Meanwhile, back at the data forum…

Did anyone else find it peculiar that during the past couple of days’ drama—three arrests, Angie’s former friends turning on her, and all the drama emanating from her direction—one of the most vocal members of the Hoaxtead mob remained as silent as the proverbial church mouse?

Given all the mad goings on, we expected to hear Sabine shrieking, “It’s all just too MUCH!” in her unmistakeable Teutonic tones at least once.

And yet…nothing.

At first we wondered whether she’d been arrested too, and no one had thought to inform us. Then we found her Twitter page, and all became clear. In fact, Sabine had blown off her Hoaxtead friends in favour of rather richer fare:


Yes, Sabine had indeed left the building. While her Hoaxtead friends were busy being arrested and eating microwaved grub, Sabine was at the Kensington Close Hotel, hobnobbing with ‘C-levels’ and “100 Chief Data Scientists and senior-level leaders from the data science world“. As one does.

Nice digs! Probably a bit posher than Neelu, Lee, and Rupert's accommodations.

Nice digs! Probably a bit posher than Neelu, Lee, and Rupert’s accommodations.

We must admit we were impressed, especially when we saw the conference price-tag:


And this from a woman who has been bleating piteously about her dire financial situation for months now? Certainly, we know that Belinda pays her a monthly stipend, but even at that, £1,395 seems a bit pricey for someone in Sabine’s situation.

If we didn’t know better, we’d wonder whether Sabine has finally seen the light, tossed the Hoaxtead hot potato to Angie’s willing hands, and gone off to re-invent herself as an actual, honest-to-goodness data scientist.

We were surprised, too, at Sabine’s delight with some of the conference’s more, er, mainstream speakers:


Surely some mistake?

Is Sabine really applauding representatives from a global health insurance corporation and an American bank holding company with a speciality in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products? Is this the same Sabine who’s been advocating a fundamental overhaul of the financial system, and claiming that personal debt is a crime of the state?

We are stunned, and can only shake our heads in wonder.

And we have to ask: Will Sabine even bother to show up at Saturday’s protest to bang the drum with her old SRA pals? Or will she be having tea with Mark Carney and discussing interest rates? The mind boggles.



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  1. How interesting. If, as you rather cheekily suggest, Sabine is having tea with Mr Carney, it would be sensible to warn him to count the silverware before letting her leave the room.

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  2. All sounds a bit highfalutin and maybe even has Rothschild links with representatives from Lloyds of London, News Corp and even a Jewish angle with the Bloom Agency giving talks on such matters as:
    Seeing Through the Hype:
    The Moral Dimension
    Winning the Talent War
    Power to the People!
    Navigating the Matrix!
    Machine Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
    Converting Complexity into Simplicity.
    Has Sabine been “turned” and become a double agent? Is there truth to rumours she worked for the Stasi?

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  3. I hope someone films this Saturday event at Westminster. Could their bail conditions preclude them from associating with each other? Rupert wouldn’t be entitled to legal aid would he? He’d have to rely on Mummy Karen paying for a lawyer. Obviously Mummy Angie can’t if her phone has been cut off.

    Surprising that given her University education and such a brilliant mind they offered her the Chancellorship of Warwick she’s such a dud at finances she swanned off to Lanzarote & London but failed to insure her car.
    Still, she can afford those piggies.

    ## notice Bill Maloney has made himself absent from these demos.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard the demos are now down to about 30 people who chant for a bit and then go off in search of sandwiches.

      I don’t know any details of bail conditions for our 3 arrestees, but will report as information becomes available.


      • The Abuse Protesters will claim more than 30 people (as there is a Refugee March and another group going to be in the same area from 12.30 pm on wards). Sharon Chesterman is definitely going to be filming and as Sheva said yesterday Martin “bambuser” Houston may attend to film.

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      • Have they all got bail? Its unlikely for Rupert due to his alien status and no fixed abode. One must wonder about Neelu and if mental health is going to be a question with regards her being a risk to the community and the risk of further offences whilst on bail

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          • Rupert’s a WASP, and his daddy has ‘connections’ – Providing Mom and Pop wire through some funds and somewhere can be found for him to stay (the arsehole who put him up in the first place seems unrepentant and skint) if they want him to hang around to face the courts they’ll just take his passport off him.

