children’s rights advocates’, and yet who will admit when pressed that they have never won a single case, nor protected a single child from harm.

We suspect the answers will be very interesting indeed.


94 thoughts on “Neelu’s favourite paedophile faces extradition hearing

  1. And Spivey was caught with child porn on his computer and he too claimed that it was a stitch-up, resulting in his supporters – most notably Danielle la Verite – loudly proclaiming his innocence and campaigning for the charges to be dropped. The moral of the story is that any paedophiles arrested for child porn should simply state that it’s a frame-up to silence them and they’ll get all the support in the World from Neelu, la Verite, Lee C*nt and the rest!

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    • Despicable man after his vile and cruel attacks upon the family of a murdered soldier. The judge’s summing up in that case was spot on.

      I think the judiciary will become more and more attuned to how these nutters operate. It took them some time to realise the Freeman of The Land crowd were serious & organised.

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      • Spivey seems to be the first responder to any tragedy, determined to give the victims a good kicking. Quite why he believes anyone would fake the accident at Alton Towers is beyond comprehension.


    • Chris Spivey is pure scum in my book and the idiots that follow his every word are just as bad.


    • Everyone is entitled to have friends and supporters, even those convicted of crimes. But Shurter as usual claims it’s all some CIA plot against “whistle blowers” as they all claim about their dodgy friends. They really believe the convicted forger Andrea Davison was an “FBI” spy just because she says so.
      Talk about delusions of grandeur.

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      • Yes, everyone is entitled to friends, but when people who spend their lives trying to paint others as evil paedophiles turn out to be good friends with people who actually are paedophiles…things start to look really peculiar.


        • Very peculiar indeed EC. If i had a friend who was revealed to be a paedophile then our friendship would have to end at the point. I certainly wouldn’t be able to offer them any support.

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  2. The Police are already very conscious of these connections. The list above is by no means exhaustive, the common threads are drug-abuse/addiction and child abuse. – Pornography, either dealing in it, producing it or distributing also pops up with sickening regularity. – When you dig into them there is not one of them living what you might call a normal life.

    I’ve said it many times; these people are all about creating a smokescreen – creating and promoting the myth that ALL grass-roots activism is the work of mad people and those of dubious character. Deflection and projection.

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    • I truly hope they are. They are not harmless nutters. They build on a theme over time and promote it like crazy and then somewhere some unhinged person attacks an entirely innocent and unconnected person just like the latest stabbing in Sydney where an idiot was inspired by ISIL to attack an innocent grandfather in the street as he “represented the western way of life” walking his dog.

      These people are borderline terrorists.

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      • I agree, Joe and Sam. These are not just harmless wackadoos, and their actions do create a massive smokescreen that protects the very people they claim to oppose.


  3. It’s because they don’t know their arse from their elbow. Normal, decent people are alien to them. Also I think linked to the number of them who have either fallen for scams or been involved in them.

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  4. – Don’t forget Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy. Barred from contact with his own child due to his ‘prototype’ of the Hampstead hoax. – Known associate of McKenzie much favoured by APD. A known drug addict too.

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    • Yes, I ran across his very strange HG blog the other day (not for the first time) and was reminded that he was really the prototype for Abe and Ella’s boneheaded scheme. Of course the common denominators there are the Association of McKenzie Friends and APD.


  5. Peter was found guilty by jury and every juror was in agreement. His family were also in agreement, especially as he had tried to blame them for planting images. It’s strange then that Neelu wants to blame the police and claim they downloaded images remotely while he was visiting his mother. Especially as the images were downloaded over a 15yr period. The fact that so many of these hoaxers support actual real life paedophiles, demonstrates that they don’t really care about children. They care about the conspiracy story. Sick people indeed!

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    • You see Dave, cases like Hugh Mitchell convince me that they’re not even interested in that.

      Quite GENUINELY that guy is ex-army intelligence. Quite GENUINELY his wife holds an MBE for no good reason. There are quite credible allegations of connections between him and a disgraced high flyer in the Scottish Tory party, and likewise that he was a mason. It’s known he was reported to the Police in 1998 who did nothing about him. And that same year he was confronted by the father of one of his victims. That case isn’t a fantasy, the guy’s now banged-up for raping a number of little girls. And it’s not too hard to verify things like his army service etc; even his army number has been published. And it seems fairly clear that he got away with what he was doing for so long because he had connections.