            If they wanted him out he’d more or less have been on the available next plane. – Which might actually have happened.

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          • There is a good chance Rupert got a deal similar to Christine Sands. That if he is willing to go home in a set time frame, he would face no further action. Though someone did comment this on his facebook in response to Liza Radley rubbing it in about his arrest…”you fuckers have kept him here till new years at least lol”.

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      • I wondered where piggies came into the matter! I thought she might be taking a leaf out of her friend Stephie Oostveen’s book. Will she need a gun to defend them from Muslims?


    • Ah! Bungling Bill! – MIA I think! The last we heard of him up here was one of the satellite events at last year’s (2015) EITF where he basically got laughed out of the pub and was seen having himself filmed shouting at a little smart car….. Which just sat there grinning at him with that funny little ‘face’ they have. I’m sorry I missed it but if anyone knows where the video is we could all do with a laugh.


      • I think he pulled away from Hoaxtead after Abe started accusing him of being ‘in on the cult’ because Maloney wouldn’t immediately use his massive internet clout (har har) to help him promote the hoax from the start. My guess is that he assessed (correctly) that Abe is off his stump, and decided to give the whole thing a miss.


  4. Angie posted a comment at about 5am BST (shown below) on her facebook page. It would seem Neelu is “free” and Rupert has offers of “work” That should help secure his release Angie (NOT)

    That is if we are to believe Angie……

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    • I see ..job offers for someone on a tourist visa?. Unlikely. Unless he applied for a visa saying he was making a documentary but I doubt he’s got his act together enough to do that seeing he didn’t have enough funds to cover his stay.

      Also I doubt he has an open airline ticket but a cheaper one with restrictions. Rupert is about to find out that running foul of authorities is no picnic and basically an almighty pain in the arse. Still, he can tell the Magistrate he’s a Kung Fu Panda Master and Hiz Honor and court ushers will quack in their boots.

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    • Job offers if he wants to remain in the country? One way to make sure he never comes back I suppose.

      Carry on Rupert. The UK doesn’t care about that sort of thing at all. We don’t even have immigration detention centres, and we would never force someone on a plane, heck hiring a single plane for a particularly annoying person, not a criminal even, is something this country has never ever done. It’s completely different when an American breaks the law than when, say, a person from India does it. Bloke from India, detention centre, flight back, bloke from US everyone will be all chatty chatty “how you do-ink me olde mate my grandad was a chimney sweep for Mary Poppins carry on as you we’re it’s fine”

      I wouldn’t be messing with my immigration status because of the interference of a woman who couldn’t be with her son during life changing surgery because she messed up her own immigration history.

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      • Perhaps Rupert’s time in a cell has has brought him some sense and he’s realised Angela is the cause of some of his problems, meeting her hasn’t helped him in the slightest.

        Angela would not have been able to keep Rupert’s release a secret but if the other 2 are out surely he must be to?.


        • I think Angie has trouble keeping track of numbers. She says “3 of the 4”, when only three were arrested on Tuesday. I think she’s counting John Duane amongst the three.


  5. I guess with Angie being up so early that there is a slim chance thats she is on the way to the UK as she said that she would be returning to the UK on the 15th.

    Will today be everyones lucky day and we will see news latter of Angies arrest on entry to the UK?

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    • But the poor lady is potless and was in tears on her bed telling us so. Good to see she’s a real trooper and rallied around.

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      • Well, I hear there might be cameras at the protest. So she wouldn’t want to miss that.

        And maybe she thinks her cell will be next to Rupert’s, and they can touch fingers through the bars or something.


  6. Another voice disappears and joins the silence: Ella, Abraham, Charlotte Ward, Bronny are but distant memories. But our work is not over.

    Taking bets on how long it will be before Angie is finally silenced, too (arrested, and sectioned). An additional diagnosis will not be difficult, there is so much evidence of her delusions… If nothing else, it looks like Sabine has started to move on, and for that, we should be grateful to all those who had a hand in her aversive conditioning programme. More, please.

    When Sabine accompanied some families to Brussels some years ago, allegedly to ‘support’ them, she split and left them in a cheap motel, preferring to pay for an expensive luxury hotel for herself. Alone. Because she’s special.

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    • I think Belinda is with Sabine and 4 others.

      In the video outside Holborn police station on 29th August, I’m sure it was mentioned that Belinda was going to Brussels “next month”.


      • I’m sure in Angie’s video she claims that Belinda and Sabine are in Europe, but never mentioned where. Brussels is a good possibility then.


        • Hang on…. I’m having a particularly slow-witted day today….. Is Sabine supposed to be out of the country? Doesn’t she have bail conditions hanging over her?

          In which case, could her imaginary attendance at this conference be a rouse?


          • I seem to recall someone saying that her Solicitor had succeeded in getting some of the bail conditions lifted, including getting her passport back.


  7. Sorry….. Is there any actual evidence that Sabine was really there at all let alone as a delegate? Or is she just filling her blog with odd bits of gossip gleaned from trade forums? Or perhaps just blagging? My firm runs and stewards a number of such events, and it’s common enough – especially where the conference involves entertainment people – for wannabes to lurk around the fringes of these things. – I can’t imagine this is a particularly well secured event or that she wouldn’t be able to blag her way in to one or two presentations. Even lurking in the foyer/bar is enough to get in the photos.

    As for the rest, Sabine won’t be up for rubbing any more salt into their wounds!

    I’m with Tracy on the matter of him being detained. This country’s authorities are pretty racist and while anyone who looks ‘eastern’ is automatically a suspect device, Septics get away with all sorts! It annoys the hell out of me!

    I’m afraid the other day’s arrests don’t over-impress me and, as I said yesterday, I fully expect another pointless CPS/Court fuck-up. Detention isn’t automatic. For instance it happens every year at the Edinburgh Festival, some clown (sometimes literally a Clown!) or another doesn’t have the right papers. I have a flat near the U.S. consulate and often find myself wrangling them as the ‘dippos’ sort it out among themselves.

    No, Rupert won’t get legal aid….. His olds or someone back home will need to wire sufficient funds to him, he’ll need a fixed address for the duration and yes, he might well be up on further charges which is why he’s required to stay. – When he was on the other night posting under another name he was pathetically butt-hurt and looking for an out; which is what makes me think they have his passport and are preparing the music for him to face.

    Otherwise, this IS already just another prize cock-up on the part of the Met and UKBA. The dirty little scrote should never have been allowed in the country in the first place.


    • Oh I’m sure Rupert would demand no less than the US Ambassador attend personally to him in the clink.


      • Or maybe his dad can pull some strings with his CIA contacts- now that would be delicious for the Cult and make some heads explode.


        • If they deport him is that the CIA’s way of getting him out without blowing his cover? Join the dots and you see a duvet….I mean a cover-up. 😉


          • Sounds more like a woolly blanket to me….. One of those ones with lots of holes in it you put on a baby’s pram.


      • I’m sure he would…… I know some of the Consulate staff up here have a bit of a ‘Stan Smith’ mentality and they’re basically part of the Embassy. I’m ‘not fond’ of many of the arrogant cunts as they actually do seem to think they rule the world. – However, they will have told the little stick to STFU and toe the line; which, it seems, he hasn’t. And it’s time the British authorities stood up to this lot.


  8. I’m surprised Sabine wasn’t invited to give a talk on her theme : “From #Dresden with #Love #Peace #Forgiveness and #Reconciliation: how a #Firestorm became #Art with #Meaning”.
    Failing that she could try and flog some of those cosmetics she swore wiped 20 years off your face.

    I can picture her skulking about on the edges as well and then hobbling into a lecture on those walking sticks with attendants reluctant to question an old dame on sticks. But one meet & greet afternoon tea session would probably blow her cover as she pinned down a scientist and told him all about the Hampstead Satanic Cult and the baby eating every Wednesday.


    • If she’s there at all Sam, and not just skulking in the flat we taxpayers kindly provide her with, that will be just about the picture.


      • I had to google ‘skulk’ to make sure what it means. Nothing like a good skulk now and again, especially when Auntie Aggie is due round with that cheap cake from Greggs that she expects you to eat, even though you’re on a diet. Right now I’m hiding behind the sofa.

        Shouldn’t we be glad that S now has something else to think about? She may have decided to be a bit more careful and apply her genius to other things. So long as she’s not bothering the good people of Hampstead she can wobble about wherever she wants for me.

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