      Where is the high and mighty David Icke on this case? Or Brian Gerrish? Or Belinda McKenzie? Or Rupet the Paedo-Bear? Or APD? Quite obviously completely disinterested in a GENUINE child abuse cover up….. From where I’m sitting that’s because it doesn’t suit their agenda and they’re shit-scared of someone exposing more real cases.

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      • Yes, for all the screeching they have done about the non-existent Hampstead ‘cult’, when a real case of child sexual abuse comes up, they are all silent.


        • Well, in a case like that you have to ask why exactly they are SO ‘silent’?

          There is a call to write-in and call for Mitchell’s wife to be stripped of her MBE for instance….. She, if you recall, actually used her office at a children’s charity as a hiding place for ‘Paedophile porn’ her husband had authored. And only came forward with this at the eleventh hour when his conviction was a certainty and it became apparent she might be implicated. – An act of deflection in my opinion. The call was that people should write-in to the appropriate government department, highlighting her actions and that she had brought the honours system into disrepute. – Nothing more.

          I don’t have the screenshots or the details, but I am reliably informed that someone re-posted that call-out on David Icke’s forums. Icke and/or his minions deleted the thread. Others have been posting in the comments sections of newspapers trying to discredit the father (of one of his victims) who confronted him…..

          So it’s not just silence. It’s active interference with and distraction from genuine efforts to try and make a real difference.

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          • Very interesting that they have ignored such a case, Joe. Especially as it has elements of cover up from people in powerful positions. I’m sure they could even ‘join some dots’ (make shit up) to involve some sort of Satanic angle. Perhaps they are silent because they cannot think of a way to gain donations and control the narrative. Though it maybe for more sinister reasons.

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          • Or perhaps they are fuming because one of their own has been successfully (if not actually fully) brought to book? – Mitchell (it’s known and was raised in court) was producing child-abuse videos using some obsolete broadcast equipment he owned. He is believed to have been an associate of one character involved in the Hollie Greig case who had (at one time at least) similar ‘interests’. And is also thought to have connections to another party (also quite high profile in HG) who was a long-time dealer in ‘under the counter’ porn.

            I’m quite happy to offer the opinion that tearing into that particular pile of ‘ripped knitting’ can only bring down more child abusers. And yes, that’s what seems to scare them. If it were just a case of looking for a scam to exploit they wouldn’t be trying to cover that one up.

            Certainly, and this is true of most of these cases, there is no ‘satanic’ or other ‘mystical angle to it. Mitchell is a dirty grubby little pervert -simple as. And he was trying all the usual stunts to get close to kids. At the time of his arrest he had been planning to set up a ‘canoeing club’ in the local country park aimed at pre-teens! Additionally, he had worked for a number of years as a technician in a local high school – from where he was ‘quietly removed’ for letching after the young girls there. In fact it was him being caught in an edit suite ‘working on’ unauthorised and inappropriate footage of scantily-clad female pupils taken at a gymn lesson or similar, that got him fired from another job and reported, by his former boss, to the Police. – Who did bugger all!

            What’s notable and common about all this is that Michell’s strategy was to try and get into a position where his advances to these girls was being ‘regularised’ and presented as a normal part of growing up. – In fact that was the jist of the ‘pornographic children’s book’ he wrote. “The best lovemaking ever” was how he had one of his characters describe the experience of being raped as a child by a grown man! – Look into the tactics of people like Nigel Oldfield and you’ll find them embracing similar ideas.

            Factually, if you’ve the stomach and the time to read up on such cases, you’ll find that very often the victim has been encouraged and/or manipulated into believing their experience is ‘normal’. – Even that they are ‘loved’ by their abusers and that their abusers are not perverts, but that their ‘relationship is ‘special’.

            In whose interests is it then to paint and promote the picture of a child abuser as a fire-breathing ritualistic monster? When the reality is they typically go out of their way to be ‘community leaders’ or at least very ordinary. And they put a great deal of time and effort into involving themselves with children.

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  6. Yes it seems one only has to claim to be a “anti-child abuse campaigner” and apparently you are immediately forgiven any current or past crime you have committed.

    The police may have done some pretty awful things at times- not investigated properly as in innocent but convicted IRA bombers but this lot give a get-out-of-jail free pass to anyone who claims to be part of their cult (and it is a cult). The amount of time and effort needed for the cops to stitch-up one of these – and this is being nice, total non-entities, defies logic.

    They are also a very strange mob in the way they surf the internet and as soon as they strike upon a website that re-affirms the horrors in their own minds, they are off and raving. No proof or evidence needed.

    Some end up in jail, some end up receiving the psychiatric help they need as in a recent case but because he makes the same dodgy claim, a hapless nurse must be abused, insulted and humiliated for doing her job (and i think he may be in there for quite some time as these fools Quaintance and Power-Disney seek to undermine any positive treatment he is getting)

    And there is a subject that a would-be documentary maker could concentrate on but no, he blithely accepts the same internet claptrap as gospel. Some of these hoaxers are real mental cases, some are scammers seeking donations ( i tried to tell The Mirror who finally listened & dropped him, that Christopher Fay was an evil man who would say anything for a free lunch- that’s how cheap some of them are) and a good proportion of them are sociopaths.

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    • We’ve said here before that the Hoaxtead mob shows many of the characteristics of a cult, and I think you’re right: if a person claims to be a member, they’ll basically let them get away with anything, up to and including child rape. If one wanted to make a documentary about this cult, I think it would be of far more value to the world at large than any of the hypocritical screeching that goes on amongst those in the Hoaxtead mob. However, given the ‘documentary maker’ we’re talking about, the chances of that are approximately nil.

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  7. Connections between Ewing and Roger Gleaves are…interesting…and disturbing.
    Gleaves’ very public exploitation of the title “bishop”, as in Bishop of Medway, seems quite eccentric in our times, but there is a little known backstory to that which happens to illustrate the problem of child sex abuse campaigners (and sometimes CSA professionals) obsessing on goose-chasing phantom distractions, and subsequently failing to concentrate their efforts & resources where they could actually do the most good.
    Gleaves joined the Old Catholic Church in 1960, presumably while imprisoned for his 1959 sex offences.

    This is not the “Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches”, which is the mainstream of Old Catholic Churches and as respectable a religious body as any other. A derivative lineage established in the late 1800’s by Arnold Harris Matthew ; “The Old Catholic Church in Great Britain”, spawned many other derivative lineages and Gleaves joined several of these, at various dates. The original Old Catholic Churches split from the Roman Catholic Church primarily out of opposition to religious authoritarian-ism. Having no equivalent of a Pope, Old Catholic bishops are empowered to appoint…anyone…to clerical orders, and to consecrate any of their clergy to the status of Bishop, who can then consecrate more Bishops, and so on, and there is no formal “church police” in their traditions to oversee your “work” as a bishop and kick you out, (some traditions do have Archbishops, however), if you run amok inventing and propagating your own personal version of “Old Catholic” – such as an Old Catholic pederast sect, which is what Gleaves created. When Gleaves was jailed for assaulting boys in 1975, three of his “priests” were jailed at the same time.

    So…no surprise that Arnold Matthew’s Old Catholic Church similarly attracted two infamous Theosophical Society pederasts, way back at the turn of the 20th century – J.I.Wedgwood and Charles Leadbeater. Wedgwood had aspirations to ordination in the Anglican Church, but after he joined Theosophy he was banned from Anglican Churches as a “heretic”. Wedgwood served as General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England and Wales from 1911–1913. He discovered and joined the very accomodating Old Catholic Church in 1913, which was at that time accepting of theosophists and other “mysticals”, and was ordained a priest the same year. Not long after, however, Arnold Matthew – having appointed himself Archbishop – suspended one of his bishops, a Frederick Willoughby, over a “homosexual scandal”. Wedgwood was himself a very serious and chronic homosexual scandal. At one time, a private detective was hired by an “enemy” to shadow him and documented 13 instances of public toilet trawling in the first day! Many of Wedgwood’s encounters were with young men, but many others were with schoolboys, and all of it was not only scandalous but illegal to boot. Wedgwood was eventually consecrated a bishop by this Willoughby, apparently being suspended doesn’t prevent you from appointing a succeeding bishop.

    Meanwhile, the Anglican Reverend Charles Leadbeater abandoned his faith and joined Theosophy in 1883. In 1885 Leadbeater and Henry Olcott established the first Theosophical academy in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Leadbeater was appointed Headmaster [ding-ding!]. He returned to England in 1889 to tutor some other Theosophist’s sons [ding-ding!], and brought one of his academy pupils with him. Leadbeater almost always travelled with some young disciple he was mentoring, in fact from this point onward Leadbeater would always be surrounded by a circle of young male pupil-disciples – sons of other Theosophists – who would be in his care as their surrogate guardian [ding-ding!]. At one point Leadbeater lived with a Mr and Mrs Gustav Kollerstrom, where he was the Guru-mentor-leader of a community of boys aged 13-21 [and the warning bells ring themselves to bits]. There was gossip, there were accusations from men that he had mentored as boys, there were formal complaints to Theosophical Society leaders from concerned parents, and eventually there would be serious police investigations. Leadbeater had an obsession with masturbation, and claimed that he “informed” his young charges about it for the sake of their physical and psychic health, but accusations included demonstrating technique on himself and on boys, encouraging group masturbation by boys, and seducing boys into mutual masturbation with himself or each other. He resigned from Theosophy over these accusations in 1906, “for the sake of the Society”, but was readmitted the following year. In 1916, Wedgwood travelled to Australia and consecrated Leadbeater a bishop in the Old Catholic Church. Subsequently, the two men developed their own tradition-church known as the Liberal Catholic Church or Liberal Rite, which grew to be a large worldwide community of congregations and a fully respectable religious movement with its own unique theology and liturgy – but Wedgwood would again be immersed in scandals involving boys, this time associated with the new Liberal Catholic Church congregants.

    Persons who hold an obsessive interest in and desire for sex with minors, inevitably invest considerable time and effort in obtaining and maintaining access to vulnerable children, through some means or another. Wedgwood was a predatory opportunist, so his means of gaining access to boys could be as fleeting and incidental as a public washroom encounter, nevertheless other people in his life couldn’t help but take notice of all his short-lived “friendships” with young men and boys or fail to comprehend the meaning & purpose of these associations.
    Leadbeater was involved with and surrounded by boys all the time, his occupations and recreations almost all had something or other to do with ‘mentoring’ other people’s sons.
    By contrast, the notorious Aleister Crowley – believed by many persons to have organized, run and personally led a satanic cult dedicated to the sexual abuse of children for “black magic” purposes – had very little documented involvement with children during his adult life. This is not a matter of “defending” Crowley and frankly I could care less what anyone believes about him, but – if people are serious about understanding what took place in the past and learning from it, it is essential to know and stick to documented fact. The Theosophical Society was composed primarily of persons with more traditional, conservative attitudes and values, so there were many families and lots of children, and schools and other services for children that pedophiles could exploit. Crowley attracted more eccentric, radical types – very few of whom had much interest in traditional family life or raising a large brood of children. Organizations founded by Crowley had no schools and ran no child-centered services or activities. Crowley himself never made any efforts to involve himself in the lives of children, he was never a teacher or a tutor or a sports coach, he never worked in orphanages or juvenile corrections, he was never a scoutmaster or involved in children’s receational or service organizations. This means, Crowley could only have had incidental access to vulnerable children, but none of his close associates ever commented on or recorded a parade of fleeting associations with minors in Crowley’s life. No efforts to gain access to children means very little opportunity to abuse them, and that means abusing children could not have been an obsessive interest for Crowley. These realities have not stopped CSA campaigners and some professionals from squandering outrageous amounts of their time and effort on “raising awareness” about an imaginary history that CRowley and his associates never lived, and about imaginary threats that imaginary secret “Crowley cults” allegedly pose to children today.

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    • I think that’s people’s prejudices and hate leading them, which means they aren’t “honest dealers” and are not to be trusted.

      I’m gobsmacked but not surprised people are sticking up for convicted paedophiles. There’s no other word to explain 36000 images really.

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    • Thanks for that Justin – very informative. And spot on about the extraordinary lengths paedophiles will go to in order to gain access to children. The murky history of the Wedgwood and Leadbeater and the Old/Liberal Catholics is not widely known and should be. Crowley and the Thelemites seem like a beacon of sexual health and sanity compared with some of the Theosophy crowd.

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      • @Athena – thanks! I wouldn’t hold up Crowley as a paragon of any virtue, personally, but that wasn’t my point either. It’s just an ironic fact that Crowley didn’t manifest the obsessive interest in or involvement with children that one would expect from the mythological caricatures of him, or that would be necessary to facilitate child abuse centered cult practices.

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        • Indeed – for all his many faults Crowley’s sexuality was firmly related to adult activity afaik. So much for the ridiculous caricaturing of the occult by SRA loons who seem to really get off on the fantasy of black masses etc. When the depressing reality of real child abuse is that so often it is a seemingly respectable people who have privileged access to children through education and care professions.

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    • This somehow reminds of the mad Barry McKenzie film I watched on TV the other night. Written by Barry Humphries based on a Private Eye cartoon of an ‘ocker’ Australian on the loose in London. At one stage he goes to a cocktail party and is approached by a ‘hooray Henry’ who asks : “is it true Mr McKenzie half the men in Australia are homosexuals?” and McKenzie responds “nahhh.. that’s just the publicity we put out to attract the Pommy migrants”.
      Not politically correct and something complicated there about not everything is as it seems. Maybe Barry was related to Belinda!

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      • Very funny film, and definitely not at all PC.
        Maybe we should make our own film, “The Adventures of Belinda McKenzie”?

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        • we should start a gofundme for el coyote to make an animated hoaxenders series, when you get to know the characters its funny as fk, problem is it makes them seem too nice (but still crackers)

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          • @karnevilnine – a daughter of Crowley’s Mistress- Leah Hersig – named Anne “Poupée” Leah, died in infancy at the Abbey Of Thelema in Cefalu, Italy. Could that be the story you are thinking of?


          • I have considered doing more Hoaxtenders cartoons, but the online cartoon software I’d been using has been discontinued! I’ve been looking for a decent alternative to Bitstrips, but no luck yet….


    • CCN Exposed:

      5pm (ish) should prove to be interesting study in blatent squirmery and general deflection of the highest order.

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      • I look forward the the edited highlights/running commentary….. The thought of actually sitting through two hours of that disgusting old soak talking endless shite causes the will to live to drain from me.

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        • I agree Joe sitting watching 2 hours of an idiot decomposing and fidgeting is way beyond the call of duty and possibly a risk to personal sanity.However I have full admiration for those with the stamina and mental fortitude to do so.

          The self preservation strategy I have adopted is to ensure I have other less mind numbing tasks such as cleaning the goldfish tank or picking out stubborn dog hairs from the carpet whilst madame Gobshoite mithers on in the background.

          Both Goldfish and carpet owe much to Angie in recent times so her existence has not been entirely useless.Credit where its due.

          Neelu,the well chuffed goldfish only recently.

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        • Honestly? It was boring with a capital Bore. The only interesting bit was the commenters who were desperately trying to get Angie to answer their questions, while she determinedly ignored them.


  8. Excellent post EC – it raised a very good question –


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    • Could it be that someone is paying, or protecting, the ring leaders to make a fuss and deflect attention from the real perverts? Or to blacken the reputation of McKenzie Friends so much that they are no longer allowed in court?

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  9. With regards the reputation of certain persons who have acted as Mckenzie’s Friends, they did enough to damage their own reputations without needing anyone else’s help.

    The information about the associations with known paedophiles is in the public domain, and is not a link that those people appear to have welcomed

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    • Quite true JW. But take one step back from that and review it…..

      Despite the apparently-eponymous label McKenzie Friends, as a movement, have nothing to do with with that devious old ‘mare Belinda McKenzie. Yet, it is the entire movement she discredits. – And that’s not the result of innocent bungling, but a course of behaviour that seems wilful in its incompetence and harmful agenda. From that perspective I think F.S.’s point is highly relevant.

      And of course, it’s not just the McKenzie Friends concept that she has made a career out of disrupting and discrediting.

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      • “Proper” McKenzie friends have a useful role in supporting people who might otherwise have difficulties representing themselves in court. Belinda’s minions have a cavalier attitude and think they are solicitors. (Remarkably Sabine and Neelu managed to find themselves one of the few real solicitors who is as unprofessional as they are.)

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  10. Another connected paedophile is the partner of Steven George, Angie’s friend on facebook. George’s partner has been found to have CSA images on his computer. Surprise surprise, they are claiming the police planted the images.

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    • Slightly feel a bit sorry for Steven George now after seeing those endless videos where his flatmate tries to explain how the images got onto his computer. I thought George only spent 10 years in Broadmoor but he spent over 25 years in various institutions which means he was one sick puppy.
      Now every day we seem to see one of this mob being exposed as a suspect perv.

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      • It’s very hard to find a single one of them that isn’t in some way quite a ‘damaged’ individual Sam. In some cases they’re the exploited, but in most they’re the exploiters. To some extent the former seems to beget the latter.

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  11. Within the last hour Angie has posted a link to the protest this weekend ‘united against all abuse’. Unless of course it’s the child sex abuse carried out by her friends, or Abraham Christie. The likes of Neelu, Angie, Sabine, Belinda…etc etc etc are making a mockery out of such protests, when they themselves support paedophiles.

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    • Exactly Dave….. There IS the perceived face of the grass-roots anti-paedophilia movement. When in reality those people are doing nothing but drawing attention away from the facts in promoting their scams and fairy stories. They are known to infiltrate and disrupt serious events too….. To the point where many sincere people just won’t attend or get involved.

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    • And unless it’s physical abuse, such as beating your kids with wooden T-squares or kicking the shit out of your teenage son when you catch him watching porn. These are just random hypothetical examples, you understand.

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  12. More video analysis from the CCN Exposed crew.This episode lifts the lid off the charity scamming basement dweller that is Angela Dishonesty Power.

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    • I wondered how long it would take these crazy bastards to weave Keith Vaz’s involvement with legal aged men into their pedo fantasies.

      Speaking of Australia, they’ll soon latch onto the appalling ex-shock jock Derryn Hinch elected to the Senate who “named” 5 child abusers in his maiden speech yesterday. These were men convicted and currently serving jail time whose names had been suppressed by the courts.

      The pedo hysterics are frothing at the mouth claiming Hinch is a hero and have forgotten one tiny but important detail : there is only one reason (and one reason only) names are suppressed : because it risks identifying the victims of the convicted.

      So far from achieving anything except headlines for himself he has now breached court orders (for which he himself has served jail time twice in the past and is now a convicted criminal) and in one tale repeated with excitement by the MailOnline I know for a fact the victim was a relative.

      Yet two of the biggest media outlets, Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd and Fairfax newspapers while reporting the story, sensibly did not name the names and those who did apparently are so clueless they do not understand because someone has Parliamentary privilege, that does not give anyone outside the parliament a right to breach court imposed suppression orders.

      This is so similar to Hoaxtead: a bunch of people salivating over their “anti-child abuse campaigner” claims who actually abuse genuine victims whilst doing absolutely nothing to protect one single child.

      ## and their personal association with pedophilia goes on : Hinch confessed he once slept with a 15 year old girl eh thought was older when commenting on radio that he felt sorry for a teacher who did likewise on the same claim that he thought the student was older.
      Welcome to Hoaxtead club Derryn : another dodgy campaigner who uses child abuse to try and obtain personal glory (counting down the hours until APD “reports” on this).

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    • It might be Thursday though Miss Camden Town Baths 1946 and it’s anyone’s guess at the time, possibly 7pm – 9pm.


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